Roloff Thanksgiving Photo Raises One MAJOR Question

The cast of Little People, Big World had a whole lot to be thankful for this year.

Over the past six months, the Roloffs have welcomed two precious and healthy babies into the world:

A boy named Jackson Kyle, welcomed by Tory and and Zach back in May; and a girl named Ember Jean, welcomed by Audrey and Jeremy in September.

Just as special for this family, nearly everyone was available for Thanksgiving on Thursday, gathering at matriarch Amy’s home for a lovely feast.

The eldest female Roloff shared the above photo on her Instagram account and included with it the caption below:

My kids. This is what I’m thankful for. Love them forever and always. So happy to have Molly in town and Joel arrives Wednesday.

Jackson is sleeping. There is always something/someone to be thankful for in our lives!

What a sweet picture, right?

No Internet user is denying that (how could they?!?), but some have analyzed Amy’s words, along with an image/caption posted by Tori, and wondered something about the TLC stars.

First, Tori’s photo:

Now, Tori’s caption:

My people… the Roloff boys really know how to pick ‘em. I love the holidays and how they bring us all together! Love you sisters and MIL! #seestorsfolife

Notice how Amy referred to everyone as her “kids?”

And how Tori used the word “sisters?”

These references have left some astute followers curious as to whether Jacob Roloff has proposed to girlfriend Isabel Rock.

Chatter over the status of these love birds has been going strong ever since Isabel said she’s facing a “life changing decision” a few weeks ago.

Considering how long these two have been together and how in love they appear to be, it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Jacob had popped the question and Tori really does have another official “sister” in the family.

(Or will in the near future, that is.)

Many Little People, Big World viewers are just happy Jacobi s back in his family’s good graces.

He was estranged for them after he quit the show last summer and accused his relative of being phony.

But he’s since admitted that was a tad bit immature and has been spending more and more time with everyone of late.

Does this mean we’ll see Jacob on future episodes of Little People, Big World?

That’s another question we can’t help but consider.

One thing is for certain:

Jackson, Tori and Zach will be on the new season.

Another thing is for certain: they are a certifiably adorable family!

The same can be said for the entire Roloff clan, really.

While you marvel over the above Thanksgiving photos, take a look at a full album of cute snapshots below!


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The speculation is over: Joy-Anna Duggar really is pregnant with her first child.

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It's never exactly shocking when a member of the Duggar family announces she is expecting, but Joy-Anna is a teenager who only just got married in May.

We don't know exactly when Duggar is due, but Internet have a lot of questions over this pregnancy and whether Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth broke a major family rule in order to make their baby…

1. We’ll Start with Her Announcement

Well start with her announcement
It was accompanied by this very sweet photo. And Joy-Anna did receive her fair share of congratulatory messages…

2. For Example:

For example
Say what you want about the elder Duggars, but their kids have all turned out pretty cute and stable so far, it’s true.

3. Hooray!

The family would never have remained on TV for this long if it didn’t have a dedicated and passionate base of fans out there.

4. Is There a Secret?

Is there a secret
Aside from having sex with no protection, that is?

5. I Don’t Want to Be Rude, But…

I dont want to be rude but
Joy-Anna’s appearance, combined with some basic math, has raised a few questions among some supporters.

6. Did We Say "Questions?"

Did we say questions
We mean definitive statements from some who are convinced Joy-Anna and Austin got to know each other (down there!) prior to marriage.

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But what was the biggest twist on a show best known for its totally crazy twists?

Consider the 12 wildest developments in Pretty Little Liars history below and decide for yourself:

1. A TWIN!

A twin
Mrs. DiLaurentis might be dead. But Mary Grace, her mysterious twin who viewers learned about on the Season 6 finale, is very much alive.

2. Alison is Alive!

Alison is alive
Many viewers out there may have seen this one coming, but did they see her acting as the “good” version of Red Coat coming?

3. Mona is A!

Mona is a
Well, one version of A. The impact of this stunner has lessened over time as Mona’s allegiances remain murky.

4. Toby is a Member of the A Team!

Toby is a member of the a team
Our jaws crashed to the floor when we saw it was Toby undernearth that hood. But we then learned he was just acting evil in order to help Spencer.

5. Spencer is Also on the A Team!

Spencer is also on the a team
Again, not really. She just faked being a member in order to help out the other Liars, but we weren’t certain of this when the bombshell dropped in Season 3.

6. Ezra is a Stalker!

Ezra is a stalker
Once again, not really. (Are you sensing a pattern here?). While it seemed at first as if Ezra were a villain, he was actually just writing a crime novel about Alison and that was his reasoning for why he was stalking them and had two creepy lairs with surveillance.

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Christina El Moussa’s Son Falls Into Pool, Child Protective Services Question HGTV Star

In a word? YIKES!

In another word? PHEW!

Earlier this week, the 20-month old son of HGTV stars Christina El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa took a frightening tumble.

While being watched by a nanny at Christina’s home, young Brayden fell into the family pool.

The nanny immediately jumped in after the toddler, but Christina decided to take her child to the hospital anyway, just to be sure everything truly was okay.

And it is, according to an E! News source who said on Tuesday night:

“Thankfully all is fine and Brayden is doing great.

“He’s his happy, healthy self and Christina was being overly cautious by taking him to the hospital to be checked out.”

Despite very little harm coming out of what was clearly a mistake, Child Protective Services actually questioned the Flip or Flop and the nanny at the hospital.

However, according to this same source, “CPS being called is part of protocol for water-related issues.”

About six weeks ago, meanwhile, Christina was actually criticized after sharing a photo (below) of her six-year old daughter, Taylor, some of Taylor’s friends and little Brayden playing in and around her above-ground pool.

A few critical Instagram followers called El Moussa out for taking this sort of risk.

“No one is a hater, but as a mother it is scary to have a toddler being that close to a pool!” wrote Instagram user luvmyhub3.

Christina shot back at the time with sarcasm and anger.

“OMG 1. It’s a beach entry if he fell in it’s only a foot high, he would be ok 2. It’s not his first time in or around the pool,but thanks for your “concern” aka judgment,” she wrote in March, concluding:

“AND most importantly I am right there and could be to him in 3 seconds SMH at this …..!!!!”

Fast forward to yesterday and it was the nanny who had to jump in and rescue Brayden in these three seconds.

But even Tarek El Moussa doesn’t see much of a concern over what transpired in his former backyard.

A rep for the reality star describes this accident as “a non-incident” to Radar Online, adding simply of the infant:

“He fell in the pool, and he went to the hospital as a precaution. Everything is fine.”

Christina had just returned from a trip to Santa Barbara (where she got a tattoo of her kids’ birthdays on her wrist) when Brayden took his tumble.

She has received flak in the past for posing with her daughter in a bikini, but overall, she and Tarek have maintained throughout their break-up that serving as responsible parents is all that matters to them.

“Our primary focus is and always will be our kids,” Christina told Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan in February, adding:

“We continue to work together and there’s a lot of  false stories and a lot of hype, but, in the end, we’re just normal, nice people who just want to be the best parents.”

And Tarek echoed this sentiment when speaking the same week with The Today Show.

“The number one goal is to co-parent our children,” he said at the time. “We have to make sure we remain friendly because we know how important it is for them to have good parents.”

We’re just glad little Brayden is safe and sound.

That’s the important thing here.