Tia Booth Reacts to Colton Underwood Becoming The Bachelor!

On Tuesday, Good Morning America confirmed that Colton Underwood is the next Bachelor. Some The Bachelor fans are hyped, while others are disappointed.

But one opinion that the entire Bachelor Nation wants to hear is Tia Booth’s.

How is she taking the news — and is she going to be vying for his hand?

If you’re tired of speculation about how Tia feels about Colton becoming the leading man on The Bachelor, you’re in luck — she tweeted about it.

“Congratulations @Colt3FIVE,” Tia’s tweet begins.

Tia wishes him well, writing: “I hope your season is full of protein powder, puppies, and naps!”

She knew what countless fans had to be wondering, so she went ahead and answered.

“And NO,” Tia writes. “I will NOT be a contestant on Colton’s season. Lord bless”

Tia had more to say, and posted a sweet tribute to Colton on Instagram.

“Never ever regret following your heart,” Tia writes to her fans and followers.

She does caution everyone that “things may not always work out as you planned.”

That is certainly true.

“But,” Tia believes. “They always work out as they should.”

You know how some people get out of a relationship or flirtation and wish that it had never ended?

Tia is not like that. Tia is feeling ready to move on.

“Thankful that this chapter of our lives has ended,” Tia writes.

As much fun as she had, she’s grateful that she has closure, “so new chapters can begin.”

Tia then addresses Colton directly, writing: “I truly wish you the best, C.”

While on Good Morning America to confirm his upcoming role, Colton confirmed that he and Tia are over.

“We are finally on the same page for the first time in our relationship,” Colton shared.

To clarify, Colton announced: “We are just good friends.”

“I’ll always love him,” Tia told Us Weekly.

“I think he’ll always love me,” Tia admits. “Just in a friendly way.”

Tia wasn’t the only one of them to write a message on social media.

“Thank you for teaching me even more about myself,” Colton writes in his own tribute to Tia on Instagram.

“And,” Colton continues. “Most importantly, for your friendship that I know will continue far beyond Paradise.”

“Don’t settle for anything less than the world,” Colton says to Tia. “Because that’s what you deserve.”

“Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you and catch up on life some day,” Colton concludes. “Preferably over a hot dog dinner.”


Colton Underwood as The Bachelor: A Nation Reacts

Colton Underwood is in…

… and many fans of The Bachelor say they are out.

On September 5, ABC announced that the former football player and very well-known virgin was confirmed as the next anchor of this long-running network franchise.

He was spurned by Becca Kufrin. He didn't find love on Bachelor in Paradise, but Underwiid said on Good Morning America that he hopes this third time seeking love on television will be "the charm."

We hope that's the case for Colton.

But quite a number of viewers allege that they aren't interested in finding out.

Scroll down to read some of the harsher responses to Underwood being named the next Bachelor…

1. He’s the (Latest) One!

Colton underwood on gma
“I’m very excited,” Underwood told Michael Strahan about landing the gig. “I’m looking forward to… getting engaged and then getting married shortly after that.”

2. He Checks All the Boxes

He checks all the boxes
We don’t think this person meant that as a compliment, however.

3. Say Something Nice About Him, Tia

Say something nice about him tia

4. Here’s a Counterpoint:

Heres a counterpoint

5. Burn, World! BURN!

Burn world burn

6. Justice for Jason!

Justice for jason

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Kathryn Dennis Reacts in Shock to Ashley Jacobs Apology

Earlier this week, Southern Charm star Ashley Jacobs took most of the Internet by surprise when she issued an apology to Kathryn Dennis.

The Bravo stars had gone back and forth for most of this show’s fifth season, with their feud mostly based on the fact that both had slept with awful lead cast member Thomas Ravenel.

Dennis is actually the mother of Ravenel’s two young children, atlhough she was only his “egg donor,” according to one of Jacobs’ insults from this last batch of new episodes.

Ashley has also accused Dennis in the past of being on drugs and of being a terrible mother whose kids see more of their father’s girlfriend (Jacobs, at that time) than they do of their own mom.

Pretty heinous stuff all around.

So… how did Dennis respond after when Jacobs penned a lengthy Instagram mea culpa that said she owes all Southern Charms fans, but especially “Kathryn in particular” an apology?

By basically laughing in her rival’s face, that’s how.

oh geez

In a video shared to her Instagram Story page, fellow Southern Charm star Danni Bird gave followers a look at Dennis’ response today.

