Rain Brown: Slammed on Instagram Over Exercise Video! Why?!

Poor Rain Brown. She has to deal with the struggles of being a teenager, with her mother's cancer diagnosis and treatments, her own battle with depression, and with the rigors of being a reality star. Oh, and gay rumors.

She also has to deal with a bizarre amount of hate on Instagram. (Who hates a 15-year-old girl?!)

Rain posted a harmless video of herself doing pull-ups (as you'll see below) and has gotten a world of hate for it. And you won't believe why.

Ami Brown is battling lung cancer. As we told you in our latest Ami Brown cancer update, she recently suffered a setback but is reportedly recovering and making progress.

While these chemo treatments are taking a serious toll on the Brown family matriarch, Ami's struggle is also taking its toll on the entire family.

Particularly on her youngest, Rain Brown, who openly admits that she doesn't know if her mom's going to make it.

Rain has been acting as her family's de facto spokesperson in recent months, but her Instagram popularity comes at a cost: trolls.

Rain Brown has posted video of herself working out before.

So when Rain Brown posted what appears to be a totally innocuous, encouraging post — this time, doing pull-ups — you would think that it would be no big deal.

Rain's caption, too, was harmless.

"Nine months ago I couldn’t even do a half of a pull up and now I can do 14 I’m so proud of myself and how far I have come never give up on your dreams and goals because If you start now who knows maybe nine months from now you could be half way to your goal"

That's profoundly encouraging! Except that some trolls 

Some were patronizing:

"You're doing it wrong but nice try A+ for effort."

Others seemed to direct their comments towards other, nicer Instagram followers.

"If she wants to be a fitness teacher, she should teach it right. It's important. It also looks like someone is under her, helping by pushing her back up."

People seem to think that she was faking doing pull-ups.

"There's no way she's doing that on her own. No straining whatsoever. No need to lie Rainey"

And there were varying levels of rudeness.

"Show the box you're standing on. Lol."

Rain did, however, receive some much kinder, friendlier comments.

"Keep it up Rainy and believe that way more people love you than don’t and bad comments come from insecurities in their own lives. You are amazing and luv and blessings goes to you and your whole family."

That's so sweet!

"How are you and all your family doing. You are doing an excellent job, keep up the good work."

A lot of people asked about Ami's health and about the show and also about how Rain is adjusting to city life. Other reminisced about Rain's past.

"I remember when you challenged Bam to a push up contest. Keep it up and you’ll win someday soon!"

For half of Rain's life, viewers have watched her grow up before their eyes. And they were eager to defend her:

"Rainy, ignore the fools. Keep up the good work! My group continues to send prayers for you and your family."

Rain Brown manages to remain cheerful — at least on camera — despite so much. And while the show's on hiatus, she's the only window to the Brown family for Alaskan Bush People fans.

The least that people could do is just be polite.

For the record, it looks like she's really doing pull-ups. She's a tiny person, folks. It's not going to look the same as a muscled gymnast doing pull-ups.

Some people need to get a grip.

Rain brown slammed on instagram over exercise video why

Rain Brown Responds to Gay Rumors: I’ve Accepted My Sexuality

Back in October, Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown was praised for her pro-equality message that she shared on Instagram.

Some fans, however, wondered if her message about LGBT rights might be a little personal. And, rudely, a couple of fans boldly asked Rain if she’s gay.

Though she had every right to ignore the questions, Rain decided to come clean and answer them.

Like the rest of her family, Rain Brown has a lot on her plate. 

Since no, Ami Brown’s cancer wasn’t miraculously cured despite our hopes and best wishes, she’s still contending with her mother’s battle with lung cancer.

That’s hard for anyone to deal with, especially a girl who’s only just turned 15.

Reportedly, the Brown family is filming Season 8 in Colorado. We don’t know how much they’ve filmed — possibly just a promo or two — but filming a reality series is no joke.

Oh, and with Rain’s Instagram account having reached over 45,000 followers in just a few months, she’s dealing with a lot of social media pressures as both a teenage girl and her family’s de facto spokesperson.

