The Bachelorette Preview: Who’s Goin’ Home … Town?!

You don’t need The Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that one week before hometown dates means decision time for Becca Kufrin.

Who will be moving on to hometowns with the brunette beauty, and who will just be going home and going to town on themselves?

Tonight’s installment of the long-running reality series, Season 14, Episode 7, is basically the point in which it’s worth it to start tuning in.

Even fiendish Bachelorette spoilers junkies who are reasonably sure of this summer’s outcome will see drama, twists and turns galore.

This evening will see three one-on-one dates, the elimination of two contestants, one lucky group of four guys and zero rose ceremonies.

Got all that? Bachelorette spoilers below …

Colton Underwood will get the first date.

In the Bahamas, they will sail away on a catamaran before enjoying a romantic dinner, during which he lays it all on the line.

According to ABC’s synopsis, “Colton finally feels comfortable enough to share a secret … one that he has been worried will scare her off.”

“Will this revelation derail their relationship,” the network teaser cryptically asks, “or bring them closer together?”

Spoiler alert …

He’s getting a rose.

And the secret he’s been waiting to reveal is most likely his virginal status, and/or the fact that he was hollering at Tia Booth online.

We never quite got an adequate resolution to that. Anyway, the second one-on-one date will go to Garrett Yrigoyen. Private island style.

It’s Garrett’s private life that’s in question, however, particularly about his failed and allegedly abusive marriage as hinted at earlier.

As you probably know, Garrett Yrigoyen has been in the hot seat already this season thanks to his … suspect social media history.

Things aren’t getting easier for him, and the scrutiny will likely increase with time, though Becca seems more and more into him.

Stay tuned there.

Finally, Becca and Blake ride horses on the beach and take in a concert courtesy of the Baha Men, who were last seen circa 2002.

Good to see those guys are still around. Will Blake be around after this week, when he “reveals to Becca his true feelings for her”?

He will. He pulls through in the end.

We have it on good authority that whatever tension might exist, Colton, Garrett, and Blake will all move on to the hometown dates.

Not a huge surprise there.

That leaves Jason, Leo and Wills on a group date, during which only one will survive. The lucky fourth hometown date recipient?

Becca’s tension-diffusing volleyball date will conclude with “two utterly heartbroken” suitors, according to the ABC official synopsis.

At the end of the evening, there will be no rose ceremony, but plenty of tears from Leo and Wills as they pack their bags for good.

Next week: Hometown dates, and plenty more controversy surrounding Colton and Garrett as the stakes are only getting higher.


Jenelle Evans Flaunts Drug Stash, Ditches Cops In Shocking Teen Mom 2 Preview!

At this point, it's almost impossible to imagine that Jenelle Evans could sink any lower in the estimation of Teen Mom 2 viewers.

Yet somehow, the Carolina Hurricane keeps discovering new rock bottoms.

Recently, the revelation that Jenelle keeps her pills out in the open in a house full of toddlers is the latest thing to piss fans off.

And that's arguably not even the most shocking Jenelle behavior of the week.

So prepare yourself for a deep dive into the psyche of reality TV's most maligned villain, as we break down Jenelle's latest colossal f–k up.

1. The Cops Come A-Callin’

Jenelle evans takes a lot of drugs
Our scene begins with a Teen Mom 2 producer informing Jenelle that there’s a sheriff at the door. Jenelle seems remarkably unfazed, but still refuses to answer the door.

2. Sheriff On the Land

Sheriff on the land
Asked by the producer why someone might have called the police, Jenelle replies, “There’s nothing I did, so [shrug].” Like we said, she doesn’t seem terribly concerned.

3. You Gotta Warrant?

You gotta warrant
Jenelle asks if the sheriff “has papers in his hand.” You know you’re a horrendous mom when you’re this casual about the cops being called to your home for a wellness check.

4. Her Bright Idea

Jenelle hearts drugs
At this point, Jenelle decides to have David answer the door, because apparently, he’s the brains behind the operation.

5. Calling In the Big Guns

Jenelle and her pills
When the knocking began, Jenelle and David were sequestered in the back of the house and took a long tiime emerging.

6. The Alibi

The alibi
“I’ve been here at my house, not worrying about no one, not doing shit,” Jenelle explains. Can someone explain to her that being completely inactive is not a good thing when you have kids?

