David Eason to Jenelle Evans: Quit Teen Mom 2 or I’m Quitting You!

It's been eight months since Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, was fired from Teen Mom 2, but as production generally lags a few months behind real time, we're just now seeing our first David-free episodes.

Fans might like what they're seeing, but not surprisingly, it seems Eason is not a fan.

In fact, he's reportedly taken a hard-line anti-Teen Mom stance and informed Jenelle that she has to choose between reality TV stardom and her marriage.

Seems like a no-brainer to us, but Jenelle is reportedly having a hard time with the decision.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Angry Dave

David eason allergic to shirts
Eason was fired back in November of 2017 after launching a homophobic tirade against fans of TM2 who criticized his insensitivity toward victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

2. Crossroads

Jenelle evans instagram pic
Jenelle continued to film in the weeks after David was fired, but she has yet to sign a contract for another season of the show.

3. The Ultimatum

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
Now, Eason has reportedly issued an ultimatum to his controversial wife and forcing her to choose between her husband and her career.

4. Laying It on the Line

David jenelle eason
“David is telling Jenelle to quit the show, since he can’t be on it,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

5. The Small Matter of Money

David eason on insta
Considering David and Jenelle have five kids between them, it’s understandable that Jenelle isn’t too eager to cut off the family’s sole source of income. But David has apparently assured her that everything will be just fine …

6. Oh, Well In That Case…

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
“David tells Jenelle that they will be fine if she’s not on the show,” the source said. “However, she has no other way to make money. All of her endorsement deals fall through.”

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Jenelle Evans: I’m Actually Going to Quit Teen Mom 2, Dude, I Swear to God!

Jenelle Evans knows how to throw a fit.

If there's one thing in this whole entire world she knows, it's that.

Well, it's that or proper bong maintenance.

Yep, Jenelle can throw a fit like it's her job, because in a way, it is. She's definitely brought the drama during her many years on Teen Mom 2, and we're all so thankful for that.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and while her brand of drama was never exactly good, we can probably all agree that it's gotten uncomfortably terrible at this point.

So it might actually be for the best that all signs are pointing to Jenelle being done with MTV.

For real this time.

1. Where to Begin?

Where to begin
So … it’s been a bit of a week for Jenelle. And yeah, you could probably say that most weeks out of the year with some accuracy, but these past few days have been especially eventful.

2. As Always, Poor Kaiser

Jenelle and kaiser birthday pic
Sometime last week, precious little Kaiser went to spend some time with Nathan Griffith and his mother, Doris. And after they noticed some bruising on the child, they decided to take action.

3. Here We Go

Nathan griffith shirtless
Nathan reportedly sent David Eason a text to let him know that he believed he’d been abusing Kaiser, and Doris made a police report. She also told Jenelle that she wouldn’t be returning Kaiser to her that Sunday as planned.

4. Too Sad

Nathan griffith with kaiser
A 911 call that Nathan made has also been released, and during that conversation, he can be heard claiming that Kaiser had told him that “David hit him with a stick.”

5. Go, Doris!

David jenelle eason
When Sunday came, Doris kept her word — she refused to drop Kaiser off with Jenelle and David. And Jenelle, well, she got real aggravated, dude. Enough that she called the police and drug them down to Doris’ house to settle things.

6. Tough Break

Jenelle hearts drugs
The poor officer who dealt with this mess got child protective services involved, and the CPS agent determined that while Kaiser did have bruising, there wasn’t any definitive proof that the bruises were due to abuse, so there was nothing she could do.

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Jenelle Evans: Threatening to Quit Teen Mom 2 for David Eason?!

Realistically, how many times can Jenelle Evans threaten to leave Teen Mom 2 before she actually does it, or before MTV has enough and fires her?

As of right now, it looks like that can happen infinity times.

This girl really loves "quitting" the show for any old reason, but so far, she's obviously never gone through with it.

And at this point, it feels like it's high time MTV calls her bluff.

At the very least, it feels like it's time for Farrah Abraham to step in and turn Jenelle's talking words into fighting words, after these statements Jenelle made about her …

1. Well, Jenellllllle …

Jenelle evans smirks
This is Jenelle Evans. She makes bad choices, almost exclusively.

2. The Worst

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
It’s hard to say what her worst choice has been, since she’s made so very many, but lately, it’s starting to feel more and more like getting with David Eason could be it.