You can see in the footage that Denis is shocked by Ashley’s post, reading out loud, for instance, how Jacobs claimed she “learned a tremendous lesson” and responding:

“This lesson? That’s a tremendous word for you!”

Dennis also reacted to Jacobs’ conclusion of the apology, which read:

“I can’t rightfully describe how sorry I am, but I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t at least try. Yours Truly, Ashley.”

“Yours Truly?!?” Dennis says. “She’s writing this to nobody.”

That’s not exactly a very personal way to sign something, it’s true.

But Jacobs does go on in detail about how out of line she was to call out a parent for, well, anything.

It’s a role to which the child-less Ashley cannot relate.

“After many chats with my friends and family with children, I never understood the unbreakable bond a parent has with their child,” the 33-year-old wrote in her message, adding:

“I can listen and learn and be more respectful in the future but until I’m blessed with a child, I can never truly understand the sacrifices a parent makes on behalf of their children.”

This could be a load of BS.

But it’s some fairly well written BS.

insta apology

The letter, however, is addressed to Ashley’s fans, not to Dennis herself, prompting another priceless response from Kathryn:

“Are you kidding me?”

Jacobs, meanwhile, broke up with Ravenel last week, perhaps finally seeing the light after he had been accused of rape by two women.

This split came a day after Ravenel quit Southern Charm, taking no responsibility at all for his actions in the process.

“I crossed a line and hurt people who don’t deserve it,” Jacobs said in her apology, seemingly coming across as serious.

But not to the main person who she was trying to appease.

“Do you think somewhere a village is missing its idiot?” Bird replied while reading Jacobs’ note, eliciting a laugh from Dennis.

Kathryn also re-shared a still from Bird’s video and captioned it “@dannibird for real?” with laughing emojis.

Yeah. We somehow doubt she and Jacobs will be meeting for coffee any time soon.


David Eason Reacts to Bristol Palin Casting: SUCH Hypocrisy!

David Eason is no longer part of the Teen Mom franchise.

The husband of Jenelle Evans was fired in February of 2018 for posting homophobic remarks on Twitter.

Neither he nor his controversial wife took the decision quietly, blasting MTV at various points over the past several months.

We hadn't heard much about the move in awhile, though, not until the network hired Bristol Palin as a new cast member on Teen Mom OG.

For reasons that sort of make sense, this casting as set Eason off.

Who does he blame for it and why? Scroll down to find out!

1. You’re Fired!

David eason kaden
Eason received the news that he was given the boot from Teen Mom 2 in late February 2018. It was the culmination of the reality star stirring up a great deal of controversy among crew members and co-stars.

2. What Did He Say?

That he’ll teach his kids to avoid gay people, for one thing, while comparing the LGBT community to dogs.

3. What Else Did He Say?

That gay people have no morals and that parents need to stop teaching their kids anything about this community is acceptable or “normal.”

4. And What Did MTV Say in Response?

Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason
That he’s outta there! “David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV,” said the network in response. With six weeks left of production on Teen Mom 2, effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

5. Enter Bristol Palin!

Bristol palin and crew
Fast forward a few months and MTV stunned the nation by hiring Bristol as a replacement for Farrah Abraham (who was fired for sucking and loving porn too much, basically). We’re still processing this development, to be honest.

6. Palin Has Spoken Out on the Casting:

Bristol palin weight loss
“I am excited to join MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG.’ I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey,” she wrote as a caption to a photo of her, her kids and some MTV cameramen.

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XXXTentacion: Ex-Girlfriend Reacts to His Murder, Getting Banned From His Vigil

On Monday, 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead in Florida.

His reps have released a statement, asking that fans respect the privacy of those who cared about him. But one person who was very close to him has come forward.

The ex-girlfriend whom he allegedly brutalized through domestic violence has broken her silence.

Gevena Ayala was XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend.

In light of the horrifying and vicious abuse that he allegedly perpetrated against her, a number of people apparently sought to speak on her behalf in the wake of his sudden death.

She spoke up on Twitter to ask to be left out of the conversation.

“It’s disgusting that people are speaking for me,” Geneva tweeted. “I don’t care if no one cared about me however many months ago, I didn’t lose my life. he did.”

Medical reports say that she nearly lost her sight thanks to nerve damage and some nasty fractures of her skull. But yes, she is alive.

“It’s permanent,” Geneva says, referring to her ex’s death. “I’m still here.”

We’re glad that she’s alive.

But she says that those who aren’t exactly shedding any tears over XXXTentacion’s death may be surprised by her feelings.