It’s through social media that some people decided to give her a hard time by grilling her about her sexuality.

Folks, straight-up asking somebody their sexual orientation is fine sometimes, awkward at other times, and sexual harassment in other contexts.

When total strangers are asking a 15-year-old girl her sexual orientation, that’s seriously crossing some boundaries.

Apparently, Rain’s short hair, or perhaps the fact that she calls her fans “rainbows,” or perhaps her recent message about equality, led some fans to wonder about her sexuality, which is no one’s business by Rain’s.

We don’t know if they expected Rain to answer, but she did.

Rain shared an optimistic post, as she often does, and a fan straight-up commented:

“Are you gay?”

Though we’d have absolutely understood if Rain had ignored the comment, she decided to reply with a very direct answer:

“No, I’m straight.”

Rain didn’t stop there, though.

“And I call my fans rainbows because my name is Rain, but you do you boo.”

She added to that a kissy face emoji. Some people would add that as an insult, but coming from Rain, we think that it’s to show that there are no hard feelings over the question.

On another photo, a different fan commented:

“I wonder if [Rain] has accepted her sexuality yet?”

(Folks, if you want to speculate over somebody’s sexuality, do it in private or not at all — not on that person’s Instagram page)

Rain replied:

“I’m straight … so yeah, I have.”

That’s a polite reply but we believe that we detect an air of frustration.

To be clear, the sexuality question is inappropriate, not because gay people are somehow inherently inappropriate, but because it’s nobody’s beeswax. Also, it can constitute harassment.

She shouldn’t be faced with these questions, folks.

Not just because plenty of LGBT+ folks don’t feel comfortable coming out at 15 (if they’re even aware), but because it’s straight-up inappropriate.

We understand the desire to know as much as possible about the stars you admire.

And, quite frankly, a lot of television is starved for decent LGBT+ representation. Reality television is definitely included.

But instead of asking stars to come out — whether they’re actually gay or not — how about if we all instead mind our own business?

Especially when the reality stars in question are, you know, 15.


Rain Brown Issues Catfishing Warning: That’s NOT Gabe Brown!

For reality stars, the Brown family isn't the most active on social media. Sure, Bam Bam and his girlfriend provide some updates, but it's mostly only Rain Brown who speaks for Alaskan Bush People on the interwebs.

Which means that a strange task fell to her, as you'll see in the video below.

Rain Brown took to social media to share that Gabe Brown hasn't been online and is going through a rough time right now. Because apparently a catfisher has been pretending otherwise. …

Gabe brown hauling wood

Most reality stars use the fame that they acquire on the small screen to make their star shine even brighter.

That can mean product endorsements. It can mean crossover reality appearances (especially if anybody's marriage or relationship isn't going so well).

But, bare minimum, it means using social media to the fullest extent. You can grow your audience that way. You can also market yourself and your fame to companies that way.

The stars of Alaskan Bush People, however, don't do that so much.

Rain Brown, the family's youngest — she just turned 15 — has become the Brown family's de facto spokesperson.

Which led her to share this strange, strange message on Instagram:

Gabe brown bird brown rain brown in target

In the video that you'll see below, Rain (who seems a bit anxious as she speaks, but we get it) warns of a stranger who is spreading misinformation about Gabe Brown.

"There's this girl posing to be Gabe's girlfriend. I wanted to quickly [clear] some things up for you guys."

That's super alarming. It sounds like either the girl herself is just seeking fame over an imagined relationship, or someone is pretending to be Gabe online in order to catfish Alaskan Bush People fans.

It sounds like it's the latter situation, because Rain goes out of her way to assure the world that Gabe is not online at the moment.

"Gabe does not have his phone; hasn't had his phone in a long time."

That's unusual for anyone these days.

"Please don't listen to anything that anyone says about him."

That's not uncommon for reality star siblings to say about each other — it's natural to be protective.

