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MMA Fighter Sergio Da Silva Guilty Of Bank Robbery … Faces 7 Years in Prison

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MMA fighter Sergio Da Silva has been found GUILTY of robbing a bank in New York back in August 2017 … and now he’s facing up to 7 years behind bars.

The 32-year-old was convicted of 3rd-degree robbery after jurors viewed surveillance footage of the incident … where Da Silva is seen jumping on the counter and demanding cash.

As we previously reported … bank workers claimed Da Silva threatened to shoot them as he demanded cash at the Astoria Citibank.

Da Silva was facing 2 felony robbery charges. Since the security footage couldn’t prove he had a gun, he was found not guilty of 1st-degree robbery … which carries a maximum 25-year prison sentence. 

Da Silva’s attorney, David Fish, tells TMZ Sports his client is planning to appeal.

Fish also said, “Thanks to the insight of the jury, he walked out of court a free man Thursday and was not convicted of any violent offense.”

Da Silva’s sentencing is set for February 28.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Let’s Do This!!! Starting Prison Sentence

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Time’s up for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino … the “Jersey Shore” star is surrendering to begin his 8-month prison sentence.

Sorrentino’s attorney, Kristen Santillo, tells TMZ …he will turn himself in Tuesday to start serving his time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York. We suspect he’ll have lots of contact — written, anyway — with the outside.

Before reporting to prison, Sorrentino urged friends, family and fans to write him while behind bars … posting the prison mailing address for his 1.3 million Twitter followers.

As we’ve reported … Mike was sentenced to 8 months back in October for tax evasion. Mike’s brother, Marc, got 2 years behind bars. The sentencing being pushed to October really helped The Situation. 

He was originally supposed to be sentenced in April, but with the extra months of freedom, Mike married Lauren Pesce at a fancy shindig in November. He also got to spend the holidays with friends and fam … including Thanksgiving.

This Valentine’s Day is gonna suck — no GTL — but he’ll be back out before Halloween. 

Mystikal Close to Getting Outta Prison on Bail … If New Music Deal’s a Go


Mystikal is THIS close to getting the money he needs to post bail and get out of prison while he waits for his rape case trial to begin … thanks to friends and a record deal.

You may recall the rapper was booked in 2017 for first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping after he turned himself in following a Louisiana woman who came forward.

He’s been behind bars ever since (almost a year and a half), but people around him have recently rallied and he could be set free soon, pending his trial in May.

Mystikal’s attorney, Joel Pearce, tells TMZ … his client’s friends and family have been raising money to help post the $ 3 million bail. But, what really helped is a new music deal.

Tim Yazbeck, another attorney for the rapper, tells TMZ … Mystikal has a new record deal for 3 unreleased albums and he’s hoping to get an advance within days.

Mystikal’s legal team tells us they’re confident he’ll be out on bail by the end of next week. 

Kim Kardashian ‘The Princess Of Prison Reform’ … Inmates Sending Her Letters By The Thousands


Kim Kardashian is becoming the fairy godmother of prison inmates, because they’re flooding her inbox with thousands of letters every day … asking her to help them find freedom. 

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ … inmates around the country are sending Kim an endless amount of notes from prison, hoping she and her legal team can find a way to get them clemency. 

We’re told Kim’s also earned a new nickname within the prison system, as both staffers and inmates refer to her as “The Princess of Prison Reform.’ The nickname and letters have some basis in fact … Kim and her team just helped Cyntoia Brown get clemency in Tennessee after 15 years in prison.

As you know, Kim was instrumental in getting elusive prison reform legislation enacted after her meeting with President Trump. CNN’s Van Jones said it squarely … the law would never have been passed but for Kim K.

In addition to Cyntoia’s clemency, Kim also played a key role in freeing 63-year-old grandma Alice Marie Johnson and Matthew Charles … two prisoners she mentioned to POTUS during their powwow.

Kim’s batting 3-for-3 … and that gets you into the penitentiary hall of fame.

‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Hey R. Kelly, Go Kill Yourself … But Do It in Prison!!!

R. Kelly really should off himself in the wake of the Lifetime docuseries, but he should wait until after he gets sent to prison … so says Daymond John

In what might be the harshest take yet on “Surviving R. Kelly” … the “Shark Tank” star absolutely tore into the R&B singer, saying Kelly should kill himself. However, he first wants to see Kelly convicted for his alleged crimes.

He tweeted Sunday, “Watching #SurvivingRKelley. I am so sick to my damn stomach! Hey @rkelly , please don’t take your life now that we all know how f***ing disgusting you are. Thats way too easy!” 