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Maci Bookout Naked and Afraid Preview: Watch The Teen Mom OG Star Battle the Elements!

Several months ago, Teen Mom OG viewers started getting excited about reports that Maci Bookout shot an episode Naked and Afraid.

But until Sunday night, we knew very little about Maci's experience on the show.

Now, information is beginning to trickle in, and fans are more hyped than ever.

We still don't where in the world Maci will be battling the elements, but we do know who she's partnered up with and — most importantly — when her episode will air.

Check out the gallery below for the all the information on Maci's foray into the wilderness, as well as two exciting sneak peeks of her appearance on reality TV's most unforgiving series:

1. No Half Measures

No half measures
As we learned on the preview that aired during Sunday night’s Naked and Afraid: XL, Maci won’t be coddled just because of her celebity status. She totally stripped down, just like the show’s previous contestants.

2. Total Badass

Total badass
In Maci’s introductory clip, the mother of three describes herself as a badass. As Teen Mom OG fans know, it’s a title she earned well before she embarked on her latest wilderness adventure.

3. First Look

Maci bookout on naked and afraid
Last week, Maci took to Instagram to give fans their first glimpse of her episode.

4. Eeek, Indeed

Maci bookout tattoos
“Eeek! Everyone has been asking about my episode of Naked and Afraid,” Maci captioned the pic.

5. Sneak Peek Tease

Maci bookout at bridal fashion show
“Watch the sneak peek inside the new episode of Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars this Sunday night at 10pm on @discoverychannel,” Bookout added.

6. It’s Finally Here

Maci bookout interview with mtv uk
Sunday night, the Discovery Channel dropped not one, but two preview clips from Maci’s episode. And so far fans are loving what they see …

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Maci Bookout Is Nude, Terrified in Naked and Afraid Preview!

Back in March, Maci Bookout revealed to fans that she’ll appear on an upcoming episode of reality TV’s most brutal series, Naked and Afraid.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, the title pretty much says it all.

Two strangers are dropped in the center of a foreign wilderness without a stitch of clothing, and they spend the next three weeks (or however long they last) petrified of the many forces in their immediate environment that could very easily kill them.

Usually, it’s starvation or exposure that sends the contestants home early, but it could just as easily be a bite from a venomous snake or a run in with some irate fire ants.

It’s one of those shows that makes sane viewers would put themselves through such torment, especially since there’s no cash prize for those who endure the full 21 days.

But there are some folks, like Maci, who watch nude survivalists putting their lives on the line for bragging rights and think, that looks like fun!

Bookout took to Instagram this week to share a first look at her upcoming episode:

“Eeek! Everyone has been asking about my episode of Naked and Afraid,” Maci captioned the above pic.

“Watch the sneak peek inside the new episode of Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars this Sunday night at 10pm on @discoverychannel @nakedandafraidtv”

The pic was also shared on the official Naked and Afraid Instagram page, along with a caption reading:

“THIS SUNDAY get a super secret peek at our teen mom survivalist during Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars this Sunday night at 10pm.”

Yes, apparently surviving a relationship with Ryan Edwards wasn’t enough of a challenge for Maci.

You have to tip your hat to a woman who has endured the company of Farrah Abraham on more than one occasion and still wants to test herself even more.

No word yet on where Maci was shipped off to or how long she lasted on the show, but we can bet she was pushed to the limit.

Fortunately, Maci was in good hands.

Her companion on the show is Justin Tuell, a 31-year-old ICU with a background in wilderness survival.

Details about the episode’s air date will be revealed on Sunday.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom OG online to remind yourself of hos much Maci has already endured.


The Bachelorette 2018 Preview: Love! Tears! Pathological Liars!

"I'm falling in love with you."

More than one person on The Bachelorette Season 14 can be heard uttering this phrase in the epic trailer airing after Monday's premiere.

We may know how Becca's season ends, thanks to The Bachelorette spoilers, but man alive, it's going to be a wild ride getting there.

You don't need Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that hardcore making out, exotic vacations and massive amounts of drama lie ahead.

Just because you know it's coming doesn't make it any less entertaining, though. Nor does it make Becca less beautiful to gaze upon.

Judging by this four-minute super-tease, the men are bringing their A-games and then some as they seek to sweep Ms. Kufrin off her feet.

(Let's just hope she doesn't read Garrett Yrigoyen's social media pages, and that the rumors of him hollering at Tia Booth aren't true.)

