Siggy Flicker: I Quit The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

Siggy Flicker has sent a couple messages to The Real Housewives of New Jersey:

One would be this:

See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

And the other would be this:

Peace out, mother effers!

What we’re trying to say it this:

Flicker has quit the Bravo reality hit after just two seasons as a regular cast member.

After joining the series in 2015, Flicker has struggled to catch on with viewers, while also feuding endless with various colleagues.

Of late, for example, the irritating 50-year old got into it with Margaret Josephs after the women went to Milan … and Josephs accused Flicker of being “anti-Semitic” due to a comment about Adolf Hitler.

Yeah, Awkward.

“Looking back at the show I truly wanted to make a difference for Jersey and in Jersey and I realized that I had too many obstacles working against me and I couldn’t do it,” Flicker told Us Weekly, pretty hilariously, upon announcing her decision to leave.

(We’re just saying: if you want to make a difference for Jersey and in Jersey, appearing on this reality show isn’t really the way to do it.)

Added Flicker:

“I feel like I lost the battle but I won the war because at the end of the day, everyone’s goal should be … to be happy.

“And there is nothing more that I love than myself, my husband and my family too much for them to be unhappy and for me to be unhappy.”

Along those lines, Flicker wrote the following as a caption to the image below:

Celebrate life. Celebrate love. Your life. Your rules. Surround yourself with the best of the best & you will flourish every single day! #love

Meanwhile, a production insider tells the aforementioned tabloid that Flicker thinks she received a rough edit this season and felt “betrayed” by production.

“There’s not a chance she’ll go back. She feels liberated,” the source added.

Of course, there are always two sides.

And the opposite side says Flicker was tough to work with and that her future on the series would have been bleak even if she had not arrived at this decision to walk away.

“She was not going to be asked back,” alleges this source.

“Fan reaction about her has been very negative, especially with what she has posted on social media.”

What do you think?

Will you still watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online or on TV, even with Siggy Flicker?

Elsewhere, the now FORMER star said the following to Bravo’s The Daily Dish:

“After much reflection and Bravo’s support, I have decided that this will be my last season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“I am grateful to the network for allowing me to be part of this successful franchise and wish only the best for Teresa [Giudice], Melissa [Gorga], Dolores, Danielle [Staub] and Margaret.

“At this time, I want to focus on my beautiful family, my growing business and some exciting new projects.”


Derick Dillard Lashes Out at Fans: I QUIT Counting On & So Did My Wife!

The rapid unraveling of Derick Dillard continued yesterday, as Jill Duggar’s husband posted a series of irate tweets, in which he  explained that parting ways with TLC was his decision, not the network’s.

It was previously reported that Derick had been fired from Counting On due to his controversial comments toward transgender teen and fellow TLC reality star Jazz Jennings.

Now, Dillard says he was not fired, but in fact quit the show due to differences of opinion.

“Unbelievable what’s considered newsworthy these days, but then again this is how I heard I was ‘fired,’” Dillard wrote in response to a Fox News tweet about his firing.

“For the record, I was never fired. I just felt it was best for my family to cut ties months ago, as we are heading in a different direction.”

Derick went on to claim that he “never worked” for TLC, which seems to be his way of saying that he was never under contract with the network.

“Yes, I’m no longer doing [the show], but nowhere did they say that I was fired,” Derick wrote. “Big difference. You can’t be fired from somewhere you never worked.”

“That’s what’s so funny. I was fake fired from my fake job,” he added.

“PR must be their justification. See it is funny, you’re laughing too lol.”

Despite his claim that he left the network by choice and was never really employed there, Derick clearly feels some bitterness toward TLC.

It’s not the first time Dillard has claimed that he quit, but it is the first time that he revealed his wife, Jill, will no longer be appearing on Counting On.

When a fan asked Derick, “So you guys aren’t on the show anymore?” the 28-year-old former accountant quickly replied, “Correct.”

So it seems viewers may have seen the last of fan favorite Jill.

Naturally, the revelation that the Dillards will be stepping away from the spotlight has further fueled rumors that Derick was caught cheating on Jill, but it seems unlikely that we’ll ever receive any sort of confirmation on that.

The fact that she’ll no longer be appearing on television may help explain some recent changes in Jill’s appearance.

Jill’s been sporting a nose piercing, henna tattoos, and other non-Duggar-approved fashion statements.

Perhaps life away from the glare of the spotlight offers some advantages, after all.

Watch Counting On online for more from Jill and Derick’s controversial marriage.


Derick Dillard: I Wasn’t Fired from Counting On, I QUIT!

Derick Dillard sure does love being the worst, right?

