Lyric McHenry Dies, Friends and Loved Ones React in Shock

The world of reality television was dealt a tragic and awful blow on Tuesday night.

Former EJNYC star Lyric McHenry was found dead in New York City, with details of her passing causing those who knew her well to react in stunned silence and/or shocked sorrow.

According to various outlets, McHenry was discovered at 5 a.m. on a sidewalk in the Bronx.

She was wearing nothing but a pajamas top and there was a small bag of cocaine on her person.

Authorities therefore suspect that McHenry died of a drug overdose.

Along with the actual narcotics found at the scene, this belief was fortified by the many Instagram photos and videos shared by McHenry and her friends late Monday night, all of which documented their night out in New York.

Here are two examples of such photos:

lyric pic

McHenry, her sister Maya (who also is friends with EJ Johnson and who also appeared on the aforementioned E! reality series in 2016) and some pals hit up multiple well-known Big Apple hot spots during their celebration.

Lyric was only 26 years old at the time of her death.

And, according to The New York Daily News, she was 20 weeks pregnant.

Just horrible.

Those who knew McHenry well are not taking the news of her passing well, for obvious and understandable reasons.

Dorothy Wang, who starred alongside EJ Johnson and who was close friends with McHenry, Tweeted the following after learning of Lyric’s death:

Rest In Peace Lyric McHenry. You were an angel amongst us.


Wang was a cast member on E!’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills for four seasons and EJNYC was a one-season spinoff of this program.

Wang also called out reports about McHenry’s death that did NOT include all of her accomplishments, insiders or social media users who only focused on the overdose.

“Lyric was a Stanford graduate, scholar, activist, an intelligent, caring, friend, sister, daughter, and member of society!!!” wrote Wang.

It’s true: she also volunteered on the Obama campaign when she was 15 years old.

“Working for this campaign made my awkward stage at 15 so much doper,” wrote McHenry as a caption to the picture below, adding:

Thank you to the Obamas for inspiring us, leading with love and intellect, bringing art and artists to the White House, and also Sasha and Malia.”

Radar Online, meanwhile, writes that McHenry’s mom reacted in such hysterics upon hearing that her daughter died that she had to be hospitalized.

The 26-year-old’s mother, Jennifer, was “crying and fell to the ground and we had to catch her,” a source said about the sad situation.

This is what the New York Police Department wrote in regard to what transpired yesterday:

“On Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at approximately 0505 hours, police encountered a 26-year-old female, unconscious and unresponsive, lying on the sidewalk in the vicinity of Undercliff Avenue and Boscobel Place, within the confines of the 44 Precinct.

“There were no obvious signs of trauma observed.

“EMS responded to the location and transported the aided female to Bronx Lebanon Hospital, where she was pronounced deceased. The Medical Examiner will determine the cause of death.

“The investigation remains ongoing.”

And this is what EJ Johnson, the son of basketball legend Magic Johnson, wrote on social media on August 6 and McHenry and her impending birthday:

Happy birthday to my best friend who has strutted with my in princess gowns since day 1 @lyric_leighwords cannot express how much I love and appreciate you in my life.

Your constant love, respect and companionship gives me the confidence to live my truth every single day and I am so blessed that even as baby divas we recognized the greatness in each other.

I love you #leoseason #teamthis.

May Lyric McHenry rest in peace.


Loser Designer Blasts Selena Gomez as “Ugly,” Fans React in Horror

You can say many things about Selena Gomez.

You can say you don’t like her music because you’re entitled to that opinion.

You can say you she has bad taste in men because Justin Bieber has never treated her well.

You can say she makes poor decisions with her hairstyle at times.

But you cannot say what Stefano Gabbana just said about the singer, not if you want to avoid very deserved backlash from millions of people on social media.

The Italian designer, who co-founded the fashion label label Dolce & Gabbana, went out of his way on Instagram this week to attack Gomez.

In the comments of a photo on The Catwalk Italia’s Instagram account, Gabbana wrote the following alongside a collage of Selena picture:

È proprio brutta!!!

This translates, very simply and extremely rudely, to: She’s so ugly.

