The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 6 Recap: Grief and Relief

Dorinda Medley has always been a fan of a drink throughout her time on The Real Housewives of New York City. 

With her witty one-liners and lack of self-awareness, she’s one of the funniest cast members. 

But that all changed on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 Episode 6 when she was put on the spot after a night of drinking. 

Bethenny Frankel had asked Dorinda to accompany her along on one of her relief efforts to Puerto Rico.

Say what you want about Bethenny, but you can’t deny that she’s using her time on the show to make a change in the world. 

When Dorinda showed up for dinner with Bethenny and other people associated with the cause, she was all over the place. 

Dorinda was slurring her words, and acting like she had been drinking since the day before, and it prompted Bethenny to tell her she was out of the trip if she did not get her act together. 

“Good. Then I won’t come,” Medley said, before getting up and leaving the table.

“Thank you so much. Then I won’t I was excited. I was happy to be here. And you did this. I was so happy. Good. I’m done. You always ruin everything. S— show. Whatever.”

“It’s sad because Dorinda seems to abuse alcohol,” Bethenny admitted to viewers.

“I would say acting this way at 7:00 at night to people who only have good intentions would indicate that there might be a problem.”

“Before this dinner, Dorinda and I sat in my room talking about [boyfriends John Mahdessian and Dennis Shields] and drinking wine,” Bethenny continued. 

“And then right before walking into the restaurant, we were sitting in the hotel bar having another drink while we waited.”

“And I think Dorinda did a little pregame before she got there. She [was] wasted,” the Skinny Girl boss continued. 

Despite Bethenny being disappointed in Dorinda, she was not ready to let their relationship go the way of the flip phone. 

“She likes to drink. I think it gets the best of her,” Frankel explained.

“And I think she’s aware of all of this. I think she’s beating herself up way more than we ever could. So I’m feeling compassion for her. She does really want to come and help. She’s going to regret this tomorrow. She is a wonderful, amazing person.”

“The first feeling that I have is compassion for her. Honestly. She won’t even know what she’s done. I know she’ll wake up tomorrow and be on time and dressed and we’ll have a good experience. I’m forgiving.”

Bethenny admitted to Dorinda the next morning that she was not going to hold it against her, but she wanted her to be more mindful of her surroundings. 

But Dorinda was quick to say she was not a drunk. 

“I’m not,” she told Frankel.

“I just can’t not eat and drink early, I can’t. I should have gone to bed last night. I shouldn’t drink at 4. I’d been up since like 5.”

“I think there’s a lot more going on,” she continued.

“I’m frustrated. I have a lot more going on in my life. It’s not an exclusive; I’m just saying, my frustrations come out very quickly. It intensifies. And I’ve got to work on that.”

We then found out that Dorinda was still struggling to get over the death of her husband, Richard, who passed away in 2011 with liver failure. 

“I have a life now that’s not the life that I expected,” Medley said.

“I’ll always miss that. … I was doing so well for five years, and I’ve gone a little backward and I can’t get my head around it.”

“What it is that’s triggering it. Is it all my major jobs in my life that I really enjoyed and appreciated are over? Like motherhood and being a wife. I liked being a wife, I was really good at it.”

Dorinda’s big concern was that she was going to die while being lonely. 

“I’m okay living alone, but you know there are still mornings where I wake up, and I say, ‘Is this it? If I die here is anyone going to find me?’ ” she revealed.

“I fell down a ladder one day and almost hit my head … what, are they going to smell me before they find me?” “Life’s hard,” she added.

“You’re always trying to keep it all together and show good faith and be a strong woman and be a strong mother, and sometimes it’s hard. And you miss that old life. I had a life where you could come home at night, and the person had my back.”

Elsewhere on this emotional episode, Sonja Morgan went a little too far when she tried to put her townhouse up for rental. 

There were various issues with the house. It was not up to the standard it needed to be, and Sonja was mad. 

She had a photographer attend the house, and she could not resist flirting with him. The man was married … to a man, but that did not stop her. 

She was not taking no for an answer and persisted to the point the man looked like he wanted to run for the hills. 

Finally, Carole Radziwell learned that Adam was not a one-woman kind of man and that he had indulged in a date with a woman who he liked very much. 

Could Carole’s time with Adam finally be coming to an end?

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The Real Housewives of New York continues Wednesdays on Bravo.


Little People, Big World Recap: The (Parenthood) Struggle is Real

At this point in their parenting lives, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are experts.

