Chip Kelly’s Winless Start Isn’t A Problem, Says Ex-UCLA & ‘Ballers’ Star

Chip Kelly’s first three games at UCLA have been a disaster — but it ain’t time to panic in Westwood yet … so says ex-Bruins star, Donovan Carter. Carter — a former DL and current star on HBO’s “Ballers”– joined the guys on “TMZ Sports”…


Maci Bookout Has One Big Problem with Bristol Palin Joining Teen Mom OG

Maci Bookout held little back as a guest this week on Kailyn Lowry’s “Coffee Convos” podcast.

First, as previously detailed, Maci spoke out for the first time since ex Ryan Edwards got arrested for approximately the 174th time.

From there, Bookout delved into the most pressing topic facing Teen Mom OG viewers at the moment…

… the addition of Bristol Palin to this franchise.

In mid-July, this daughter of an ignorant, close-minded and controversial former Vice Presidential candidate confirmed that she was headed to MTV, claiming she was joining the series in order to serve as a role model.

Asked about Palin as a co-star, Maci at first took a shot at former co-star Farrah Abraham, who was dismissed from Teen Mom this past winter due to her penchant for appearing in amateur porn videos.

“I really feel like I’m not gonna be mad about anybody joining because anybody’s better than Farrah,” Maci told Kailyn on the podcast.

Not many folks out there will disagree with this opinion.

It wasn’t exactly Maci’s most scorching take of all-time.

Bookout went on to tell Lowry and cohost Lindsie Chrisley that she doesn’t “really care if other people join the cast,” nor does she blame Bristol for doing so.

She simply would have appreciated any kind of heads-up prior to MTV announcing the decision.

“I think me and Catelynn [Lowell] and Amber [Portwood] are all pretty much on the same page,” Bookout explained, adding:

“If they bring in new cast members, we don’t want it to be called Teen Mom OG because that’s not true if there’s new cast members.

“We don’t really care who joins because in our minds, we’re like, if somebody is presented with the opportunity, or like, say, one of us was never on the show and they asked us, no one’s going to turn the opportunity down.

“You can’t be mad at somebody for accepting an opportunity.”

This is a reasonable point of view.

Of course, Palin is reportedly making $ 250,000 for one season of filming, which may be cause for tension between her and her new colleagues.

This huge salary could be considered disrespectful to those who have been part of the cast for years.

Bookout says she would have appreciated a “courtesy call” from producers, but didn’t sound all that peeved about Palin:

“That’s my problem. Like, hey, they know when it’s going to come out. They know when the official release is coming out so, like, an hour before, call.

Give us a call and be like, ‘Hey, by the way, this is who your new cast member is going to be. it’s being released today. … We’ve been doing this for 10 years!”

In her own statement since the news went viral, Bristol said the following about her upcoming role on Teen Mom OG:

I am excited to join MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG.’ I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey.

Elsewhere, Lowry also asked Bookout about the reports that The Challenge’s Cheyenne Floyd and Corey Wharton are joining the cast.

But the long-time reality TV personality did not confirm or deny the casting rumor. Or seem to care much.

“I think because Bristol Palin has such a … I mean, her mom ran for vice president, so I think it’s just a bit of a bigger deal than fellow MTV stars coming on,” she said.

MTV has not yet announced a premiere date for Teen Mom OG Season 8.


Johnny Depp’s Son Has a “Serious” Health Problem: Report

For several weeks now, fans have been concerned about Johnny Depp.

Based on multiple photos that depict the actor in a seemingly malnourished state, they’re feared the worst when it comes to Depp’s health.

It turns out, however, that these supporters were focused on the wrong member of the Depp family.

According to the French outlet Public, actress Vanessa Paradis recently missed the Paris premiere of her film A Knife in the Heart due to concern over her son Jack’s well-being.

Jack is 16 years old and Paradis shares the teenager with Depp.

“Unfortunately, Vanessa Paradis was not able to join us tonight, she had to be absent because of her son’s serious health problems,” the aforementioned movie’s director, Yann Gonzalez, told this outlet.

No one from either Depp’s camp nor Paradis’ camp has responded to this report.

Paradis and Depp dated from 1998 to 2012 and had two children during this time: 19-year-old Lily-Rose Depp and Jack, whose real name is John Christopher Depp III.

The actor does not play a prominent role in the lives of his kids.

This unfortunate news come as Depp is currently in Europe touring with his band The Hollywood Vampires.

The group, which includes music legends Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame, and Alice Cooper, has been globetrotting with stops in Russia and Germany.

It also comes about a week after Rolling Stone published an in-depth, personal and disturbing interview with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, in which Depp opened up about being “as low as I could have been” during the past couple of years.

The piece depicted Depp as a nearly-broke recluse who stays up all night (every night) and who is basically never not drinking wine or taking drugs.