“Like how do you think that makes me feel?” Geneva asks. “Everyone expecting me to be relieved or happy?! No, I’m broken.”

Geneva Ayala tweet

She followed that tweet with another.

“i know y’all don’t f–k [with] me, but this isn’t about me,” Gevena says. “Just please stop tagging me in disrespectful threads and arguments.”

That sounds like a very simple request.

People mourning XXXTentacion’s death and also those who won’t lose any sleep over one less abuser in the world alike should not be trying to loop her into the argument.

“I honestly don’t care for any of the hype,” Geneva writes. “I lost someone close to me. Leave me alone.”

Geneva also took to Instagram to express her grief.

“I want to scream at the top of my lungs until I can’t then keep screaming,” Geneva says. “I don’t want to believe this. no one knows. the s–t I feel for you.”

XXXTentacion memorial

Geneva even attended a vigil for XXXTentacion.

But, as she shared on social media, she was not well received by some of those who were present.

“They kicked me out of the vigil. so damn disrespectful,” she laments on Instagram. “I can’t believe people are that selfish.”

It is sadly not uncommon to see fans of alleged abusers express contempt or outright loathing for the alleged victims.

“I wasn’t even there 25 minutes,” Geneva explains. “And I literally got pulled away from the memorial. I just wanted to stay. I wasn’t bothering anyone. This is unfair. I’m absolutely devastated.”

In fact, there were reports that she got into a genuine scuffle with another young woman there, though that has not been confirmed.

Later, Geneva’s grief magnified when she saw that even the offerings she left at the memorial had been destroyed.


“I left those things for him,” she explains. “I didn’t bother anyone. I said nothing to no one. I can’t believe they’d do that. How did they let that happen. Why would anyone let that happen, where is the respect?”

“He would’ve wanted me there,” she says of the deceased rapper. “I have no f–king words.”

XXXTentacion faced a litany of charges over his alleged abuse of Geneva.

Those charges included aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering.

(One of those mugshots is over allegedly intimidating a witness to his other alleged crimes)

According to court documents, Geneva in her deposition described beatings and more.

She detailed an instance of getting stabbed with a barbecue fork.

There was allegedly a time when XXXTentacion held her head underwater while threatening to drown her.

She accused him of making threats to cut out her tongue.

If you saw people on social media describe his alleged treatment of Geneva as “torture,” all of that is why.

Many may be surprised that Geneva is grieving this man, but those people have presumably never been in abusive relationships.

Women have taken to Twitter to explain times that they begged an abusive ex to not leave them, because they had become so emotionally dependent upon them.

Sometimes, abuse survivors still love their abusers. That doesn’t make what happened acceptable. That’s just how emotions work for some people.

So it is not actually a surprise to hear that the very young woman who accused XXXTentacion of such terrible things is in a state of emotional turmoil instead of relief.

We hope that she finds her peace.


Southern Charm Cast Reacts to Ashley Jacobs’ Attack on Kathryn Dennis: WATCH!

Southern Charm may be entertaining, but it doesn't always live up to its name. 

On the most recent episode, the explosion of hostility that Ashley Jacobs unleashed on Kathryn Dennis was enough to have viewers holding their breath. And the aftermath of that fight was just as nuts.

Relive it all in this video compilation, and take a look at how even Kathryn's detractors are raving about how she stayed cool under pressure.

Thomas ravenel and ashley jacobs

Thomas Ravenel is accused of sexual assault by two different women. The latest episode of Southern Charm, filmed some time ago, is probably not going to help anyone's image of the man.

His new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, unleashed verbal hell on his ex, Kathryn Dennis — who is also the mother of his two young children.

In particular, Ashley fixated on Kathryn's alleged shortcomings as a parent, claiming that she spends more time with the kids than Kathryn, their mother, does.

Thomas did nothing, but later unleashed his own rage at Chelsea Meissner, lunging at her and telling her to "shut the f–k up."

(You can see that clip at the end of the video that we included)

Kathryn somehow worked up the resolve and strength of character to remain cool under pressure.

Viewers were absolutely dumbstruck by the tirade.

Chrissy teigen tweets about southern charm

There is no better example of how Southern Charm viewers felt than these tweets by superfan Chrissy Teigen.

"@ShepRose that was the meanest s–t I’ve ever heard said on reality television. I don’t know how @KathrynDennis did it! I’d be in jail."

It's impressive that anyone could sit there and listen to a tirade of cruelty like that without lashing out.

"Also of ALL the s–t she said, 'good talk' would have been the f–king END for me. I would have launched."