To the extent that any relatively new mother or father can be an expert, that is.

Audrey is even out there offering advice to other women in similar situations.

But let’s rewind about eight months, shall we?

That’s what Little People, Big World did on Tuesday night by airing an episode that was filmed not long after Ember Jean entered the world in September of last year.

As previously detailed, Audrey suffered from frequent bouts of mastitis – an infection of the breast tissue that is painful and that also makes breastfeeding very difficult – shortly after giving birth.

Moreover, as we learned on this installment of the TLC series, Ember was born with tongue ties that required surgery so as not to prevent her from feeding properly.

“She’s just so young, and we’re already having to do something that hurts her,” Jeremy said on air last night, referring to exercises he and Audrey had to do with Ember to keep the cut tongue ties from healing again.

It was a challenge for Matt Roloff, too, having to watch his children struggle with their newborn.

“Seeing your kid hurt when you don’t want them to hurt, that’s a challenging time,” Matt told the camera, adding:

“But seeing my kids go through it, now you understand the heartache your mother and I went through when you were coming through the rags.”

Back in November, Audrey candidly told Instagram followers about these breastfeeding problems early on.

She confessed in a lengthy post that her condition really took a toll on her mentally for awhile.

“l always thought breastfeeding was a choice,” she wrote on Instagram late last year.

She continued:

“People would often ask me if l was going to breastfeed when I was pregnant and l always answered with a determined yes. But after Ember was born, l realized that for some people, it’s not a choice.

“My breastfeeding journey has not been easy.

“After sharing with you all a little bit about the struggles l have had feeding Ember, l realized that so many of you have gone through, or are currently going through, similar pains, heart aches, and challenges.”

Ember had trouble putting on weight over the first few weeks of her existence, but Audrey pushed through her pain, Jeremy supported her throughout and here the family is now:

Happy and healthy all around.

“l was reminded that even though this journey still poses its challenges, being able to feed my daughter from my own body brings me incomparable joy,” Audrey said when Ember was about two months old.

She laster said that that she hopes her story can encourage any other new moms having difficulty breastfeeding.

Elsewhere on this episode, Zach and Tori struggled to sleep train Jackson… Matt webt to work on a fun solution… and Amy looked forward to her birthday.

Click on the video below to watch Little People, Big World online and see how these storylines played out:


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 21 Recap: Mending Fences

Will the ladies ever be the same again?

That’s what I kept asking myself while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 21, which served as the final episode of the season. 

Kyle Richards has been emotional throughout much of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8, and I think it’s fair to say it could be down to the animosity amongst her family. 

Kyle is currently working on a TV show with Paramount Network that is inspired by the life of her mother, Kathleen Richards. 

During Tuesday’s emotional episode, Kyle opened up about the effect her decision to produce the series had on her relationship with her sister, Kathy Hilton. 

Simply put, the relationship was now non-existent. 

Host, Andy Cohen asked Kyle about the relationship, and she said the following in response:

“Not great. That’s why I’m looking forward to her seeing American Woman, because I think she’s going to look and say, ‘I read the situation wrong,’ and then we’ll go from there”.

“I feel it’s unfair to talk about them [her relatives] honestly,” Kyle sobbed. “I would never throw any of my family under the bus, ever.”

Elsewhere, Erika Girardi and Teddi Jo Mellencamp continued to be at odds with each other. 

“The way you’ve always talked to me, it’s like you’re talking down to me,” whined Teddi who is big on people taking accountability for their actions. 

“You are not this innocent fawn in the woods. Raise up or get the f*** out, come on girl,” said Erika who was not buying the innocent girl act. 

Lisa Vanderpump chimed in and said that Erika was acting too harshly towards her nemesis, noting that they should not have been bickering. 

“Your blog was scathing, saying that I have no character,” snapped Erika in response to Teddi comparing her to Regina George from Mean Girls. 

“You are heard here, I hear you…but we had to have it out baby,” said Erika by the end of the episode.

 “This felt like the right way,” smiled Teddi as their friendship was put back on track. How long will it take for the fighting to kick back off again between them? 

We also got some more insight into what went down when Lisa cropped Dorit Kemsley’s face off the pictures that were used in the Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. 

“Did you cut off the [my] head because you were looking to punish me?” asked Dorit to a blindsided Lisa. 

“It is kind of harsh to cut off someone’s head,” said Lisa Rinna.

“I didn’t personally edit the photographs,” said Vanderpump.

