Brielle Biermann Explains Kim Zolciak Pregnancy Prank: I Wanted Revenge!

Almost exactly one month ago, Brielle Biermann tweeted that Kim Zolciak was pregnant with baby #7. It was a strange, weird claim.

At the time, we theorized that she was pranking her mother to get revenge for her mom’s Snapchat antics, but Brielle didn’t exactly explain herself … until now.

As it turns out, 

So, back in November, Brielle Biermann took to Twitter and shared that her mother was pregnant with what would be her seventh child.

She deleted the tweet without explanation and Kim clarified that she was not, in fact, pregnant.

At the time, we guessed that perhaps Brielle was getting back at her mother for sharing a Snapchat video of Brielle flashing her boob. It had been part of a conversation (with Khloe Kardashian), and clearly not something that Brielle had wanted to go public.

But we were just speculating.

Now, Brielle Biermann tells TooFab the reason why she tweeted that goofy claim about her mom.

“My mom posted a video of me on her Snapchat that really irritated me, so I was sitting downstairs with two of my best friends, and I was like, you know what, I’m gonna tweet that she’s expecting.”

We told you so.

“I didn’t think it would take off as quick as it did, but within 10 minutes, it was everywhere.”

Well, yeah. Kim Zolciak’s easily one of the most famous Real Housewives. And, again, this would have been her seventh child.

Brielle was entertained, and she also describes how her mother reacted.

“I was dying laughing. She wasn’t even mad, she was just like, ‘What the f–k is wrong with you?'”

To us, that sounds like a pretty healthy response for a mother to have to her (adult!) daughter.

In fact, Brielle has a very succinct statement for anyone who doesn’t like how close she is with her mom.

“F–k off.”

In general, she’s noticed that there are a lot of people with opinions about her.

“It’s my life, and I don’t know why people are so concerned with it.”

True — though if they were less concerned with her, she might have a harder time doing product endorsements on Instagram.

She understands that, though, and is grateful to have a balance. She’d just rather that people not get upset.

“I understand I’m in the public eye and people are interested, but my life does not affect you, and until it does, just let me live my life the way that I want to.”

Brielle actually talks about her mother-daughter dynamic.

We didn’t really expect to be saying this, but Brielle seems to have a pretty good grasp of healthy family bonds.

“People see my relationship with my mom as too friendly, but I don’t think you could ever be too friendly with your parents.”

Personally, I agree. Especially when we’re talking about adult children.

“I think some parents aren’t close enough with their kids, and communication is key in my family.”

You’d need a lot of it, in a family of 8.

“My whole life, I’ve told her everything that goes on, even stupid things or things she may not be comfortable with hearing.”

Wow. A lot of families would love to have that honesty. But you’d need a parent who is really, truly trustworthy.

“She is truly my best friend, and I hope that it stays that way.”

That’s so sweet!

“I tell her all the time, I’m like, ‘I know I’m your favorite.'”

We wonder what Kim would have to say about that.

“We’re super close, and I just like to f-ck with her.”

Brielle’s pretty conscious of her role as a young, hot reality star.

But she says that people don’t necessarily know the real her.

“People see only 30 minutes of my life once a week for like 12 weeks and that’s it.”

To be fair, plenty of people also see her on social media. But that, too, only shows part of the story.

“They don’t really know me, they don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and they don’t see what really happens.”

Of course.

“They feel like they know us because they see the show, but that’s not who I really am.”

She’s not just a gorgeous party girl with an unnecessarily hot boyfriend, but we kind of figured that.

“There’s a certain image I want the world to see and a certain image I have for my family and friends.”

We all wear different masks with different people.

And Brielle knows that, to a certain degree, we all play different roles in different environments.

“I feel like everybody needs that balance.”

So what is she or isn’t she?

“I’m not this ditsy, crazy girl that has no goals in life. I’m just struggling to find my passion.”

That’s totally normal — especially for a young woman in her twenties.


Kourtney Kardashian Tries, Fails to Prank Sleeping Kendall Jenner

Even though she made the mistake of spending a decade of her life cleaning up Scott Disick's vomit, Kourtney Kardashian still has a lot going for her.