Anyway, the Midwestern beauty is "beyond happy" to be The Bachelorette, she tells us, adding that she's "glowing from the inside out."

How long will that last?

Not that long, apparently.

"What am I doing?" Kufrin sobs, on a hotel bed, teasing fans with this shocking claim: "Like, he literally just did what Arie did to me."

Arie Luyendyk, Jr., of course, proposed to Becca on the finale of The Bachelor, only to dump her shortly after in a raw, uncut scene.

Yeah. It was that bad.

While we don't anticipate an exact repeat of that ridiculousness, there is talk of Lincoln being a "pathological liar" and/or a "manipulator."

Moreover, Jordan is accused of being there (wait … wait for it … ) for the wrong reasons, i.e. to further his modeling career.

"It’s funny you think I’m a joke, because attached to me is professionality is my face," Jordan warns his cohorts … incoherently.

Controversial Colton Underwood, meanwhile, is this season's Ashley Iaconetti, supposedly. We're saying that he's never boned before.

Like for reals. Not even once.

Some of the other guys aren't buying his virginal status, but that's not the only questionable thing about the contestants' antics.

Evidently, Becca gets burned by somebody, and she sets out to rid the field of any remaining liars so this doesn't happen again.

Who was the guilty party?

“I’m so pissed because I’m only asking for honesty from you guys, that’s all I want," says Becca in a heartfelt scene in the trailer.

"And to not get that I feel so disrespected and so upset with him. And it scares me. But if anyone else can’t be honest with me?"

"From here on out I don’t want you here."

There you have that. Don't mess with this girl's heart. As for the ambulance and someone being wheeled out on a stretcher?

No idea what the hell went on there, but Chris Harrison has teased the most ridiculous fight in series history, so there's that.

And finally, the coup de grace:

Becca is in love with two men!

“Really the most tragic part of this is I’m in love with two guys," Becca admits "I don't think anything can prepare you for this."

Nothing can. Nothing except 22 previous seasons of The Bachelor and 13 iterations of The Bachelorette when this occurred.

You can't blame her, though.

The 28-year-old explained that the point is to find love, and with dozens of men pining for you, it can be hard to pick just one.

"I did develop really strong feelings for a couple of them and I did fall for two guys at the end, yes," she said earlier this month.

"Until you're in this position, you don't realize how much pressure there really is, and how difficult it is to navigate certain relationships."

"Because if you're doing it right, you should be developing feelings for multiple people to really sift through every [one]."

Well, when you put it that way.

No matter who she picks, it should be a step up from Arie. Just saying. Check out the dramatic season preview below …

The bachelorette 2018 preview love tears pathological liars

Counting On Preview: Joy-Anna Duggar’s Pregnancy Fears Revealed

It's been less than one month since the latest Counting On season finale left fans clamoring for more of the TV's favorite fundamentalists.

Fortunately, the Duggar faithful won't have to wait very long for another round of pregnancies, courtships, and bizarrely specific dress codes

So what's in store for Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and the rest of the J-squad this time around?

Well, while most reality shows begin to show signs of age when they've been on as long as the Duggars have, there's certainly no shortage of drama in Tontitown.

The exact release date has yet to be announced, but TLC has confirmed that Counting On will be back sometime this summer.

And a new preview for the upcoming slate of episodes reminds us that as more of Jim Bob and Michelle's children enter adulthood, change is now the only constant in the Duggar family. 

The upcoming season will address such matters as the pregnancy of Joseph Duggar's wife and the courtship between Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson.

But it's the scenes focusing on Joy-Anna Duggar that have really captured the interest of fans.

As you've likely heard, Joy-Anna welcomed her first child back in February, but because of production lag times, the final months of her pregnancy will be featured on the upcoming season.

And it looks as though there were some frightening complications that are just now being revealed to the public.

Check out the preview below to see what's in store and watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for the summer premiere


Counting on preview joy anna duggars pregnancy fears revealed

Teen Mom OG Reunion Preview: Who Bailed? Who Brawled?

Well, it's that time of year again.

Another Teen Mom OG reunion special is upon us, but it seems things will be decidedly different on this year's show.

For starters two of the moms won't be participating in person.

But that doesn't mean they haven't found ways to make their presence felt.

Jump in for a full rundown of what you can expect from the annual sh-tshow that is the TMOG reunion special!

