Virginia Tech Lax Team Raps N-Word, Is Very Sorry About It

Oops, folks…

… they're bad!

Earlier this week, members of the Virginia Tech women's lacrosse team didn't just record themselves singing along to Lil Dicky's "Freaky Friday."

They recorded themselves singing along to this explicit track AND released the footage on social media.

And because the women are all white, and because the lyrics include a certain N-Word, backlash against the athletes was swift and ferocious.

(For whatever it's worth, yes: "Freaky Friday" is the song in whose video Kendall Jenner stars and during which she's very excited about her vagina.)

After the video below made its way around YouTube and Head Coach John Sung made note of the comments, he said the following to The Roanoke Times:

"This is a teachable moment. It’s not something that we’re proud of. The team is very apologetic and sorry. There’s nobody of any color that should say it. Period.

"There’s nobody that should say it."

Sung insisted there “was no malice involved" and we tend to believe him.

"They just thought that they were singing along to a song," he added.

"They had just won. They’re singing songs. The first couple songs were Disney songs…They were celebrating and they were dancing and they were excited."

Some folks out there were satisfied with this apology.

Others, however, don't think any apology was even necessary.

Take radio host Clay Travis, for example, and his response to this so-called scandal on Twitter:

"Hey @Deadspin," he wrote, mentioning the name of a website that ran this story and asking:

"Was the Virginia Tech women’s team chanting racial slurs or were they singing along to one of the most popular rap songs in America? This is pathetic, and fake news."

It's actually an interesting debate:

Should any mea culpa have been required when these young women were just singing along to the words of a track?

Should white people avoid saying this epithet at ALL times, including this one?

Ponder your answer as you watch the footage in question:

Virginia tech lacrosse team raps the n word is very sorry about