Ex-‘Bachelorette’ Star Robby Hayes Says Producers Screwed Up Lincoln Adim Situation

JoJo Fletcher’s runner-up on her season of “The Bachelorette” can’t figure out how Lincoln Adim got on the show, because the screening process probes for past crimes. We got Robby Hayes Wednesday in Venice and asked if ‘Bachelorette’…


Lincoln Adim is a Liar, Bachelorette Producers Harshly Allege!

Becca Kurfin claims she fell in love with two men on her current season of The Bachelorette.

But that predicament is nothing compared to the one producers of this show now find themselves in after word spread on Wednesday of Lincoln Adim’s past run-in with the law.

Lincoln is a suitor on Season 14 and, as of this past Monday’s episode, is still in the running for Becca’s heart.

You’ll need to visit our section of The Bachelorette spoilers in order to learn just how far he advances in the weeks ahead – but you only need to scroll down a little bit in order to learn the trouble Lincoln has gotten into.

In May of 2016, Adim sexually accosted a woman on board a cruise ship.

We don’t even need to use the word allegedly in this case because he was actually convicted of this illegal action two years later, just a few days before The Bachelorette premiered.

Press Secretary Jake Wark of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office has said that Lincoln has to register as a sex offender for his behavior, while stating the following in regard to his conviction:

The judge ordered him to stay away from the victim and attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week during those two years.

If he complies with the judge’s orders, he will not have to serve out his term, but if he fails to comply with those orders or re-offends, he could be ordered to serve out the year behind bars.

This was and is clearly a pretty big deal.

So the natural next question to ask is this:

How the heck did Lincoln get approved for the show?!?

How were producers unaware of his assault charge and subsequent conviction?

Simple, they now say in response:

Because Lincoln is a liar!

In a statement released by the press in response to this new Bachelorette scandal, the studio behind the ABC reality series says the following:

“No one on The Bachelorette production had any knowledge about the incident or charges when Lincoln Adim was cast, and he himself denied ever having engaged in or having been charged with any sexual misconduct.”

Well… yeah, right? No d’uh!

Of course Lincoln would deny this.

Why didn’t the team behind The Bachelorette use all the resources at their disposal to find the truth themselves? 

Continues this production company statement:

“We employ a well-respected and highly experienced third party who has done thousands of background checks consistent with industry standards to do a nationwide background check in this case.

“The report we received did not reference any incident or charge relating to the recent conviction – or any other charges relating to sexual misconduct.

The statement concludes:

“We are currently investigating why the report did not contain this information, which we will share when we have it.”

Fair enough. We’ll be curious to read it.

Now, about Garrett Yrigoyen


Teen Mom 2 Cast to Producers: Fire Jenelle & Briana or We’re Done!

If you caught Monday night's Teen Mom 2 season premiere, you know that the series shows no signs of running out of steam in its ninth go-round.

(Okay, technically this is Season 8B, but the distinction is a purely legal one, intended to stave another round of contract negotiations with the cast.)

The debut episode had a little bit of everything – there was talk of shady hookups, allegations of horrendous parenting, and even the occasional glimpse of happy, functional couple (shoutout to the Houska-DeBoer clan).

But perhaps the biggest surprises came in a trailer that offered fans a preview of what's in store for the remainder of the season.

In fact, the montage contained so many shockers that certain members of the cast were downright stunned with what they saw …

1. The Ultimatum

Kailyn leah chelsea
The trailer for Teen Mom 2 Season 8B shows three of the moms sitting down with producers to discuss problems created by their two other cast members – Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus.

2. A Loaded Question

Kail has no sh ts to give
“So what do we do about Jenelle and Briana, so we don’t feel like we have to walk away from the show?” Kail asked her bosses.

3. The Quandary

The quandary
Obviously, Kail’s question puts the show’s producers in a tough spot. We’re sure they care about the cast’s safety and they’d surely love to kick Jenelle to the curb, but canning the most combustible castmembers can often spell the beginning of the end for an aging reality show.

4. Briana Was Not Thrilled

Briana drama
It’s hard to believe that anyone can keep a secret for several months in the age of social media, but apparently, Briana had no idea the meeting took place until she saw the trailer herself.

