Jana Kramer Pregnant with Baby #2 After Multiple Miscarriages

Jana Kramer is pregnant with her second child.

This is an incredibly exciting development for any woman, of course, but it takes on special meaning for the country singer and former One Tree Hill actress.

It’s safe to say she and husband Mike Caussin have overcome A LOT to get here.

“It’s been a tough journey. We have lost our last two pregnancies, so it’s been really rough,” Kramer said today on her podcast, adding in more personal detail and referencing her partner:

“We’ve both had a really hard time with this one, because the one we lost in October… we went to our 10-week ultrasound and just … gone.

“We had like already heard the heartbeat and I was sick, so that was just really hard.

“And then we did IVF and it worked and I ended up having chemical loss, but just like going through IVF again … it was just really hard.”

We can only imagine.

The star opened up about this latest miscarriage back in December.

Said Kramer at the time:

“For the women out there who have miscarried in the past and need support and a place to grieve their little one lost or to those in the thick of it like me who are currently grieving and in pain, let us all be there for each other.

“You don’t need to feel alone and maybe that’s me talking to myself but if you need a place to share, I’m here for you.”

Prior to letting fans know about this personal tragedy, Kramer also talked back in 2016 about Caussin cheating on her.

The couple separated for awhile as a result of this infidelity, to which Caussin has confessed.

But here they are now, on the verge of bringing a new life into the world.

“We’re past the scary point, but it’s all scary, that’s the thing,” continued the artist on her podcast, likely meaning she is into her second semester.

“We’re so excited, but at the same point, it’s all just in God’s hands. It’s just such a scary process because it’s a true miracle…

“I mean, it seems so easy, when you look at some people, but other times it’s like, it’s a miracle.”

Kramer and Caussin are also parents to a two-year old daughter named Jolie.

It’s clear the couple had been trying to give her a sibling for a long time, but Kramer says this amazing news was actually unexpected.

Totally unexpected:

“When we found out we were pregnant, it was a total shock.

“This is exactly what happened with our last pregnancy. We did IVF, it worked, and then we had a chemical loss and then the next time I ovulated, I got pregnant with Jolie …

“I don’t know if my body just needs that extra progesterone … I have no clue.”

(For the record, according to AmericanPregnancy.Org, a chemical loss takes place when “a pregnancy is lost shortly after implantation.”)

Kramer says she’s had five total miscarriages.

As for her marriage, which went through a very rough patch?

The first [pregnancy] was tough,” Krama tells People Magazine, ending on a positive note:

“He was going through his thing that I didn’t even know about, but this time around he’s just truly been the greatest support system I could’ve ever asked for.

“It feels so much more unified and I love that.”


Kailyn Lowry: Is She Trying to Get Pregnant By Chris Lopez?!

The Teen Mom franchise has shown us some pretty bad dads over the years, but Chris Lopez might actually be the worst of the lot.

We know what you’re thinking — how could this guy possibly be worse than Ryan Edwards or Adam Lind? — but hear us out.

Adam and Ryan have at least made half-hearted attempts to be involved with their kids’ lives.

According to his baby mama Kailyn Lowry, Lopez is merely an “Instagram dad,” who poses for pics with little Lux, but isn’t there when his son actually needs him.

Granted, we’re going entirely off of Kail’s comments about the guy, as Chris refuses to appear on Teen Mom 2, but she has a reputation as being among the most honest and least BS-y of the Teen Moms.

Several dudes have done Kail dirty over the years (we’re looking at you, Javi), so if she says Chris seriously sucks, we’re inclined to believe her.

But as anyone who’s ever sent a late-night “u up” text to a horrendous ex knows, sometimes what the head and the heart (or the genitals) want or two very different things.

It’s partially for that reason that fans are convinced Kail is still hooking up with Chris on the sly.

There’s even a very specific rumor that Kailyn is trying to get pregnant by Lopez.

As far as we can tell, this is a result of the fact that she stated Lowry said she wants a fourth baby, and Chris is a man who was recently in her vicinity. 

