The Walking Dead Recap: Another Power Struggle Sets Up Lauren Cohan’s Exit

Building a better community is no easy task, and Rick learned the hard way on Sunday’s episode that he was not going to be able to blend these communities in the way he hoped. 

The episode was all about the revival of the bridge which was obliterated thanks to a storm. Without access, it was difficult to make supply runs, so it had to be fixed. 

While Aaron and Daryl were chatting as the communities rallied to fix the bridge, a fight broke out between Henry and a Savior named Justin. 

Henry was tasked with giving water in exchange for hard labor, and Justin did not want to play by the rules. But Henry proved that there would always be a punishment, so he knocked the man off his feet with a stick. 

As expected, it resulted in a full-on battle between everyone on the bridge. Rick arrived and was unimpressed that these people could not work together to secure the future of the blended community. 

Daryl continued to have doubts and told Rick that the Saviors would actually be an asset to them down the line if they’re already causing trouble. 

Daryl left the scene immediately when Rick defended why they were doing it, and it was down to Carol to let Rick know that he might be dreaming if he thinks any of this is going to work. 

Tensions were still high at the Hilltop following Gregory’s well-deserved execution. Tami Rose was not allowed to see her husband Earl for his involvement in the plot to kill Maggie. 

It didn’t stop Tami from trying to get more people on her side to turn against Maggie. The true shocker was that Jesus was not fully on board with Maggie. 

“I don’t know if she hanged Gregory for everyone, for herself or both,” he shared, “but I’m not against a grieving mother seeing her husband.”

Instead of fully turning against his friend, Jesus went to Maggie to find out where her head was truly at. He admitted that she was going way too far by ostracizing Earl and that there would be some pushback. These decisions were ballsy, according to him. 

This gave Maggie some food for thought, and she agreed to let Tami Rose visit her husband. Once his wife was gone, Earl got a visit from Maggie who wanted to know more about him. 

Earl was desperate to know why Gregory was the one who was killed, but Maggie skirted around giving an answer. It turns out; she wants to hold her cards close to her chest. 

“What I did to you was in me,” Earl confessed. “Gregory didn’t make me do anything.”

Okay then. 

Things took a wild turn when thanks to a siren not being sounded, the walkers showed up at the bridge, and the unarmed Saviors were sitting ducks. 

Jed was scared to death, and let go of the rope he was holding … allowing all of the lumber to crash down and trap Aaron’s arm. Rick managed to dispatch of most of the walkers, but there was no saving Aaron’s arm. 

Daryl tried to make sense of what went down and opted to blame Justin. He was supposed to sound a siren to send the walkers away, but he didn’t. 

His defense? 

The walkie-talkie was dead, and Daryl was not buying it. He went all in kept hitting the kid before Carol showed up to tell him to quit the BS. 

Back at the Hilltop, Maggie and Michonne got into it over the recent decisions. 

“We can talk about common laws, but I’m not giving up the right to do what I think is s best for my people,” Maggie said to her friend. 

They continued to bicker, and Maggie relented that she did not regret wiping Gregory out because he was a danger to everyone. 

Meanwhile, Justin continued to prove he was a loser when he lashed out at Rick, trying to throw all the blame on him for what went down. 

“Stitches won’t fix what I do to you,” Rick yelled after telling him to get the eff out of the Sanctuary. 

As for Aaron? He did not blame Rick for losing an arm. Instead, he said that his friend was a beacon of hope. 

“You changed all that, Rick. It’s not the end of the world anymore; it’s the start a whole new one,” he said. 

Rick closed off the hour by visiting his nemesis, Negan. 

“It was a hard day,” Rick said. “People were at each other’s throats… [But] when the day was done, they came together. Not all of ’em. But enough.”

“That’s a real pretty picture you paint there,” Negan responded. “When do I get to see it?”

“You’re gonna die behind these bars,” Rick snapped. 

In all honesty, if the likes of Jesus is worried about Maggie, then there’s a good chance she’s going to be relieved of her duties before long. 