Chrissy then realized that her comments had been thrust onto the timelines of her countless followers.

"Crap is this a public convo on the timeline now that there is no @ in front lol."

Yep — unless your account is set to private, anything that you tweet outside of DMs is publicly visible.

Shep responded, writing:

"Totally harshed my mellow. Crazy thing is, it was more intense than it looked. If you can believe it."

Kathryn dennis listens

Viewers weren't the only ones blown away by Kathryn's remaining cool under pressure while Ashley made a fool of herself.

Fellow castmates had quite a lot to say.

Danni Baird said:

"I just felt sick to my stomach. Terrible … their kids are going to see that someday!"

Naomie Olindo agreed, adding:

"What she said was disgusting."

Naomie also commented on how Ashley had acted the next day as if nothing had happened at all.

"I think that’s when we realized she’s really over-the edge-crazy."

Ashley jacobs

Kathryn explains exactly how she stayed calm.

"I blacked the f–k out, disassociated, and was in like, shock, panic."

We think that she meant to say dissociated. Those are very similar words.

"Old Kathryn would have flipped the eff out and gone ape-s–t on her … but everyone saw that [Ashley] was just trying to entertain."

Clearly, Kathryn has undergone some personal growth. Good for her.

"She was on display, she was enjoying it. And when I saw that, I was like hmm, you don’t deserve a response."

That was definitely the right move.

Kathryn dennis eyes

Kathryn also commented on how Ashley seemed eerily chipper the next morning, seemingly unable to admit what she had done … or read the tension in the room.

"OK, you have zero empathy or regret or anything over that … so clearly, you’re confirming that you really are crazy."

She adds an entertainingly memorable line:

"But certifiable, not just hypothetical.”

Rumor suggests that Kathryn plans to bring up Thomas' sexual assault allegations in court later this week in an effort to win custody.

Fans cannot help but wonder if she will also mention that Thomas introduces women with questionable behavior to his children.

11 celebrity feuds we never saw coming

Southern charm cast reacts to ashley jacobs attack on kathryn de

Briana DeJesus Reacts to Javi Marroquin Baby Bombshell


Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau dropped a gigantic bombshell on the Internet this week, revealing that the couple is expecting its first child together some time in 2018.

The shocking news comes on the heels of MTV airing one Teen Mom 2 episode after another that features Javi right smack dab in the middle of a feud between ex-wife Kailyn Lowry and ex-girlfriend Briana DeJesus.

But it's now clear that Marroquin has moved past those women and set his sights on a future with Comeau, who he first dated in the summer of 2017 before the pair broke up and got back together this spring.

For good this time, we hope, for the sake of his impending child.

How have Kailyn and Briana reacted to Comeau's pregnancy?

Scroll down to find out!

1. It Really is True

The announcement photo
Javi and Lauren shared this photo on Facebook, which includes a snapshot of the latter’s sonogram, along with Marroquin’s four-year old son, Lincoln. Pretty darn cute, huh?

2. Javi is Pretty Psyched, Too

Javi marroquin and lauren comeau selfie
“A baby is a blessing and I am ecstatic for the future,” wrote Marroquin along with that previous photo, adding of his son and lover: “Lincoln is happy, I’m happy, and Lauren is happy.”

3. A Time to Reflect

Lauren comeau with her man
Added Javi: “Been kinda quiet lately for many reasons. I was sad I couldn’t share the good news because I was afraid of what people would say. The amount of love I’ve received is so overwhelming and so appreciated. I realized no negative comment will take this moment away from us.”

4. Farewell for Now

Lauren comeau with javi
“Gonna go on a little hiatus from social media to take all this in and enjoy it with my family and loved ones,” continued the Teen Mom veteran, concluding: “For those sending love, thank you! We appreciate it. And to you @lauren3elizabeth thank you for blessing me with another child. We are gonna be amazing parents together.”

5. Kailyn Reacts!

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin kiss
Lowry was married to Javi and shares custody of little Lincoln with him. This is what she said in response to Comeau’s pregnancy: “I knew. I wish them the best.”

6. That Was It?

Kailyn lowry and javi marroquin
Yes. What else was she going to say? (We do wonder for how long she has known, however.)

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Bill Clinton Reacts to White House Comment John McCain is ‘Dying Anyway’

Former President Bill Clinton embraced John McCain in a big way, clearly throwing shade on the White House staffer who dismissed the Arizona Senator as a guy whose opinion doesn’t matter because “he’s dying anyway.” We got Clinton leaving The…