Queen Latifah Pens Emotional Tribute to Late Mother

Queen Latifah is sadly in mourning today.

The long-time artist and actress lost her mother, Rita Owens, on Wednesday, following a very long struggle with a heart condition.

In memory of the person to whom she was closest, Queen Latifah has submitted an emotional and heartfelt statement to People Magazine.

“It is with a heavy heart that I share the news my mother, Rita Owens passed away today,” wrote Latifah, adding:

“Anyone that has ever met her knows what a bright light she was on this earth.

“She was gentle, but strong, sweet, but sassy, worldy but pragmatic, a woman of great faith and certainly the love of my life.”

A former Academy Award nominee, Latifah is the executive producer of The Rap Game and many other television programs.

But she’ll always be her mother’s daughter, first and foremost.

“She had struggled with a heart condition for many years and her battle is now over,” Latifah continued.

“I am heartbroken but know she is at peace. Thank you for your kindness, support and respect for our privacy at this time.

“Much Love, Dana Owens (aka Queen Latif‎ah), forever Rita Owens’ daughter.”

Late Wednesday night, the star shared a video of a photograph of her mother with the caption, “143,” which translates to “I love you.”

She also talked about her bond with her mom back in September, while promoting the film Girls Trip in another interview with People.

“I’ve just learned how much you can love a person and just how strong my mother is,” she said at the time. “I’ve come to respect her in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Owens lived with her condition for years due to medication, a defibrillator in her chest and a special diet.

The latter was low in salt and fat, yet heavy on vegetables.

Latifah also said of her mother:

“I watched her come through so many things, ups and downs, hospitalizations – I mean really being in the ICU for that matter – you know, going through tough times and watching her come back and bounce back and still maintain this sense of humor, and love and drive and will.”

She added:

“I just love her so much more, I respect her so much more. She really just gives me hope for life and the world.”

Back in 2015, Latifah said she often stayed at her mother’s home in New Jersey and concluded that her mom’s health helped her put everything in proper perspective:

“Whatever some tabloid printed means nothing, money doesn’t mean anything, work is great – I work so that I can take care of my family – but the family is the most important thing.”

We send our thoughts to Queen Latifah during this difficult time.


Queen to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Cool It on the PDA, Ya Pervs!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be married in less than two months.

The couple began dating in 2016, and they obviously haven’t wasted any time in rushing to the altar.

Royal romances don’t usually move so quickly (just ask Kate Middleton), but Harry and Meg just couldn’t wait.

As anyone who’s seen the soon-to-be-newlyweds interact in public knows, these two are clearly head over heels for one another.

Most royal watchers seem pleased with the break from stodgy formality, but not everyone feels the same.

In fact, when it comes to stodgy formality, Queen Elizabeth II (or QE2 as she’s known on these streets) is all like, “That’s my sh-t, fam!”

According to the Australian tabloid Women’s Day, the Queen has weighed in on Harry and Meghan’s fondness for PDA, and she is not amused.

“Being affectionate just comes naturally to Harry and Meghan, but it’s totally against royal protocol,” a source tells the mag.

“The queen isn’t thrilled about it at all and word is she summoned Harry to the palace to remind him what’s expected of a royal.”

The insider added that the Queen’s take on premarital displays of affection is downright Duggar-like in its stringency.

“All the hand-holding just isn’t the royal way at all.”

So what comes next for Harry and Meg?

Well, she might be old enough to remember pounding Scotch with Churchill, but for now, at least, the Queen is still the HBIC, and what she says goes.

“He and Meghan will have to tone things down from now on,” says the source.

“Harry has so much respect for his grandmother, and while he doesn’t see anything wrong with what they’re doing in public, he certainly wouldn’t want to be seen as disobeying orders.”

So we suppose we’ll be seeing less of Harry and Meghan daring to make skin-on-glove contact in the weeks to come.

Once the vows are exchanged, however, all bets are off.

Here’s hoping they really stick it to the Queen and signal the start of a new era by live-streaming the wedding night.


The Queen to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: I Hereby Bless You!

The Queen has spoken, folks.

In an official statement issues on Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth II basically looked at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, considered their affection for one another and said the following:

Hey, you kids are alright with me!

Okay, maybe she didn’t use those exact words.

However, as fifth (soon to be sixth, once baby Kate and William arrives!) in line to the throne, Harry must obtain formal permission from his grandmother in order to marry.

So states the Succession to the Crown Act.

And while numerous reports over the past few months have claimed The Queen is totally cool with Markle, this sort of official permission wasn’t granted until the following letter was released by Buckingham Palace.

What’s notable about the letter isn’t just that Elizabeth refers to Harry as her “dearly beloved” grandson, it’s that she uses the given names for both Harry and his fiancee.

“My Lords,” open the statement, which continues in very formal capacity as follows:

I declare My Consent to a Contract of Matrimony between My Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle, which Consent I am causing to be signified under the Great Seal and to be entered in the Books of the Privy Council.

queen statement

So there we have it!

The wedding may get underway as scheduled!

For those somehow not closely following the lives of this heretofore hard-partying Prince and the former Suits actress, Harry and Markle are set to exchange vows on May 19.

The knot-tying will take place at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

No one expected The Queen to object, of course, but Markle is divorced.

This is very common among Americans, however, but it has been frowned upon over the years by Kesington Palace.

In the past, numerous royal relationships have hit a huge snag when a member of this famous yearned to marry a divorcée.

Princess Margaret, for example, was pressured to break off her romance with Captain Peter Townsend because he had previously been married… while King Edward VIII notoriously abdicated the throne to marry a twice-divorced woman named Wallis Simpson.