TWD art

That could lead to her running off with her child or worse; she could be killed off. This is The Walking Dead!

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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Big Brother Recap: Which Side of the House Has the Power?

The Hive has been one of the most in the dark alliances in Big Brother history. 

Faysal admitted as much at the top of the latest episode and said that it was time for him to make some big decisions as he attempted to keep himself and showmance, Haleigh safe from the block. 

Even when the alliance is given the power, they squander it, or some twist derails it. We picked up with the HOH competition following Rockstar’s eviction. 

Tyler also knew that now the battle lines had been drawn, he needed to win the HOH competition because one of Level Six would very likely be going out the door the following week if not. 

JC knew that he was not winning the competition, so he went for the $ 5000 prize instead of the HOH prize.

It came down to Tyler, Scottie, and Faysal, but Faysal was the one who slid into victory. JC noticed that this was an opportunity to get some manipulating carried out. 

JC has been close with Faysal all season long, but he is yet to be upfront with his friend. It could be argued that JC is not really friends with Faysal. 

Fessy told Haleigh he was going after any of the men in the house because they are having far too much power in the game and not being as loyal to him as he hoped. 

Haleigh worried about putting Scottie up because she saw him as a number for their side of the house. Fessy worried because there was just one vote to save Rockstar, and both Brett and Scottie claimed to be that vote. 

Scottie remained loyal and voted to keep Rockstar, but Brett claiming he was the one who voted to save Rockstar was infinitely more convincing. 

Scottie was the one who, just a few weeks ago, voted Swaggy C out of the house while wearing a t-shirt with the wannabe’s name. 

The disagreement between Fessy and Haleigh also showed us that there was a clear division in the alliance and that Fessy was swayed more towards JC’s line of thinking. 

Scottie continued to put a target on himself by arguing with Kaycee, saying “You’re a b– —t actor.”

JC continued to try and get Scottie on the block by saying to Haleigh that Scottie is in love with her an wants to get Faysal out of the house. 

“Why are we going to risk potentially going for the only other person that we maybe have?” Haleigh said in the Diary Room as she questioned whether his move was going to derail their game further. 

Fessy proved he was stupid by putting Brett up next to Scottie. If he put up two Level Six members, it would have given The Hive a much-needed jolt of life. 

What are your thoughts on the latest nominations?

Should The Hive just self-evict at this point?

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Big Brother Recap: Did the Power App Save a Player?

Sam Bledsoe’s power app was finally used on Thursday night, but did it save one of the nominees from eviction?

When the latest episode got underway, the house was still in shock at Faysal’s decision to save Hayley from the block. 

Sam wanted to make sure JC knew she was not actually going to put him up. We think it’s fair to say if she’s that good at acting then she has the potential to throw just about anyone under the bus. 

Hurricane Kaitlyn was mad that Faysal betrayed her, and she started to break down. Faysal tried to calm her down by saying that she was not going home. 

He did say that his decision was based on the way she backdoored Swaggy C in week two because they were in an alliance. 

Kaitlyn was initially against campaigning, but a chat with Tyler changed her perspective. There were people who would vote to keep her, and that was good for her game. 

Tyler tasked her with speaking to JC because he could be the swing vote in the entire situation, but JC opened up to Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee.

He referred to Kaitlyn as “a crazy-ass bitch and also a good competitor.” Tyler worried that JC was not going to vote for Level 5, and made it his mission to get the votes turned his way. 

As for Faysal, his decision was made: He was voting to evict Kaitlyn because he knew he was the enemy if she stayed in the house. 

Rockstar chatted to her old FOUTE alliance, and they told her to start rallying the votes because she has four solid ones from them. 

This gave her the drive to do so, and she turned to Brett in the dead of night, saying that while she was mad, she was happy that someone made a big move like that. 

She was referring to his lie that she pulled him aside before last week’s eviction ceremony and said she was changing the vote. 

This gave Brett food for thought because he worried Hurricane Kaitlyn would target one of them if she fell back in with her old allies. 