But it's good to remember that being contacted by someone claiming to be a celebrity … well, you should almost always assume that it's not really them. Look for that blue checkmark of verification and even then, consider that they may have been hacked.

Rain elaborates on Gabe's circumstances, and though she's pretty vague, it doesn't sound good:

"He's going through a very hard time and his phone broke and he does not have it."

Considering that the Brown family has been living large in a Beverly Hills mansion recently, we're guessing that there's much more to Gabe's lack of a phone than the first one getting damaged.

Because surely they could just buy another. It sounds like he's in a really bad place, emotionally.

Rain brown and gabe brown

Rain takes the opportunity to share a message about her sister, Birdie.

"And also Birdie likes to be kept very private."

Again, the Brown family is much, much more privacy-oriented than you'd expect for a bunch of reality stars.

"And so she doesn't, you know, she doesn't really let anyone follow her. And she doesn't like people messaging her."

Rain then seems to almost immediately contradict herself (again, she's talking about a serious subject; some anxiety goes with the territory).

"But you are welcome to message her, and she'll read it, and sometimes I think she replies — I'm not positive."

So maybe Rain should have checked with Birdie before she spoke about what Birdie likes or doesn't, but Rain's doing her best.

"My family's really private, and that's really the only reason that I'm the only one on here."

No 15-year-old should have to be the spokesperson for her famous family, but here we are.

"And I never say anything about the rest of my family because they're all very private people."

Gabe brown and best friend

So, first of all: catfishing is bad, but catfishing as a celebrity who is already going through a hard time — we're guessing that Ami Brown's lung cancer is just one of his current struggles — is worse.

You might think that only a fool would get caught by that, but that doesn't mean that a foolish person deserves to be deceived.

There are a lot of desperate, lonely people who would love to believe that they're in a relationship with a famous person.

And there are some truly unhealthy people who would get a thrill out of tricking someone into believing that.

Second of all, though, the Browns are continuing to make a big mistake by staying off of social media.

Remember the fan controversy over that photo of Billy Brown? If Ami and Billy were active on social media, they'd have a chance at controlling the narrative about Billy continuing to smoke while his wife battles lung cancer.

At the very least, they could bombard fans with enough content that a random photo of them would have gotten less scrutiny.

Also, Rain uses the video to share that she has "almost" 40,000 followers on Instagram. She actually has more than 40K, now.

Anyway, here's the video of Rain Brown. As we said, she seems a little anxious, but that's more than understandable.

Rain brown issues catfishing warning thats not gabe brown

Rain Brown: I Don’t Know if My Mom’s Going to Make It

Just over a week ago, we told you that Ami Brown’s second round of chemo was coming up. 

The Alaskan Bush People star’s family might be living large in a Beverly Hills mansion, but the Brown matriarch spends her time these days undergoing chemo and then recovering from those sessions.

Well, she’s undergoing chemotherapy treatments now, and we have some details on how she’s coping.

We know that chemotherapy is a brutal but vitally necessary treatment as Ami Brown fights against stage 4 lung cancer.

Rain Brown, the youngest member of the Brown family, took to Instagram and offered an update on her mother’s progress.

“My mom and I spent all morning making our favorite peach tea and our own mix of essential oils together.”

Though it’s a bad situation, it’s good that they still have mother-daughter time.

They use the essential oils as a homeopathic treatment — to aid comfort and recovery.

Rain lists the specific scents:

“(frankincense, eucalyptus, pink grapefruit, and spearmint) with coconut oil as a carrier and a touch of shimmer.”

A lot of those sound great.

Rain sounds like she has a very realistic grasp on her mother’s condition:

“She is now going though her second round of chemo, sadly I can’t say how she is doing just yet, but we are all hopeful and faithful.”

Sometimes “I don’t know” is the most honest, mature answer that you can give.

“Thank you all so much for your support and love in this harsh time. Stay strong my rainbows, God bless.”

Rain is such a sweetheart. We’re so glad that she’s there for her mother.

We know that being surrounded by (almost) her whole family — since they all live just minutes from the hospital — must be a great source of comfort for Ami.

