Melania Trump: Is She Preparing to Divorce Donald Trump?

Trump continues to “enjoy’ historic unpopularity, both at home and abroad. And by at home, we don’t just mean in America — we mean in his family.

Yes, Melania hates what her life has become. And she has reportedly decided that it would “Be Best” if she and her son Barron leave the White House for New York.

How is she doing? What is she thinking? Is this just a prelude to the first Presidential divorce? An insider speaks out.

An inside source tells InTouch Weekly about Melania Trump’s thoughts about Trump, her marriage, and her plans for the future.

What with everything related to Trump but particularly his affair with Stormy Daniels, Melania feels humiliation “on a daily basis.”

This insider assures the world that Melania has enough sense to have at least thought about leaving Trump.

“She’s been tempted to bolt.”

During all of this, she “has been put through hell.”

Melania never wanted to be First Lady and she never imagined that it would happen. No one really thought that Trump could be awarded the Presidency, Melania included.

“This is not the life she wants, plain and simple.”

But it sounds like Melania has made her peace with her new life.

“While Donald embarrasses her constantly, she has her own agenda.”

That agenda has to do with establishing a legacy of which her descendants can be proud. Because, frankly, Trump isn’t going to do that.

“She wants to go down in history as a first lady of quiet grace.”

Yeah, neither quiet nor grace are words that come to mind when one thinks of her husband.

But she sees her endurance and what some might characterize as silent suffering as part of her image.

“Like Jackie Kennedy, who put up with a lot but stayed the course.”

“She’s playing the game.”

It almost sounds like this is about branding, really.

But for those hoping that Melania is planning to leave Trump, it sounds like she may be too honorable to break her word.

“She promised Donald she would stay married to him as long as he was president.”

That does not preclude her from divorcing him after he leaves office, whether he’s voted out in 2020 or impeached and removed from office some time before that.

(Though, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the justice system works very slowly and Congress works even more so — we are halfway into 2018, and many have their doubts that an impeachment and removal can happen in the remaining year and a half)

But given that promise, it may be that no one, short of those separated from their families by Trump’s callous policies or those who fear that his rhetoric and actiions will lead to their deaths, fears a Trump reelection more than Melania.

This source confirms that Melania absolutely did not see his 2016 win coming.

“The last thing she ever expected was for Donald to become president of the United States.”

Her surprise is understandable. Many democracies are based more directly upon the will of the people.

The Founding Fathers imagined a Jeffersonian world in which the intellectual elite resided in sizable estates while dockworkers and traders filled cities, and so they believed that the electoral system would be a safeguard against catastrophic mistakes.

They were imperfect men and their estimation of the future was similarly imperfect.

However, Melania has begun to grow accustomed to her role as First Lady.

“But she’s starting to like the respect she’s attained.”

But since she and Barron are now in New York, costing New York taxpayers $ 100,000 a day, she may not be accustomed to her role in the White House.

She and Trump reportedly do not share a bedroom, at the White House or in New York.

Some reports out of the White House have suggested that Trump’s fixation with the media, leakers, and praise has made him extremely hostile towards his employees.

When someone is in a bad mood, sometimes the best thing to do is avoid them. That may be what Melania is doing.

Or maybe she just wants to avoid her lying, cheating husband.


Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo: Preparing to Elope?!

We all make mistakes. Most of us don’t have our mistakes broadcast on international television. But the whole world saw Rachel Lindsay choose Bryan Abasolo.

They’re still together though, and Rachel’s talking about wedding plans.

But … it sounds like she might just elope.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Rachel Lindsay gushed about her engagement to Bryan Abasolo and how eager she is to tie the knot.

“I’m ready to be married.”

Well, it would have been weird for her to go on The Bachelor and then star on The Bachelorette otherwise.

“I keep saying winter wedding, which more so with the process of everything is what it’s looking like, but honestly I could elope with Bryan tomorrow.”

A winter wedding sounds lovely, right?

Elopement sounds … well, it probably sounds a lot easier. And apparently Rachel’s mother agrees.

“And it’s so funny because my mom texted me the other day and she goes, ‘Secretly I would love for you to just elope.’”

It’s hard to tell if her mother really wants that or if she’s just fatigued at the idea of this huge, expensive wedding.

“The family loves him,” Rachel claims.