“I really didn’t care, because you weren’t happy with them [the photos], I didn’t care,” the SUR boss continued. 

“How the f*** do you win with this group?” she said to Andy who was loving every minute of the feud. 

As for that feud between former BFFs Vanderpump and Richards, it sure sounds like it’s still going strong. 

“My grandmother meant a lot to me too, do you know her name?” said Kyle after the whole Nanny K scenario was brought up. 

“Most of our conversations…90 percent of them, are about you because she has anxiety because she has hypochondria because of the family dynamic, she does,” said Vanderpump after admitting she did not know anything Kyle’s grandmother. 

“I’m always calming you down…she has her knickers in a permanent twist,” Vanderpump continued.

After all of the arguing, the ladies put the past behind them, but there’s no telling when the action will kick off again. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Kylie Jenner: Is Her Hunky Bodyguard Her REAL Baby Daddy?!?!!

Are you ready to read a theory that might blow your mind?

A growing number of fans on Twitter don’t believe that Travis Scott is Kylie’s real baby daddy. And no, they don’t think that Tyga’s the real father.

They think that precious baby Stormi looks just like Kylie’s unnecessarily handsome bodyguard. Take a look.

Kylie has been enjoying herself with Travis Scott and sweet baby Stormi in Turks and Caicos this week.

But as she shared more photos of her adorable three-month-old baby, some fans and followers noticed that … Stormi is not quite the spitting image of Travis.

On its own, that wasn’t much. Some children take after one parent more than the other.

But then someone on Twitter came out and asked the question:

“Why does Stormi Jenner look like Kylie’s bodyguard?”


Kylie’s unnecessarily attractive bodyguard is a man named Tim Chung.

In addition to working as her bodyguard, he is also an officer with the LAPD.

(A lot of bodyguards and other private security workers are current or former police; the security industry pays better)

On top of that, as you may have guessed from looking at his photos, Tim is a part-time model.

While we are certainly not going to accuse Tim or Kylie of doing anything improper, there were quite a few people on Twitter who felt no such reservations.

Looking at the faces of Tim and Stormi, they decided that he is Kylie’s baby daddy.

The theory did a bit of circulating, and more and more people jumped on board.

“I’ve never been more convinced by a theory!! Kylie Jenner’s baby. Is the bodyguards baby. Kris is up to something.”

We have to wonder what scheme of Kris’ would involve her daughter’s pregnancy being attributed to a guy she’d only been dating for a few weeks.

“I wouldn’t blame Kylie if her bodyguard the real daddy. I’d let him impregnate me too.”

That, as we’ll discuss later, may be on the minds of a lot of the people who are buying into this.

One person claims that Kylie is aware of this theory … and is blocking anyone who asks her about it.

“Okay so Kylie Jenner just blocked me cuz i asked her why does her baby look like her bodyguard…”

Under this, Tim Chung’s latest Instagram photo, fans could not resist commenting on the story.

“Sw stormi’s dad just chillin nice.”

A lot of them seemed to be taking it for granted that this wild theory is accurate. Or perhaps simply hoping to provoke a reaction.

“The look you give when the world realized you stormis daddy.”

Others straight-up asked.

“Heey are you the father of stormi.”

One person either was asking him the question very succinctly … or was asking what other commenters were talking about.

“Stormi’s dad??”

Then someone else had a very different question.

“Can you be my dad?”

Note that we don’t think that this person is looking for, um, parental love.

“You wanna be my baby daddy too??”

Yeah. There was a lot of that. One wonders where the line between admiration and sexual harassment of someone’s bodyguard is drawn.

It is so important that we note a few things.

One, Stormi is an interracial baby. Children whose parents have massively different skin tones can bear a strong resemblance to one parent or the other. It doesn’t mean that anyone cheated.

Two, Tim Chung is one hot dude. We have to wonder how many people who buy this theory are just looking at him and thinking “wow, if I were Kylie …” when Kylie seldom does what most people would consider sensible.

Three, now that it’s been nearly a month since the world learned that Tristan Thompson is a no good dirty cheater, there hasn’t been any fresh Kardashian drama. No, Kanye spouting nonsense doesn’t count.

Some fans may simply be bored of watching Kylie settle into the peaceful life of motherhood, well on her way to becoming a billionaire, and want to see her life be interesting again.

Don’t worry, folks. Real drama will come on its own, naturally. It always does with that family.