Some have even gone so far as to “call out” Lowry directly on social media, as though she’s just gonna break down and confess because someone tweeted at her:

“So when Chris wasn’t jumping in your pool, I take it he was jumping in your bed? You did say you wanted another baby by him right?!

Never one to shy away from a troll, Lowry replied with her signature brand of sarcasm:

“Yes, that’s what I do with him in all my free time,” she tweeted.

Now, we all know Lowry isn’t above hooking up with an ex, but if she were looking to bring another kid into the world, we’re pretty sure Chris would be very low on her list of potential baby daddies.

The guy is barely around for the kid he already has.

Plus he won’t go in front of a camera, which means all the drama he brings into Kail’s life doesn’t even equate to more screentime.

Talk about lose-lose situation.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on Kail’s turbulent love life.


XXXTentacion’s Girlfriend Is Pregnant With His Son

Earlier this week, the music world was shocked by the death of XXXTentacion.

The 20-year-old rapper, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was murdered in broad daylight while leaving a Miami motorcycle dealership.

A suspect in Onfroy’s murder was apprehended yesterday, and police now believe the shooting was part of a random robbery attempt.

But even as details of Onfroy’s final moments become clear, much of his scandalous life remains a mystery.

Onfroy’s ex-girlfriend, … , spoke out after his death, stating that while she did experience severe abuse during their relationship, she still would prefer that 

We now know that at the time of his passing, Onfroy was dating a different woman.

And while her identity remains a mystery, it was revealed today that the woman is pregnant with the rapper’s child.

XXXTentaction Sonogram

The news was confirmed by Onfroy’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, who posted the above photo of a sonogram on her Instagram page.

“He left us a final gift,” Bernard captioned the image.

It is not known if Onfroy was aware that his girlfriend was expecting at the time he was gunned down.

The response from fans has been one of joy tinged with melancholy.

While it’s wonderful that his mother and girlfriend will be able to enjoy this “final gift” from the late artist, it’s tragic that the child will grow up knowing his father only through photos and the memories of others.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Onfroy’s murder continues, as at least one suspect remains at large.

Investigators believe two gunmen approached Onfroy’s car and opened fire before fleeing.

On Wednesday, 22-year-old Dedrick Devonshay Williams was apprehended.

He’s being held without bond, but it’s believed that he has not given away any information regarding the identity of the other assailant.

“Homicide detectives are seeking additional suspects,” the sheriff’s office said Thursday.

“The investigation continues. Updates will be provided as they become available.”

We’ll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.


Beyonce: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Baby #4?!

Earlier this week, one of the greatest mysteries of our time was solved when the world learned the identity of the actress who bit Beyonce on the face.

Of course, Queen Bey might be the most scrutinized woman on the planet, so we shouldn’t be surprised that a new mystery has already emerged to take that one’s place.

Currently, Beyonce is performing with Jay Z in the wildly ambitious, globe-trotting On the Run 2 Tour.

The concerts have already given fans plenty to talk about, including possible hints that Jay was caught cheating again.

Now, the rumor mill has really kicked into high gear thanks to widespread speculation that  Beyonce is pregnant with her fourth child.

The rumors seem to be based on little more than Bey’s choice of costume on the tour.

But if you thought such shaky evidence would prevent fans from eating these reports up unquestioningly, then you don’t know Beyhive Twitter.

“If you notice on Beyonce’s dress a heart is located on the mid section. I’m convinced that there is a little angel growing inside,” one fan speculated via Twitter.

“Heart represents Heart beat,” the fan added, in case you’re really, really not big on symbolism.

“She’s wearing blazers, capes, and extra accessories around her abdomen,” another added.

“I’m suspicious. Beyonce might be pregnant again.”

Other fans believe they’ve already spotted a bump.

Pretty bold declaration, but hey — we live in a time in which being first trumps being accurate every time.

Fans have noted that Bey and Jay both have the number 4 tattooed on their ring fingers, but that’s not necessarily an indication that they’re planning to have four children.

Beyonce Baby Bump?

Bey’s fourth studio album was titled 4 and Jay’s latest release was titled 4:44.