That sounds a little different from what we saw on Hometown Dates, but … okay.

“I want good music, good vibes, a lot of family and friends around, and I just want it to be a big reunion, that I know.”

That sounds like what most people want for their weddings.

“Someone said the other day, ‘What about having the wedding in Colombia?’ and actually that’s a thought that we’re thinking about right now.”

What would be the point of a winter wedding if it’s in Columbia? But she’s a Texas girl, and perhaps doesn’t enjoy the cold.

“That’s the first time I’ve said that out loud!”

Usually, you want your fiance or at least your wedding planner to be the person you tell, not Carly from Us Weekly. No offense to Carly.

Rachel Lindsay talks about her friends that she made within the Bachelor Nation.

“They’re with me everywhere.”

Awww, that’s sweet to imagine.

“I’m stuck with them for life.”

That … well, we’re sure that she’s joking.

She goes on to gush about what it’s like to be engaged to Bryan Abasolo.

“Bryan’s romantic every day.”

He promised her a fairytale romance, and it sounds like he’s delivering.

“He’s always giving me massages, he’s always catering to my needs to the point where I’m like, ‘Hold on. Let me do something for you.’”

That sounds like it might be bordering on TMI, but it also sounds very pleasant.

“Bryan’s just very sweet. Whenever I need something he’s very attentive to it, so I would say he’s romantic every single day.”

She also talks about their disagreements when it comes to children:

“I want four kids. Bryan wants three, but he also says it depends on how many we can afford.”

We never imagined that we’d say this, but … we’re team Bryan Abasolo.

“See, this is what I mean about Bryan, he’s so practical. I’m just like, ‘Give me all the babies. If we can’t have them, we’re adopting.’ So we’ll see.”

Let’s see if she still wants four after a few months of infant-induced sleep deprivation.

Rachel talks about some more immediate plans that she and Bryan have.

“We’re spending Christmas with his family.”

Bryan Abasolo has gushed in the past about how much his grandma loves Rachel Lindsay.

“We’re gonna be two weeks in Miami. He spent Thanksgiving with my family, so it’s all been so seamless in how it’s all come together.”

Well, if you like wasting part of winter in warm climates where the weather takes “winter” as a mere suggestion, Miami sounds lovely.

Just not as lovely as Peter Kraus.


Jana Duggar: Are the Duggars Preparing for Her to Get Married?

Jana Duggar isn’t quite the black sheep of the Duggar family, but she’s 27 years old and still not married. That makes her unique among the Duggars’ adult daughters.

But some wonder if that’s about to change, and not just because she appears to be in a courtship with Caleb Williams.

The Duggars keep posting photos of her and referring to her as “precious.” Are Jim Bob and Michelle preparing for their eldest daughter to finally leave the nest?

Thanks to some eagle-eyed cyber-sleuth fans of the Duggars who can look past a photo of oranges and recognize furnishing at a glance, it’s all but confirmed that Jana Duggar and Caleb Williams are in a courtship.

Now, Caleb is one of four different men with whom Jana has been linked in 2017.

(And by “linked,” we mean that people have considered the possibility that Jana and these men have had platonic conversations while being supervised)

Caleb Williams has been spending one-on-one time with Jim Bob Duggar, leading many to believe that he’s trying to earn Jana’s father’s approval.

At least, many people struggle to think of why anyone with a choice in the matter would be spending time around the Duggar family patriarch unless they are courting one of his daughters with the possible intention of marrying her.

But there’s more to these questions about Jana’s possible impending matrimony than just that she seems to be cozying up to Caleb.

The Duggars recently posted this throwback photo of Jana with Josie.

The picture of the family’s eldest and youngest daughter in a restaurant is from a few years ago (Josie is now 7 years old!).

The caption, on the Duggars’ official Facebook page, reads:

“A couple years ago with sweet sisters! These girls are precious to me!”

Followed, of course, by a bubblegum pink heart emoji.

On its own, it’s just a throwback pic of two bookends of the Duggar daughters.

But since the Duggars have been posting other photos of Jana in particular (among their ever-growing brood of children and grandchildren), we have to ask if there’s more to this.

When we think of Jim Bob and Michelle, we think of a lot, and none of it involves being sentimental or caring.

But, in their own very disturbed way, they are very attached to their children.

