Cardi B: Offset Shares Nude Photo of His Wife to Promote His Concert!

Last month, Offset was arrested — which was a parole violation. His fans fear that he’ll miss part of his baby’s life if his court battle doesn’t go well.

For now, though, he’s still free and thirsting after his stunning and talented wife, Cardi B. And he wants everyone to know it, too.

In fact, Offset shared a nude pic of her with the world. Take a look:

In the captions of the photo that you are about to see, Offset refers to Cardi as “wifey,” “goddess,” and “beauty.”

He also adds a number of tongue emojis as well as some ring emojis.

Clearly, he remains entranced with Cardi and her incredible post-baby body.

Offset is clearly delighted that he put a ring on it when he did.

And that’s no surprise — just look at how gorgeous she is!

Though Cardi is covering her right nipple with her hand to make the photo Instagram-appropriate, her extensive tattoo is on full display.

She is even wearing bright pink hair as well.

Offset shared the photo with his fans and followers before performing with Migos at Madison Square Garden.

This built up hype for those in the audience who follow him, because Cardi also made an appearance. That was such a treat!

Kylie Jenner isn’t the only one who can promote her baby daddy, after all.

Cardi and Offset even hyped her presence earlier in the day.

The “Bodak Yellow” singer shared a snap of herself in black lingerie on a private plane, captioning it “I’m on my way to you.”

Offset, who could not contain his thirst, commented on the photo, writing: “HURRY HURRY HURRY.”

This guy was so excited to see his wife that his eagerness spilled over onto social media when he could have said that much and more in a text.

But, look at her — can you blame him? The answer is no.

It is probably worth noting that Cardi B was counting down the days until she could bang Offset again.

At the time, she said that doctor’s orders were that she had to wait “three weeks and four days.”

By our math, it has been about that long since she shared that.

We don’t know that Offset taking naked pics of Cardi is necessarily a confirmation that they’re banging again or that her vagina is once again fully armed and operational.

All that the photo confirms is that Cardi looks sexy as hell and her husband wants the whole world to know.

Some people, especially those who have so recently given birth, are reluctant to show off their bodies.

Sometimes it’s because they feel that it’s somehow immoral. Sometimes, they’re ashamed of the shape or features of their body. No matter the reason, it’s a personal choice to be respected.

But we should be equally respectful of those who choose to flaunt their bodies, who see clothing as little more than shiny wrapping paper concealing the real prize inside.

Cardi is no stranger to taking off her clothes, whether it’s before men who are showering them with money or before photographers who are ready to put her on a magazine cover. Good for her.

And good for Offset for being proud of his wife’s beauty instead of strangely ashamed of it. 


Christina Aguilera Goes Topless to Promote Her Liberation Album! Get It, Girl!

Christina Aguilera, the legend herself, is back at it again as she promotes her new album, Liberation.

Xtina already stunned with a bare-faced magazine cover. No makeup, no problem.

Now she’s taking it to the next level by posting with a bare breast. Take a look:

Liberation, which debuted on June 15, has been a long time coming.

Christina put much of her musical career on hiatus for the past several years, but now only is she releasing Liberation — she’s also embarking on her first live tour in about a decade.

Part of that hiatus from music was spent on The Voice, which Christina has since blasted as being “like a prison” and fake.

Now she’s feeling free — thus her new album, her first in six years, is Liberation.

So it’s very fitting that even her breast is free in this photo that her photographer shared on Instagram.

Milan Zrnic is the photographer who snapped a short series of photos of Christina.

As you can see, Christina is topless — in that her breast is bare, her nipple only concealed after-the-fact with a little black censorship bar.

She is technically wearing a blazer, yes, but given that she’s not exactly wearing it as intended, “topless” seems like a perfecly good description.

She looks great, from her face to her very visible boob.

She really does look free.

Which, again, is totally appropriate for the title of her album.

Christina has actually been working on Liberation for four years.

The album features multiple collaborations, including 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla Sign.

Her most notable collaborators include Kanye West.

The infamous musician was a producer on multiple songs on Liberation.

Christina also worked with the gorgeous Demi Lovato. The two talented ladies debuted the single “Fall Into Line” at the Billboard Music Awards last month.

Christina Aguilera was shaded over her AMA tribute to Whitney Houston, but people can still agree that she has an incredible voice.

Rather than relying upon a beat or clever lyrics or next-level edits to carry her, Xtina puts her stock in powerful, mesmerizing vocals.

(Though, to be clear, she does some of that other stuff, too)

Liberation is her eighth studio album, so she is no stranger to success.

Some musicians might have been content to remain on The Voice for years to enjoy ridiculous sums of easy money to sit in a chair and listen to others sing.

But Christina is an artist. She wants to perform. And soon, on her tour, she will.

The Liberation Tour begins soon — on September 25.

Fans will pour into the Hard Rock Arena in Hollywood, Florida to hear her sing for the first time in over a decade.

It will be her fifth tour, the last having concluded in 2007.

Fans will need to act fast to jump on this opportunity — because the tour will conclude on November 13, 2018.

She’ll be ending in St. Petersburg, Florida. The tour will include 24 stops across North America.

Honestly, Christina’s big comeback is such an inspiration and so exciting for her fans. With or without her boob.

But everything’s better with a little boob.


Kylie Jenner Strips Down to Promote Lip Kit, Torture Tyga

It’s been almost three months since Kylie Jenner and Tyga broke up for the 47th and final time, and it seems that Kylizzle is having no trouble leaving her Z-list ex in the past.

According to various sources, Kylie is dating Travis Scott these days and the couple is reportedly moving at breakneck speed.

But Kylie is still a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, which means she’s comprised of roughly 85-90% pettiness.

So when the opportunity to remind an ex of what he’s missing out on arises, you better believe Kylie’s gonna take it.

That’s a photo from Kylie’s latest ad campaign for her famous, eponymous lip kits.

Words fail us at times like these, so we’ll simply quote America’s current poet laureate Kendrick Lamar, who once remarked, “Damn.”

Racy Kylie Jenner selfies are pretty much a daily occurrence on Instagram, but this is some next-level sh-t.

Not only is a lot of skin even by Kylie standards, what we’re looking at her is no mere selfie.

For starters, it’s the work of a professional photographer, which means a lot more thought went into than the typical ‘Gram post.

On top of that, it’s intended to promote Kylie’s lip kits, and we can’t help but notice that lips aren’t really the focal point here.

The whole thing has led many fans to the conclusion that the photo was inspired more by a desire to torture T-Raww than a need to promote Kylie’s already wildly popular cosmetics.

Kylie emulates her older sisters in many ways, and she’s likely learned a lot by Kourtney Kardashians subtle acts of revenge against Scott Disick.

After years of being used, neglected, and manipulated by the Lord, Kourtney decided to launch psychological warfare with unusually risque selfies as her only weapon.

Which means Scott loses and the rest of the world wins.

So is Kylie taking a page from her older sister’s playbook here?

We may never know.

All we can do is hope she sticks with this tactic.

Oh, and that Tyga doesn’t go off the deep end quite as badly as Scott did.

That’s never fun to watch.