Farrah Abraham Posts Photo of Her Daughter Taking a Shower, is Just Not Right

Will Farrah Abraham ever learn?!

You may not know what exactly we’re talking about yet, but you probably already know the answer is a resounding “NOPE.”

No matter how many years go by, no matter how much life experience she gets, Farrah still cannot seem to develop the least little bit of sense.

It’s pretty remarkable, really, how she hasn’t managed to learn one single lesson after all this time, isn’t it?

So Farrah is currently traveling the world with her daughter, Sophia — and just to refresh your memory, Sophia is still only nine years old.

They’ve been to Fiji, they’ve been to Cannes, but most recently, they’ve been in Dubai.

And, wouldn’t you know it, trouble is just following them every step of the way.

While in Cannes, Farrah got quite a bit of heat for some photos that were posted on Sophia’s Instagram.

It’s unclear whether she posted them for Sophia or if the girl is in charge of her own account, but basically it was a photo of Farrah’s ass with the caption “I love my mamas booty!”

Farrah booty

Then, after spending some time in Dubai, there was more controversy when everyone saw a picture of Sophia holding a glass of a suspicious looking drink.

Lots of people thought Farrah was allowing her kid to drink wine or champagne, but it turned out it was just fancy juice in a fancy glass, complete with gold flakes.

But honestly, you can understand why people would think the worst here, right?

And on top of that, you can’t really be surprised when now, just a day after the juice fiasco, Farrah and Sophia’s followers are troubled by yet another bizarre photo.

This one, though, is a photo of Sophia taking a shower.

In the caption, she explained that she was taking the shower on a plane, which is admittedly pretty cool.

Sophia shower selfie

But then again, this is a photo of a child in a shower on Instagram, so the ick factor beats out any coolness here.

And judging by the comments, people were really, really disturbed by this.

“Why the f-ck are we posting pics of a child in the shower?!” one person asked. “Farrah is a terrible mother and horrible example as a woman.”

“Plus she’s being desensitized to being naked with the camera out…. when I was 9 I was so modest I would have died if my mom tried to take my picture,” another person added.

And isn’t that the truth? Seriously, just think about being nine years old, taking a shower, and being photographed by your mom.

When you’re done cringing and flailing of just the imagined embarrassment, let’s get back to this.

As another commenter pointed out, “Millions of people have the ability to look at her profile and to have the pic up is just asking for trouble.”

“Honestly, I’m surprised CPS hasn’t been involved yet.”

Of course, in addition to all the haters, there are also those who will defend Farrah’s choices, no matter what.

“How is this inappropriate??” one of those deluded fans questioned. “It’s only inappropriate if you are sexualizing a child in a shower cap……so you’re the weirdo if you find this inappropriate.”

To that, the people said “she’s a young lady and there’s sickos in this world unfortunately.”

Another acknowledged that “after a certain age, around 4-5, these types of photos are inappropriate.”

And on top of all that, there were also many, many people confused followers asking why Sophia is taking showers in airplanes instead of, you know, going to school.

Listen, we could spend all day talking about the reasoning behind why Farrah thinks sharing these kinds of photos, or why she thinks giving Sophia juice with gold flakes is more important than fourth grade.

And it would be fun, honestly.

But at this point, it’s clear that Farrah is going to do whatever she wants to do with Sophia, no matter how many people think CPS needs to get involved.

So … whatever, just go take a nap or something, rid your poor, exhausted brain of this kind of nonsense.

Farrah is going to replace this with another unbearably awkward/awul moment soon enough anyway.


Farrah Abraham Posts Risqué Pics on Daughter’s Instagram; Fans Freak Out

Farrah Abraham has spent her adult life coming up with new and interesting ways to piss off the world, and at this point, it's almost impressive how far she's willing to go just to remain relevant.

Abraham's latest mini-scandal serves as a prime example of just how inventive the former Teen Mom OG star has become in her efforts to continue making tabloid headlines.

Farrah shared some disturbing photos on her daughter's Instagram recently, and fans were absolutely floored by what they saw.

It's impossible to say what Farrah was thinking when she posted the pics, but we think it's safe to say she knew exactly what sort of reaction she would get.

And unfortunately, 9-year-old Sophia has once again been dragged into the middle of a very adult conflict thanks to her mother's highly questionable behavior.

1. A Disturbing History

Farrah and sophia abraham photo
Farrah has a long history of treating her young daughter like a grown-up friend. And unfortunately, the evidence of their inappropriate relationship often makes its way to social media.

2. Snapchat Mishap

Farrah and sophia abraham image
Last year, Farrah signed Sophia up for Snapchat, despite the fact that she fell short of the app’s age minimum by several years. The account was terminated after Sophia logged on late at night and began conversing with strangers.

3. Twitter Trauma

Farrah abraham and soph
Sadly, Sophia is still active on other social media platforms. Back in December, Farrah logged on to Sophia’s Twitter account in order to promote an adult film she had appeared in.

4. Crossing the Line

Farrah abraham selfie game
Needless to say, fans were highly upset, and sadly, that wasn’t the first time that Farrah involved her daughter in her porn career.

5. A New Low

Farrah and sophia abraham
In a 2017 interview, Farrah predicted that Sophia would one day follow in her footsteps by starring in a “sex tape.”

6. She Keeps Getting Worse

Farrah abraham with sophia at sephora
And earlier this year, Farrah revealed that she and Sophia have nude photos of one another on their phones. With all that history, some fans were sadly not surprised by Farrah’s latest scandal …

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Jill Duggar Posts Transphobic “Prayer,” Gets Bashed By Fans

It often seems that not a day goes by without some sort of Jill Duggar parenting controversy.

More often than not, mountains are made from molehills, and Jill is criticized or praised for behavior that’s not all that different from what most moms do on a daily basis. 

