Roseanne says Valerie Jarrett Comment Wasn’t Racist, ‘I Thought the Bitch Was White!’

Roseanne Barr let out a primal scream with her latest explanation of the racist tweet targeted at Valerie Jarrett … “I THOUGHT THE BITCH WAS WHITE!!!!!” Roseanne was being interviewed about her comment, comparing former Obama White House staffer…


Amber Heard: BLASTED for Racist Tweet About Housekeepers

Amber Heard would like to make two things very clear:

1. She is not racist.

2. The country has a major problem with racism.

The actress found herself at the center of a controversy related to this pair of issues on Tuesday, following a Tweet she wrote in response to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) setting up a road block near her home.

This is what the 32-year old star wrote shortly after midnight today:

“Just heard there’s an ICE checkpoint in hollywood, a few blocks from where I live. Everyone better give their housekeepers, nannies and landscapers a ride home tonight,” Tweeted Heard.

Her point here, of course, was that many housekeepers, nannies and landscapers are undocumented immigrants and that ICE may detain and deport them.

Is she wrong? Probably not, as a sort of extreme generalization.

But we can see why the Tweet caused some uproar, can’t you?

Amber Heard tweet

“I can see where you were going but somewhere along the way you took a wrong turn. Delete this sis,” one social media wrote.

Heard did delete the post, but she didn’t apologize for it.

Instead, she simply made the same point in a different way.

“With this human rights crisis being so politicized, it is hard to make a simple statement w/out it being used to distract from the real issues,” she explained, adding:

“Its hard for everyone to not be negatively affected by this subject n some way.”

Heard, of course, is talking about the ongoing debate over immigration, which has been spurred on by the separation of children from their parents at the border.

more heard

She later added:

“Checkpoints on your home streets….Is this the ‘great’ America we’re aiming for?” Heard wondered on Twitter as well, 10 minutes after she published her incendiary tweet.

“Raids, fences and police-state like checkpoints don’t feel like the ‘land of the free’ our immigrant ancestors built.”

Heard shared a slew of photos on her Instagram page last week while attending a #KeepFamiliesTogether rally in Marcelino Serna Port of Entry in Texas, her home state.

One image of the actress depicts her sporting a sign that read:

“Apartheid was legal. Holocaust was legal. Legality is a matter of power, not justice.”

She was joined at similar protests around the country by such celebrities as Lena Dunham, Joshua Jackson, Connie Britton, Evan Rachel Wood and Sia.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Heard – who was born and raised in Austin – burst into tears.

She takes this issue extremely seriously and very personally.

“I was literally and figuratively raised by and with immigrants in my home and heart and life,” she told the website.

Heard, meanwhile, split from Elon Musk last summer, several months after she finalized a very messy divorce from Johnny Depp.


‘Big Brother’ Contestants Make Racist Comments About ‘Ghetto’ Skin Tone

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David Eason: Racist Cheyenne Floyd Needs To Be FIRED!

Back in February,  Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, was fired by MTV after hurling homophobic slurs at Teen Mom 2 fans on Twitter.

Last week, the network hired Cheyenne Floyd to replace Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG.

Those events may seem unrelated, and well, they are … to everyone except David.

You see, Eason thinks Cheyenne is just as bigoted as he is, and he's calling on MTV execs to kick her to the curb and own up to their hypocrisy.

David recently expressed these feelings in what may be the most bonkers Teen Mom rant of all time:

1. Going Off

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
Like his wife, Jenelle Evans, David is prone to expressing himself through unhinged social media tirades. And his latest is a real doozy.

2. Aggrieving Cheyenne

Cheyenne floyd with her daughter
It seems David takes issue with the casting of Cheyenne Floyd due to racially insensitive tweets the 25-year-old mom posted several years ago.

3. Eason Into Things

David eason on insta
“WOW MTV I’ve kept my mouth shut for too long!” David began. In reality, he’s never kept his mouth shut about anything, but the ensuing rant is so amusing you may want to hear him out anyway.

4. Owning the Libs

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
“MTV is such a hypocritical liberal network that you still keep racists, drug addicts and potential rapists on you shows as long as it meets your political beliefs?” Eason wrote.

5. Come Again?

Jenelle eason david eason
At this point, David goes off on a bit of a tangent about his right to bare arms. We’re sure it all made sense in his mind.