3. So, SO Bad

Jenelle eason and david eason pic
David is controlling, many Teen Mom 2 fans think he could be abusive, and he’s just not a great person. He proved that by making those horrific homophobic tweets that got him fired from the show.

4. Also, Balloons

David eason on insta
And when talking about David’s awfulness, we can never not mention the balloon incident, right? You know, that time he flipped out at an MTV event because no more alcohol was being served, then took out a pocket knife and stabbed some balloons near some crew members.

5. Ugh

Jenelle eason david eason
David is just bad news, that’s what we’re getting at here.

6. Worth It?

Jenelle evans a selfie
So bad that he may end up being the reason Jenelle finally loses that sweet, sweet MTV gig.

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Briana DeJesus: I Quit Teen Mom 2 Because of Kailyn Lowry!

In some ways, the ladies of Teen Mom 2 are like method actors or professional wrestlers.

Once they decide on a persona that works for them, they never break character.

Some of the moms present their authentic selves to the world, while others crank the drama up to 11 even when the cameras aren't rolling.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course.

We're sure MTV appreciates that level of devotion, and fans have fun trying to determine who's being "real," and who's merely displaying a Daniel Day-Lewis-like commitment to the art of drama.

Take the news that Briana DeJesus has quit Teen Mom 2, for example.

Is it legit, or — as so many believe — is she just having some fun with fans?

Here's what we know so far:

1. One Bonkers Reunion

Briana confronts kail
This year’s reunion show was taped in NYC over the weekend, and as usual, it was a complete sh-tshow. In fact, Briana says TM2 as we know it is officially dunz-o.

2. Her Mortal Enemy

Kail has no sh ts to give
Briana clashed with Kail in a big way. The co-stars almost came to blows on two separate occasions but were subdued by security guards both times.

3. Mafia Rules

Briana d pic
Briana reportedly told Kail that she was pissed because Lowry broke the rules of engagement by going after her kids. Kail denied it, but Bri pressed on with that complaint.

4. Yeah, Well…

Jenelle evans and briana dejesus
“Briana told Kail that she only did it because Kail talks about her kids, which Kail denied,” a source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “Briana then said something like ‘That may be true but you do talk about Jenelle [Evans]’ kids, and that’s not right either.”

5. Clear Instructions

Kail pic
Kail didn’t deny involving Jenelle’s kids in their feud, but she made it clear she was no longer interested in debating the matter. “That has nothing to do with you,” Lowry reportedly said. “Get up now because I’m going to beat your ass.”

6. Bluff Called

Briana drama
Bri says she knew from the start that Kail didn’t really want to fight. “Kail knew what she was doing,” Briana told The Ashley. “In that meeting alone she could have jumped across the table because we were at arm’s reach but she decided to walk around it where all the guards were.” Of course, that wasn’t the end of the weekend’s drama …

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John David Duggar: First In His Family to Quit Reality TV?!

In recent weeks, there’s been much talk of the small-scale rebellion taking place within the Duggar family.

Fans seem to be convinced that it all started when Jinger Duggar began wearing pants in direct defiance of her family’s famously strict dress code.

According to this narrative, other Duggar kids then followed in Jinger’s footsteps, including newly-engaged Josiah Duggar, who – according to a source close to the family – is widely expected to be “the next [Duggar] to bust out.”

But this version of events overlooks the original Duggar rebel, the one who’s been rejecting elements of his father’s lifestyle so quietly and for so long that he his insurgence went mostly unnoticed.

We’re talking, of course, about the Silent Duggar himself, John David Duggar.

Even if you’ve been watching the family’s reality shows from day one, you may not know much about JDD.

And what you do know has probably been filtered through the Duggar PR machine:

John David is Michelle and Jim Bob’s second-oldest son, the twin brother of fan favorite Jana Duggar.

From a professional standpoint, he’s the most active of all the Duggars, working as a pilot, firefighter and sheriff’s deputy in his free time.

And it seems it’s the duties of that last post that have brought John David into conflict with his domineering dad.

As we reported earlier, Jim Bob’s efforts to control the town he lives in by purchasing both large tracts of land and politicians reportedly don’t sit well with John David, who’s sworn to uphold law and order.