He’s always been … well, he’s never been that great, but for the past few months, he’s really been trying to be just awful.

For some reason, back in August he decided to publicly attack Jazz Jennings, a teenage girl who also has a show on the TLC network.

He did this because Jazz is transgender, and he felt (and still feels, we’re sure) that he had the ability and the right to announce to the world that being transgender is not a real thing.

“What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality,” he tweeted. “‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

Or maybe Jazz knows herself better than Derick knows her, could that be possible?

When he started getting some backlash for his dumb remark, he doubled down on his ignorance, writing “I want to be clear. I have nothing against him. I only have issues with the words and definitions being propagated here.”

Except Jazz isn’t a “him,” she’s a “her,” and if he really wanted to take issue with “words and definitions,” perhaps he shouldn’t have called a sweet girl he doesn’t even know “a non-reality.”

A few days after that, Derick seemed to reference the situation yet again, tweeting “It seems the truth is relative these days. So glad my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! His word is always perfect! #Hebrews13.”


Since then, he’s been retweeting transphobic quotes, he’s been supporting a boycott of Target because of their policy of letting transgender people use the correct bathrooms.

And last month, he went after Jazz AGAIN, tweeting “I pity Jazz, 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions to be made by a child.”

“It’s sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way. Again, nothing against him, just unfortunate what’s on tv these days.”

His obsession with Jazz is so bizarre, and given that she is a child, it’s extra inappropriate.

And considering the fact that she’s a child who also happens to technically be a co-worker of his?

It’s no wonder TLC kicked him to the curb.

Shortly after that last tirade against Jazz, TLC tweeted from their official account that “We want to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard has not participated in Counting On for months. The network has no plans to feature him in the future.”

“We want to reiterate that Derick’s personal statements do not reflect the views of the network. TLC is proud to share the story of Jazz Jennings and her family and will continue to do so.”

So that seems pretty clear, right? TLC obviously didn’t appreciate Derick’s words, and so the Dillards are gone from our televisions.

And not a moment too soon!

A few days after that, Derick addressed the issue, again on Twitter. He wrote “Thank you to all those who have supported us and given us so many words of encouragement recently. God bless you all!”

But this weekend, he’s been sharing bit of a different view.

For some reason, he decided to tweet a link to a story that was published last month — one about his firing.

“Unbelievable what’s considered newsworthy these days, but then again, this is how I first heard that I was ‘fired,'” he wrote.

“For the record, I was never fired. I just felt it best for my family to cut ties months ago, as we are heading in a different direction.”

Oh, OK. Sure.

Someone replied, mocking him for thinking that people would actually believe that he quit the show that surely paid him a nice salary for doing next to nothing.

“Think again,” Derick responded. “I only left my accounting job because I was offered a missions job with SOS. And yes, we were commissioned missionaries, endorsed by our church.”

“Please be careful where you get your information. There’s a lot of garbage out there, that has no fiber of truth.”

Is he trying to say that TLC didn’t pay him for appearing on Counting On? That he’s been living as a humble missionary all these years, just getting by with his church’s endorsement?

Not even a word of thanks towards all those poor fans who have donated money to him?

We’d ask this guy to get it together, but let’s be real, there’s really no hope left for that, is there?


Rain Brown: Wanting to Quit Alaskan Bush People?!

Considering that Alaskan Bush People is in production limbo while Ami Brown undergoes cancer treatments, we don’t know when the new season will begin.

But though the Brown family is living large in a mansion during this hiatus, you figure that, sooner or later, they’ll retreat back into the wilderness to continue filming.

Rain Brown said something recently, however, that has fans concerned. it sounds like she wants to quit the show!

We absolutely love that Rain Brown is on social media.

Her posts and photos are a great insight into her life and thoughts — sides to her that we would never get to see on a series that follows the entire family.

And as carefully as we follow Ami Brown’s chemotherapy treatments, we — and all fans of Alaskan Bush People — need to see that the rest of the family is coping during this trying experience.

Remember — cancer patients don’t go through their cancer battles alone.

Their loved ones are in the thick of it with them.

Just as when we were excited to learn of Noah Brown’s engagement finally being official and confirmed, we welcome any positive news about the family.

Rain Brown, however, the youngest of the Brown clan at just 14 years old, has revealed more than just her quirky side and fondness for equality over Instagram.

Rain Brown is depressed. And this is not a new development, either.

What’s worse, she’s often felt sidelined or ignored when speaking about her battle with depression.

No one should be dismissed because of their youth.

In fact, teens and preteens experiencing depression can be at extremely high risk, which is why treatment is so important. Hormones and a tumultuous social life can both work to exacerbate depression symptoms.

