Kylie Jenner: Pregnant Again ALREADY?!

Remember how wild it was last fall when everybody found out that Kylie Jenner was pregnant?

Her baby is almost four months now, and it’s still kind of hard to believe.

After all, Kylie is just 20 years old, and she was 19 when she got pregnant.

Not only that, but she got pregnant with a guy she’d only been dating for a month or two at most — remember, she dated Tyga for years, but they broke up for good sometime around last March.

We first heard rumors about Kylie and Travis Scott last April, and since she gave birth to their daughter in February, she would have conceived sometime in May.

So, you know, she obviously moved pretty fast.

To get pregnant at 19 with a guy you’ve only been dating for a month is usually the plot of a Lifetime movie or a (trashier) reality show, so for it to happen to a rich and famous girl is just sort of wild.

But still, it happened.

Kylie got pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby (even though the internet would like to think that it’s Tyga’s baby, or even her hot bodyguard’s).

She gave birth to an adorable little girl back in February, she named her Stormi, and ever since then, she’s been living her life, pretty much as usual.

She’s been working hard on her cosmetics company, and having a kid hasn’t slowed down her traveling too much.

She even managed to make a Coachella appearance, with a fun wig and everything.

What does all this mean?

Is she employing so many nannies that things really aren’t that different for her? Is Kris Jenner helping out a lot, or a bunch of her sisters?

We don’t know all the details, but it seems pretty clear that Kylie’s got something going on that’s keeping her less stressed than your average 20-year-old mother.

Heck, she’s so chill these days that apparently she’s not taking proper precautions to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant again.

Yep, while the thought of being pregnant while caring for a three-month-old baby is a thought terrifying enough to make most parents extra, super careful, Kylie’s allegedly already had another pregnancy scare!

A source close to Kylie tells Hollywood Life that the scare “really freaked her out,” but that “Travis was super excited to have another kid right away.”

Which is sweet or whatever, but since Kylie would be the one actually carrying the kid, she was “totally upset over the idea of being pregnant again so quickly.”

“She has been so relieved to get her body back after the last year, so she is not ready to go through it all again so soon after giving birth to Stormi,” the source explains.

To be clear, it’s not that she doesn’t want to have more babies.

On the contrary, the source claims that “Kylie wants a lot of kids, but was far from prepared for it to happen again right away.”

“Kylie thought that it must be some miracle for her to get pregnant again so soon after giving birth, but quickly realized it was only a false alarm.”

It’s a pretty common belief that you can’t get pregnant immediately after having a baby, but it’s not correct — if you’re having unprotected sex and you’re not pregnant, well, things can happen.

You’d think she’d have learned that lesson last year, but it doesn’t seem like she did.

This Kylie insider says that she “was relieved not to be having a baby again so soon,” which is more than fair, but that Travis didn’t feel the same way.

The guy was actually “totally disappointed and heartbroken” that Stormi wouldn’t be getting a little brother or sister so soon.

It’s sad that Travis is disappointed, but it’s probably for the best that Kylie not be a mother of two at 21, you know?

At the very least, it’s the best thing for her poor uterus.


Maci Bookout: Pregnant With FOURTH Child?!

With all the drama surrounding her Teen Mom OG castmates, it's easy for Maci Bookout's more quiet and stable existence to get overlooked.

Most of the tabloid headlines surrounding Maci these days have to do with her ex, Ryan Edwards, and his battle with addiction.

And that's probably just fine by Ms. Bookout-McKinney, who's clearly found happiness in the quiet, domestic life.

But just because her indulgences are limited to the occasional Bud Light and her evenings are filled with baths and bedtime stories, that doesn't mean Maci's life is uneventful.

In fact, her social media are now convinced that the TMOG fan favorite has a major announcement on the horizon …

1. Mother Maci

Maci bookout and newborn
Maci has two kids by husband Taylor McKinney and one from her previous relationship with Ryan Edwards. But it seems she has no intention of stopping there.

2. Plans to Expand

Maci bookout photo
Maci has stated in the past that she’s not done having children, and the most recent season of Teen Mom OG saw her discussing the matter of a fourth child with Taylor.

3. A Difficult Conversation

Maci taylor photo
In fact, the discussion between Maci and Taylor made for one of the season’s most poignant scenes, as it featured a surprising revelation from Maci.

4. A Painful Memory

Maci explains
During the conversation, Maci reminded Taylor (who had apparently forgotten?) that she recently suffered a miscarriage.