Add to that the widespread reports that John David is disgusted by Jim Bob’s greed, and it’s not hard to see why so many are convinced the 28-year-old has already begun distancing himself from his family’s social media empire.

Interestingly, in a recent interview, John David has confirmed that he will appear in the new season of Counting On, which premieres this summer.

But he would not comment on his future on the show beyond that.

Instead, when asked about his future, he mostly focused on faith and family:

“Future plans would be to, I think, one day, you know, the Lord will bring the right one along, and I’ll start a family and hopefully be able to invest in their lives and raise up a generation that will be great people for this society,” John David remarked.

The comment has fueled speculation that John David is courting, which may have influenced his decision to be the first in his family to willingly leave the world of television behind.

Whatever the case, we wouldn’t be surprised if John David is actually the first to “bust out.”

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Briana DeJesus on Kailyn Lowry Fight: MTV Set Me Up and I QUIT!

As you may have heard, there was a little incident that took place in the Teen Mom universe this weekend.

A pretty huge incident, actually.

We're talking, of course, about how Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus decided to pull a Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood at the taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion on Saturday.

And by "pulling a Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood," we mean their feud got physical.

So far, we've heard reports from sources about what went down, and Kailyn's offered a few words of explanation.

But now Briana is telling us exclusively the full, detailed story about what happened.

And it is INTENSE.

1. A Feud for the Ages

Briana dejesus on mtv
Right, so Briana and Kailyn haven’t gotten along for several months now. They’ve never really been friends — remember, Briana just recently joined the Teen Mom 2 cast — but things got way, way worse when Briana and Javi started getting involved romantically.

2. Dang It, Disney

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
As we saw on the season premiere, their issues began when Kailyn learned that what she thought was a boys’ trip to Disney World with Javi and her sons was actually a vacation with Briana and her family.

3. Girl Code

Javi kailyn and kids
Kailyn thought it was shady of Javi not to tell her that Briana would be there (and it definitely was), but for some reason she seemed to take more of an issue with Briana. She thought she should have told her herself about the trip and about her relationship with Javi, since they’re co-workers.

4. Not So Much

Briana d pic
Briana disagreed, explaining that there was never a “girl code” between them because they’re not friends, and besides, it wasn’t her place to tell her about the Disney trip, it was Javi’s.

5. Getting Nasty

Kailyns not having it
All that happened in August, and the last Teen Mom 2 reunion happened in October, and as we’ve been seeing on the show, tensions were high. Kailyn and Briana ended up arguing over Javi — Briana told her that she was just upset because he’s moved on, but Kailyn denied it.

6. Super, Super Messy

Kail has no sh ts to give
We still haven’t seen all of that fight, but we do know that Javi finally gets involved. We did see Kailyn arguing with Briana’s sister and mother, and then we saw her sit down with Chelsea and Leah and apparently ask for Briana and Jenelle to be kicked off the show, so we know that they didn’t exactly make up.

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Khloe Kardashian: Is She About to Quit Reality TV?!?

Khloe Kardashian is about to be a first-time mother.

But is she also about to be a final-time reality television star?

Or something to that effect?

What we’re trying to say is that a new In Touch Weekly report suggests that Khloe is reevaluating her life and the way she spends her time, as she counts down the days until her daughter arrives.

And while it may sound extreme, one consideration Khloe is weighing is whether or not to keep having every detail of her existence captured on camera all the time.

She may very well walk away from Keeping Up with the Kardashians this year, a source tells this tabloid.

Khloe has reached the point where she’s ready to put family first,” says the insider.

Kardashian has been a full-time cast member since 2007, which is also the year she got arrested for DUI, even saying later on about this incident:

“That’s one of those times you wish you didn’t have cameras on you.”

Khloe also starred in a spinoff with husband Lamar Odom back in the day…

… and we all know how that marriage turned out, don’t we?

In other words: Khloe may have finally realized that the millions she earns each year is not worth this invasion of privacy, especially when she will soon have a tiny human being to care for.

“The show is a full-time job that involves being filmed from the first thing in the morning until late at night,” In Touch adds, continuing as follows:

“After 10 years, she’s ready for a change.”

Then there’s Tristan Thompson.

Khloe and her baby daddy have no plans to marry, but they do have plans to be together for a VERY long time.

