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Rachel Lindsay: Bachelor Fans Are Too Racist to Have Another Black Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay was The Bachelorette‘s first black leading lady. A lot of people were troubled that it took until Season 13 for that to happen.

Now, Rachel is engaged, but she’s not optimistic about the chances of seeing another black Bachelorette in the near future.

Why? Because, well, the viewers are racist.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Rachel Lindsay shares her doubts about the next black Bachelorette lead.

“I don’t think Bachelor Nation is ready for the diversity of a lead … an African American lead.”

That is … so heartbreaking to hear.

Rachel does clarify that she thinks that there will be leads of color in the future, but she says:

“I think there’ll be an [African American] man before there’ll be another woman.”

That is, unfortunately, what happens in a culture where white (among other things) is treated as “default.”

Her fiancee, Bryan Abasolo, adds:

“I think there definitely needs to be more diversity on the show.”

That is something that a number of fans have called four.

The surplus of Laurens on the last season of The Bachelor really illustrated how homogenous the casts can be.

Bryan says: “Whether America is ready for it, that’s yet to be seen.”

Rachel interjects, saying that she has more concerns about the franchise’s fanbase than she does about overall American culture.

“It’s not America; it’s Bachelor Nation.”

Rachel explains that, even if Arie’s brutal breakup had never happened, whoever would have been the lead in Becca Kufrin’s stead would not have been black.

“I don’t think that there would have been two black Bachelorettes in a row.”

And she can point to exactly why.

“I just don’t think the nation … I mean look at the ratings from the season.”

Her season’s ratings, she says, were “significantly lower than Jojo’s.”

That is heartbreaking.

Rachel says that she didn’t see racist trolling against her on social media … which is totally believable, if she has never once checked her mentions from people she doesn’t already follow.

Bryan admits that he “definitely saw it.”

“There was a lot of backlash in terms of race for her, and I think she handled herself with such grace and elegance and pride.”

Remember, there was even a racist guy on her season — though not for long.

“I think she represented the African American community beautifully.”

That she did.

Racial representation is not and has never been a strong suit of The Bachelor.

Are so many members of the Bachelor Nation truly so very racist that they just won’t tune in to watch a black woman find love?

We’d love to believe that there’s another culprit.

But Rachel brings up a great point. And something has to change.

For that matter, many in the Bachelor Nation have wanted diversity in other ways. A Bachelor or Bachelorette. A trans Bachelor or Bachelorette.

And let’s not forget that racial diversity isn’t limited to the African American community.

Representation is important.


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Rachel McAdams: Pregnant with Someone’s Baby!

Rachel McAdams is currently starring in the movie Game Night.

And this somehow seems appropriate, considering the following news:

Rachel McAdams will soon be playing many kids games!

Because Rachel McAdams is pregnant with her first child!

The actress has been keeping a very low profile for several weeks now, and multiple entertainment news outlets have discovered why.

According to such reliable sources as E! News and Life & Style, the actress isn’t just expecting a boy or a girl…

… she’s expecting a boy or a girl in the very near future.

The latter tabloid mentioned above actually writes that McAdams is “heavily” pregnant and was spotted at dinner just last week, looking about “seven months” along.

This would put her due date at some time in April.

As for who impregnated McAdams?

She dated The Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling for many years, prior to moving on to actor Michael Sheen.

And while we don’t have confirmation at the moment because neither McAdams nor anyone associated with the star has spoken out on the pregnancy, we’re pretty sure the father is screenwriter and producer Jamie Linden.

She was spotted holding hands with Linden in the summer of 2016, sparking rumors of a romance.

But there haven’t been very many public appearances made by the alleged couple since.

Linden dated Zooey Deschanel’s from 2012 through 2014 and graduated from Florida State University. He wrote the movies Dear John and 10 Years, both of which featured Channing Tatum.

McAdams, meanwhile, typically remains pretty quiet about her personal life.

Way back in 2009, however, she did tell People Magazine that she’d love to be a mother someday.

“Having a few [children] would be great,” she said at the time.

Morever, she told the publication:

“My mom is a great inspiration to me… She’s a nurse and very nurturing and gentle. She lets me be who I am.

“Hopefully I can take on those qualities and be as great as her.”

As for how serious she is with Linden?

“Rachel is ready to settle down and start a family,” an insider told Star Magazine last April, adding of her beau:

“She can’t wait to start the rest of her life with Jamie.”

How exciting! 

We send our very best wishes to this twosome and their impending bundle of joy!


Rachel Lindsay: Lauren Burnham Will Win The Bachelor! Show’s Over!

The Bachelor’s coveted hometown dates begin tonight, with Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s final four women introducing them to their families.

According to one woman who’s been on both sides of this Bachelor milestone, however, three of them might as well not even bother …

… because Arie’s made up his mind. Show’s over. Go home. Turn out the lights, move along, nothing more to see here folks.

And Rachel Lindsay, last year’s star of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, isn’t basing this on The Bachelor spoilers, either.

In Lindsay’s view, Lauren Burnham wrapped this thing up on last week’s episode, before the hometown dates even began.

The crazy part, Rachel writes, is not that Arie has an established favorite at this point, but that it’s her, in spite of red flags.

Many red flags. Like very red, and a lot of flags.

Rachel believes this is a major cause for alarm:

“There are a lot of new things that Arie and Lauren B. are experiencing together but one thing remains constant: the lack of communication.”

“This is surprising because [the] lovebirds are on this Italian adventure exploring a different country and one another for the first time.”

“Still, they have nothing to talk about.”

“Those are not red, white and green flags waving in the distance, those are red ones. Is it just me or is this not alarming?” she continues.

“Arie is again concerned about his relationship with Lauren B., as he should be. I, too, am worried that there is no depth in this relationship.”

Lindsay notes that Arie himself even admits that “he is trying so hard … harder than in any other relationship” to make it work.

Why, though? Is that part of the appeal of Lauren Burnham? “I wonder: is this love, infatuation, or just the hard-to-get challenge of it all?”

Even when she did open up, “she only says she is falling in love with her words because there is absolutely no emotion in her face.”

His response? “Arie gets up and walks away.”

“We never get the full answer of why he does this, but my best guess is that he is overcome with so much emotion that she is falling for him.”

What the heck is going on with these two!?

Rachel’s theory on what happened?

“I personally think he took a moment to run off, jump for joy, click his heels together in the air, and scream with delight into the night.”

“He comes back to her and says all of the following without hesitation: ‘I want it so bad for us.’ He is falling ‘deeply’ in love with her.”

“Ummmm, excuse me for two seconds. What did Arie just say? All further dates will be painful and pale in comparison to this one.”

“That’s it! Show is over … there is nothing more to see here. He literally just told Lauren she is the one and everyone else is a placeholder.”

Yup, that was it, says Rachel: “Arie is on Cloud 9 with Lauren B. while the other women are looking up at them from their hotel rooms.”

“I would be so upset if I were the other girls watching this at home. In hindsight, it is too bad they all couldn’t have the foresight Jacqueline did.”

Crazily, Lindsay may be right … but:

If you believe The Bachelor spoilers, Arie’s final rose winner and the person he is with right now are not the same person.

That’s all we’re going to say about that here, but how’s that for an epic twist in the making as the home stretch begins?!