1. A Farrah-less Affair

Farrah abraham castle selfie
Sadly, this year’s reunion will be without the show’s most reliable source of drama. Farrah Abraham has been fired from Teen Mom OG and was not in attendance for this year’s reunion taping. And she’s not the only cast member who’s sitting this one out …

2. Pregnant Portwood

Amber portwood in good light
Amber Portwood also did not attend this year’s taping, but for a very different reason. Amber is pregnant with her second child, and it seems she’s too far along to hop a plane to New York. Sources say she was interviewed by Dr. Drew Pinsky via Skype.

3. No Surprise

Amber portwood and andrew glennon
Despite early reports that Amber made the decision at the last minute, production insiders say she was never expected to attend. “She’s too pregnant to fly,” said one source. “It wasn’t a surprise. The crew knew she wasn’t coming.”

4. Maci v. Ryan

Maci bookout tattoos
As for the other moms, well, it seems Maci Bookout is no closer to getting along with baby daddy Ryan Edwards. Onlookers say the two shared the stage and butted heads during the filming of the reunion.

5. Catelynn on the Mend

Catelynn lowell and tyler baltierra snuggles
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were also in attendance, but their appearance on the reunion was not without controversy, and believe it or not, there are some fans who believe Catelynn should’ve stayed home. But it’s not because they don’t like the perennial fan favorite. Quite the opposite, in fact.

6. Priority Report

Catelynn lowell instagram selfie
Catelynn allegedly left a rehabilitation facility ahead of schedule in order to participate in the special. And there are those who firmly believe that was the wrong decision…

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Counting On Season 7 Preview: The Duggars Need EXTRA Chaperones!

Well, it’s almost that time of year.

A new season of Counting On is nearly upon us, and it seems longtime viewers may be in for some surprises:

Now, that may seem impossible as not a day goes by without the family revealing some sort of courtship, marriage, or pregnancy news on social media.

But like the Kardashians before them, the Duggars are savvy enough to keep some details of their lives under wraps so that fans still need to tune into their reality show to get the full story.

Case in point – who would’ve guessed we would ever hear the Duggars admitting to their need for additional chaperones?

As fans of the family are no doubt aware, Duggar courtship rules forbid just about all forms of physical contact before marriage.

But it seems the dating guidelines aren’t always so easy to enforce. 

Joseph Duggar and Kandra Caldwell got married back in September, but the early episodes of CO S7 find them in the final weeks of their engagement.

And it seems they’re not finding it easy to keep their hands to themselves.

“I would say when you’re engaged you almost need more chaperones because you’re getting closer,” Kendra tells the camera.

“The desires are getting stronger.”

It’s interesting that the Duggars would choose to acknowledge the harsh nature of their dating directives, as they’ve been a source of controversy in recent months, due in large part to the “shotgun wedding” rumors surrounding Joy-Anna Duggar.

Speaking of Joy-Anna, she appears in the trailer and reminds fans of just how difficult the ultra-strict Duggar courtship rules can be on a young couple.

“During our relationship, all the way up to our wedding day, we have never been alone together,” Joy-Anna explains.

“So it was really amazing being on our honeymoon and just being by ourselves.”

And all this candor isn’t the only thing that’s different about season 7.

As many fans have pointed out, the promotional materials released contain some noteworthy absences.

Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard are nowhere to be seen, but that’s not unexpected, as Derick was fired by TLC after making inappropriate comments about fellow network star Jazz Jennings on social media.

What is surprising is that OG Duggars Jim Bob and Michelle appear to be MIA.

Viewers have speculated that the show is returning to its roots by focusing on Jim Bob and Michelle’s eldest children, rather than on Jim Bob and Michelle themselves.

Perhaps Jessa Duggar best summarizes what fans can expect from the long-anticipated seventh season of Counting On:

“We’ve had a lot of exciting things happen in our family in the last few months, and you never know what’s around the corner,” she says.

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the once uber-predictable Duggars have actually been throwing fans some curveballs lately.

But if it all sounds a bit overwhelming, fear not:

There’s still some boring BS about Jeremy Vuolo moving books into his office, or something.

That should be enough to slow you heart rate back down.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for the show’s February 26 premiere.


Counting On 2018 Preview: What Can We Expect From the Duggars This Year?

As always, the rumors and speculation surrounding the Duggars in the lead-up to the return of Counting On are off the proverbial chain.

