David Eason: I’m Proud to Be a Straight, White Redneck!

This not exactly just in:

David Eason is not a fan of the LGBT community.

This may be the least shocking sentence ever written on The Hollywood Gossip, considering Eason’s penchant for slamming homosexuals and transgenders pretty much any chance he gets.

Back in February, for example, he scoffed at the notion that anyone within the aforementioned community is “normal” and said their parents ought to teach them “better morals.”

He also said he would tell his kids to avoid gay people because if you “lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.”

The guy is a real charmer.

You’ve got yourself quite a catch there, Jenelle Evans.

About three days after Eason made the above remarks, he was finally fired by MTV.

But this development did not shut David up. It didn’t make him see any light or arrive at any life-altering realizations.

And it certainly didn’t make him any more tolerant.

Eason has continued to attack pretty much anyone different than he is, with the latest case in point coming in the form of an offensive meme.

It features a bride and a groom and the words: Straight Pride. It’s natural, it’s worked for thousands of years and you can make babies.

This is, of course, an extremely dumb and pointless message.

Go ahead and be proud of your sexual orientation, straight people. Go ahead and make babies. No one is stopping you and no one is judging you for it.

Along with the image and its caption, Eason wrote:

For the people who get offended when you call them what they identify themselves as… I’m also proud to be a white man, a southerner and a redneck! #pride.

David Eason meme

Ah, okay.

So THIS is Eason’s argument, huh?

He’s simply aghast over why he’s received flak, and even been fired from a job, simply because he calls people “whay they identify themselves as?”

Is that what he was doing in this rant earlier this year?

Thankfully, many of Eason’s own followers called him out for his idiocy in response to this meme.

“This is so ignorant David. You have the right to say what you want but this is not necessary you know what your [sic] doing by posting crap like this,” one commenter calmly wrote.

Another replied:

“Freedom of speech is one thing, spreading and inciting hatred is another.”

Well, just to be clear:

Eason is perfectly allowed to express his opinions. No one is violating his freedom of speech.

But there are consequences for expressing those opinions, not the least of which is getting fired from a high-paying job in which you bring your employer shame and criticism.

Eason’s freedom of speech would only be violated if he were imprisoned solely for his beliefs.

Here’s the ultimate irony, however:

Evans herself has basically admitted her husband is intolerant of gay people!

She said as much on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special that aired on Monday night.

“He doesn’t hate those people,” she said of the LGBT community. “He just doesn’t want his kids to grow up and be that way.”

And what if his kids came out as gay?

“He’ll still love them and adore them, but he just wouldn’t agree with their lifestyle,” Jenelle said in defense of Eason, concluding on this special:

“It’s the way he was raised. … [But] he doesn’t run around the house saying, ‘I hate gay people.'”

Oh, he doesn’t?!? We take it all back then!

Why did we ever think Eason thought less of gay people?!? Our bad, guys.

For more on Jenelle standing up for her awful, terrible, close-minded husband, click through the slideshow below:


Kourtney Kardashian Says She’s a “Proud Wife” on Topless Pic! WTH?

This has been one hell of a month for Kourtney Kardashian.

First, she broke up with Younes Bendjima after two years. Days later, she was spotted partying with Scott Disick, though he’s still dating Sofia Richie.

Now she’s posting on social media about being a “proud wife.” What?!

We promise that this will make a little sense in a moment, but you can understand why this post left some people’s heads spinning.

Kourtney shared a photo on her Instagram stories featuring herself topless.

Now, the forbidden lady nipples offend Instagram’s delicate sensibilities, so she slipped those nips behind a censor bar.

Along the censor bar, Kourtney writes the words: “proud wife.”

Take a look:

Kourtney Kardashian Proud Wife

Kourtney may have suspected that some would miss her meaning and wonder if she had lost her mind and married Younes or Scott or some unknown and probably hilarious third option.

Because she added some writing on the side of her image for people to see as soon as they were done recovering from shock and staring at her MILFy toplessness.

“I swear this pic is about Steph’s jeans,” Kourtney scrawls in white captions.

You can see those words, in the lower right hand corner of the photo, if you tear your eyes away from Kourt’s underboob and abs for just a second.

So, the explanation, in case you dedicate your mind to remembering “friend’s birthdays” and “how to drive” instead of filling your gray matter with Kardashians facts.

One of Kourtney’s BFFs is Steph Shep. You might remember that she worked for Kim for a long time but the two parted ways not too long ago after Steph began to feel dissatisfied.

Well, she and Kourt are still super close. And Kourtney is modeling her friend’s jeans.

Not, like, jeans from Steph’s closet. These are jeans designed by Steph.

Steph, as you may recall, often refers to Kourtney as “wife” on social media. Kourt’s caption was a nod to that.

No, Kourtney and Steph are not literally married anywhere outside of some fans’ dreams.

Sometimes straight women refer to their “girlfriend” or even ‘wife” because they are so close to their friends, which has the side effect of leaving gay and bi women very confused.

What Kourt was doing here was more than just a modeling gig. She’s using her Kardashian branding power to promote her friend’s jeans.

And she’s wearing, except for the shoes, nothing but those jeans because she knows that it’ll get more attention.

That is a sign of real friendship, folks.

Kourtney was the first of her siblings to have children, but she hasn’t rushed to the altar like either of her Kardashian sisters.

