Teen Mom OG Ratings Fall: Is the Show Getting Cancelled?!

So look, your friends here at The Hollywood Gossip love Teen Mom.

Love. It.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way these days.

Sure, lots and lots of people keep up with the cast and all the drama.

But not a lot of those people actually sit down and watch the show every week anymore.

And as hard as it is to say, that fact may be causing a big, big problem …

1. Hey, Girls!

Teen mom og season 8 cast
Here’s the current cast of Teen Mom OG: Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Bristol Palin, and Cheyenne Floyd.

2. Big Changes

Farrah abraham is rendered speechless
This is quite the shake-up from last season, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

3. Oh Wow

Maci on teen mom og
This current season premiered on October 1st, and it pulled in 957,000, which is … well, it’s not great.

4. Ouch

Amber on the couch
851,000 people tuned in for the second episode, and we probably don’t have to tell you that a drop of over 100,000 viewers is even less great.

5. Sorry, Ladies

Catelynn on season 8
The numbers are even worse when you look back at older season premieres.

6. Not Great at All

Tyler baltierra teen mom og
Like, this is honestly really, really bad.

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Alaskan Bush People Premiere DESTROYS Kardashian Ratings!

On Sunday, August 19, Alaskan Bush People‘s new season premiered. Fans and viewers got to see the Brown family in Washington for the first time.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians had an episode during the same timeslot. And if Kris got cross on camera, we can only imagine how she feels off camera.

Because Alaskan Bush People‘s ratings absolutely trounced those of KUWTK. They had more than three times as many viewers.

Let’s take a look at Showbuzz Daily‘s Top 150 List and see how ratings went during that August 9 timeslot.

Alaskan Bush People: 3.4 million viewers on Discovery.

90 Day Fiance: 2.2 millon viewers on TLC.

Fear The Walking Dead: 1.9 million viewers on AMC.

Finding Dory: 1.7 million viewers on The Disney Channel.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians did not even bring in 1.1 million for E!

What’s more is that Alaskan Bush People‘s season premiere had nearly double the claim on the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Now, season premiere numbers can give a bit of a bump. That’s normal.

But we’re talking about a difference of more than two million people. That looks like more than a bump, folks.

We’re talking about a family considered to be American royalty getting less than one-third of the market share that the Brown family did.

So, why did viewers tune in?

Well, it wasn’t just to see Bear Brown run through the woods of Washington State.

Viewers are genuinely concerned about Ami Brown’s ongoing cancer battle. They love Ami.

Even though they know that the Brown family spends their off season living large in a Beverly Hills mansion, fans have forged a powerful attachment to the family members.

They want to see how Ami is doing for themselves.

They want to see how the family is adjusting to Washington.

Does this spell doom for the Kardashians?

No, and we don’t mean to suggest that Kris Jenner will see the ratings and start exposing one of her children to carcinogens to attract viewers.

(Insert the obligatory what was really in those doughnuts Kris tried to feed Khloe joke)

First of all, the Kardashian brand is no longer exclusively and inextricably linked to Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

That’s why Kourtney is a millionaire living comfortably and Kylie is on the verge of becoming a billionaire.

Reality television gave the Kardashians a stepping stone that they’ve used to grow their brands and their wealth. It was a means to an end.

We don’t think that this new ratings dynamic means that viewers want totally different things.

If networks respond to this by churning out show after show of families living in unspeakably remote wilderness while one of them battles a terminal illness, it would be a mistake.

This is probably a symptom of overexposure. Everybody knows who the Kardashians are and what they’re up to.

The big surprises that had everyone interested — things like Tristan’s cheating and Kylie’s pregnancy — are old news.

Right now, the Kardashians are focusing on feuding between Kim and Kourtney. They are grown-ass adult mothers of three each and their feuds aren’t as meme-worthy as they once were.

The Brown family might not be more authentic than the Kardashians, but they’re more relatable and they’re way, way less overexposed.

That, we think, is what’s happening here.


Kardashians EXPOSED Faking Dramatic Feuds Just to Fuel Ratings!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has scarcely begun, but the fighting has been intense. Kourtney says Kim is evil. Meanwhile, Khloe wants to punch Kourtney.

They’re tearing this family apart! Or … are they?

A new report says that the sisters are basically just faking all of this for the cameras. Take a look.

RadarOnline reports that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians drama is at least partly just for show.

“Their fight this season is so overly dramatic,” a source close to the Kardashians admits, revealing: “and they all know it.”

That said, there’s some very real tension underlying all of this.

“There is no doubt that the three of them aren’t as close as they used to be,” the insider acknowledges.

“But,” the source says. “They all knew they needed something big to start off the season.”

It seems to be working.

Beneath all of the exaggerations, there are some genuine contentions between the sisters.

“Kourtney,” the insider confirms. “Doesn’t want to be on the show anymore.”

She’s 39 and her life isn’t what it used to be and, even if she’s still the hottest Kardashian sister, she’s over it.

“And,” the insider shares. “She doesn’t like how Kim treats everyone.”

Kim seems to treat them as if they’re all her side-kicks who should just drop everything and do what she has planned.

As you may recall, she also accused Kourtney, who is a mother of three, of essentially being a layabout whose schedule should be open.

“Khloe has been over the show for several seasons too,” the source admits.

That is understandable. She, too, has been doing it for more than a decade. It’s transformed her life, but everyone runs out of steam sooner or later.

“But,” the insider makes clear. “They exaggerated the nasty fighting.”

That’s how reality television works. You take a minor disagreement that might go unspoken in a healthy family and you follow your impulses. For drama.

And the result is that you get ratings, you get fame, and you get cold, hard cash.