Rain is maintaining a healthy perspective on life.

This is important, too. As we’ve mentioned, cancer patients do go through their ordeal alone. All of their loved ones are along for the ride.

And, at just 14 years of age, “Rainy” does not have the kind of life experience or coping mechanisms that some of her much older siblings do.

(No matter how bad your experiences as an adult may be, they would always be worse as a child)

Rain shared a quote on Instagram:

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be.”

Rain also added quite a few of her own words in the caption:

“Quotes aren’t about who said what when and what they meant when they said it they are about a few words put together in a way so beautiful it speaks to everyone differently.”

Rain regards quotes as a sort of inspirational poetry, then. If we’re reading this correctly.

“For me they were something I found myself drawn to and couldn’t find out why, they helped me through some of the darkest times in my life, and have lifted me up to great heights.”

Rain is at that age where she’s figuring out who she wants to be and also who she is.

Quotes can have a powerful impact and become a guiding force as you figure out what resonates with you — and what does not.

“People always mock them for being so small and stupid but knowing so much, meaning so much but just being something someone else said.”

We think that what Rain is trying to say here is that some people have a dismissive attitude towards quotes, but she finds meaning in them.

“Being a copycat if you will, but I find quotes are beautiful and hold all the secrets to life.”

And we think that, here, she’s asserting that using quotes isn’t being a copycat, it’s finding inspiration.

“Even the ones that are right in front of our eyes, quotes are like a magic that is always there but only makes sense when you need them to most.”

That’s true. Even a quote from a childhood cartoon — or a dream — can have meaning.

(I’ll always remember that famous dream that someone had where Obama said “Violence for violence is the rule of beasts”)

“So I guess you could say I’m a lot like a quote small and young but has a deeper understanding then even I could ever understand.”

It’s cute that she was able to connect how people are dismissive of quotes with how they sometimes underestimate her.

it’s sad, too.

And tough, being the baby of the family — especially such a large family.

Rain will pull through, though, even as she battles depression.

Right now, we wish that we had as much confidence in Ami Brown’s fragile health.


Rain Brown: Wanting to Quit Alaskan Bush People?!

Considering that Alaskan Bush People is in production limbo while Ami Brown undergoes cancer treatments, we don’t know when the new season will begin.

But though the Brown family is living large in a mansion during this hiatus, you figure that, sooner or later, they’ll retreat back into the wilderness to continue filming.

Rain Brown said something recently, however, that has fans concerned. it sounds like she wants to quit the show!

We absolutely love that Rain Brown is on social media.

Her posts and photos are a great insight into her life and thoughts — sides to her that we would never get to see on a series that follows the entire family.

And as carefully as we follow Ami Brown’s chemotherapy treatments, we — and all fans of Alaskan Bush People — need to see that the rest of the family is coping during this trying experience.

Remember — cancer patients don’t go through their cancer battles alone.

Their loved ones are in the thick of it with them.

Just as when we were excited to learn of Noah Brown’s engagement finally being official and confirmed, we welcome any positive news about the family.

Rain Brown, however, the youngest of the Brown clan at just 14 years old, has revealed more than just her quirky side and fondness for equality over Instagram.

Rain Brown is depressed. And this is not a new development, either.

What’s worse, she’s often felt sidelined or ignored when speaking about her battle with depression.

No one should be dismissed because of their youth.

In fact, teens and preteens experiencing depression can be at extremely high risk, which is why treatment is so important. Hormones and a tumultuous social life can both work to exacerbate depression symptoms.

And Ami Brown’s cancer battle must also be taking its toll.

Rain’s alarming new post doesn’t refer to any of that, but you can see how it all might be an influence if she’s tired of being on Alaskan Bush People.

The picture is fine (it looks like a still from a Vine, actually; gosh I miss Vine), but the caption is what has fans worried.