And Ami Brown’s cancer battle must also be taking its toll.

Rain’s alarming new post doesn’t refer to any of that, but you can see how it all might be an influence if she’s tired of being on Alaskan Bush People.

The picture is fine (it looks like a still from a Vine, actually; gosh I miss Vine), but the caption is what has fans worried.

“This is my I don’t really want to take this picture but I love the person who I’m taking it for look #yup #idontwannadothisanymore #hurtinginside #staystrong #stayhappy”

In case you find hashtags overwhelming, Rain wrote: “I don’t wanna do this anymore” and “hurting inside.”

Both of those tags are huge red flags — not only for her mental health, but for fans of the series who enjoy he role on the show.

Fans were quick to comment, and Rain Brown even responded. …

One fan wrote:

“If you want to quit, then stop. You will be so missed. I so look forward to your posts. If you need to get out of the public eye do it! You can’t be strong for others if you don’t take care of yourself.”

Honestly, Rain Brown is a minor, so we doubt that she ever had much of a choice to begin with and we don’t know that she gets to decide that for herself now, either.

Rain jumped in, however, and replied:

“I was actually talking about taking a picture lol.”

We have to say that “hurting inside” sounds a little more serious than posing for a photo, but it may be that her humor isn’t translating well over Instagram.

But that’s okay. She’s 14 and she’s just figuring out how to (and how not to) deliver her quirky brand of humor to her fans.

This is a relief. Though, as long as the show remains in hiatus for Ami Brown’s treatments and recovery, we won’t know for sure if the show will go on.


Nathan Griffith to Jenelle Evans: Quit Lying and Just Be a Good Mom!

So hey, who do you think is more trustworthy, Jenelle Evans or Nathan Griffith?

If that question makes you want to scream and cry and rip your face off, you’re not alone.

After all, Jenelle and Nathan are both terrible in their own, special ways.

With Jenelle, we’ve seen her bad behavior in action for years on Teen Mom 2 — her frequent arrests for drugs and assaults, the way she constantly chooses men over her children, the horrible way she treats her mother, that bizarre habit she has of being completely and totally delusional.

We could go on and on, obviously.

But while Jenelle is awful, Nathan is no gem himself. He’s got several DUIs, not to mention all those domestic violence charges, and the way he treated Jenelle when they were dating was just reprehensible.

It’s really, really hard to support either of them for any reason whatsoever.

Still, we’re going to have to go ahead and declare ourselves Team Nathan for the moment, as shameful as that may be.

See, the Teen Mom universe is still reeling from that great big fight Jenelle and Nathan had over the weekend, the one that was so bad that it stopped production on the Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

When we first heard about the fight, sources claimed that the issue began when Jenelle saw Nathan’s girlfriend, Ashley Landhardt, hug her mother.

Jenelle went off on Ashley, Nathan stepped in to defend her, and then Jenelle called in David Eason, all while a gaggle of Teen Mom kids were playing nearby.

In that original report, Jenelle came off as pretty unhinged, just like always, but she hopped on Instagram on Sunday to explain her side of the story.

In her version of events, Ashley attacked her out of nowhere, and she was so aggressive that MTV security had to pin her against the wall to stop her from coming after her.

Poor Jenelle, the perpetual victim, was simply trying to give her son a hug, but Nathan wouldn’t allow it, even though Kaiser was screaming for Jenelle and David throughout the fight.

She was hurt because Nathan was trying to keep her from Kaiser, and because her mother had hugged her ex’s new girlfriend when she hadn’t hugged her.

It sure is tough to be Jenelle.

But after she posted her video, Nathan posted one of his own.

And it sounds like he remembers things going down differently.

According to Nathan, Jenelle’s claim that Ashley attacked her is “a straight lie,” and what really happened was that Jenelle came up behind Ashley to tell her “I thought you didn’t want to film, bitch.”

He says that Ashley actually didn’t film anything, and she has no interest in doing so — she hasn’t signed a release, so he can’t even mention her name on the show. She was just there to support him.

It’s not really clear why Ashley filming would be a big deal anyway, since goodness knows Jenelle’s had plenty of significant others who were eager for MTV stardom.

But anyway.

Nathan says that he tried to pull Ashley away from Jenelle, and that he told her not to engage with the drama, but Jenelle wouldn’t leave them alone.

Things got so bad that he asked a producer for security to take her away from them, but that never happened — he thinks it’s because he’s a guy and Jenelle, the person doing the attacking, is female.

He says that Jenelle chased them down the hall, and when they got to the area where his mother, Doris, was, she started yelling at her, too.