It is always possible that she could marry one day, but she sure doesn’t have to. For everyone, marriage is an if, not just a when.

If Kourtney does decide to put a ring on it one day, it probably won’t be with Younes. Sorry, but it looks like they’re truly done with each other.

There are still fans that hope that it’ll be with Scott, but that doesn’t seem likely at the moment.

Maybe there’s someone else out there who will check off all of the right boxes with Kourtney. We’ll see.


Jill Duggar Teaches Kids “God’s Plan For Sex” Education, Makes Derick Proud

Jill Duggar is under fire yet again, this time for teaching her young kids sex education, and for the material she’s chosen to do so.

Despite being fired from Counting On, Jill and husband Derick Dillard have stayed in the spotlight thanks to their social media presence.

Even Jim Bob wishes they wouldn’t.

The latest controversy involving the Family Dillard echoes, albeit less drastically, some of the views that led to TLC firing them.

As you can see below, Jill shared a picture on Instagram of the cover of a book that she’s reading to her two young children.

Her sons are 3 and 1, respectively.

Reading to little kids before they can fully comprehend the material is something we all do, but the book here is “The Story of Me.”

The Story of Me

This publication appears to be a sex-education book designed with young children in mind … and a very Duggar one at that.

“Want to teach your kids about the [birds] and the [bees] before someone else does, but you don’t know where to start?” Jill asks.

“Someone [told us] about these books (4 book set) and we love them! Learn more on our *resources page* on our website!” 

Naturally, Jill is shilling for the book as some kind of promotional endeavor, but for once, that’s not where some fans have a problem.

Story of Me

The cover, which boasts the fact that it’s a Christian Book Award winner, proclaims that it will teach us “God’s Design for Sex.” 

The book’s description: “It’s never too early to begin giving your child a practical understanding of his or her unique, beautiful body.”

Nothing too polarizing there. But …

It also explains “why God designed it (your body) to be exactly the way it is.” A thinly-veiled dig at the transgender community?

Maybe not so veiled at all.

It discusses “the specialness of being made a boy or a girl” and “why God wants each baby to have a mommy and a daddy.”

Naturally, fans used to Derick’s social media rants against gay marriage and various transgender stars weren’t too surprised.

Derick has notably gone off on TLC’s Jazz Jennings, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, and the cast of Lost in Transition.

With this context, it’s no surprise that the couple’s surprising sex ed endeavors reopened old wounds with fresh criticism.

Hopefully, impressionable Israel and Sam get a lot out of the “proper names” and “realistic illustrations” of their anatomy.

It’s God’s design, after all.

The wisdom of teaching kids about intimacy at such a young age is debatable in and of itself, but these are the Dillards.

When it comes to indoctrinating the next transphobic and homophobic generation, you might as well start ‘em young?


Colton Underwood: Yes, I’m a Virgin… and Proud of It!

Becca Kufrin narrowed down her list of potential husbands to four people this past Monday night on The Bachelorette.

But most viewers turned off the episode and didn’t focus on her selection of Garrett Yrigoyen, despite his history of racist and intolerant social media messages.

Instead, they focused on her selection of Colton Underwood, due to his history of… not having sex?!?

Indeed, Colton, 26, admitted during this otherwise-boring installment that he had never slipped his penis inside the vagina of a woman.

He’s not overly religious. He isn’t waiting for marriage. Colton simply told Becca that he’s waiting for “the right heart.”

Naturally, Becca listened closely to this confession and then gave Underwood a rose because, come on now. You can’t hear some guy is a virgin and then send him home.

Just think of how that would make yoy look.

Fans, meanwhile, were rather taken aback by this bit of personal news.

Didn’t Underwood date gymnast Aly Raisman? Is he claiming he really never porked her?!? That he was never curious to learn how her flexibility might pay off in bed?

Correct, Colton has written in a follow-up Instagram post.

“On tonight’s episode I talk about something I typically avoid talking about at all costs, but it was appropriate for me to bring up,” Underwood wrote on Instagram upon reflection, adding a couple days ago:

“It’s something that I don’t talk about very often and something that only a handful of people know.”

Now, of course, quite more than a mere handful know about Underwood’s virginity.

But he’s not ashamed of it (nor should he be).

“I considered it a gift and a curse for many years, but finally have come to terms about standing up for who I am and the details that make me, me,” Colton continued.

He then said that he hopes to serve as a role model to others in his situation, adding:

“Anyone who feels like they are hiding their truth out of embarrassment or fear of being judged… I HAVE BEEN THERE.”

Concluded Underwood in this heartfelt post:

You are not alone, I have covered up my truth with lies and tried to “fit in” – while I thought fitting in was what I wanted, I’ve recently learned that being different is what I need.

We all have something that we hold close to us and something that makes us unique in our own ways.

I ask for respect from everyone I meet moving forward and I’m here to call on everyone that needs that extra motivation to be “different” – HERE IT IS.

Be who you are. I love you all.

That’s a pretty great message, isn’t it?

“When the time comes, it’ll happen,” Underwood said on his date with Kufrin.

“I’m not trying to prove anything. It’s just a part of me, you know? I’m not going to have a mistake one night. I want it to be a special moment. I want it to be a gift that I give to somebody.”

So, will Becca be Colton’s first?

You can visit our section of The Bachelorette spoilers to learn whether she chooses him to be her husband and you can join us right now in commending Colton for his admission.

Way to be brave and just put yourself out there, man.