She has three lovely kids, enjoys a "career" that requires her to do literally nothing except live out her lavish life in front of a camera crew, and probably owns about a dozen pairs of shoes that cost more than your car.

But apparently, there's one area in which Kourtney is sorely lacking.

It seems the girl can't play a prank to save her life.

In a preview clip for this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney and Khloe attempt to punk a sleeping Kendall Jenner.

Their plan is at once simple and intricate:

Kourt and Khloe plan to cram some chocolate in Kendall's butt crack in hopes of making the poor girl think she "sharted" herself in her sleep.

Like we said, not a terribly complex plan, and if executed properly, it probably has amusing payoff.

But that's the problem–you've got a couple first-timers attempting a prank with a pretty high degree of difficulty.

Granted, we've never tried to put food in a sleeping person's ass, but we imagine it's pretty hard to do so without waking them up.

This is a classic case of flying too close to the sun and Kourt and Khloe pay for their hubris in the end.

It's like a Greek tragedy, but with butt chocolate.

Next time, just draw dicks on her face and be done with it.

Check out the failed fake shart below, and watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online so you don't have to watch this scene out of context.

We kid. Noting ever happens on this show.

Kourtney kardashian tries fails to prank sleeping kendall jenner

DaddyOFive Parents Lose Custody of Kids After Horrifying Prank Videos Go Viral

Are you familiar with the DaddyOFive Youtube account and all of the insane drama surrounding it?

If not, then sit back and prepare to be infuriated.

DaddyOFive is a YouTube account belonging to Mike and Heather Martin, a Maryland couple who enjoys pranking their five children.

Which sounds fine, right? Some good old-fashioned family fun, readily available for us to enjoy.

But if you watch the videos — Mike’s deleted them all from his account, but other users have reposted them — you’ll see that the kids are not having fun. Far from it.

For an example of the kind of people we’re talking about here, check out this video in which Heather decides to “prank” nine-year-old Cody by spilling disappearing ink all over some carpet.

The idea is that she’ll blame Cody for the spill, freak him out a little, then reveal that it’s all a joke. But the execution … it’s actually pretty hard to watch.

She and Mike scream and curse at poor Cody and one of their other sons for four straight minutes, so much that the boys are left hysterical before learning that it was all meant to be a joke.

Pretty twisted joke, really.

In other videos, Mike destroys Cody’s X-Box with a sledgehammer as the boy cries, he pushes Cody down, and he follows Cody around with a camera as the poor little boy screams and begs him to leave him alone.

In recent weeks, people have started paying a lot of attention to the family, even going so far as to create an online petition urging Maryland authorities to investigate Mike and Heather for child abuse.

When the controversy first began, the Martins shrugged it off, making a since-deleted video about it all in which Mike said “This is how we run our house. This is our family.”

Heather added that they’ve already been investigated for child abuse because of their YouTube channel, but nothing came of it.

But once they saw that the outrage wasn’t going away, they changed their tune a bit, releasing a tearful public apology for their behavior.

“This has been the absolute worst week of our life,” Heather says in the video, “and we realized that we have made some terrible parenting decisions.”

It’s a little alarming that they made all these videos, that they were able to laugh as their kids screamed and cried, and that they’re just now realizing how terrible they are, but OK.

They explained that when their videos started getting views, they decided to get crazier and crazier with their pranks to get more and more viewers.

And though they seem to regret the things they’ve done to the kids (or at least like they’re willing to admit they’re wrong to save face), it’s too little, too late.

On Friday, Rose Hall, the biological mother of Cody and 12-year-old Emma, received emergency custody of the two children.

“They’re doing good,” Rose, who lost custody of the kids in 2014 after Mike and Heather allegedly forged her signature on some custody paperwork, said in a statement. “They’re getting back to their playful selves.”

She added that it’s “very heartbreaking and disturbing to see my kids abused.”

It’s unclear at this point how long she’ll keep custody, but the Martins are currently being investigated for any possible crimes related to their videos.

Here’s hoping that, whatever way it happens, they’ll actually learn how completely and unforgivably horrible they’ve been to those poor, poor children.