Jill Duggar: Is She Questioning Her Faith In God?!

Essentially, the Duggars are famous for two things – being very fertile and being very religious.

The two conditions are inextricably linked, of course, as only people who believe they’ll go to eternal hell if they use condoms would subject themselves to the temporary hell of raising 19 children.

Just kidding, Duggars!

Anyway, it seems Jill Duggar is proving to be an unexpected rebel in more ways than one.

Not only has she yet to sire an entire baseball team’s worth of children (complete with full pitching staff and designated hitters), but fans think she might be turning her back on her faith.

In a recent Instagram post, Jill revealed that she’s currently reading a book with the rather ambitious title of The Story of Reality.

“Wow! I’m not even finished with this book yet and it’s so good! Just read chapters 13-15 today. If you’ve ever wondered #whydoesgodallowsuffering or you’ve stopped believing in God then you’ve gotta read this book!” Jill wrote.

“I could never give up on God, our father,” one user wrote, apparently under the impression that Jill was questioning her faith.

“He is the reason we are all here, on the earth he made. You just need to remember to believe in him.”

At one point a user who identified herself as an atheist congratulated Jill on opening herself up to new ideas.

Needless to say, the situation threw some of Jill’s more pious followers for a loop.

“This is a Christian book and how everything in the world ties in with God. People are making ignorant assumptions and haven’t even bothered to learn what this book is about,” one user argued.

Indeed, according to a description on the book’s Amazon page, The Story of Reality makes an argument for “Christianity as a true story of how the world began.”

So relax, folks – it appears that Jill has no intention of deviating from the belief system she was raised with.

But that’s not stopping the debate from raging on Jill’s Instagram page.

For some of her followers, the most interesting part of Jill’s latest post has nothing to do with her beliefs, and everything to do with to do the most compelling word in the book’s title – reality.

When Derick Dillard attacked Jazz Jennings on Twitter, he launched his tirade by accusing the teen of starring in “a reality show that promotes an unreality.”

Derick was fired by TLC for his harassment, and some former fans couldn’t resist the opportunity to remind Jill of her family’s latest scandal:

“The Reality is that your homophobic husband got fired from the show! Perfect outcome!” wrote one IG user.

Watch Counting On online for more of the Duggars’ take on reality.


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Tyga COLLAPSES During Questioning About Kylie Jenner Gifts

Though these days he’s best known as Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Tyga is a rapper whose career could be described as wildly successful by the standards of the 47 million people who describe themselves as rappers…

…and a completed dud by the standards of the few dozen people who are legitimately famous and rap for a living.

At one point, the guy probably made a hell of a living off his music, but those days are decidedly done, and while his relationship may keep him in the tabloid headlines, “professional Kylie boyfriend” doesn’t seem to be a particularly well-paying gig.

Rumors about Tyga’s money problems have been circulating for months, and the latest evidence that the 26-year-old emcee is struggling financially surfaced yesterday in somewhat disturbing fashion.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Tyga participated in a “debtors examination” as part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by celebrity jeweler Jason Arabeshan.

Arabeshan claims that Tyga owes him $ 280,000 for services rendered.

The rapper has plenty of cash for buying Kylie Jenner flashy cars, but apparently doesn’t have enough to settle his debt with Arabeshan.

Not surprisingly, the question of how T-Raww is able to finance lavish gifts for his girlfriend but can’t get himself out of debt was a major subject of interest during yesterday’s inquiry.

However, that line of questioning didn’t get very far, as Tyga had to be rushed from the room after experiencing some sort of medical emergency.

“[Tyga] wasn’t well enough to proceed about two hours into the examination,” an attorney for Arabeshan told People magazine.

The lawyer didn’t throw any direct shade, but he did imply that Tyga wasn’t equipped to answer the the investigators’ questions:

“Considering there are a number of documents we had asked for him to produce that he had not brought with him and the fact that we still have a lot more questions to ask, we have agreed for him to return with the documents on Nov. 1 for the remainder of the examination,” he told People.

“He answered questions to the best of his ability – there were some things he couldn’t remember, but we did not feel he was being evasive. After a couple of hours he felt unwell.”

Fortunately, insiders say Tyga is feeling better after reportedly losing consciousness in the interrogation.

Maybe we should say he’s “physically” feeling better.

Financially, the dude is still ailing.