Will Josiah's second try at courtship last? Will Jessa and Ben adopt or get pregnant? Will Josh (or Jill) ever be seen on camera again?

Will Joy-Anna finally put the shotgun wedding rumors to rest by virtue of having her baby nine months or more after she tied the knot?

These questions and more will be answered in the upcoming season of Counting On, starting Monday, February 26 on the TLC network.

Here's a look at some storylines we expect to see on the always-controversial reality hit, along with some we certainly hope to.

1. Center of Attention

Counting on photo
The network’s first promotional image for the new season speaks volumes in terms of who’s featured and who’s absent. Derick Dillard is persona non grata, and it looks like wife Jill will be MIA with him. With just weeks to go before welcoming her first child, it looks like Joy-Anna will get the bulk of the screen time.

2. Joy’s Bundle of Joy

Joy anna counting on
Joy is set to give birth any day now. (The Duggars have kept her due date a secret, a move that’s made fans suspect she got pregnant out of wedlock.) While viewers might have to wait until next season to see her child enter the world, the bulk of her pregnancy will likely be featured in the upcoming string of new episodes.

3. Jana Courting

Jana duggar on tlc
From Tim Tebow to Lawson Bates and Jonathan Hartono, and from Jacob Wilson to Caleb Williams, eldest daughter Jana has been linked to many available men over the years. Yet none of these courtship rumors have ever come to fruition. Will this be the year for the fair Cinderella Duggar? Or will we be treated to more gripping footage of Jana working in the garden and slaving away taking care of Anna and Josh’s brood?

4. A Bun in Jinger’s Oven

Jinger duggar baby bump
Joy’s not the only one with a baby on the way! Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child sometime in 2018. The Counting On production schedule usually puts the show 2-3 months behind, so expect to see her share her big news late in the season.

5. Speaking of the Vuolos…

Jeremy vuolo with jinger duggar
Of course, fans are already wondering if we’ll be seeing much of Jinger at all this season. She and husband Jeremy Vuolo live in Laredo, Texas, and between his work as a minister and her pregnancy, they may not have the opportunity to travel to Arkansas to spend time with her family very often.

6. A Kid For Kendra

Kendra caldwell and joe duggar
Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, are soon to welcome their first child, as well. In the past, Counting On has struggled to find an entire season’s worth of storylines. We don’t think that will be an issue this time around, especially since…

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KUWTK Preview: Khloe Drops the Baby Bomb!

Yes, folks, Khloe Kardashian is pregnant.

This isn't exactly news to anyone that reads the Internet and/or cares about developments within the First Family of Reality Television.

But it also hasn't been confirmed by Khloe or anyone actually in said family.

At least not yet.

In the following extended trailer for upcoming episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, however, we get a sneak peek at what we're pretty sure is Khloe's big reveal.

Toward the end of the trailer, various close friends and family members gather together for some kind of party at what we think is Kris Jenner's home.

Then – suddenly! – a chorus of stunned exclamations erupts, hinting at some significant news.

“Did you not know?” Kim Kardashian asks her mom, who acts all surprised and screams "NO!"

"Oh my God!” yells a psyched Kourtney Kardashian, who has three kids of her own.

Khloe's BFFs, Malika and Khadijah Haqq, are also present and they wrap their arms around their beloved pal after the baby bombshell explodes.

(Khloe is believed to be expecting a boy with long-time boyfriend Tristan Thompson; we hear he is due early this spring.)

Elsewhere in the trailer:

  • Kylie Jenner, who is also pregnant, is mysteriously absent.
  • However, Kris answers a phone call from her at one point, gets all confused and concerned, and asks if someone ought to be "arrested."
  • There's a confrontation between Khloe and Kris' lover, Corey Gamble.
  • And major drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna over the custody of their daughter.
  • There's a Scott Disick sighting.
  • And a Tristan Thompson sighting, as the basketball player encourages Khloe by referring to her as a "pit bull."

Oh, and there's also a scene in which Kris dresses like this:

“I swear to God,” says Kris at one point. “I’m going to lock myself in a funny farm.”

We wish she wouldn't tease us like that.

The midseason finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs this Sunday, December 17; and all-new episodes return January 7 at 9/8c.

Get a look at the drama on tap now!

Keeping up with the kardashians previw khloe drops the baby bomb