So we think it’s safe to say the number carries significance to the couple that goes beyond the number of offspring they’d like to raise.

Besides, we’re sure the Carters are too smart to leave something like that to chance.

If Beyonce has kids again, the whole motif would be ruined!

Speaking, of twins, Bey gave a special shoutout to Sir and Rumi at a recent performance, saying:

“Happy Birthday to Sir and Rumi. We love you!”

We’re sure the Beyhive is currently dissecting that comment for clues.


Blac Chyna: Fans Think She’s Really Pregnant, For Real

Blac Chyna’s relationship with Rob Kardashian may have been one huge dumpster fire, but she did get a baby out of it. Sweet little Dream is growing up before our eyes.

She’s moved on, but she’s been dogged by reports that she’s pregnant with 18-year-old YBN Almighty Jay’s baby.

And now, fans think that she’s trying and failing ot hide a baby bump. Is this really happening?

The pregnancy rumors about Chyna and YBN Almighty Jay were so intense that it appeared that the two briefly broke up before reconciling.

That would be understandable. What 18-year-old is prepared to be a father, or would imagine that his 30-year-old girlfriend would get pregnant so easily?

But it has now been a little over a month since those reports of pregnancy came out.

Many had assumed that they were false.

But some fans — and The Shade Room — noted that, in her recent outings, Blac Chyna may be sporting a baby bump.

They also note that her appearances out in public are now less frequent than they once were. Curious, from the camera-friendly Chyna.

A recent example is that Chyna showed up to her son, King Cairo’s, graduation from kindergarten.

While she was said to be sporting balloons, eyewitnesses were more focused on her abdomen.

Perhaps she had just eaten and was not wearing spanx before slipping on a very tight dress.

But … it sure sounds like she may have been sporting the beginnings of a baby bump.

That said, some have pointed out that, if she were really pregnant, that she would have taken more steps to hide that. That could be true.

And if she’s put on, like, three pounds, that might explain why she’s been a little less visible for eagle-eyed photographers in recent weeks.

Now, another sizable counter-argument is that Chyna has been posting photos to Instagram recently.

The photo where she stands in the sunlight is one of her most recent pics.

The one in which she’s curled up with a stuffed bear is almost as fresh.

In neither of them do we see any signs of a baby bump.

But … we don’t actually know that she took these pictures all that recently. She could easily have taken any number of photos in various outfits back in April or early May and been posting those photos as “new” pics ever since.

Chyna is a professional model; we’re sure that she could pull off a marathon of photoshoots and then stretch them out over months.

Some fans believe that she may be doing this — and, after Kylie Jenner hid her pregnancy for months in 2017, many are on the lookout for any celebrity trying to pull the wool over their eyes in the same way.

Besides, in that photo where Chyna is curled up with the bear? That would be a perfect pose to conceal a baby bump.

Why would Chyna hide a potential pregnancy?

Perhaps it’s a publicity stunt that she has worked up.

Many people believe that she leaked her own sex tape, even though it shows her being awful at oral sex, as a ploy for added attention.

Viewed through that lens, many fans could easily see her waiting until the perfect moment to reveal that she’s expecting a baby with her hunky teenage lover.

But … it may very well be that Chyna is not pregnant at all and has not been since she gave birth to Dream.

If so, are these fans engaging in accidental body-shaming by pointing out what they believe to be a baby bump?

Chyna is one of those very complicated public figures. One never truly knows what she is thinking.

Because of that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Some fans believe that she is not pregnant, but is taking the baby bump rumors and running with them — deliberately making them look more likely — as part of some scheme for her brand.

Because Chyna is so inscrutible, many find it easy to believe that everything that she does is a scheme.

But we would remind people that some things, with bad optics and worse business ramifications, were probably not planned. Like her Six Flags throwdown.

Chyna’s a human, and sometimes, humans get pregnant. Or get a bit of a belly. We probably don’t know which is which with Chyna untils he’s ready to clear things up.

All that we do know is that, based upon her track record, if Chyna really is pregnant, she’s likely to produce a very cute baby.