Markle is also a U.S. citizen.

She’s also mixed-race, with a white mother and a black father.

None of these facts about the beloved ex-actress ought to matter, of course; all that should be considered are her feelings for Harry and vice versa.

But the Royal Family lives by its own rules in many ways.

This is what has made them a source of interest and fascination for decades.

It’s very nice to see Queen Elizabeth leading the charge in easing up on certain guidelines that have been emphasized in the past when it comes to relationships and marriages.

Seriously, anyone who has chronicled the machinations of these folks for years would be stunned to learn that the monarch is down with her grandson marrying anyone who has posed like THIS in her career:

But times have changed and Markle is universally admired.

She and Harry truly do seem so very in love.

We continue to send them our best and we cannot wait for their wedding day!


Meghan Markle Makes First Official Appearance with The One and Only Queen

Call us crazy, but we think this whole Meghan Markle-Prince Harry relationship is getting pretty serious.

We got this inkling back when the two first got together… and then it grew stronger last summer after Harry released a public statement that asks trolls to leave his girlfriend alone.

Then Harry went ahead and proposed to Markle.

And now with their wedding scheduled for May 19, we think there may be something really brewing between the former Suits actress and the hard-partying Brit.

It’s worth keeping your eye on at least.

The latest sign that Markle and Harry are more than a mere fling arrived on Monday morning when the star joined Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family in a first official joint engagement at Westminster Abbey.

As you can see above and below, Markle donned a creamy white coat by Amanda Wakeley over a dark dress and was joined, of course, by her fiance for the occasion.

Prince William and Kate Middleton also took part in the Commonwealth Day service, which is an annual inter-faith gathering broadcast live to celebrate the queen’s lifetime commitment to the Commonwealth.

Markle’s inclusion marks the latest example of her preparing to join this legendary group of relatives forever.

(For those interested:

The 91-year old Queen is head of the Commonwealth, defined as a global network of 53 countries with more than two billion people. This morning’s Abbey service is the largest annual interfaith gathering in the United Kingdom.)

Markle continues to make quite the impression in public.

She wears the perfect outfit. She says the perfect thing. She may very well have a perfect smile.

She’s even responded as maturely and as reasonably as one could to dangerous, racist attacks over the past several months.

Elsewhere, we’ve learned that Kate Middleton has organized an amazing bachelorette party for her soon-to-be-sister-in-law.

The impending festivities will include a great deal of wine and Dom Perignon champagne, a photo booth… and even karaoke!

“Kate is determined to make it an unforgettable occasion,” an insider tells In Touch Weekly, adding:

“There will be no expense spared. She wants Meghan to be reminiscing about it for years to come.”

For the record, this gathering will be a separate affair from Markle’s bridal party.

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II, apparently will be a part of this wild and crazy get-together.

Writes the aforementioned tabloid:

“Those close to Meghan are already betting that the queen will surprise Meghan with some sexy underthings.”

This may be the single funniest rumor we’ve ever seen reported by a magazine.

We’ve been wrong at least once before, but we somehow doubt the Queen will be gifting Markle with any sexy underthings prior to her wedding.


Leonardo DiCaprio: Hooking Up With Engaged Beauty Queen?

As you may have heard, the 2018 Oscars were held last night, and while the event was met with a collective shrug and record low ratings, it was an interesting ceremony for a number of reasons.

Change was the theme of the evening, with stars speaking out on issues ranging from the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals to the plight of the young “dreamers” impacted by DACA legislation.

But while one could sense a turning of the tide at the ceremony, it sounds like it was business as usual at the raucous after-parties, where Leonardo DiCaprio was doing what he does best.

To be clear, no one’s ever accused Leo of being anything but a gentleman, and we have no reason to believe he has a #MeToo moment in his future.

In some ways, however, he represents the Hollywood old guard that took a step away from the spotlight last night.

But it sounds like Leo was happily filling the role he was born to play as he party-hopped last night.

According to Radar Online, DiCaprio was spotted getting friendly with recently-corwned Miss California, Kelley Johnson.

“Leo’s head turned the minute he saw her, everyone knows he has a thing for blondes,” a witness tells the outlet.

“They were in a group together talking for quite some time and he told her he was ditching to go for dinner at Delilah,”

Now, Leonardo DiCaprio hooking up with blondes is like the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

For decades, Americans have comforted themselves with the knowledge that no matter how turbulent their lives may seem, they can rest easy knowing that Leo is probably banging a blonde at that very moment.

It’s a source of stability in an increasingly unstable world.

This time, however, the situation is a little different.

Apparently, Kelley is happily engaged.

Now, to be fair, no one knows for sure if Leo and Kelley hooked up.

But they were spotted talking closely at a party and he invited her to dinner … and this is Leonardo DiCapro we’re talking about.

Kelley took to Instagram last night to gush about how much she enjoyed herself at Hollywood’s biggest night:

“At one point last night I was *literally* standing between Usher, Toby McGuire, and Leonardo DiCaprio looking across the room at The Weeknd, Robert Pattinson, Drake, Dana White, Emma Stone, Vince Vaughn, Ashley Graham, Brittany Snow, John Mayer, Andy Bravo, and sooooo many more incredibly talented people in Paul McCartney’s house.

I know. It’s crazy to me, too. Meeting you all was a dream, it simply could not have been real.

Thank you, WME and Miss Universe, for inviting me to your Oscar Nomination party. And thank you, Leonardo DiCaprio for letting us sit at your table at Delilah afterwards. Last night was one of the best nights of my entire life.”

Some states get all the luck.

Somewhere, Miss Idaho is pinning a ribbon on some farmer who grew a 40-poind potato.