Farrah Abraham Slams Kailyn Lowry, Spencer Pratt In Bizarre Meltdown!

One never knows what to expect from Farrah Abraham.

In fact, it often seems as though Farrah herself is thoroughly surprised by the things that come out of her mouth.

Like certain White House residents, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for Farrah’s behavior.

For example, why would she return to the world of sex work against her bosses’ wishes when she clearly doesn’t need the money?

Why would she bite the hand that feeds her by telling the whole world that she’d been fired from Teen Mom OG before the decision was even final?

And why would she now make her situation even worse by publicly attacking her co-stars, her producers, hell – even stars from other reality shows?!

We’d say only Farrah knows the answer to that question, but we highly doubt she has any idea.

A recent episode of Teen Mom OG showed Farrah flipping out on a producer for failing to inform her that her mother was waiting in a car parked outside her home.

Many fans pointed out that the producers are not Farrah’s personal assistants, and she responded with one of her social media tirades that only fully makes sense if you’re fluent in Farrah-ese:

“Fake as producing grow up and stop acting like hating on a single mother and sabotaging her life is ok because your jealous,” she wrote.

And if you think she was done there, you don’t know Farrah.

This is a woman who previously accused Teen Mom of forcing women to get pregnant and using child labor.

So it’s not surprising that she went after her former bosses even harder in round 2:

“The Lieing idiot ‘producers’ out themselves how f-cking stupid can you be!” Farrah wrote on Instagram.

“@TeenMom @MTV Like this fake scene about me from people I fired as these “producers” slander & fake lies and scenes to be around a real celebrity & epic fail @MTV @viacom Not legal, discrimination!”

Taking after her idol and possible future sugar daddy Donald Trump, Farrah then declared victory in a non-existent war:

“Moved on from this show ..never fired enjoy MTV lies their jealous and the networks shows suck #FarrahWins Viacom uses teen moms, mistreats kids.”

Later that same night, MTV aired a Teen Mom OG after-show, with Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and noted crystal enthusiast Spencer Pratt as guests:

Spencer pointed out that Farrah mistakenly believes herself to be a “superstar,” and Kailyn reminded viewers that Farrah has always been awful:

“I can’t imagine on my worst day talking to someone the way that I heard her talk,” Lowry said.

“I mean, I think that’s just who Farrah is, if we’re being honest,” Kail added.

“The first time I ever met Farrah, she was, like, snapping at a driver saying ‘ándale,’ like, you don’t treat people like that.”

Pratt then joked that he should be the one to replace Farrah after her tenure on the show finally comes to an end.

Naturally, Farrah was tuned in.

And of course, she had something to say about the interview:

“IM DONE with all the horrible mothers who don’t do shit but act like hateful zombies for production @Viacom @mtv @teenmom & @spencerpratt needy!” she tweeted.

She then zeroed in on Pratt, who recently became a father:

“I feel sorry for your wife & child don’t spew lies about a single mother who is a dad & a mother #AfterShow Joke #fatherfailure already,” Farrah concluded.

When Pratt pointed out that he actually didn’t make any disparaging comments about Farrah, an incredible thing happened:

She actually apologized, stated that she looks forward to seeing him in LA … and added a Celebrity Big Brother hashtag.

Folks, 2018 might soon get even more absurd.

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more of Farrah’s insanity.


Olivia Munn Texts Anna Faris: I’m Not Dating Chris Pratt! I Swear!

A couple of weeks ago, a report came out that Olivia Munn and Chris Pratt are dating. Both stars had plenty of time to confirm-or-deny, yet seemed content to stay quiet.

Until now. Olivia Munn tweeted out not one response, but several. In list form.

Also, Olivia took it upon herself to text Anna Faris about it. And she’s sharing that conversation with the world.

So, if rumor is to be believed, Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn are dating.

It makes sense. They’re both beautiful.

Both recently split from their famous exes

Last April, Olivia Munn split from Aaron Rodgers after three years together.

Almost exactly four months later, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separated. Because love is dead, that’s why.

More to the point, they’re both close friends who’ve been spending a lot of time together.

Per the report of their relationship, it began with that friendship after they had both had their breakups, and then grow into something more.

Olivia Munn Tweet 01

But Olivia Munn took to Twitter to respond to some of these reports. In list form.

“1. Not every woman is scorned and upset after a breakup.”

That’s true. Many rumors suggested that Anna Faris was embittered.

“2. Not every woman is ‘furious’ at another woman for dating her ex.”

