Kailyn Lowry Posts Nude Photo For Birthday; Fans Lose Their Minds!

All of the original stars of the Teen Mom franchise have developed a certain amount of media savvy after more than a decade in the spotlight, but perhaps none of them is as adept at using the internet to effectively communicate with fans as Kailyn Lowry.

In addition to starring in one of TV's most popular reality shows, Kailyn is a bestselling author, a podcast host, and a beloved personality on both Instagram and Twitter.

There's no hustle too great or small for the 26-year-old mother of three – you can call it the Kim Kardashian approach to fame.

Speaking of Kim, it seems Kail is taking after the reality world's first reality TV A-lister by posting a risqué Kardashian-esque selfie on social media to celebrate her recent birthday.

Fans never saw it coming, and needless to say, the most obsessive Lowry lovers are losing their minds …

1. Kail Comes Out of Her Shell

Kailyn lowry hawaiian mountaintop
Over the years, Kail has been applauded by fans for her willingness to put her kids’ needs above her own. But she’s still a young woman with a life to live and dreams to pursue. And she reminded fans of that independent nature with her latest IG post.

2. Kailyn’s Birthday Suit

Kailyn lowry nude
Kail posted a totally nude photo to celebrate her bithday this week. Needless to say, the pic was big hit with fans.

3. Birthday Swag

Kailyn lowry twitpic
“Birthday suit for the birthday girl,” Kail helpfully captioned the pic. Lowry turned 26 on March 14.

4. The Skin You’re In

Kailyn lowry butt lift photo
Kail added the following hashtags to the pic: “#naked #lovetheskinyourein #boudoir #birthday #womenempowerment #curvesaresexy #mom”

5. All Hail Kail

Kailyn lowry at star magazines scene stealers
The response from fans was overwhelmingly positive. Kail’s followers are a devoted bunch, and they came out in full force to show their support.

6. The Gift of Positivity

As if the pic itself was’t enough of a confidence booster, the comments from fans must have left Kail feeling like she’s capable of anything. It’s the best gift possible for a woman who’s spoken openly about the ways in which her psyche has been damaged by hate from her harshest critics.

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Jinger Duggar Posts Baby Bump Pic, Pregnancy Update

Fans may feel like they awaited news of a Jinger Duggar pregnancy for a decade or so, but really, it was only about a year between her wedding to Jeremy Vuolo and her announcement that she’s expecting.

Regardless, this is the most highly-anticipated new addition to the Duggar clan in quite some time, so it stands to reason that the family’s most obsesive followers are clamoring for updates.

Fortunately for them, Jinger is happy to give the people what they want.

That’s a photo posted to the expectant mom’s Instagram page earlier this week.

She captioned the image, “[Baby emoji] Vuolo #20weeks”

As you can see from the blackboard behind Jinger, Baby Vuolo is roughly the sizr of an artichoke these days.

You may be thinking to yourself, Well, that’s nice and all, but what’s a good produce analogy for the fetus’ size at 18 weeks? At 15 weeks?

Well, you’re in luck!

Jinger has been updating fans for several weeks and each post also works as a lesson in gestational development, as well as inspiration about what to get in your salad at lunch.

At 15 weeks, Baby V was roughly the size of an apple.

Three weeks later, she could’ve hidden behind a bell pepper.

Okay, so it’s not as thrilling as when Jinger wears pants on Instagram, but these are the posts that some Duggar fans live for.

And they’re especially poignant coming from Jinger.

Typically, Duggar women announce their first pregnancy within a few months of getting hitched.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to get down to the business of starting a family on their honeymoons. 

However, Jinger was married to Jeremy for over a year before she offered fans any sort of baby-making news, thus prompting all sorts of deeply offensive speculation about what might be taking her so long.

But Jinger has earned her spot as the family rebel, and she wasn’t about to start popping out little ones just because the fans demanded it of her.

But now that she is expecting, it seems she’ll be sticking with family tradition by offering regular bump updates, and for that, we thank her.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Farrah Abraham Posts Date Night Photo with Aden Stay

As fans and followers already know, Farrah Abraham is dating stuntman Aden Stay.

He’s about 14 years older than she is, but they both work in the entertainment industry and they’re both parents of daughters.

Now, Farrah is sharing a date night pic so that fans can get a little insight into her blossoming romance.

