Big Brother Recap: Who Has All the Power?

It’s that time of the year again. 

By that we mean the time a group of people desperate for fame and fortune makes their way into the Big Brother house in an attempt to scheme their way to the top spot. 

Being the milestone 20th season of the veteran CBS reality series, there were a string of changes in store. If anything, the two-hour opener wasted a lot of time introducing the houseguests. 

When it came to introducing themselves, Steve was quick to lie that he was a mechanic. In reality, he’s a former NYPD undercover cop and is scared about the other houseguests going after him. 

The issue with Steve is that he sketches the other houseguests out. Tyler wondered why the man was staring at him in such an awkward manner. 

Steve will not last very long in the house if he can’t keep up with his ruse. The cracks are already beginning to appear. 

Big Brother split the sixteen houseguests into two teams. Before we knew it, one half were looking for folders to allow them to play another competition, and the other was caught up in a spelling competition. 

Angela found the folder that allowed her to escape the dimly lit room, and take part in the next competition. Swaggy C (yes, that’s his name!) won the spelling competition. 

Kaycee and Sam were given punishments for poor performance in the first challenge. Kaycee needs to stay where she is when her necklace spins, and Sam was turned into a robot. 

Before Swaggy C and Angela got to face off for control of the game, they chatted about the outcome. Angela shocked Swaggy C by saying that she would not be saving him because she needed to save the eight she competed with to keep it fair. 

Swaggy had a bit of an ego. He paraded around the house before the second competition and started to ruffle some feathers, so Bayliegh told him to dial it back, and they agreed to look out for each other.

The “BB Web” competition found the two competitors on a surfboard each and trying to dodge obstacles. It seemed like Angela was going to put her athletic past to good use, but she ultimately lost out. 

Julie then told Swaggy that he would pick two of the four teams who went into the house to make safe with his power. It resulted in people offering up firstborns to get to stay in the house. 

We kid, mostly, but Angela seemed to think she was safe because Swaggy whispered as much in her ear. That’s not how the game is played. 

When it got down to the nitty-gritty, Swaggy saved himself, Brett, Rachel, & Angie. Scottie, Kaycee, Haleigh, & Faysal.

The silly thing is that Swaggy has already proven he’s not a man of his word by lying his way to early victory, and that’s going to come back to bite him when the others go after him. 

What did you think of the season premiere?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Thursday at 9/8c on CBS. 


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The Voice Recap: The Coaches Get More Power Than Ever Before!

With the Battle Rounds well and truly out of the way, it was time for the Knockout Rounds to continue to narrow down the contestants. 

A major twist was unleashed that also gifted the coaches with saves, meaning that they could save one of their own contestants after a performance. 

Yes, Season 14 is changing things up, and that’s good for an aging series. 

Former contestants, Jordan Smith, Chloe Kohanski, Chris Blue and Cassadee Pope, returned to assist Team Adam, Team Blake, Team Alicia and Team Kelly, respectively. 

Okay, let’s break down the six Knockouts of the night. 

Team Blake: Kyla Jade singing “You Don’t Own Me” vs. Jaclyn Lovey singing “Put Your Records On.”

Jaclyn kicked this battle for a spot in the competition off, and while it was an okay performance, there was nothing remotely exciting about it.

This was a stark contrast from the way things were for her at the Blind Auditions. This was like a completely different performer, and that’s not a good thing. 

A terrible song choice can destroy all credibility for a performer, and that’s a real shame. 

Kyla upped her game in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Everything about her rendition of the Lesley Gore classic screamed confidence and finesse. 

Winner: Kyla 

Save: N/A

Team Kelly: Kaleb Lee singing “Free” vs. Justin Kilgore singing “Shameless.”

Kaleb turned in a solid performance that solidified why he has made so far into the competition. Like Kyla, he improved significantly from his other performances. 

Then there was Justin, who proved that he does not have the vocal ability to make it all the way to the live shows. It could be argued that The Voice lets too many sub-par performers all the way to the live shows. 

Winner: Kaleb

Save: N/A

Team Adam: Mia Boostrom singing “Wade in the Water” vs. Jackie Foster singing “Bring Me to Life.”

This was a difficult one to watch. Jackie had a lot of great moments singing the Evanescence classic. Like, she knew what was expected of her, and she delivered and then some. 

Mia, however, emerged as the better performer, but it was still a tough call … unlike the previous knockouts that came before her. 

Winner: Mia

Save: Jackie to Team Alicia

Team Blake: Spensha Baker singing “Broken Halos” vs. Austin Giorgio singing “Almost Like Being in Love.” 

This was another close call, and Blake struggled to make a decision about which one to save, so he kept both of them. 

They were difficult to benchmark against each other because of how similar they were performance-wise. 

Winner: Spensha

Save: Blake saved Austin!

Team Alicia: Johnny Bliss singing “Alive” vs. Miya Bass singing “Castle on the Hill.”

Thankfully, this Knockout was easier to see coming. Johnny’s performance was not spectacular, but it was a cut above Miya’s. Maybe it was unfair to put these two together, but it’s all about getting rid of the weaker vocalists at this stage. 

Winner: Johnny Bliss

Save: N/A

Team Adam: Jackie Verna singing “American Honey” vs. Drew Cole singing “Slow Hands.” 

Jackie and Drew are at similar stages of their careers, and their voices are actually quite similar. Both performances were decent, and it was clear that another save was going to be used. 

Winner: Jackie

Save: Adam Saved Drew!

Okay, what did you think of the performances?

Were you happy with who made it further?

The Voice continues tonight on NBC!