“This is my I don’t really want to take this picture but I love the person who I’m taking it for look #yup #idontwannadothisanymore #hurtinginside #staystrong #stayhappy”

In case you find hashtags overwhelming, Rain wrote: “I don’t wanna do this anymore” and “hurting inside.”

Both of those tags are huge red flags — not only for her mental health, but for fans of the series who enjoy he role on the show.

Fans were quick to comment, and Rain Brown even responded. …

One fan wrote:

“If you want to quit, then stop. You will be so missed. I so look forward to your posts. If you need to get out of the public eye do it! You can’t be strong for others if you don’t take care of yourself.”

Honestly, Rain Brown is a minor, so we doubt that she ever had much of a choice to begin with and we don’t know that she gets to decide that for herself now, either.

Rain jumped in, however, and replied:

“I was actually talking about taking a picture lol.”

We have to say that “hurting inside” sounds a little more serious than posing for a photo, but it may be that her humor isn’t translating well over Instagram.

But that’s okay. She’s 14 and she’s just figuring out how to (and how not to) deliver her quirky brand of humor to her fans.

This is a relief. Though, as long as the show remains in hiatus for Ami Brown’s treatments and recovery, we won’t know for sure if the show will go on.


Rain Brown Praised for Equality Message!

You may not think of Alaskan Bush People as the best platform for progressive ideals, but you should remember that the Brown family is made up of real people with a lot more depth than could ever fit into a reality series.

The family’s youngest, Rain Brown, uses social media for a lot more than just delivering updates on her mom’s health and speaking about her battle with depression.

She also uses it to promote wonderful messages about making the world a better place. And she’s getting some well-deserved praise (and undeserved hate) for it.

Before posting her own miniature essay on equality in the captions, Rain posted an existing image that reads:

“I am a nasty woman because I believe in love, acceptance, equality, kindness, respect, and the power of my voice.”

Though Rain doesn’t say so herself, this quote was inspired by Ashley Judd who, at the Women’s March, recited a poem by 19-year-old Nina Donovan.

And, obviously, the “nasty woman” line was inspired by what Trump so infamously said about Hillary Clinton at the debates.

Instead of giving background on the quote contained within the image that she posted, Rain wrote in her own words about the importance of equality and what it means to her.

“Equality is SO important.”

A simple statement on its own, but very true.

“No one it’s better no matter their sexuality, skin color, or gender.”

Also true.

“We are all people, it’s so sad to me that we are living in 2017 and STILL we are not all treated equal, if you’re different, good!”

She’s such a sweet person. We have to wonder what brought on this topic, right?

She had previously improvised a song in which she joked about being better than the listener, but this was just her hitting back at trolls who fill her Instagram comments.

So … what prompted Rain to talk about equality?

We’re not sure, exactly.

But Rain does talk about how the issue of equality impacts her, personally.

“You actually had the power and strength to stand up for something, and something that is NEVER discussed in media is age equality.”

To be clear, she’s not equating ageism (which can impact the young and old, if in different ways) with slavery or anti-LGBT bigotry or anything like that.

But it’s a topic that, she’s right, doesn’t get talked about enough.

“Just because I’m 14 doesn’t make me less of a person then a 60 year old our time spent on this earth or how we spend it shouldn’t change the way people treat you.”

Rain Brown may be referring to her recently revealed battle with depression, which she says was dismissed off-handedly because of her youth.

(When, in fact, adolescents are more vulnerable to depression than most other groups; with symptoms exacerbated by hormones, a depressed teenager should get the counseling and medication that they need)

But Rain is not trying to make the message of equality all about her, of course. She’s just talking about how it relates to her, personally.

“For everyone out there that is sad or been bullied or lied to it happens to literally everyone.”

Unfortunately, that is true.

“So just don’t return the favor, basically what I’m getting to is, all my life I’ve wanted to change something and so many people tell me I can’t, but I already have, even if no one agrees with me I still made them think.”

She’s right — don’t get mistreated and then turn around and do it to someone else.

And it sounds like people don’t listen to her enough. Perhaps, because she’s the youngest, people can’t help but see her as a baby. But she’s not anymore.