It’s not every day that a 40-year-old stuntman lands a date with a 26-year-old woman with the general disposition of someone who might spend their nights terrorizing Gotham City.

But Aden Stay just lucked out, we guess.

Aden is a stunt performer who is listed as currently working on projects like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and The Gifted.

So whether you’re watching a compelling story about mutants fleeing and fighting oppression or whether you’re watching Chris Pratt run around with dinosaurs in a movie that probably didn’t need to be made, Aden Stay is a part of making that.

Farrah decided to share a snap from their date:

In the photo (actually regrammed from Aden … even though she clearly took the photograph) Farrah captioned:

“#datenight best date ever this one knows how to order”

Honestly, it’s always kind of weird when someone compliments their date by saying that they “really know how to order.”

Like … one should certainly hope so, right?

Sometimes the line refers to taste in wine, but other times it refers to men who order for their dates which is the creepiest and most controlling thing.

(Until you’re in an established, familiar relationship and order for each other just to save time — there’s a difference between knowing someone’s tastes and deciding what dining experience they’ll have)

Though fans already knew that Farrah was seeing him, this was the first time that she’d offered up a glimpse of their budding romance.

That said, Farrah had gushed to Us Weekly about Aden.

“Aden is amazing.”

She’s going to use that description of him again.

“I’m a lucky woman and feel blessed. We have just started our relationship and I feel like I met someone who is amazing.”

She then lists the things that she loves about him.

“I love that he’s Hawaiian, an amazing father, business entrepreneur and we have many similarities.”

He has two daughters.

“I can’t say enough great things about him. I’m a lucky woman.”

Farrah’s last relationship was with Simon Saran, and ended just under a year ago.

The couple had been together for years, and fans had watched the ins and outs of their relationship on Teen Mom OG.

While Farrah is happy to share her relationship with Aden Stay on social media, that might be the only place where fans can keep track of their romance.

Needless to say, Farrah is no longer being followed around by Teen Mom cameras.

Recently, Farrah sent her final message to the Teen Mom cast — almost wishing them well but really just wishing that they’d all leave the show.

You know, before the show’s “hate crimes” get them, too.

Presumably, Aden is probably not immersed in Farrah’s problematic history that’s gotten her accused of racism and being generally obnoxious in the past.

And, in a vacuum, it’s great that he doesn’t have any objections to dating a sex worker. That’s a stigma that needs to end, and of all of the reasons to dislike Farrah Abraham, her camgirl sex shows are not one of them.

We do have to wonder how a father with his own daughters reacts to Farrah taking nude photos of her own daughter and storing them.

Sophia is a sweet girl but a lot of people are creeped out that Farrah would keep such photos, especially when they could be hacked by the worst scum that the internet has to offer.

Anyway, fans can probably continue to keep up with Farrah’s romantic mishaps by following her on social media or just reading about her here.

Perhaps this new relationship will be at least as entertaining as her ridiculous dating profile.


David Eason Posts Photo of Infant Daughter Holding Toy Gun, Outrages Fans

David Eason seems determined to make sure he alienates every last one of the fans whom he and his wife rely on to put food on the table.

As you may have heard, Eason was recently fired from Teen Mom 2 following a series of bizarre controversies.

It all started when Eason posted a photo of Jenelle Evans shooting a gun (or pretending to shoot a gun) on his Instagram page, apparently as a way of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

As news of the Parkland, Florida school shooting had broken just a few hours earlier, David’s timing wasn’t the greatest, but he refused to take the post down, even amidst intense backlash from fans.

Worse, Eason went on a homophobic tirade, hurling bigoted slurs at followers who dared to question the wisdom of publicly celebrating high-powered weapons just hours after 17 civilians lost their lives, most of them children.

Even though Eason is no longer employed by MTV and Viacom, his wife still is, and she’s now the family’s sole breadwinner.

So you might think he would generally steer clear of controversy in order to keep the peace between Jenelle and her employers.

But of course, you would be wrong.

In a Snapchat story that appeared online yesterday, David and Jenelle’s 1-year-old daughter, Ensley, can be seen holding a toy gun.

The image was captioned, “Photo shoot with Dad.”

Needless to say, the pic received an overwhelmingly negative response from Eason’s followers.

 “Kid doesn’t even know what a gun is,” wrote one fan.

“Their ignorance is astonishing. Family of hunters, none of us push this on children, we don’t pose them with guns,” remarked another.

