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Jussie Smollett Mocked in Racist Parody Movie Posters

Jussie Smollett is now the face of racist parody movie posters that have sprung up in Los Angeles in the wake of his alleged attack in Chicago and an unraveling narrative.

At least two posters popped up Monday at a bus station near Fox Studios in Century City, which feature Jussie’s mug photoshopped onto the backdrop of posters for “BlacKkKlansman” and “Black Panther.” Both mock claims Jussie made about the alleged attack.

The “Black Panther” poster shows Jussie as T’Challa in the ‘BP’ costume and the title has been changed to “Black Prankster.”

The “BlacKkKlansman” poster depicts Jussie from his ‘GMA’ interview with a photoshopped MAGA hat and coat on, with the phrase “This is MAGA country!” superimposed in the background. Both posters are jokingly offering Jussie for consideration for “Best Fictional Story” and “Best Actor in a Drama.

The posters have been signed by conservative street artist Sabo … the same guy that put up the Meryl Streep “She Knew” posters in 2017 after the Weinstein scandal broke.

As we’ve reported … cops believe Jussie rehearsed the “attack” with the two Nigerian brothers. A grand jury is set to hear evidence soon, and potential indictment against Jussie could be forthcoming.

Mariah Carey Assistant Fires Back with Lawsuit Alleged Butt Slapping, Racist Language


Mariah Carey‘s former assistant has just fired back at the singer’s blackmail allegation with her own lawsuit, claiming she was the victim of horrible abuse by one of Mariah’s key people, and the singer did nothing about it.

Lianna Azarian claims in a new lawsuit, Mariah’s former manager, Stella Bulochnikov committed various acts of abuse, including slapping her butt and breasts, urinating on her, tackling her to the ground and sitting on her. Azarian also claims Stella called her the n-word, and a “f***ing Armenian whore.”

According to the lawsuit, Azarian says Stella ridiculed her breasts, “including placing objects under her breasts such as iPhones, television remote controls and utensils.”

Azarian claims a lot of the alleged abuse occurred in Mariah’s presence and she did nothing.

Azarian also says Mariah committed acts of physical, emotional and psychological abuse against her.

TMZ broke the story … Mariah sued Azarian, claiming she secretly videotaped embarrassing and intimate activities and then blackmailed after Mariah fired her … saying if she didn’t get $ 8 million she’d release the videos.

Azarian is suing Mariah, Stella and others. 

We reached out to Stella and are waiting for a comment. And, we reached out to Mariah’s folks … so far, no word back.

Moschino USA Sued Your Manager’s Racist … Calls Black Clients ‘Serenas’!!!


An employee at Moschino USA has a code name for black clients who don’t look like ballers — “Serenas” … so claims an ex-employee who’s suing the company.

Shamael Lataillade is suing the Italian luxury clothing company, claiming her female supervisor at the WeHo shop had a specific protocol for black clients if they didn’t have diamonds or carry name brands. In docs obtained by TMZ, she says the woman would call them a “Serena” and instructed other employees to follow and watch them closely — sometimes even writing down their license plates.

It’s not spelled out in the suit, but the alleged code would seem to be a reference to Serena Williams.

What’s more … Shamael claims the supervisor told employees to tell “Serenas” they were out of stock on many items — and even called cops once to report a suspicious black customer. She says the guy turned out to be a high-profile rapper, but she doesn’t name him.

On a personal level, Shamael — a black, Haitian-American woman — claims the supervisor discriminated against her and mocked her as someone who practices voodoo. She was canned for complaining to corporate about the “Serena” code word and other things … according to the suit.

She’s suing Moschino for unspecified damages. The company tells us it denies Shamael’s allegations and adds … it “complies with applicable equal employment laws and values and respects all customers and clients regardless of their race or background.”

Aaron Schlossberg Sued by Ex-Client … Your Racist Rant Hurt Our Biz!!!


Aaron Schlossberg is the NYC lawyer who infamously went on a racist rant against restaurant employees for speaking Spanish … and he’s also now the defendant in a lawsuit filed by one of his ex-clients.

Niche Music Group wants Schlossberg to pay for screwing it over, because he was hired to rep the recording label in litigation against Sony Music Entertainment. The rub here … Schlossberg was hired in January 2018 … before his racist rant in May went viral.

Niche claims Schlossberg’s conduct not only reflected poorly on him, but discredited his clients, and as its legal counsel … he should have known better.

The label says Schlossberg’s off-the-wall attack caused its reputation to take a blow and cost it future business opportunities.

You’ll recall, Schlossberg threatened to call ICE on Fresh Kitchen employees when he heard them speaking Spanish on the job. 

In the suit, Niche says it had to spend a lot of time and money replacing Schlossberg in order to continue its case against Sony. The label is suing him for breach of contract and legal malpractice … and wants at least $ 50k in damages.

We reached out to Schlossberg … no word back so far.

Logan Paul to Andrew Johnson Don’t Let That Racist Ref Bring You Down!!!


Logan Paul hates everything about the wrestling story out of New Jersey, where a white referee forced a black high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks before his match … and says that ref should be out of a job for good.

We asked the YouTube star for his thoughts on the incident as he leaving The Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills Friday, and he summed it up pretty good, saying … “That’s f***ed!”

Paul was a stud wrestler himself back in H.S., and tells us he was never asked to cut his hair, so he thinks it’s ridiculous Andrew Johnson was put in that position … and feels badly for him.

As we reported … NJ state athletic officials are investigating the ref, Alan Maloney, and he will not be working any matches while they do so. Maloney had previously been disciplined for making a racist comment in 2016, and obviously many believe what he did to Johnson was racially motivated.

Logan’s clearly one of them, but he’s got a positive message for Johnson — don’t let this one bad dude bring you down.

UFC’s Tyron Woodley Blasts High School Wrestling Ref … Fire His Racist Ass!


UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley is FIRED UP over the high school wrestling ref who made a black kid cut his dreadlocks before a match … and he’s calling for NJ officials to FIRE HIS ASS. 

Before dominating the UFC, Tyron was an All-American wrestler at the Univ. of Missouri … and before that, he was a FORCE in the high school wrestling community. 

Tyron tells TMZ Sports … the ref, Alan Maloney, should have been fired years ago when he reportedly made a racist comment to an African-American man back in 2016. 

Woodley’s bigger issue is he’s sick of people with a history of racist behavior being allowed to have positions of authority. And, that includes police officers. 

As for the recent incident with high school wrestler Andrew Johnson, Tyron thinks the way the high school wrestling community handles hair maintenance … specifically with black athletes … is ridiculous. 

Bottom line, Tyron is proud of Johnson for blocking out the B.S. and winning his match — but enough is enough.