“I was as low as I believe I could have gotten,” Depp told the publication, thinking back his emotional state in the middle of his failed marriage to Amber Heard, along with his floundering financial situation.

Depp has been accused on numerous occasions of abusing Heard.

There’s VIDEO FOOTAGE out there of the star shattering a wine glass in his then-wife’s presence and verbally berating her.

In his Rolling Stone interview, Depp admits that he thought he would die at various points over the last couple years.

He notes his split from Heard and subsequent monetary difficulties and says:

“The next step was, ‘You’re going to arrive somewhere with your eyes open and you’re going to leave with your eyes closed.’

“I couldn’t take the pain every day.”

Of course, it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for someone who allegedly spends $ 30,000 per month on wine and who owns 14 homes around the world.

Photographs such as the one directly above are what have led to speculation over Depp’s own health.

He appears frail and gaunt and, by his own admission, often drunk and/or high.

Based on this revealing Rolling Stone article, he doesn’t seem too anxious to make any changes, either.

Still, though, we naturally wish the very best to the actor’s son and hope he makes a full recovery.


Kylie Jenner: There’s a Problem With Her Push Present Ferrari

As we’ve all heard, apparently the Kardashians think Travis Scott is ridiculous for gifting Kylie Jenner a $ 1.4 million Ferrari as a push present.

They also reportedly wish that Kylie would tone things down now that she’s a mother.

It turns out that Kylie has just one problem with her new car, however, that may cause fans to question Travis’ commitment as a father.

On the first of February, Kylie Jenner welcomed her baby girl, precious little Stormi Webster.

Kylie also shared extensive video of her pregnancy, taken during her months of social media silence and real life solitude as she attempted to conceal her pregnancy from the outside world.

Part of that video showed that Travis Scott is clearly no deadbeat dad as some fans — who’d seen him continue to tour during Kylie’s pregnancy — had feared.

He was there for his baby mama at appointments and ultrasounds and family gatherings, and clearly devoted to her — even kissing her baby bump.

And now it seems that Travis Scott has decided to spoil his baby mama with a very, very over-the-top push present.

I admittedly don’t know my cars and tend to identify them by color, but everyone says that the vehicle in this not-so-humble-brag photo that Kylie shared is a Ferrari.

Kylie Jenner Push Present Ferrari

In case you’ve forgotten, push presents are gifts that husbands or baby daddies or whoever buy as a reward for childbirth.

Because labor is pretty much the most agonizing thing that a human being is likely to experience. Doesn’t that deserve a reward? (A reward that doesn’t poop)

However, a source close to the family told People that Kylie’s Kardashian sisters thought that the gift, believed to have come from Travis, was excessive and gaudy.

“Everyone thinks it’s the most ridiculous ‘gift’ ever.”

But it probably fit with what Kylie wanted.

“[Kylie] has been obsessed with cars for a while. It’s just like a status thing. She gets a kick out of the fact that people will stare. She likes to show off her wealth”

Well, she is still very young. Hopefully, she’ll grow out of tacky habits.

Apparently her sisters hold that same hope — and want it to be sooner rather than later.

“Her family thinks she should tone down things a tad now when she is a mom. She is obviously still very immature when it comes to certain aspects of her life.”

Yeah. Clearly.

“But she is a great mom. She only leaves her baby girl for short outings.”

To be clear, we’re sure that they mean that she personally leaves her baby — she’s not abandoning Stormi to cry alone in a mansion. Kylie has a lot of family and the means to hire unlimited childcare.

There is, however, one problem with her comically expensive new car.

A source tells HollywoodLife that the car can’t accommodate Stormi Webster.

And Kylie has a problem with that.

“Her issue with the luxe new whip is that she can’t fit her baby car seat in it.”

Oh. Oh dear.

“She thinks it would be sexy to drive her baby around in style, but of course, safety first!”

That’s a good concern to have, though quite frankly the idea of driving a baby around in a Ferrari is kind of hilarious.

But some point to this and ask if Travis Scott is really prepared to be a father. If he bought a car for his baby mama and didn’t even check to see if it could safely accommodate his baby, is that a responsible choice?

That said … it may be that Kylie bought this for herself. Travis Scott might technically have enough money for a Ferrari, but Kylie could just buy one without a worry. She’s a makeup mogul.

If anyone doubts the enduring clout of her brand, just remember that Kylie tweeted and Snapchat lost $ 1.3 billion in less than a day.

If so, maybe Kylie and Travis will look into getting a nice, real car. Perhaps one that isn’t low to the ground (maybe Kylie doesn’t mind, since she’s short anyway?) and has plenty of room for a car seat and for diaper bags and everything else that parents need.

Assuming that Kylie is mature enough to be seen driving around in a mom car now that she’s a mom.