He also calls her out for insisting on MTV paying for her to stay in a rental home while the rest of the cast members (including her own children) stayed in a hotel because she was concerned about her safety following the Las Vegas shootings.

You can’t make this stuff up, friends.

From there, Nathan reveals that he actually brought his own drug tests for Jenelle and David to do on the show to prove that they’re clean, but they refused.

That part makes sense, obviously — don’t act like you’d agree to a drug test under those bizarre circumstances — but he did say that it may have been because David “looked higher than a f-cking kite.”

Then, in a rare moment of wisdom, he says that “Everybody just needs to get along. Everybody needs to surround this kid with love.”

“I don’t care what we had in the past, these kids just need love, and they’re going to absorb all this hate and all this violence around them, and you can’t raise kids like that.”

“She needs to be drug tested,” he insists, “she needs to start taking responsibility of these children and start being an involved parent that doesn’t worry about herself or what’s going on in everybody else’s life.”

How’s that for some real talk?

Next, Nathan addressed Jenelle’s claims that Kaiser was crying for David — he said that never happened, that he did cry for Jenelle a few times, but only because he wasn’t giving him what he wanted at the time.

After the fight, he says that Kailyn Lowry didn’t even film her segment because she didn’t want her kids to be around that kind of nonsense.

And during it, Chelsea Houska offered to take Kaiser into a separate room and take care of him until Jenelle could be calmed.

Because everyone is cool, it seems, except for Jenelle.

Then Ashley herself steps in and confirms his story, adding that she has no problem with Jenelle, and she just wants Jenelle and Nathan to be able to co-parent peacefully.

Someone leaves a comment on the video, suggesting that Jenelle is being so difficult because she’s still in love with Nathan, and she seems to agree.

We’d have to agree too — Jenelle seems pretty darn jealous in all this.

And Nathan’s story seems a whole, whole lot more believable than hers.

Your move, Jenelle!


Kailyn Lowry Slams Jenelle Evans’ Threat to Quit: Yeah, Right!

Teen Mom 2 might be about to lose one of its most controversial stars, as Jenelle Evans has threatened to quit. The Carolina Hurricane claims that MTV is making her and her husband look bad.

Who better to weigh in on that than one of Jenelle's costars?

In the video below, you'll see Kailyn Lowry share exactly what she thinks of that. And she gets in a nice burn about Jenelle in the process.

The Jenelle Evans rant that prompted all of this was Jenelle going on Instagram to threaten to quit Teen Mom 2.

"Yes, me and David have our ups and downs but yesterday’s episode was uncalled for."

We know that this will shock you, folks, but Jenelle's about to get super defensive about David Eason.

"Because David didn’t feel like explaining another argument or drama on camera they make it look as if David is hiding some weird ass s–t from the public as if he was hurting me in some way?!"

She needs to be aware that MTV can only edit so much — that fans are concerned about David Eason for a whole host of reasons?

"I have decided after this season I’m probably calling it quits for filming this show."

That's quite a threat.

"I told Morgan it’s getting to out of hand and it’s not healthy for us anymore, just harming us mentally."

Oh, is that what's wrong?

All jokes aside, Jenelle Evans had issues before MTV ever came into her life.

"They treat all of us as if we are in a freak show and in cages."

Right … it's a reality show. Except that she's not in a cage and is, in fact, getting paid. Pretty generously, as we understand it.

"WE aren’t human beings to @mtv what-so-ever. The first screenshot of the custody episode someone posted photoshopping a hand mark on my arm. The other screenshots are pictures I’ve taken myself from the same episode… and there aren’t any hand marks."

Jenelle really didn't make it clear whether she was accusing MTV of that or just a random fan.

But then Jenelle makes it sound like she's serious about threatening to leave … and describes the way that MTV can win her back.

"Once they treat me with respect I’ll be back, if they don’t I’ll be happy with the life I’ve got. I told them this last night."

It sure sounds like Jenelle is just trying to get them to sanitize her life, right?

Because even though reality shows are told through the lens of editing, you can only take things out or maybe take a few things out of context.

(Taking too many things out of context would make the story incoherent)

Try as they might, we don't see MTV's editors being able to add things in to Teen Mom 2.

Considering that David Eason makes Jenelle's own mother worried for Jenelle and for Jenelle's children, it looks like there's more than editing behind the way that fans are viewing their relationship.

But … either Jenelle doesn't see it, or she just doesn't want to see it.

I the video below, Kailyn is asked about Jenelle's threat to quit. Kailyn starts her answer as diplomatically as she can.

"I think we all feel differently."

Sure. But 

"I have to disagree with her statement about MTV."

We'd imagine so.

