Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: Snuggle Puddle

Floribama Shore has been a wild throwback to the trashy days of MTV’s past, and it’s difficult to believe we’re at the season finale already. 

But here we are, and we have a lot to get through. 

When Floribama Shore Season 1 Episode 9 kicked off, Aimee and Kirk were caught up in a big blowout, and Nilsa was trying to get them to go to bed. 

Yes, Nilsa actually has some sense. Who would have thought it? Nilsa is the Snooki of Floribama Shore, and sense does not come to her naturally. 

Things got rather serious when Kirk took his anger out on a door and went a little too far with his words. 

“She’s lucky that’s not her fucking face, for real,” he said about Aimee who was less than enthused. 

Just when we thought it was all over, Aimee started charging like a wild bull and aimed straight for Kirk. Given how red Kirk was with anger, he should be thankful Gus was around to restrain her. 

Aimee finally opened up about why she lashed out at Kirk, and it was rather sad to watch. 

It turns out, Kirk belittling her was similar to the way her ex treated her, and she was not going to stand for it. 

“No one knows how bad I’ve suffered,” she said while crying as it became apparent that this girl has a dark history with the man. 

The next morning, all of the drama was brushed under the rug because it was family day. Yes, all of the families were making their way down to the shore. 

Remember back on Jersey Shore, Vinny’s family would show up with enough food to feed the entire shore? Yeah, they don’t make them like those anymore. 

“Call my mom hot, we’re fucking fighting,” Kirk warned his fellow housemates. 

Candace seemed the most concerned about her parents making their way into the house because they were super conservative and she did not want them to think less of her. 

Toya and Ray did look around the house like it was the debauchery-filled one they thought it would be. Before they got to speak their minds, Jeremiah appeared to show off his body. 

That kid needs to learn that T-shirts do exist. Something strange happened. Jeremiah hit it off with Ray, and before we knew it, Jeremiah was BFFs with Candace’s parents. 

While Nilsa told all about her failed relationships in the house, her father gave her some words of wisdom that we’re sure no father has ever given his daughter. 

“When you wanna get drunk, you get drunk. When you wanna get laid, you get laid,” he said with a grin. 

The families departed, and it was time for the group to cut the bull and make things right before the end of the summer. 

“I am really, like, genuinely sorry for hitting you with the mayonnaise bottle and pushing you,” Aimee admitted, and Kirk felt the same way. 

Maybe there is hope for this group to be as likable as their Jersey counterparts after all. 

Codi returned to the house and got a little bit more than he bargained for when Aimee and Nilsa flashed him upon his entrance. 

You stay classy, ladies. 

In the end, the group all made personal achievements throughout their time on the show. 

  • Aimee learned that she needed to love herself and not pay attention to what anyone else wants from her. 
  • Gus got a job as a cover boy for romance novels, so he’s definitely moving up in the world. 
  • Kortni finally made her way out of her parents’ home and grew up. 
  • Jeremiah managed to feel less sheltered because he got to show off his abs all day, every day. 

What did you think of the season finale?

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MTV has renewed Floribama Shore for Season 2, and it debuts this summer!