Daymond goes on … “Make amends with the victims and the families, serve your time and then kill yourself while in jail.” 

He’s just the latest celeb to take aim at Kelly in the aftermath of Lifetime’s program which featured multiple women who alleged sexual abuse and worse on camera. Jada Pinkett Smith has spoken out, as has Tank … and many others.

Joe Giudice, DMX & Cosby Prison Menus Got ’em Dreaming of a Cornish Christmas


Joe Giudice‘s last Christmas in America is shaping up to be bittersweet, because it means he’s just months away from being deported … but he also gets to chow down on some fancy fowl.

TMZ’s obtained prison menus from across the country, and locked-up celebs are being treated to some pretty decent Christmas cuisine … including individual Cornish game hens for both Joe and DMX.

Guys like Bill Cosby and Suge Knight aren’t so lucky, but will still get their fill of meat, potatoes and dessert. As for Mystikal … well, his meal’s not so merry. Here’s a breakdown of their options:

Giudice at Pennsylvania’s FCI Allenwood Low prison:

– Cornish game hen or broccoli quiche, cornbread dressing, whole kernel corn, baked sweet potato, chicken gravy, cranberry sauce, salad, dinner rolls and pie.
– Christmas Eve is a bit more downscale … just chili and cornbread.

The ‘Real Housewives of NJ’ star is doing time for fraud and will be deported back to his native Italy when he’s released in March.

DMX at West Virginia’s Gilmer prison:

– Cornish game hen, deli sandwich, PB&J sandwich and chips. Inmates also get a $ 50 bump in commissary funds for December to use on chocolates, cookies and peanut cluster bars.

X is serving 12 months for tax evasion.

Cosby at Pennsylvania’s SCI Phoenix:

– Roast beef, bean burger, whipped potatoes, gravy, green beans, creamy coleslaw, dinner rolls and baked fruit pie. Zero Jell-O.

Cosby got 3 to 10 years for sexual assault.

Suge Knight at California’s Wasco State Prison:

– Turkey or chicken, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, veggies, cranberry sauce and ice cream.

Suge struck a plea deal in September in his murder case and started a 28-year sentence.

Mystikal at Louisiana’s Caddo Correctional Center:

– 2 turkey dogs, potato salad, greens and cake. In other words, nothing special.

The rapper’s being held in lieu of $ 3 mil while awaiting trial for rape.

Ex-NFL Star Titus Young Released From Prison … In Violent Assault Case

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Ex-NFL receiver Titus Young has been released from prison after serving nearly 2 years of his sentence in his violent assault case … TMZ Sports has confirmed.

As we previously reported … Young — a former 2nd-round pick of the Detroit Lions — was arrested back in 2016 after he allegedly beat the hell out of a guy in a street fight.

Young pled no contest to 1 count of felony battery causing serious bodily injury later in 2017 … and was sentenced to four years in state prison.

But, the ex-Boise State superstar was paroled and released from prison at 2:13 AM Saturday morning.

The 29-year-old has a long, troubled history with the law — having been arrested several times since being cut from the Lions back in 2012.

He was also put on probation back in 2015 after attacking several people during his stint at a mental health facility. 

Young started 17 games for Detroit in the 2011 and 2012 seasons, catching 81 passes for 990 yards and 10 TDs.

TMZ Live Van Jones Thank Kim Kardashian For Prison Reform!


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Van Jones Prison Reform Is Here … Thanks to Kim Kardashian!!!


Van Jones has a message for all the haters who blasted Kim Kardashian West for meeting with President Trump about criminal justice reform — take a look at the scoreboard.

The CNN star was on cloud nine in D.C. Wednesday morning after the Senate passed the First Step Act by a lopsided vote of 87-12, and he lauded Kim for it … saying it wouldn’t have been possible without her meeting Trump face-to-face in the Oval.

Van says thanks to Kim — there will be 50,000 fewer people in prison soon, and inhumane treatment of women prisoners will subside. 

Jones says he knows it wasn’t easy for Kim to put her celeb status on the line to help people she doesn’t even know, and she deserves all the respect in the world for it.

As we reported … Kim K’s passion for prison reform started with her quest to free Alice Marie Johnson, which led to her first meeting with Trump in May. She went back to D.C. in September — along with Jones — to work on the crafting of the First Step Act.

Just months later the bill passed in the Senate in a landslide … and is a step away from becoming law.

As Van says … how do you like Kim now?