6. Locked and Loaded

Jenelle evans boyfriend david eason
“Yet you are against gun rights which protects my family from those kind of people,” David wrote. Needless to say, this man is worked up.

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Roseanne Barr: I’m Not Racist, Just Super Dumb!

Roseanne is … she’s been … the thing about her is …

It’s just a weird, awful situation, basically.

Roseanne’s recent troubles began last month, when she made a very, very questionable statement on Twitter that was bad enough for ABC to cancel the wildly successful reboot of her sitcom.

What did she say that was so bad?

You surely know by now, but this woman thought it would be appropriate to jump in a thread about Valerie Jarrett, a black woman who worked as one of Obama’s advisors, and write “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby = vj.”

It was terrible, she 100% should have known better, but still, that’s what she wrote.

People were understandably upset by her tweet, and like we said, the backlash was enough to get the reboot of Roseanne cancelled.

She apologized for her remark shortly after making it, and she also tried to make a whole, whole lot of excuses for it, explaining that “It was 2 in the morning and I was ambien tweeting.”

She’s also said that she’d been criticized so harshly because she’s Jewish, and that she planned on “making restitution for the pain that I have caused.”

Basically, she’s been saying a whole lot of things, and most of them have been very bad.

So why would what she’s saying now be any different?

Roseanne has this friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and he’s got a brand new podcast. So on the very first episode, she made an appearance, and you can probably guess what they talked about.

To kick things off, she said “Of course I’m not a racist, I’m an idiot, and I might have done something that comes across as bigoted and ignorant and I know that that’s how it came across.”

“I ask for forgiveness because I do love all people, I really do.”

She even began sobbing, saying “I have black children in my family. I never would have wittingly called any black person and say they are a monkey.”

“I just wouldn’t do that, and I didn’t do that and people think that I did that, it just kills me.”

And although she was “impaired” when she made the tweet, “I don’t excuse it.”

“I horribly regret it, are you kidding me?” she asked. “I’ve lost everything, and I regretted it before I lost everything, and I said to God, I am willing to accept whatever consequences this brings, because I know I’d done wrong.”

“I’m willing to accept what the consequences are. And I do and I have.”

Then, if you can even believe it, she tries to make another excuse for what she tweeted about Valerie Jarrett with “I don’t agree with her politics and I thought she was white.”

She seriously said “I did not know she was a black woman.”

“When ABC called me and said, ‘What is the reason for your egregious racism?’ I said, ‘Oh my God, it is a form of racism. I guess that I didn’t know she was black and I’ll cop to it.'”

For what it’s worth, which isn’t much, she admitted “I know I should’ve known better because I know it’s a form of racism to assume that every person who looks white is indeed white.”

“People make that mistake about me all the time. They think I’m not Jewish.”

But after that, she said “I’ve always worked with black women and worked on my racism and their anti-Semitism, we’ve all done … I’ve done that since the 60s and you know, it still creeps in.”

So which is it? She didn’t know Valerie Jarrett was black or racism crept in?

Either way, she apologized again with “I am so sorry and humiliated and, you know, angry at myself but in my heart, I just made a stupid error and I told that to ABC, and they didn’t accept it or want to hear it.”

“I said, ‘But that’s the truth. I thought she was white.”

Will anyone actually believe this? Maybe, but probably not.

After all, this wasn’t the first time she’s ever been awful, and it certainly won’t be the last.

But to defend herself yet again, she explained “Sometimes you just say the wrong words. And I should have known better. I should’ve not done it.”

“I wish the hell I wouldn’t have done it and I should have been better and I wasn’t and I caused a lot of pain and I know that and that’s the worst feeling in the world — I caused pain for my family, I caused pain for my mother, I caused pain for the 200 actors that I love, and crew and writers.”

“I feel so bad that they gave me another chance and I blew it,” she lamented.

Well, that last part isn’t entirely true — she did blow it, but only for herself.

ABC confirmed just a few days ago that they’d be moving forward with the show, without Roseanne’s character and with a new title of The Conners.

So all those actors and the crew and the writers will still have their jobs, isn’t that neat?

It’s funny how successful you can be if you’re not a terrible person who says racist garbage!