5. Perseverance

Maci bookout bridal beers
Maci made it clear that she didn’t intend to let the trauma of her miscarriage prevent her from trying again. And now, fans think she and Taylor are well on their way to becoming a family of six.

6. Maci’s Day Out

Maci bookout tattoos
Maci Bookout celebrated Mother’s Day by taking her Jeep – and her family – into the mountains. Some fans think Bookout inadvertently showed off a baby bump in the video she posted online.

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Kat Von D and Rafael Reyes: We’re Pregnant! It’s a Boy!!

Kat Von D got married to musician Rafael Reyes earlier this year, but the good news for this couple doesn’t stop there.

Because Kat is pregnant with their first child.

And they already know that they’re expecting a boy.

Kat Von D shared this photo of her, her baby bump, and husband and baby daddy Rafael Reyes on Instagram.

She kept her caption short and informative, writing:

“It’s a boy.”

She followed that line with a black heart emoji and tagging Reyes (in the captions, not on the image itself).

Congratulations are in order!

Reyes, too, shared the image, writing:

“When I thought I had it all. Life gifts me with the greatest of joys!”

This is so sweet!

“We are pregnant and having a baby boy.”

Seriously, pregnancy announcements can get so touching.

“I love you @thekatvond and I’m ready to be a father to our son Leafar.”

Leafar is Rafael’s own first name spelled backwards. At present, his display name on Instagram is Leafar Seyer.

“Thank you my love our family comes first !!!”

As it should!

Kat Von D rose to fame for her tattoo work and spent years as a reality star as a result.

Rafael Reyes is in the band, Prayer, but his musical legacy is far-reaching.

He is credited with the creation of the Cholo goth genre of music.

Talented musicians are rare enough, but people who form new genres are as rare as they get.

Given the artistic passions and talents of his parents, little Leafar is going to have some big artistic shoes to fill.

For those unfamiliar with how this whirlwind romance came about, don’t worry — we can catch you up.

Back in 2016, Reyes asked Kat if she would appear in one of his songs. This was when the two of them officially met.

Reyes was so inspired by their meeting that he wrote a new song, featuring EDM elements, and asked that she contribute vocals to the song.

That song, as you may be familiar, is “Black Leather.” Very appropriate. It appeared on the Young Gods album.

Kat, who has appeared in a number of music videos for different artists, also appears in the video for “Black Leather.”

Over time, they grew closer. In February of 2018, they became engaged … for one week.

They married on February 21. Sometimes, you both know what you want.

Kat Von D celebrates their union on social media, writing:

“Just wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words in celebration of my marriage to @prayers.”

She thanks her fans and loved ones … though none of them were invited.

“We love you all so much! It was a beautiful sacred thing to get married alone, just the two of us.”

They still wanted to celebrate with those closest to them, however.

“But are looking forward to planning a ceremony for our close friends [and] family soon.”

This very public message was overflowing with affection.

“Until then, we’re sending all of you so much love.”


Kendall Jenner: Pregnant with Blake Griffin’s Baby?

Last week, we discussed the incendiary report from an industry insider that says that Kendall Jenner is pregnant and that she’s been canceling modeling gigs to hide the baby bump.

Kendall is the only one of Kris Jenner’s children to have not yet had a child, so this idea has a lot of people very excited.

But is she pregnant? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Reportedly, during a call to set up a modeling shoot, it was confided by a photographer that Kendall Jenner is not modeling at the moment.

She’s a supermodel who makes, like, $ 20 million a year from doing shoots. So that might strike people as odd.

But the photographer reportedly claimed — on a private call — that Kendall is taking this quiet leave of absence because she is pregnant.

We have stressed from the beginning that this is not confirmed. It’s not even a firsthand report of hearing the statement.

But … some people have pointed out that probably is how something like this would leak.

As in, not from someone who could be directly traced to the knowledge, but from someone who heard it from a friend or coworker.

If Kendall really is pregnant, it is widely expected that the baby daddy would be Blake Griffin.

But many who may hope to see Kendall and Blake produce yet another beautiful grandchild for Kris Jenner to love and monetize, Gossip Cop reports that they have a statement on record from Kendall’s representative.

“Kendall is not pregnant.”

That was crushing for many to hear.

At the same time, some wonder if they should trust an official statement.

After all, last year, both Kylie and Khloe were bizarrely coy about their pregnancies for months.

While it is totally their right to tell people about their bodies if and when they see fit, a number of fans feels that they are less willing to trust official statements as a result.