“They are just all in it for the money,” the insider feels the need to explain.

We didn’t think that they were doing a reality series as the world’s weirdest charity drive.

Some might be surprised, since their heated confrontations look so real.

“By now they are all good actresses,” the source says. “Whether people want to believe it or not!”

Of course they are! And we’re not just saying that because Khloe was on that one episode of Law & Order: LA.

All of this is money — sorry, music — to the ears of momager Kris Jenner.

Kris, the insider says, “is loving every minute of it.”

No parent wants their children to squabble and fight. But if they’re just pretending to fight (mostly) and the result is that your family becomes richer by millions of dollars, that sounds worth it.

Even if you get accused of “art-shaming” one of your daughters in the process.

The sisters should be careful, however. As weird as it sounds, human nature means that sometimes, people begin to truly believe the things that they say.


Ryan Seacrest Has Nothing But Love for ‘American Idol’ Despite Ratings Woes

Ryan Seacrest loves “American Idol” — he makes that perfectly clear — and he doesn’t seem to be sweating the prospect of the show not returning next season … ratings be damned. We got the ‘Idol’ host leaving E Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills…


Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom Ratings Are Down Because I Got Fired!

Plenty of fans tuned in to watch Farrah Abraham get fired.

But ratings seemed to decline a bit following that episode.

Farrah says that Teen Mom OG has now run its course — and people shoudl be more interested in the quality television programs that she’s going to come out with.

We’ll go into detail on Teen Mom ratings — with specific numbers and episodes — in a moment.

In an interview with RadarOnlineFarrah Abraham says that the falling Teen Mom ratings are to be expected. 

“It’s no surprise that the Teen Mom ratings went down since I’ve left.”

But she follows that with a message of … compassion, we think.

“I know that other families rely on this show for income and I hope it continues.”

That’s charitable of her, though she concludes that thought by saying:

“Even if it’s now run its course.”

Funny how she didn’t seem to think that the series was pointless when they were still paying her.

“MTV has really ruined what could be an amazing show.”

MTV created the show, but she explains how she believes that they “ruined” it.

“By bullying, ruining natural story lines, shaming, and interfering in the real lives of these parents and children.”

Honestly? We’re kind of impressed that she managed to avoid accusing anyone of “hate crimes.” That’s character development.

“I’m happy I separated myself.”

Wow, that sounds like a very creative way of saying “got fired.”

Farrah then talks about her hopes and dreams.

“I hope to produce and develop award-winning shows as my 10 years of experience has me confident of what our future needs.”

She doesn’t just mean her livestreamed sex shows, we think.

Brace yourselves for this next line:

“I am quality, authentic, real.”


She says that her future in television will reflect those qualities.

“And I will only create shows, films, and digital content that delivers that.”

TV By The Numbers has the ratings for Teen Mom OG, so these are the stats to which Farrah is referring.

The episode that featured Farrah’s long-awaited firing took place on March 12, and brought in 1,135,000 viewers.

In contrast, for the next episode, which did not feature Farrah, viewership dropped to 1,097,000 on March 19.

On March 26, 1,044,000 fans tuned in. On April 2, numbers were way down, with only 992,000 watching.

The season finale on April 9 did see those numbers rise again, with 1,250,000 viewers, finally surpassing the ratings of Farrah’s last day.

But that was a season finale.

Honestly? That dip in ratings looks significant, but it doesn’t really spell out the “decline” that Farrah seems to see.

It looks more like interest spiked, just like how more people start watching a soap opera when the show teases that a major character is about to die.

Just like how people will slow down on the road to see a trainwreck, they tuned in to watch Farrah get confronted about how she treats the show’s producers.

That doesn’t mean that her firing spells doom for the series, folks.

In other news, our advise for anyone seeking to find a romantic partner is this: find someone who describes you like Farrah Abraham describes herself.


Sister Wives: Returning to TLC Despite Declining Ratings!

Great news for fans of reality TV’s most scandalous clan of polygamists!

Come to think of it … the Browns might be reality TV’s only clan of polygamists.

Anyway, it seems Kody and company will be back for another round of polyamorous hijinks!

TLC comfirmed today that despite poor ratings for Sister Wives, the show will be back for at least one more season.

“We’ve followed the Browns through plenty of ups and downs, but their story is far from over. We’re excited to share that ‘Sister Wives’ will return to TLC to continue following the journey of the Brown family,” 

The news comes as something of a surprise, as ratings for Sister Wives declined precipitously over the course of the past season.

While the show still manages a decent market share, the downward trend points to an uncertain future for the once wildly-popular series.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup the Sister Wives Season 9 premiere drew in 1.7 million viewers.

Not terrible numbers for a long-running basic cable series, but down considerably from the show’s series premiere, which drew in a whopping 2.2 million viewers.

And worse, it seems the numbers may be slipping as the show’s current season trudges on.

As for what viewers can expect from Sister Wives Season 10, well, TLC didn’t give much away in today’s announcement, but we have some predictions.

As those who follow the Browns closely already know, Kody and Christine’s daughter Aspyn Brown got engaged to Mitch Thompson in June.

News of wedding preparations has been kept largely under wraps, which leads us to believe the build-up to the big day will be the focus of Season 10.

But that doesn’t mean the older generation will be pushed to the margins completely. 

After much speculation that Meri Brown will leave Kody, it seems we finally know for sure whether or not she’s sticking around.

Meri tweeted last week that “not bailing” on her family, and would like the speculation to end.

So you can expect the ongoing drama between Kody and Meri (and all of his other wives for that matter) to figure prominently in upcoming episodes.

Frankly, we can’t wait!

Watch Sister Wives online to get caught up in time for what may be the show’s final season.