One person who wanted Kaitlyn gone was Sam. She even went as far as saying to Tyler she’d “stomp a mud-hole into that bitch’s chest.”

Yes, she really said that!

  • JC votes to evict: RS 
  • Bayleigh votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Haleigh votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Faysal votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Brett votes to evict: Kaitlyn 
  • Tyler votes to evict: Kaitlyn 
  • Angela votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Kaycee votes to evict: Kaitlyn
  • Rachel votes to evict: Kaitlyn 
  • Scottie votes to evict: Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn was evicted … but the bonus life power came into play. Kaitlyn was sent to the BB App Store, and she was tasked with completing a puzzle that looked like it had five pieces. 

She had 150 seconds and still managed to mess it up. In fact, it looked like she just gave up. Maybe her intuition told her she was not going to win, so she threw in the towel. 

It’s difficult losing such a big player. She was one of the most engaging houseguests in several years. 

What are your thoughts on her departure?

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Big Brother Recap: Did Sam Bledsoe Use Her Secret Power?

Sam Bledsoe has come a long way. 

She was the target on week one and managed to defy the odds and fight another week thanks to Kaitlyn Herman for turning her back on her alliance and being the swing vote to keep Sam in the house. 

Sam was subsequently gifted with the power to give herself or someone else another shot at the game if they were evicted, thanks to being the top trending houseguest one week. 

However, with the eviction ceremony looming, she realized that she had some deciding to do about whether she should use her advantage on the two members of the Level 6 alliance who were on the block. 

Just kidding, it was all down to Tyler, who has been pulling strings on both sides of the house for weeks now. 

At the top of the hour, Winston thought he was sitting pretty thanks to Brett’s comments about Kaitlyn’s third eye saying that she should keep him. 

Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee deliberated over whether to keep Winston or Brett. They made their decision that Brett was the strong competitor and that they should find a way to keep him. 

While the strategizing was going down, Rockstar found herself struggling to entertain herself, so she climbed up the wall and got stuck. 

This gave Kaitlyn the opportunity to put her life coach skills to good use, telling her to leave everything behind and move on to the next step a new person, or something. 

We got to see a glimpse of Sam’s home life and her family and friends were cute as punch. They were rooting for Sam and even the robot version. 

However, her mother was quick to point out that Kaitlin is a bit of a wildcard. No, honey, she’s a loose cannon. 

We kid, mostly, but Kaitlin is a real hoot on the live feeds. From her claiming to have had a premonition that someone is after her, to her stirring up controversy over nothing, it’s so much fun. 

As the vote kicked off, Brett stirred up some drama when he said that Rockstar told him a few moments before that she was voting to keep him. 

  • Kaitlyn votes to evict: Brett 
  • Rachel votes to evict: Winston
  • Kaycee votes to evict: Winston
  • Angie votes to evict: Brett 
  • Faysal votes to evict: Brett 
  • Bayleigh votes to evict: Brett 
  • Angela votes to evict: Winston 
  • Haleigh votes to evict: Brett 
  • JC votes to evict: Winston 
  • Tyler votes to evict: Winston
  • Sam votes to evict: Winston

With the vote being 6-5, that means Rockstar was put in the frame as the swing vote, covering Tyler’s tracks.

Sam decided against using her power, and Winston stormed out of the house without saying goodbye, and even threw Sam’s friendship bracelet to the ground. 

It was embarrassing. We knew he was hot-headed, but it took him a little too long to understand that he was playing a game. 

We got to see Rockstar exploding at Brett in the house as Winston sat with Julie. She was yelling something about Brett throwing her under the bus on her kid’s birthday. 

She apparently never got the memo that the Big Brother game does not pause for any event. If it did, we’re sure the houseguests would have gotten to return home for Independence Day. 

As the new Head of Household competition was an endurance one, we never got to see it play out on the CBS broadcast. 

But we left the show with Julie confirming that a heated exchange between Bayliegh and JC in which the latter uses a racial slur, will be played out on Sunday’s episode. 

As always, keep up to speed with our Big Brother Spoilers!

What did you think of the eviction?