Pippa Middleton: Yes, I Am Pregnant!!

There’s a new, confirmed baby in the Royal Family! Okay, tangentially. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are getting a cousin.

Remember over a month ago when we told you that Duchess Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, is almost definitely pregnant?

You can take out the almost. She is pregnant.

34-year-old Pippa Middleton is expecting her first child.

The baby daddy is of course her husband, James Matthews.

The source for this happy news is pretty darn reliable — because it’s Pippa herself.

Announcing what she wrote in a column for Waitrose magazine, Pippa has even more good news.

Her sister Kate’s pregnancies are notoriously difficult. She suffers from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the results are not fun.

That was how we were able to predict that she was pregnant weeks before the official announcement.

Pippa, it seems, is having an easier time.

The happily expecting mother writes:

“I was lucky to pass the 12 week scan without suffering from morning sickness.”

When the news broke on the back end of April that Pippa was telling her close friends, it was reported that this was after the 12 week scan had revealed that everything looked healthy.

“That meant I was able to carry on as normal.”

Well … mostly. She did set about making one significant change to her lifestyle.

“When I learned the happy news that I was pregnant I realized I needed to adjust my 4 to 5-day-a-week routine.”

That’s great! We only wish that everyone were in a position to take it easy when they need to concentrate on a pregnancy — or on their health for any reason.

Though Pippa has been confiding the news to those close to her since April, she waited until a week into June to make it public knowledge.

Why? She doesn’t say. But we can guess.

First of all, it is always wise to wait until one is further along before sharing the news. Even a few weeks — or, in this case, more than a month — can give you more time to be sure that your pregnancy is still healthy.

Second of all, Pippa couldn’t have wanted to overshadow her own sister’s pregnancy and childbirth.

Kate gave birth to her third child, baby Louis, back in April — exactly around the time that Pippa began confiding in loved ones.

The following days were full of new revelations and even photos. Pippa wouldn’t want to upstage her sister.

Also, obviously, Pippa couldn’t want to distract from her sister’s brother-in-law, Prince Harry, as he tied the knot with Meghan Markle.

When there are major royal events underway, you want to put some distance between them and anything else.

And … while we’re on the subject of putting some distance between different pieces of news as they break … 

Pippa may have had another, more upsetting reason for postponing the announcement.

Pippa’s father-in-law was arrested for raping a minor. This was weeks before reports of her pregnancy began circulating.

This has to be a hard time for her and a harder time her her husband.

We can absolutely understand why they might balk at sharing that news in the same month that her father-in-law was arrested.

But all of these other events, both happy and grim, aside: this is great news!

Pippa and James are going to welcome their first child, and they’re not even pretending that it’s a secret anymore.

That must be a real weight off of their shoulders.

Now, they just need to concentrate on a healthy remainder of the pregnancy and a healthy delivery. 

Since the 12 week check-up was reportedly in the back half of April, we can guess that she might be 18 to 20 weeks along. But that is absolutely just an estimation.

If it’s correct, then she’s about halfway through.

Congratulations to Pippa and James!


Briana DeJesus: ALSO Pregnant with Javi Marroquin’s Baby?!

A lot of times in the Teen Mom universe, when it rains, it pours.

Which is to say that when it comes to this delightfully trashy reality show, when the drama happens, it really happens.

And just in case you’re not picking up what we’re putting down right now, we’re saying there’s a great big mess going on right now.

OK, so let’s see … right now, we have the divorce rumors about Jenelle Evans and David Eason, the worrisome lack of updates on Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer.

Tyler Baltierra has been scaring us all with his depressing poetry, we can’t forget that.

Then we have the situation with Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin, and Briana DeJesus.

And it’s a pretty big situation.

As you know, Javi and Briana dated for a few months around the end of last year — about a year after Kailyn and Javi’s divorce was finalized.

There was a little confusion in the beginning of Briana’s thing with Javi, and that led to some intense feuding between Briana and Kailyn.

Kailyn didn’t think that Briana should have been dating him in the first place because they work together, Briana didn’t appreciate Kailyn trying to get in her business.