See, for example, yesterday’s debate about Jill’s parenting that centered around her decision to let her son watch television.

However, today’s mini-scandal is actually legitimate and serves as a reminder that even the most modern Duggars are still holding onto some very outdated ideas.

Back in November of 2017, Derick Dillard was fired by TLC after he launched a transphobic tirade at fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

Jill quit the show in a gesture of solidarity and was slammed by fans for standing by her man’s bigotry.

This week, she reminded those same fans that she very much shares Derick’s beliefs:

Jill posted the above photo to Instagram yesterday, along with a caption reading:

“I got this at a #MOPS meeting my amazing momma was speaking at a few months ago.

“Not sure where she got it from, but it’s super good.” 

Fans zeroed in on the last item on the list, which reads, “that our boy would be glad to be boys and our girls glad to be girls.”

As In Touch Weekly points out, many interpreted the prayer as a shot at the transgender community.

“The last one was totally a dig at transgender people. Not good,” wrote one commenter.

“Wow… the last prayer blatantly asking to not have a transgendered child. What the f–k,” remarked another.

Others defended Jill by insisting that she’s not necessarily transphobic … she just hopes she doesn’t have a trans kid.

“What is so wrong with being happy with the gender you’re born with? Isn’t that ultimately the goal?” questioned one supporter.

“It never said ‘pray you don’t have transgender children’ It said pray that your children are happy to be who they are.

The commenter continued:

“Being transgender is often a tough thing for many people and causes them damage because they struggle with identity for a while.”

We understand the argument, but we also think it’s abundantly clear that Jill and Derick would not be okay with raising a transgender child.

This might not be the most blatant instance of Duggar bigotry, but it’s a troubling reminder that some of the family’s most backward beliefs live on in the next generation.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Kylie Jenner Posts a PERFECT Beach Photo With Baby Stormi!

Travis Scott’s birthday was Monday. The rapper and new father turned 26. His daughter, Stormi Webster, turned three months old on Tuesday.

To celebrate, Kylie and Travis and their precious baby are celebrating in Turks and Caicos.

On Wednesday, Kylie uploaded some stunning new photos — of Stormi and of herself. Take a look!

Recently, Kylie explained why she named her daughter Stormi.

It was, she revealed, something that she and Travis came up with together.

(They can’t even figure out who came up with it first, if you can believe that)

Well, they’re also vacationing together, in Turks and Caicos, to celebrate Travis’ birthday. And Stormi’s.

On Wednesday, Kylie shared this stunning mother-daughter photo.

This is, quite simply, a fantastic picture.

Kylie looks great in this no-makeup look. Her post-baby body is out of this world.

(And look at those freckles!!)

She’s wearing a white two-piece bikini along with some matching white fishnets to make the ensemble much more interesting.

Sweet baby Stormi, sporting a white ruffled eyelet outfit, is looking every bit as fashion-forward as you’d imagine that Kylie’s infant daughter would.

This is a lot of beauty and a lot of cuteness in just one photo.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Kylie shared this photo of Stormi, taken on the day that she turned three months old.

Stormi looks sleepy, a little chubby, and peaceful.

That’s exactly how babies should be.

She is so cute that you have to look away from the photo if you want to concentrate without some long-dormant nurturing instincts kicking into high gear.

This darling baby wasn’t the only one showing off her looks for the camera, however.

Her mom is getting back into the habit of posing for the camera.

Kylie also shared this photo of herself.

Like we said, her post-baby body is intensely gorgeous.

It looks like she ditched the mesh cover-up that she was wearing.

Probably wise.

It’s one thing to look stylish, but we’ve seen people tan and burn in odd patterns because of what they were wearing.

Hopefully, Kylie and Travis were careful that neither they nor Stormi got burned.

(And yes, everyone needs to wear sunscreen if they’re spending this much time in the sun, no matter their skin tone)

Wow, that really looks like an amazing place to be if you like warm weather, sunlight, and the beach!

Kylie and Travis lead the kinds of enviable lives where they can take a “staycation” whenever they like, but with one of them being from SoCal and the other from Texas, they need something extra special and extra warm for it to feel like a real vacation.

Turks and Caicos it is, we guess.

Good for them and good for baby Stormi.

We hope that Kylie decides to share many, many more photos in the coming days. You can never have too many photos … especially when your baby is as adorable as little Stormi Webster.

Also, happy birthday to Travis! (And, as we’ve already said, a very happy birthday to Stormi)


Toyota Owner Posts Funniest Used Car Ad EVER on Craigslist

Let's face it:

Used car salesmen are typically known for being a shady lot.

They generally used underhanded and slimy tactics in order to shill for years-old vehicles because, quite simply, who would buy one of these vehicles if the salesman was honest about it?

Well, we're about to find out.

This is because a man in Houston has posted a lengthy ad on Craigslist for his 1999 Toyota Carolla… and it pulls nary a punch.

The brutally honest posting has gone viral because it's downright hilarious and, to other owners of other Toyota Carollas, downright relatable.

Scroll down to see what we mean:

1. This is the Car

This is the car
It actually looks to be in pretty good shape for a nearly 20-year old car, doesn’t it? What can the owner tell us about it?

2. These are 23 Photos of the Car

Or at least a picture OF those 23 pictures that the man included in his ad.

3. A Corolla Gets the Job Done

If that job is literally getting you front point A to point B in relative safety, that is.

4. What Features Does It Have?

Features?!? Features?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? It has four wheels and an engine. Be grateful.

5. Wanna Hear a Story?

This is it. It has a happy ending, doesn’t it? Thank you, Toyota Carolla.

6. Go Ahead. Try to Break This Car.

I dare you. I double dare you. Just give it a shot.

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