The insult was many things; unprovoked, cruel, sexist and objectively untrue.

And while Gomez has thus far taken the high road, refusing to even acknowledge Gabbana’s existence, her friends and fans online have been unable to show similar restraint.

“@stefanobabbana you’re tired and over. your homophobic, misogynistic, body-shaming existence will not thrive in 2018,” Tweeted 13 Reasons Why actor Tommy Dorfman, who plays Ryan Shaver in the Netflix drama.

He added:

“it is no longer tolerable or chic. please take many seats.”

And then there was this from a Gomez follower:

“Shame on you for online bullying. Doesn’t matter if 1 million people see it or 1 person, it’s bullying. It’s wrong.”

And then this from another Gomez follower, who kept it short and simple and supportive:

“We love this beautiful queen.”

Julia Michaels, a singer-songwriter and close friend of Selena’s tweeted:

“@selenagomez just here to tell you that you are one of the most beautiful women I know, inside and out. I love you always.”

This really is true.

While the merits of what Gabbana said are really beside the point, it might as well be pointed out while we’re here:

Selena Gomez is a very pretty young woman. Full stop. This statement really can’t be debated.

the mean comment

Over the years, Gabbana has bullied stars on social media numerous times, including Kate Mossand Victoria Beckham.

Most recently, he went after Kate Moss on the same Catwalk Italia Instagram page, dissing a Saint Laurent look she was wearing … just because.

In 2015, celebrities such as Elton John, Courtney Love and Ricky Martin boycotted the fashion brand over insensitive comments Dolce and Gabbana made about IVF and LGBTQ families.

Moreover, the brand released a $ 245 “#BoycottDolceGabbana” graphic T-shirt inspired by the negative response to First Lady Melania Trump wearing their designs.

In other words: it courts controversy like this.

So the best thing to do is what Selena has done, which is to totally and completely ignore the misguided and pathetic messenger.

This will be the last time we write about him.


Anthony Bourdain: Celebrities React to Shocking Suicide

Absolutely tragic, shocking news this morning …

Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef known for TV shows like No Reservations and Parts Unknown, was found dead of an apparent suicide.

He was 61 years old.

The news was confirmed in a statement from CNN, his home network, and shortly after the statement was released, the reactions came pouring in.

It's clear that Anthony Bourdain was well-loved by many, and that his death is hitting us all very, very hard.

1. Adam Richman

Adam richman

2. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy teigen

3. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon ramsay

4. Jamie Oliver

Jamie oliver

5. Patton Oswalt

Patton oswalt

6. Andrew Zimmern

Andrew zimmern

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Grey’s Anatomy Fans, Stars React to Epic Finale

Now THAT'S what we call a season finale!

And, incredibly, that's what we call a happy season finale.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24, Sarah Drew said goodbye as April and Jessica Capshaw said goodbye as Arizona.

But did the series kill off these character, as it has killed off so many before them?

Scroll down for a summary of these sad farewells and then for a rundown of how various stars and fans have reacted to the shocking developments from the finale…

1. A Double Farewell

April slash zona
With Capshaw and Drew’s firing announced weeks ago, fans were prepared for the worst. This is Grey’s, after all, so everyone assumed the characters themselves would be terminated. Literally.

2. How Did April Leave?

But… shocked! The show did not kill April off last week. Following her near-death experience, April chose to quit her job to do “God’s work,” helping the homeless.

3. And Then!

Sarah drew on greys
After Jo and Alex’s wedding was a disaster, Matthew actually got down on one knee and proposed! And April said YES!

4. And From There!

The couple didn’t just get engaged. They decided to get married right then and right there… with Jackson (Jesse Williams, pictured here) and Arizona there to watch and support them.

5. What About Arizona?

Jessica capshaw promo pic
This one was a little bit less shocking, as Arizona realized how unhappy her daughter was in Seattle and chose to move to New York so the young girl to be closer to Callie.

6. Wait… Callie?!?

Callie slash zona
Yup. Sarah Ramirez did NOT appear on the finale, but Arizona hinted strongly that she’d be open to a reconciliation.

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