5. Thoughts From Bri

Briana confronts kail
In a now-deleted tweet, DeJesus expressed her shock that her castmates “had a meeting with the executives” about her. For emphasis, she added, “Holy f-cking sh-t lmao.”

6. Briana Drama, Part Bajillion

Briana is psyched
Of course, a possible confrontation with producers isn’t the only drama on the horizon for Briana this season. In fact, it seems she’s in for plenty of ups and downs…

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Matt Roloff Rips Little People/Big World Producers, Hints Family May Quit

Like son, like father?

About two years after Jacob Roloff walked away from Little People, Big World because he said the show was scripted and his relatives made out to be people they were not…

… Matt Roloff has echoed this sentiment.

Returning to social media after a brief hiatus late last week, the family patriarch engaged a bit with fans on Facebook.

With a new season of Little People, Big World set to (finally!) premiere on April 3, Roloff responded to a complaint on his official account that referenced his ex-wife, Amy, and how recent scenes between the two have been filled with “stress” and “tension.”

This individual said such moments were unpleasant to watch. 

And not only did Matt agree, he blamed producers for artificially creating such scenes, implying that if this continues, he and his loved ones will quit the series.


“I totally agree [with your assessment],” Matt responded, continuing as follows:

“We’ve been pushing the new producers to stop making our show negative and keep the family love and togetherness in the forefront.

“For some reason, these new producers/editors that come in to work…don’t know the show and want to amplify the negative…

“I’m not sure we (the Roloff family) can take that kinda of editing much longer. Errrrr.”

mr response

Whoa there!

That’s quite the statement.

We’ve been writing for several weeks that social media users often go after either Matt or Amy on a regular basis.

Even through this couple divorced way back in May of 2016 and have both happily moved on with new significant others, many fans simply can’t accept this scenario.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that producers may have picked up on this reaction and used the manufactured feud as a way to sell new episodes of the show.

In a clip from the season, for example, we see Matt and Amy arguing over family farm issues.

(You can watch the complete new season preview above.)

Amy, conversely, has also taken to Instagram in anticipation of upcoming episodes.

But she isn’t blasting anyone behind the scenes of them.

She’s expressing extreme excitement over what lies ahead.

“Woohoo! It’s here. LPBW new episodes,” Amy wrote as a caption to a photo of the Roloff farm, adding:

“What a season it will be – life being new parents, managing life after divorce and relationships, Farm, learning to work together and always a family.

“Yep there’ll be some moments but always in telling a story. So hope you’ll be watching NEW episodes of #LPBW, premiering on @TLC Tuesday, April 3rd at 9/8c!

“You can catch up on past seasons now on! You’re awesome! Thanks for all the years of support and encouragement. Couldn’t do this without you.”

It is expected that these new episodes will focus primarily on Zach and Tori Roloff raising son Jackson, along with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff preparing to welcome daughter Ember, who arrived in September.

But Amy does also cite “life after divorce” and “relationships” in her own tease for the show.

She has been dating Chris Marek for about a year now and Matt has been with Caryn Chandler, the former farm manager.

For those unfamiliar with Jacob’s rant from July of 2016, Matt and Amy’s youngest son said at the time that he had enough of filming Little People, Big World.

He said he simply could not handle the phoniness.

“For the sake of ‘the episode’ and ratings I’ve seen a lot of STORYLINES drawn up (loosely) about our lives,” he said that summer.

Jacob continued, holding nothing back:

“And when I was standing here, behind the scenes and watching it from an outside perspective I just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Laughing at how hard the producers have to try to get us to follow the talking points, and at how ridiculous the talking points are.

“The family that is filmed is not my family.

“They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself.”

According to Matt, not much has changed.

But will he and others actually follow Jacob’s lead and leave the show?

Stay tuned to find out.


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‘American Idol’ Alum Jackie Tohn Knows How Producers Know Contestants Are Hooking Up

“American Idol” producers have a tricky way of keeping tabs on contestants looking to sneak out of their rooms to bang other contestants … according to former ‘Idol’ contestant Jackie Tohn. We got Jackie, who was on season 8, Monday…