Ed Schultz: Former MSNBC Host and Radio Personality Passes Away at 64

Ed Schultz has passed his lake home in Minnesota.

The former MSNBC host and radio personality died from natural causes.

Schultz was 64 years old.

Schultz began his career in Fargo, broadcasting the news on both TV and radio in the 1890s.

Eventually, he began work as a commentator and host at MSNBC.

He was known for his progressive values, particularly as he championed the rights of workers.

He was a passionate defender of middle class and working class Americans, and used his show as a platform on which to espouse those values.

The Ed Show was broadcast on weekday afternoons until its cancelation in 2015.

In 2016, Ed Schultz puzzled some with his controversial choice.

After years of verbally excoriating Russian President Vladimir Putin, he went to work for the American version of RT, Russia’s state-controlled media and Putin’s personal propaganda machine.

But Schultz objected to the characterization, and explained his choice.

“RT completes the picture of the events in the U.S. and around the globe,” Schultz said. “Giving viewers access to a range of stories, voices and opinions, and a real opportunity to speak their minds.”

There are certainly plenty of arguments in favor of keeping an eye on how even hostile foreign governments are presenting the news.

Ed Schultz married his current wife, Wendy Schultz, in 1998.

Just a few years before his death, he revealed her struggle with ovarian cancer.

Wendy is the mother of Ed’s six children.

It was in seeking medical treatment for his mother during her battle with Alzheimer’s in the 1990s that his political leanings swung towards the left.

Ed has stated that he and his sons are gun owners, but that he supports certain gun control regulations.

He has stated that he does not believe in abortion because of his Christian beliefs, but he has also acknowledged that Roe v Wade is the law of the land.

Ed passed away on Thursday, July 5 of natural causes.

His death came as a shock to people who had followed his career for years or even decades, going back to when he was a sportscaster in Fargo.

Ed had friendships on both sides of the political aisle. Standing up for working Americans should not be considered partisan.

Ed Schultz will be sorely missed by his friends and loved ones.