Also true. And we kind of get the feeling that Olivia Munn is more bothered by rumors that she’s feuding with Anna than she is by the dating rumors.

“3. So even if I [were] dating @prattprattpratt, some tabloids got me and @annafaris all wrong.”

Olivia Munn Tweet 02

“4. Women respect and love each other a lot more than some people like to think.”

True! The sooner that people get past the mindset that woman are automatically rivals or “dramatic,” the better.

“5. Chris and I would have a horrible celebrity name. Crolivia. Prunn. Chrisivia. Olipratt.”

She’s … really got a point. I can think of some fusion names better than that, but they’re still not great.

Note how nothing on that list actually confirmed or denied that the two of them are banging each other’s brains out.

However, Olivia Munn did respond to those questions … but texting Anna Faris.

How do we know this? Because she included a screenshot of her conversation.

Olivia texted:

“Sooo… I would never respond to random tabloid stories, but since we know each other I wanted to reach out to you personally to tell you the story about me and Chris dating has 0% truth.”

She also added:

“I’m sure you already know it’s not true, or maybe you didn’t care either way, but I just wanted to reach out personally to tell you it’s not true.”

Olivia Munn Tweet 03

And the screenshot reveals Anna Faris’ response.

“Hi!!!! Oh my god-this town is so f–king crazy. You are so sweet to text.”

Hey, even well outside of Hollywood, this kind of situation would attract attention. Let’s not blame this on geography.

“I love you. Having said that if you were my new sister in law I would be thrilled! -lets please catch up soon”

While we’re not sure that we’ve ever heard someone’s ex-husband’s new girlfriend referred to as a sister-in-law before, we think that everybody gets the idea.


Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn: DATING?!!

Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn are both stars in Marvel superhero blockbusters. He plays Star-Lord, she played Psylocke.

But they both have something else in common: they were both famously in break-ups during 2017 after long-term relationships.

And now a report’s come out that Chris and Olivia are dating! Each other!

Last August, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation

Why? Because 2017 was a nightmare and love is dead, basically.

Like most splits, this one was complex. it doesn’t really sound like there was a “bad guy” in this lovable couple.

Chris Pratt’s success may have been a factor in their breakup. A lot of people jokingly tweeted “this is why I’m never letting my man get hot” after the news broke.

Because Chris and Anna are parents, this isn’t just about them, and they’re undergoing couple’s counseling during their divorce process.

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers broke up this past spring.

Olivia Munn is an actress, while Aaron Rodgers is a sportsball player. Specifically, of the football variety.

Their relationship — which endured for three years — was controversial with Aaron’s fans, for perhaps the stupidest of reasons.

Some Green Bay Packers fans believed that Olivia Munn somehow siphoned away his strength, through “distraction” or, we guess, sorcery, causing him and his team to perform less adequately.

When Aaron Rodgers finally opened up about their split, he admitted that outside pressure — combined with the stress of dating while famous — did make their relationship harder.

But their break-up was amicable, at least.

And now, according to a report in OK! Magazine, Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn are dating.

“It started as a convenient rebound but blossomed into something very real and exciting,” their source reports.

That’s sweet!

“Chris and Olivia have a genuine connection.… She and Chris really like each other.”

Well, they’ve been friends for a while, so that makes sense. But neither know what the future holds.

“They both want to see where this goes.”

According to this report, they initially leaned on one another as friends.

(They always got along well, even as far back as 2016)

However, that friendship blossomed into something else.

The source claims that Anna Faris is furious. But, honestly, even if that’s true, wouldn’t she presumably be furious about anyone he might choose to date?

Reportedly, that’s not giving Olivia Munn any pause.

“Olivia isn’t fazed by what Anna or anyone else thinks.”\

Good. She’s accustomed to unfair criticism.

Chris Pratt is 38. Olivia Munn is 37. This is super age-appropriate and mature.

Which makes sense. We’ve never seen Chris Pratt as the kind of guy who celebrates (or copes with) being single by banging a bunch of college-aged models.

It’s worth noting that, with Disney’s recent acquisition of tens of billions of dollars worth of FOX properties, whether Olivia Munn gets to continue to be part of the X-Men cinematic universe (following her role as Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse) is up in the air.

While we think that it’s a coincidence — again, she and Chris have been friends for years — some critics are bound to argue that she’s somehow using Chris Pratt in the hopes that their “association” will convince Disney to keep her onboard.

That’s … absurd. People just love to hate Olivia Munn for some reason.


Chris Pratt Gives Status Update on His Facebook Impostor, Shuns Online Dating

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