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Priyanka Chopra & Sophie Turner Sister-in-Laws’ Night Out … Without Jonas Bros.

Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner were just a couple of future sister-in-laws about town this week … and apparently, Tuesdays are just for the girls. 

PC and ST hit up Craig’s in WeHo together, where they were swarmed by paps, all of whom were eager to snap a shot and fire off a question.

Gotta say, we haven’t seen a reaction like this to a celeb pairing out in Hollywood in quite a while. It just goes to show how much star power these two have racked up since their engagements and wedding(s) thus far to Nick and Joe Jonas over the past year or so.

Speaking of nuptials … Joe and Sophie are reportedly set to wed sometime this year, as ‘Save the Date’ boxes have already been sent out to potential guests. Nick and Priyanka already got that part done — they did it to death, in fact, with 3 ceremonies.

If Sophie and Priyanka’s family power outing is any indication of what’s to come … we say bring on another one sooner rather than later. 

Priyanka Chopra Keeps it Gangsta at 3rd Wedding Bash … While DJ Raps N-Word

Day 106 of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrating their marriage nuptials might have been the most interesting — thanks to the bride’s dance moves, and their MC’s Notorious B.I.G. impression.

Nick and Priyanka had their third wedding reception Thursday night in Mumbai for Priy’s Bollywood industry friends. She danced her ass off while the MC rapped to Biggie’s “Hypnotize.” Worth noting … dude with the mic rapped the n-word.

No one was fazed by the lyrics, and everyone seemed more interested in Priyanka doing attempting the Milly Rock. Nick stood there watching … in admiration, we’re sure. Also, he’s gotta be tired of dancing at wedding receptions by now.

Priyanka also danced to some traditional Indian music … some of which looked choreographed.

It’s becoming a thing. You’ll recall, the families had an intense dance off some 20 days ago when the nuptials began. There was also a Wednesday bash for the media in India.

No word if Nick danced at that one. Ya gotta feel for the guy.

Nick & Priyanka One Last Wedding Hurrah (Maybe) … Shout-Out to Bollywood!!!

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are giving Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson a run for their money as wedding aficionados, ’cause they’ve got a 3rd reception — yes, it’s STILL going — for Bollywood. 

Ya gotta believe Nick and Priyanka are tired of striking these poses, but Thursday they gave it one more go with a reception for Priy’s Bollywood industry friends. The nuptials began more than 2 weeks ago with TWO weekend ceremonies … and at least 2 pre and post receptions.

They also had a Wednesday bash for the media in India.

As if they haven’t gotten enough attention … they gave their fans and the media even more to talk about. Yes, everyone’s taken note of Nick’s hand over his bride’s belly. We are NOT saying she’s preggo, but we ARE saying … they know how to start a buzz.  

We also know for sure … there will soon be another round of party pics like these once Thursday’s festivities come to an end.

We’re not even gonna make a guess as to whether this is THE final stop on their wedding train. Allegedly it is, but ya just never know with these 2. 

This is one approach to keeping things fresh — forever newlyweds!

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas We’re Back In India … For More Wedding Parties!!!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are still celebrating their never-ending wedding … because the newlyweds are having a SECOND and THIRD wedding reception in India after twice saying “I Do.”

It’s true, Priyanka and Nick are seriously back in India, and they’re keeping the party alive Wednesday with a second helping of wedding reception, this only days after Nick was spotted in New York sitting courtside at the Knicks game. 

Nick’s racking up some serious frequent flier miles … and dude seems impervious to jetlag! Hey, guess the Jonas Bro truly loves Priyanka. Talk about dedication. 

So, why are Nick and Priyanka having more wedding receptions across the world in her native India? Well, round 2 is for media, and Thursday’s round 3 is for Bollywood industry friends. Seems like everyone wants a taste of the star couple. 

And, get this … the hashtag for Wednesday’s reception? #NickYankaReception! Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

It’s crazy … Priyanka and Nick’s wedding is seriously stretching over 2 weeks! The festivities started earlier this month in India with a pre-wedding ritual called puja, followed by a traditional Christian wedding ceremony and a Hindu wedding ceremony.

NickYanka … giving new meaning to #WeddingSzn.