Yes, it’s important to remember that even if you feel very strongly about a political issue, it’s probably best not to drag your very young children into the debate.

Kids who can’t even tie their shoes yet probably aren’t well-versed in the nuances of the 2nd Amendment, ya know?

There’s been no word on the matter from either Jenelle or MTV, but we’re guessing neither party is thrilled with Dave’s latest post.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online in order to be reminded of the depths of Eason’s ignorance.


Chris Brown Posts Birthday Shout-Out to Rihanna, Gets Roasted By Fans

Thankfully, Chris Brown hasn’t been in the news much lately.

Generally when you see Breezy’s name in a headline, it’s a sure sign that you’re face will soon be firmly planted in your palm.

And we’re sad to say this latest case is no exception.

Today, Rihanna celebrates her 30th birthday, an occasion that she’ll probably mark by smoking 31 blunts.

(The last one is because she lost count.)

Milestone birthdays can be times of poignant reflection, and obviously RiRi has a whole hell of a lot to be proud o.

But like most of us, there are some aspect of her past that she likely wishes would remain in the past.

And today, one of the ghosts of her early twenties swooped in to remind the Barbadian queen of a time she’d probably prefer to forget.

The photo above was posted on Instagram by Brown with a caption reading simply, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY @badgalriri.”

Rihanna Baby Pic

Needless to say, some fans weren’t thrilled to see the man who brutally assaulted Rihanna attempting to steal her birthday shine.

“This isn’t cute,” wrote one follower. “He put his hands on her. Grow up. Move on. Respect.”

“DELETE THIS!” another commented.

“I wouldn’t like to have my abuser show affection to me after getting my head bashed in to the floor,” a third remarked.

The consensus seemed to be that Chris remains a dumbass and should probably be considered as a first ballot inductee into the Dumbass Hall of Fame.

But believe it or not, for reasons that defy explanation and make us seriosly consider taking up residence in the deep woods, several miles from the nearest router, there are still folks out there who want Chris and Rihanna to get back together.

“Can y’all get married now like damn it’s long overdue!” wrote one eager fan.

“Aww him and Rihanna would have a cute baby,” observed one clueless user.

Yes, in just 9 short years, many seem to have forgotten just how brutal Chris’ attack truly was.

If you still had any hope left for humanity, it might be time to abandon it.

On the bright side, Chris doesn’t appear to have dated anyone seriously since he broke up with Karrueche Tran for the last time in 2016, so maybe he’s finally realized that he should be removed from the gene pool.


Farrah Abraham SLAMS Jenelle Evans Over Pro-Gun Posts

Wednesday was Valentine’s Day and was also Ash Wednesday for Catholics. It was also the day of a devastating school shooting at a Florida high school where a former student murdered 17 and left countless others wounded and traumatized.

In the immediate aftermath, Jenelle Evans was slammed for an insensitive shooting post. Suffice it to say that it was in incredibly poor taste.

Now, even Farrah Abraham can tell that Jenelle is in the wrong, and she’s bashing the gun-loving Carolina Hurricane.

Many hope that the anti-gun movement sparked by the terrible shooting and led by vocal teen survivors will finally lead to change that can outweigh the millions spent by the NRA to keep weapons of war in circulation.

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, clearly feel differently. That’s not really a surprise from one of the Teen Mom franchise’s most controversial couples.

In a photo posted on Wednesday, and on which David Eason has now disabled comments on Instagram, Jenelle Evans can be seen posing with a gun.

“My babes a bad ass babe!” David Eason writes in the caption. “Happy Valentine’s day!”

It didn’t go over well with fans. Or with just about anyone else.

Some even wonder (or hope) that Jenelle Evans will get fired over all of this.

Farrah Abraham finally, finally has the moral high ground.

In a statement to InTouch Weekly, Farrah Abraham blasts Jenelle Evans’ gun photo and she has zero chill about it.

“I feel that after years and years of horrible mass gun violence at schools, and those who were the gun shooters who killed many innocent lives,” Farrah begins.

“Wanting the attention from a gun with an act of violence — I think it’s really horrible Jenelle and her husband show the same traits as a mentally unstable killer, by wanting attention from a gun.”

That’s an odd way of phrasing things, but it looks like she’s saying that the parallels are disturbing.

To be clear, though, blaming “mental instability” for violence might be a stretch. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of people with mental illness are not violent.