It was a lot.

They’ve been bickering for months, but things got physical a couple of weeks ago at the filming of the Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

Or, well, they almost did — when Kailyn propositioned Briana for a fight the first time, there were tons of security guards around so it didn’t make sense.

Then when Briana tried to rush the stage to attack Kailyn, she tripped and fell before being restrained.

We heard her sister, Brittany, did manage to get in a little bit of hair-pulling, but that’s about it.

It’s kind of weird that the two ladies are still in such a bad place when Javi isn’t even dating either of them anymore, right?

But then again, we know now that Javi tried to get back with Kailyn after splitting with Briana, so maybe things are even messier than we realize.

Considering that Javi impregnated another girl, Lauren Comeau, approximately three seconds after dropping things with them, that’s a distinct possibility.

Yep, so Javi and Briana broke up in January, he and Kailyn did some stuff shortly after that, he officially got with Lauren in March, and now she’s pregnant and already has a visible bump.

Like we said, this is a lot.

And we’re not even to the new story yet!

See, right now a whole, whole lot of people are thinking that Briana might actually be pregnant with her third child.

Last week, she tweeted “My life literally just took a turn just now and I’m like uhhhhhhhh what now.”

She then added “And no I’m not pregnant lol,” but you know nobody believes her.

“Preggers,” one of her followers insisted.

Another told her “Girl your uterus hasn’t even snapped back from the last kid yet,” which, honestly, is accurate.

And then someone joked “Javi having 2 babies now” … and can you imagine?!

Is there any concrete evidence that Briana is pregnant with Javi’s baby?


But are these people ridiculous enough that she could be pregnant with his baby?

Absolutely, no doubt about it.

We’ll keep an eye on Briana to see if she reveals what it is that caused her her life to take such a turn, and on Javi, just in case he has another maternity photo shoot up his sleeve.

In the meantime … what else could she mean with that cryptic little message?


90 Day Fiance: Did Anfisa and Jorge Break Up? Is Anfisa Pregnant?!

Anfisa Arkhipchenko and Jorge Nava are one of 90 Day Fiance‘s most controversial couples. Love them or hate them, fans want to know if they’re still together.

Recently, Anfisa deleted her Instagram account and made a whole new one. Fans immediately asked if she was getting a fresh start after leaving Jorge.

Now, Anfisa is answering fan questions — and talking about her new priorities. … Is she pregnant?

Anfisa’s new Instagram still lists her as Anfisa Nava — her married surname.

In a new post, she writes:

“Just reposting pictures from my deleted IG, don’t mind me.”

She really churned out a number of new photos to fill up her new account.

“On a serious note, just wanted to give you a little update about what’s going on in my life.”

And she is also apologetic about not keeping people as updated as she had intended.

“And why I don’t post more as I said I would in my last YouTube video.”

She has a good reason for that.

“I’ve been feeling very sick for the last week but other than that everything is fine.”

While the news that she hasn’t been feeling well certainly raised some eyebrows, she quickly talks about what everyone has been asking.

“Jorge and I are still together.”

She knows that this is what people want to know.

“(That answers 99% of questions I’m usually asked)”

She moves on to her current priorities — her schoolwork.

“And I slayed my finals after my first semester at college.”

She wishes her fans the best.

“Hope everyone is doing great!”

Obviously, fans’ ears perked and curiosities were piqued at the news that she’s been sick.

Normally, that would just elicit sympathies. But fans very naturally had one question as they took to the comments.

Is Anfisa pregnant?

Anfisa was quick to comment to shut that down, replying:

“Not anytime soon.”

Another fan clearly didn’t see that and jumped to conclusions, asking if they could see her sonogram.

Anfisa was not amused, and wrote:

“You are on [the] wrong Instagram. I’m not pregnant and not planning to be anytime soon.”

Recently, Anfisa showed off her grades from her first semester of college.

The reality star is making As in: Intro to Computer Systems, Principles of Microeconomics, Intro to Statistics, and Beginning Spanish.