“She’s completely fed up with doing the whole long-distance thing and wants to be by Tristan’s side in Cleveland,” writes In Touch.

Thompson, of course, plays professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He and Khloe have been together for well over a year now, with no end in sight.

But if the end of her run on Keeping Up with the Kardashians really is up soon, you can imagine how Kris Jenner feels about this, right?

According to this same article, Jenner “is furious that Khloee wants to leave the show and has made her feelings clear to her daughter…

“Khloe has a huge fan base, and her fun personality keeps viewers tuned in. Kris is concerned that Khloe quitting the show will lead to a drop in ratings.”

The show has already been dropping in the ratings for many seasons.

The Kardashians recently signed up for an additional two years of filming, but there’s a question over just how much longer the series can really last, especially if Kendall Jenner also leaves.

So… is this really all Khloe wrote when it comes to the program?

“Right now, she is sticking to her decision,” says the In Touch nsider. “She told Kris that it’s her life and she can do what she wants with it.”


Matt Roloff Rips Little People/Big World Producers, Hints Family May Quit

Like son, like father?

About two years after Jacob Roloff walked away from Little People, Big World because he said the show was scripted and his relatives made out to be people they were not…

… Matt Roloff has echoed this sentiment.

Returning to social media after a brief hiatus late last week, the family patriarch engaged a bit with fans on Facebook.

With a new season of Little People, Big World set to (finally!) premiere on April 3, Roloff responded to a complaint on his official account that referenced his ex-wife, Amy, and how recent scenes between the two have been filled with “stress” and “tension.”

This individual said such moments were unpleasant to watch. 

And not only did Matt agree, he blamed producers for artificially creating such scenes, implying that if this continues, he and his loved ones will quit the series.


“I totally agree [with your assessment],” Matt responded, continuing as follows:

“We’ve been pushing the new producers to stop making our show negative and keep the family love and togetherness in the forefront.

“For some reason, these new producers/editors that come in to work…don’t know the show and want to amplify the negative…

“I’m not sure we (the Roloff family) can take that kinda of editing much longer. Errrrr.”

mr response

Whoa there!

That’s quite the statement.

We’ve been writing for several weeks that social media users often go after either Matt or Amy on a regular basis.

Even through this couple divorced way back in May of 2016 and have both happily moved on with new significant others, many fans simply can’t accept this scenario.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that producers may have picked up on this reaction and used the manufactured feud as a way to sell new episodes of the show.

In a clip from the season, for example, we see Matt and Amy arguing over family farm issues.

(You can watch the complete new season preview above.)

Amy, conversely, has also taken to Instagram in anticipation of upcoming episodes.

But she isn’t blasting anyone behind the scenes of them.

She’s expressing extreme excitement over what lies ahead.

“Woohoo! It’s here. LPBW new episodes,” Amy wrote as a caption to a photo of the Roloff farm, adding:

“What a season it will be – life being new parents, managing life after divorce and relationships, Farm, learning to work together and always a family.

“Yep there’ll be some moments but always in telling a story. So hope you’ll be watching NEW episodes of #LPBW, premiering on @TLC Tuesday, April 3rd at 9/8c!

“You can catch up on past seasons now on TLC.com/LPBW! You’re awesome! Thanks for all the years of support and encouragement. Couldn’t do this without you.”

It is expected that these new episodes will focus primarily on Zach and Tori Roloff raising son Jackson, along with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff preparing to welcome daughter Ember, who arrived in September.

But Amy does also cite “life after divorce” and “relationships” in her own tease for the show.

She has been dating Chris Marek for about a year now and Matt has been with Caryn Chandler, the former farm manager.

For those unfamiliar with Jacob’s rant from July of 2016, Matt and Amy’s youngest son said at the time that he had enough of filming Little People, Big World.

He said he simply could not handle the phoniness.

“For the sake of ‘the episode’ and ratings I’ve seen a lot of STORYLINES drawn up (loosely) about our lives,” he said that summer.

Jacob continued, holding nothing back:

“And when I was standing here, behind the scenes and watching it from an outside perspective I just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Laughing at how hard the producers have to try to get us to follow the talking points, and at how ridiculous the talking points are.

“The family that is filmed is not my family.

“They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself.”

According to Matt, not much has changed.

But will he and others actually follow Jacob’s lead and leave the show?

Stay tuned to find out.