“And I’m not about to let anyone make me give up on my dream, my mission is to spread love and light on this dark world, join me be strong and fierce but kind and compassionate to your neighbors, life is all about balance.”

So she’s not listening to trolls. Good.

Commenters were quick to praise the young Alaskan Bush People star for her stance.

“I liked you before this. Now I freaking love you Rainy!!!! Equality, respect, kindness, and acceptance are paramount in this world.”

Very well said!

“Your response is exactly what I would expect from a young women raised by an amazing mom. Thumbs up! I can only hope my 13 year old daughter learns your family values.”

Awww, a shout-out to Ami Brown while praising Rain! Cute.

“You are such an outstanding person.”

And there were many more positive comments.

There were, of course, some negative comments. Even though Rain is 14 and shared a positive message, some people just want to get into arguments.

“Equality, acceptance, all good, but Romans chapter 1, God says diffrent.”

We’re not going to get into an academic debate about Biblical passages, but … well, we’re pretty sure that Romans is attributed to Paul.

(Honestly, that’s beside the point, because adults have no business going into the comments of a 14-year-old’s post and starting theological arguments or arguments of any other kind. She’s a kid; be nice or get out)

“There is no such thing as equality. We are all different. Although well meaning ‘equality’ creates division. Males and females have different abilities on average and different races have different attributes. We must accept our differences and move on to be happy.”

So that one’s, like, straight-up racist, among other things. (The “different races have different attributes” line is fine if you’re talking about, like, elves or orcs … not real-life people)

“My advice is to listen to wise advice. ‘A Nasty woman’, is a nasty term from nasty feminists. I’ve always admired your mom for being a sweet lady, with so much faith, not a nasty woman.”

That last hateful comment is best read in Gollum’s voice.

We hope that Rain can set aside the hate, though.


Rain Brown Details Struggle with Depression

Rain Brown has provided Instagram followers with an update on herself and also on her gravely ill mother.

The youngest member of the Alaskan Bush People, Rain has been a consistent social media presence for months.

Recently, however, it’s been difficult for her to keep up a happy persona, considering that her mother has tragically been diagnosed with lung cancer.

According to a number of reports, Ami Brown is at Stage Four and she may not have very much time left.

Earlier this week, Rain tried to keep up an optimistic front, sharing an uplifting text image with her followers that read:

“You may not understand today or tomorrow, but eventually God will reveal why you went through everything you did.”

She then opened up a lot more about the issues she’s been dealing with of late.

“For the past few days I’ve been struggling with some things, such as my depression, life, and some teen girl probs too (ya know a broken nail) and I couldn’t figure out why I was in such bad shape,” Brown wrote, adding:

“I stayed in bed for about four days with minor aches and pains and I couldn’t find out a reason, it bothered me so much, I lost any want to be healthy or motivational, I was just a husk.”

That’s awful to hear.

Sadly, it’s not the first time Rain has mentioned Depression.

She wrote the following to her followers last month:

I’ve struggled with a lot of depression over the last couple years, I was told it was puberty I was told I was too young to feel any real emotion that I “wasn’t fully developed so my brain couldn’t have actually been depressed” one of the main things I struggle with is my age.

This time around, Rain didn’t question her mood too much.

As explained below, she sort of just gave in to it:

“But just now in the middle of the night it occurred to me, sometimes you don’t have to have a reason sometimes you don’t have to be perfect and somedays you just feel like staying in bed and watching old @simplynailogical videos and that’s OKAY!

“In the time of all this happening I told myself that over and over but it also hit me I had to actually believe it and just let it go and stop being bothered by it.”

While the Discovery Channel star admitted that she continues to “still feel kinda down and Like being lazy,” she now knows it’s “alright because my body knows what it needs and if that’s rest I won’t be one to refuse.”

In conclusion, Amy mentioned her sick mother:

“Stay strong my rainbows and listen to your body and soul they know what you need, don’t let your depression or dark feelings try to make you feel bad or people make you feel bad for doing what you know is right for you

“Ps my mom gave me some panaway oil and now my aches feel so much better thanks mommy!!!”