Many fans can’t help but wonder if she’s learning Spanish in order to understand Jorge’s family.

(HIs sisters don’t care so much for Anfisa)

She also revealed the courses that she will be taking this summer:

Biology, Trigonometry, and Principles of Macroeconomics.

If Anfisa’s social media updates are a bit sporadic, don’t worry.

Jorge was spotted filming 90 Day Fiance back in April. 

So this currently airing season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? isn’t all that out of date.

Some reality shows film many months before anything makes it onto the television.

Still, we can probably expect Anfisa to be vague about some topics. For example, months ago, Anfisa said that any blatant discussion of Jorge’s marijuana arrest could really hurt his case n court.

So don’t ask about that.

While we’re at it, maybe don’t post too many comments about whether or not a woman is pregnant. It’s rude and is potentially insulting.

Anfisa can see those comments, you know.


Kylie Jenner: Oh God, Is She Pregnant Again?!

You remember those reports from early last month that claimed that Travis Scott was making love to Kylie like a madman, trying to give Stormi a younger sibling?

We dismissed it as rumor at first. But now a report is claiming that their, ahem, hard work has paid off. 

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant again? Already?!

NW‘s cover story is a claim that Kylie Jenner is once again pregnant.

Only four months have passed since Kylie gave birth to Stormi Webster.

But, as you’re about to see, their cover shows Kylie … well, she’s at the very least wearing a somewhat oversized sweatshirt.

It would be easy to believe that she’s harboring a baby bump under there.

What’s more, the tabloid claims that — according to their insider — Kylie was not actually expecting to be pregnant so soon.

Apparently, a friend of hers thought that she might be pregnant and Kylie took a test alongside her out of solidarity. That sounds so sweet!

And so she was reportedly shocked when her own result came back as positive.

Kylie Jenner NW cover story

There are three lines of reasoning that would normally allow a person to dismiss a story like this out of hand.

Unfortunately, none of them really work with Kylie.

One, some people can easily take a year to get pregnant. Kylie and Travis would have had only about a month.

But then … we remember that Kylie got knocked up after only seeing Travis for a month, at the longest. So they both clearly have the potential.

Two, it wouldn’t make any sense for a 20-year-old to have her second child with her boyfriend of one year so soon.

But then … none of this made any sense in the first place. Kylie makes decisions differently than we commoners do.

Three, most celebrity parents are happy to announce a pregnancy.

But then … Kylie waited nearly half a year after the story of her first pregnancy broke before confirming anything. She didn’t acknowledge that she was preggo until three days after giving birth.

However, while Kylie’s personal history of fertily, surprising decision-making, and secrecy all makes this story believable …

… There are a few holes in it.

For one thing, as the ever-vigilant folks over at Gossip Cop have noted, that photo of Kylie is from February of 2017.

That was, so that we’re all remembering the timeline of things correctly, back before Kylie was pregnant. By a few months.

While it’s fairly standard to recycle older photos of celebrities — hey, fans love a good visual reference — some are upset to see an older photo seemingly presented as new material.

So … is any of the report true?

Unfortunately, while it’s totally conceivable based upon her history that Kylie is once again pregnant, the anachronistic photo throws the entire story into doubt.

We may never know what really went down with the alleged friend who was dealing with a pregnancy scare.

Reportedly, Kylie had her own pregnancy scare last month — though scare may or may not be the right word for that.

But that, too, is unconfirmed. And that’s sort of what you’d expect from young Miss Jenner.

It is absolutely Kylie’s right to keep her private life private. Her uterus, her business.

That does, however, mean that a lot of people are going to be relying upon stories and reports — some of which have dubious origins.

If Kylie is pregnant, maybe she’ll tell the world this time.

After all, this would be her second pregnancy.

But maybe, just like last time, she will want to keep it under wraps and “special” for as long as possible.

If she one day decides to give Stormi a little sibling, we’ll be excited.

For now … she’s probably feeling overwhelmed enough with her very different lifestyle as a mom.

Perhaps she and Travis will be wise enough to cool their jets for a bit.