Maybe this is their way of showing that they’re feeling sentimental about Jana quite possibly preparing to, finally, get married.

(In real life, nobody has to get married and 27 is a perfectly reasonable time to be single. In the topsy-turvy world of the Duggarverse, Jana’s practically an old maid)

After all, Jana has been a staple of the household for nearly three decades. Having a family member “suddenly” depart after what’s bound to be a short engagement can be quite an adjustment.

Of course, if Jana and Caleb are courting and considering marriage, then she’s singing a different tune than she was earlier this year.

Previously, Jana Duggar told TLC’s cameras:

“There have been different guys come along and ask, but they haven’t been the right one.”

That’s a normal experience for most people.

“It’s just one of those things. I’m not just out to get married to the first one who comes along.”

That’s a good way to operate. We’d point out, as many fans have, that her adult sisters haven’t seemed to be nearly so picky.

To many fans, it appears that Jana’s siblings did indeed get married to the first ones who came along.

There’s nothing wrong with making your choices carefully, but we wonder what — if anything — makes Caleb Williams stand out above all of the rest.

We’d ask Jana but, of course, since she isn’t married, she’s not allowed to be on social media.

She was born in 1990, folks.


Kendra Wilkinson: Preparing for Baby #3?!

Kendra Wilkinson … well, to put it mildly, Kendra Wilkinson has a wide variety of issues that, altogether, make her one of the most ridiculous celebrities in the history of celebrities.

Like, the girl's husband cheated on her, and she managed to milk the affair for two seasons of her reality show, plus a stint on Marriage Boot Camp.

She has a troubled relationship with her mother, so she brought her on television to tell her that the devil had eaten her soul.

There's a lot to unpack with her, and it's 100% silly.

So sure, why wouldn't she make herself a mother of three?

In a new interview with E! News, Kendra sat down to talk about a bunch of things, including the possibility of having a third child — she's already mom to little Hank Jr. and Alijah.

"Hank and I talked about having a third kid the other day," she began, "and I'm like "NOPE!"

She said that Hank wants to have another kid, but "as they get older, I'm sacrificing them for me. You know, it's about me right now."

Her children, by the way, are 7 and 2 — it's not like she's focusing on herself now that the kids are about to leave the nest

Mother of the Year over here said that she's "looking too good" to get pregnant again."

See Kendra explain more about her overwhelming selfishness in the interview below:

Kendra wilkinson preparing for baby number 3

Joy-Anna Duggar: Preparing For a Career in Politics?

Most of the recent media coverage of Joy-Anna Duggar has surrounded her courtship with Austin Forsyth, but it seems the 19-year-old daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle has plans for her future that go beyond her love life.

According to the Duggar’s official blog, Joy-Anna recently began an internship Arkansas State Capitol.

Her younger brother, 18-year-old Jedidiah is also interning at the capitol building, but fans are more focused on Joy-Anna, because a Duggar female being permitted to work is practically unheard of.

In a post entitled “Joy and Jed Interning in Little Rock,” the Duggars (or whoever manages the Duggars’ website) had this to say:

“The Duggars have deep roots in politics, with Jim Bob Duggar serving two terms as a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives following the 1997 election and various other family members taking interest in the political realm over the years.

“The family has also helped multiple political candidates campaign for office.”

We don’t know if “helped” is the right word, but the Duggars do have a long history of involving themselves with politicians:

Yes, the family is probably hoping that any alliances Joy-Anna forges play out better than the ill-fated Handsy Josh and Lyin’ Ted partnership.

These days, conservative politicians probably aren’t rushing to align themselves with the Duggars, what with the multiple sex scandals and all.

Amazingly, Mike Huckabee defended the Duggars even after news that Josh had molested five young women, and we’re not saying that’s one of the many reasons he fared poorly in last year’s GOP primaries … but it certainly didn’t help.

So yeah, a Duggar endorsement is no longer much of an asset, and it’s possible that Jim Bob believes the next generation can help repair the family’s reputation by getting involved in politics.

There was a time when we would’ve thought those efforts would be in vain due to the magnitude of Josh’s crimes.

But hey, if TLC was willing to give this family another chance, then we suppose anything is possible.

After all, politicians might be the one group on the planet with less integrity than network executives.

Watch Counting On online to marvel at the fact that these people are still allowed on TV.