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Queen Guitarist Brian May Blast Off With My NASA-Inspired Song … It’s Outta This World!!!

Queen guitarist Brian May is here to make you super pumped about outer space and science, because he just dropped a theme song for NASA’s New Horizons mission … and it rocks!

Brian’s famous for playing lead guitar for the classic rock band, but he’s also an astrophysicist who’s been working with NASA’s New Horizons team as it sends a probe to the outer reaches of our solar system … and he’s combined his two passions to create a mission anthem that’s cooler than Pluto!

Brian dropped the New Horizons tribute song on New Year’s Eve, coinciding with the NASA spacecraft reaching Ultima Thule in the icy Kuiper belt … and we gotta say, the track stacks up pretty well to Queen’s soundtrack for “Flash Gordon.” 

As for the story behind the song … Brian was reportedly reluctant to work his rock star magic when a New Horizons colleague asked him to write a song for the mission, because Brian felt it was almost impossible to rhyme with Ultima Thule.

Brian says he eventually started hearing music in his head sounding like “an object plummeting through space” and his creative juices started flowing and the song was born. 

We’re guessing Freddie Mercury would’ve been down with the space-themed jam too.  

Beyonce Music Leaks Under ‘Queen Carter’ … But Don’t Freak Out, It’s Old

Beyonce fans thought they were getting an early Christmas gift with some surprise new music, but it turns out … the Queen’s songs were more like classics.

Two albums worth of Beyonce music leaked late Thursday on both Apple and Spotify under the name Queen Carter, sparking a brief online frenzy … until people realized the tracks were old.

The albums — titled “Have Your Way” and “Back Up, Rewind” — contained old demos and previously unreleased tracks by Bey … even strangely including “Hey Goldmember” from the soundtrack for 2002′s “Austin Powers in Goldmember.” All the tracks were removed by midnight.

The leak seems to be the work of hackers, because the same thing happened to SZA — an album of her older demos hit streaming services under the name Sister Solana. She said the songs were “random scratches from 2015″ … but not new.

There is some consolation for the Beyhive, though … because the Queen did recently release something new — a photo of her 18-month-old twins, Rumi and Sir.

The adorable pic was taken in India last week while Beyonce was there for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra‘s wedding.