Jenelle obviously gets in some digs at Teen Mom in thep rocess.

“I no longer want to be associated with the Teen Mom franchise.”

Good luck with that — it’s what made you famous. People still refer to how Britney Spears started off on The Mickey Mouse Club.

“And I hope the appropriate government jurisdictions start changing gun laws and our President Donald Trump can start limiting gun violence in the appropriate ways.”

A lot of us are hopeful for change, of course, though if Farrah’s really looking to Trump to change things … well, there’s optimism and then there’s that.

Farrah speaks about the measures that she takes to keep her daughter, Sophia, safe.

“As a parent, I will not allow my child to go to a public school setting for these very reasons of gun violence.”

Gotta point out here that, statistically, school is still one of the safest places that a child can be. Also, mall shootings, street shootings, and theater shootings are also things. You can’t live your life in a panic room, and some question the opportunities that Sophia is missing.

“As I learned more about the recent act of gun violence, the FBI did not listen to the other students trying to warn about the killers intentions.”

Farrah uses her celebrity platform to boost the voices of teens. She’s totally right to do so.

“Children and teens must be heard as they say something when they see something. I hope our governments start acting on their part.”

In the mean time, David Eason has hit out at gun critics with one of the most astoundingly tone-deaf posts that you can imagine.

He shared an image that reads:

“Legal owners have over 200 million guns and 12 trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously people … if we were a problem … you’d know it.”

Obviously, that post totally misses the point — because gun critics point out that they are a problem, because mass shootings happen so regularly that many of them barely make the news.

In the captions, David wrote:

“Everyone needs to focus on keeping their family protected and safe instead of focusing on how to deplete our country of its self protection rights!”

Literally what does he think that people pushing for sensible firearm restrictions are trying to do? The whole idea is to keep people’s families protected and safe.

It’s worth noting that, culturally, Jenelle and David might not even see that they’ve done anything wrong.

Though North Carolina is a swing state featuring world-class universities and hospitals, Jenelle and David live in a conservative county in a conservative corner of the state. Gun culture flourishes in sparsely populated areas.

Anyone hoping that Jenelle and David change their ways need to realize that, well, enjoying owning weapons of war is far from the worst thing about either of these two, who are accused of being genuinely terrible parents.

Still, this time, even Farrah can see the issue clearly.

Some fans wonder if Jenelle will hit back at Farrah. After all, the Carolina Hurricane is no stranger to fights.


Rob Kardashian Posts Adorable Photo of North & Dream!

Rob Kardashian is back, folks. 

After several months of self-imposed exile, Rob has reappeared on social media, and it seems things are going as well as can be expected, considering what a train wreck Rob’s life was last we checked.

To recap: following a seriously ugly breakup, Rob posted nude photos of Blac Chyna on Instagram.

When that got shut down for very good reason, he moved his revenge porn tirade to Twitter.

The only reason Rob isn’t commiserating with Harvey Weinstein right now on the island of predatory pervs is that his revolting actions were carried out before the start of the #MeToo movement.

Yes, Rob lucked out again, proving once and for all that he’s the living embodiment of privilege.

We’d say he still has a career, but Rob never really had a career to begin with (unless you count those three weeks where he tried to be a sock mogul, which we most certainly do not).

Anyway, Rob is doing something of a tentative apology tour these days, dipping his toe back into the social media celebrity pond and seeing what sort of response he gets.

Amazingly, he’s being greeted with open arms because, well … see our earlier comment about “the living embodiment of privilege.”

Last week, Rob posted a troubling tweet, and while many celebs would have been encouraged to seek help, he was encouraged to share the details of his troubles with his millions of followers.

This week, Rob is playing the cute kid card with a photo of his daughter, Dream, hugging her cousin North.

Now bear in mind, we’re not dismissing the power of the cute kid card.

Dream and North are, in fact, adorable children, and thus, the pics that Rob posted received the expected response.

“Awwww GOOD Morning cousin love North & Dream,” he captioned the photo.

We’re not saying this a calculated move on Rob’s part as he attempts to slowly work his way back into the spotlight, but …

… Actually, we sort of are saying that.

The man is Kris Jenner’s son.

He doesn’t move his bowels without thinking about how it might affect his brand.

But anyway – cute kids in that family. Now keep ‘em away from Rob, Kris, and all forms of social media.