We really can’t imagine what Rain and her six siblings are going through.

On Friday, though, Rain did say that she and her mom spent the morning making peach tea, adding of Ami:

“She is now going though her second round of chemo…

“Sadly I can’t say how she is doing just yet, but we are all hopeful and faithful, thank you all so much for your support and love in this harsh time.”

We wish her the very best.


Alaskan Bush People Star Rain Brown Reveals Depression Battle

Rain Brown has a lot on her plate. She’s an Alaskan Bush People star and her show might be in production limbo. Her mother, Ami Brown, is in grave condition as she battles lung cancer.

To top it all off, Ami Brown is a 14-year-old girl with problems that plague teens every day.

On social media, Rain has revealed some of those troubles, including her battle with depression, in a series of troubling posts.

Rain has shared this photo, which honestly looks straight out of one of those “depression hurts” commercials that used to play.

It’s a good photo, but not exactly uplifting.

Her captions only added to that sense of gloom:

“On the outside always looking in will I ever be more then I’ve ever been? Cause I’m tap tap tapping on the glass, waving through a window.”

You might point out that those are obviously lyrics, and they are — to the Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen. The main character in that musical has severe social anxiety — a condition that has a strong link to depression.

Now, maybe she shared this because this was her mood, or maybe she was just sharing a photo that seemed illustrative of the song.

But rest assured that we wouldn’t be worried if all that she’d shared were some lyrics.

Rain Brown shared this throwback photo, and you can really feel a sense of loss in her captions:

“#TBT to my last time in AK, it was spent with some of my favorite people, and I couldn’t have asked for a better goodbye to Juneau, I hope to go back one day but for now I got to say my last words in a very beautiful way, #AK #goodbye #stayhappy #staystrong”

Now, sure, that’s a throwback photo to the live that she used to live in Alaska.

(Yes, that’s Alaska, if you couldn’t tell from the landscape and context — AK does not mean Arkansas)

Now, when she refers to missing people, does she mean that she misses her whole family living together and doing the show?

Some of the Browns might be tired of Alaskan Bush People, but remember, folks — Rain grew up with it. That was half her life.

Or is she referring to friends she had and left behind in Alaska, left behind as she moved and moved on?

Because most of us have been there at some point in our childhoods or our lives.

Most concerning of all is Rain Brown’s open letter to fans in which she reveals her struggle to get diagnosed and how easily she was dismissed because of her youth.

“I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone and your feelings matter! The way you feel isn’t stupid, I’ve struggled with a lot of depression over the last couple years.”

And she got a worse-than-useless response from one quack, apparently.

“I was told it was puberty I was told I was too young to feel any real emotion that I “wasn’t fully developed so my brain couldn’t have actually been depressed” one of the main things I struggle with is my age.”

Rain talks more about her age and how she’s been limited because of it, but even just that opening is so heartbreaking and so worrisome.

Because, as just about anyone could tell you, 14-year-olds absolutely get depressed. Puberty might exacerbate depression (hormones make pretty much anything relating to emotions about a zillion times worse, honestly), but depression is a very real concern in people Rain’s age. And younger.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were talking about radio host Delilah’s son’s suicide after battling with depression? Zachariah was a teenager. And he was receiving treatment.

(As with any serious illness, being treated doesn’t guarantee a cure or even survival, unfortunately)

To be clear, when we say that these were “troubling” posts, we don’t mean that we’re unhappy that she posted them.

This isn’t like when someone rages on social media or when a President posts impulsively before sunrise, to the collective horror of his friends and enemies alike.

We’re glad that Rain has a place where she can express herself.

Though she has an extraordinary number of haters who troll her posts, she also has a lot of fans and supporters.

And her social media popularity has increased exponentially over the past few months.

She’s a strong, determined young woman and she can get through whatever life throws at her. Including depression.

But we hope that she has plenty of support. Because she deserves it.