"As far as I can see it, you wouldn't have stuck with the show for 8 years if that were the case."

That's a very good point. Maybe Jenelle's just huffing and puffing because she wants to defend David Eason's honor, or whatever.

"I'll leave that there."

She almost did. But remember that burn that we mentioned?

When asked if she thinks that Jenelle should stay or go, Kailyn replied with this:

"I don't care what Jenelle does."


We do have to point out that there's one thing that's different now than it was for most of Jenelle's time on Teen Mom 2:

David Eason.

If he's really as controlling as they say, maybe he's the one who's encouraging Jenelle to quit Teen Mom 2.

It's hard to see why he, or anyone, would want to close up the cash flow of that sweet Teen Mom money.

But maybe he wants the cameras off. That's a chilling thought.

What's worse is that Jenelle might give him what he wants.

Kailyn lowry slams jenelle evans threat to quit yeah right

O.J. Simpson Gets Job Offer From Nevada Brothel, Prostitutes Threaten To Quit

O.J. Simpson officially has his first post-prison job offer … from a Nevada brothel who says they’re willing to let the juice run loose all over their establishment. There’s just one problem … some of the working girls at the place have thrown…


Rachel Lindsay: I Wanted to Quit The Bachelorette!

Rachel Lindsay has faced some hard choices this season, but you usually think of competition on The Bachelorette being hardest for the men.

Doesn’t everyone fantasize about being the center of attention?

But apparently there was something this season that was so hard on Rachel Lindsay that she considered quitting.

Ahead of The Bachelorette‘s hometown dates, boyishly charming Dean Unglert pleaded with fans to please be nice about his dad, who is a Sikh and is, unrelatedly, pretty eccentric.

(It was a great way to address discrimination)

Rachel was totally nice to Dean’s dad on the date, and even tried to mediate between the father and son.

(Those two have had some issues regarding emotional distance and old resentments)

But … Rachel ultimately ended up saying goodbye to Dean Unglert.

Dean had admitted that he was starting to fall in love with Rachel, so we can only imagine his heartbreak.

And that’s to say nothing of countless fans who were captivated by him and were rooting for him to at least make it past his hometown date.

Apparently, this was all very hard for Rachel.

It’s one thing to say the qualities that you’re looking for in a man. …

In Rachel’s words, from the beginning, she’s been seeking a man who is: “confident, very self-aware, direct, honest and a man who knows where he’s going,” adding that she “loves ambition.”

(And, you know, who doesn’t want to meet the Slytherin of their dreams?)

Now that Dean has been sent away to live on a farm upstate where he can run around with other suitors, Rachel is down to three options.

There’s Eric Bigger, a charming motivational speaker who is handsome but not quite the fan-favorite.

There’s Bryan Abasolo, who’s been shaded by the others but who wowed Rachel with how he treats her and who promised her a “fairy tale ending.”

(So who’s going to show up to curse their firstborn?)

And then there’s Peter Kraus, an energetic personal trainer who is honestly just way more handsome than any of his competition.

One of these final three was spotted on Bachelor in Paradise, spoiling that he doesn’t get the spot.

And if you’ve been keeping up with The Bachelorette spoilers, you already know which of them is going to win.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Rachel Lindsay says that she wanted to quit The Bachelorette at times because the decision was so rough.

“I connected with each guy and that made this so hard.”

That’s the danger, you know?

It’s like going to adopt a puppy and falling in love with all of them.

(Or if you’re not a pet person, going to the buffet line and only having so much room on your plate, whatever)

“Honestly, I wanted to quit and run away rather than proceed.”

We cannot even begin to imagine the fallout if she’d tried to quit. Can you?

But, Lindsay says, she persevered.

“I was like, ‘the greater the risk, the greater the reward.’”

That makes sense. if she’s falling that hard for each of them, then the best of them has to be a super close bond, right?

“I knew what I wanted and I couldn’t quit.”

She’s engaged now, so clearly she’s happy that she stuck with it to the end.

Even if you’re great at making decisions, this would have to be difficult.

No, this isn’t Sophie’s Choice — the suitors get sent home, not killed.

(Has that already been an episode of Black Mirror? Probably)

Though maybe one day we’ll have a series as part of the Bachelor Nation that will allow or even focus upon polyamory.

Allowing “multiple winners” might seem like a cheap move, but consider this:

All of that undercutting of each other that suitors do early on the show?

That won’t work if two would-be finalists are feuding at the end and can’t get along.

We wonder if, whenever a show like that comes around, Rachel will look back and wish that she’d gotten to enjoy the best of both (or more than two) worlds.

But if she’s happy with her choice, she’s happy with her choice.