So let’s look at some clues, instead.

Kendall Jenner - The Party Gods Got Me

Just a few weeks ago, Kendall Jenner shared this photo.

In the caption, she writes: “The party Gods got me.”

We don’t think that she’s announcing to her fans that she was kidnapped by Dionysus and has only just returned from an otherworldly realm of merrymaking.

Instead, and coupled with the photo, this was widely interpreted as an announcement that she was suffering from a major hangover.

Hey, it happens.

Naturally, if Kendall were pregnant, one would absolutely hope that she is not drinking anything, let alone drinking enough to give herself a hangover.

(Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is no joke, folks)

Additionally, Kendall and Blake have been spotted together, out and about.

That in and of itself has done nothing to quell rumors that they’re having a child together.

But those who have seen Kendall have noted that, just as in the recent photos of her that we have pointed out, Kendall is showing no sign of a baby bump.

Additionally, Kendall has stated recently — what with all of the chatter about Kylie giving birth to sweet baby Stormi — that she doesn’t plan on having any kids until her late twenties.

She is, again, only 22. This is a very sensible plan on her part.

So it looks like her flat tummy will be here for years to come.

We do find ourselves wondering where the claim that she’s pregnant originated.

Did someone make an offhand remark or a poorly phrased joke that others took seriously?

We may never know.

We can only imagine how amazing it would be if Kendall were pregnant with Blake Griffin’s baby.

And we have the perfect name suggestion for her child.

Pepsi Griffin.


Kylie Jenner: Oh God, Is She Already Pregnant Again?!

While on a family vacation with Travis Scott and their daughter, Kylie Jenner’s shared some perfect photos. Also, she and Travis shared that topless pic.

According to a report, this family trip has plenty of amorous content that has not been broadcast on social media.

In fact, it’s claimed that Kylie and Travis are already working on a little sibling for Stormi.

HollywoodLife reports that Kylie and Travis may give Stormi a little sibling while on this vacation.

Kylie and Travis have been having amazing baby-making sex while on vacation.”

Apparently the two just can’t keep their hands off of each other.

“Travis is totally turned on by Kylie now that she has bounced back from her pregnancy and has all of her insane curves again.”

She sure does, as her recent photos reveal.

“Travis finds Kylie irresistible in her bikini and thinks she looks amazing.”

Well, he’s right. She does, objectively, look amazing.

Dang, girl. (And Stormi looks so cute!)

Fans were blown away by Kylie’s incredible post-baby body after only three months, and Travis clearly feels the same way.

“The pair can’t keep their hands off each other.”

And apparently being parents to little Stormi has really opened them up to the idea of having more children.

“And both would love to have more kids anytime.”

It sounds like Kylie is eager to make sure that her kids are peers.

Kylie wants her kids to be close in age, like she is with Kendall.”

Kendall Jenner is two years older than Kylie, not just one. 

“So they can grow up being best friends.”

If Kylie and Travis get started on Stormi’s little sibling right now, that child will be just a year younger.

Apparently seeing how good Travis is as a father and coparent is a huge turn-on for Kylie.

“Nothing has been sexier to Kylie than to watch Travis become an amazing father to their daughter.”

Well, that’s a great quality for someone to have.

“Things between them have never been better.”

That’s great to hear.

Then, the report gets more personal with the details.

“They have been have been making love non-stop while on vacation.”

And this report seems to suggest that they aren’t taking the necessary precautions.

“And she could be pregnant again right now.”

On May 1, precious baby Stormi Webster turned three months old.

Most people don’t celebrate their month “birthdays,” but these are major milestones for a baby. A single month is an entire third of her life.

The day before, on April 30, was Travis Scott’s birthday.

The rapper and proud new father is now 26 years old.

This is why the two of them are in Turks and Caicos.

Now, Stormi is cute and precious. And it’s not uncommon for new parents, overwhelmed by happiness and hormones, to feel the urge to have another child.

But … surely Kylie and Travis want to wait a little longer. At least a year, right?

You want to devote full-time attention to your baby. And Kylie is still 20.

At this point, however, we’re not comfortable trying to guess about Kylie’s decision-making. These two are clearly very much in love with each other and with their baby.

There’s no telling whether or not Kylie will tell fans about her next pregnancy or not. With Stormi, she didn’t actually admit it until three days after her daughter was born.

But now that fans know to keep an eye out … maybe future pregnancies will be harder to hide.