In the mean time, rumors like this could ruin this guy’s career.


Jana Duggar: The REAL Reason She’s Single Finally Revealed?!

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, then you’re no doubt aware of the continued controversy surrounding Jana Duggar’s love life – or lack thereof.

Jana is single, and at 28, that may not seem like such a big deal, but the Duggars prioritize procreation over all things, and for a woman to be childless at Jana’s age is virtually unheard of in their community.

The question of why Jana remains single has long been a subject of debate for fans.

She’s a charismatic, ambitious and attractive young woman who’s known to be great with kids and handy around the house.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that she comes from Arkansas’ second-wealthiest family. (It’s tough to top those Waltons.)

And yet, Jana remains unattached.

The situation has fans curious with regard to what might be preventing Jana from starting a family.

And as In Touch Weekly points out, it seems the debate is divided into two camps:

There are those who believe Jana simply doesn’t want to have children.

And there are those who believe she’s considered damaged goods in the Duggars’ close-knit community.

Adherents to the former theory believe that Jana is content to remain at home and help with the raising of her younger siblings.

Some even argue that she might be so exhausted from years of helping her mother that the idea of starting her own family seems impossibly daunting.

“What if she doesn’t actually want to be a mother at this point?” one Reddit user recently opined on a Duggar fan subreddit.

“She’s been raising her younger siblings so long, the thought of having her own and starting over could be exhausting.”

Others believe Jana looks at her sisters’ lives as cautionary tales and fears falling into the same trap that’s ensnared so many of them.

“I feel like she’s watched all her other siblings choose the wrong partners and she wants to avoid doing that,”

“I also feel like she’s single because she feels like she’d be obligated to have kids right away, and she probably doesn’t want kids considering how much she’s had to take care of the younger siblings.”

Compelling arguments, to be sure.

But it’s the latter theory that’s really gaining traction these days, as fans accept the idea that for as much as Jana is beloved by Counting On viewers, she might not be seen as wife material by her peers.

“I’ve always wondered if she missed her window,” one fan commented on Reddit recently.

“I’d love to believe that she didn’t want to just get married and have tons of babies with whoever happens to ask her to court, but I think she just missed her chance.

“I think Jim Bob or Jana turned one interested party down and no one else asked and then she turned a certain age and she was deemed too old in their community.”

It’s a sad possibility to contemplate, but unfortunately, it’s also a very plausible one.

It’s absurd to think of a 28-year-old woman as being too old for, well … anything, really, but members of the Quiverfull movement – of which the Duggars are strict adherents – are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

Boys and girls alike are taught that they’ve been given life for two reasons – to worship God and to create more life.

It’s not uncommon for Duggar women to marry while still in their teens and to get pregnant on their honeymoons.

A woman who’s approaching 30 obviously doesn’t have as many child-bearing years ahead of her as a woman in her early 20s, which is something that potential suitors no doubt consider when contemplating marriage with someone in Jana’s position.

Fortunately, as many fans have pointed out, there’s an easy solution to the dilemma:

Jana simply needs to break free from the belief system that’s stifling her and find a man who’s interested in more than her uterus.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 5 Recap: Tea for Tat

Will Sonja Morgan ever be able to get back in the inner circle?

That question was posed to viewers on The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 5 as one thing led to another and more details about why she was so sucky to her pals were revealed. 

When the episode got underway, Sonja visited Bethenny Frankel, and the two women got talking about what was going on between Sonja and the others. 

Sonja felt like they all had it out for her, and Bethenny agreed to an extent. However, Sonja then started dragging Tinsley because she allegedly had money while living with her and never thought to buy her anything. 

Bethenny felt it was a bit much to diss someone for monetary woes and that it was none of their business where she got her money, so Sonja was to let it slide. 

Sonja then moved on to the big shouting match that ensued between her and Dorinda and how Bethenny never stepped in to defend her. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York online, you will know that Bethenny has not been big on confrontation for a while now, and it suits her. 

Once upon a time, Bethenny would not keep her mouth shut about something minor, and it would result in all of the ladies at odds with each other. 

Ramona’s name was also thrown out there. There’s no denying that it’s odd. Ramona and Sonja were inseparable for so long, and now they’re so far apart, they might as well be in different time zones. 

Ramona wanted all of the animosity to be put to bed in the friendship circle, so she yelled at Sonja to apologize to Dorinda after the big bust-up in the Hamptons. 

This irked Sonja because she felt like she was being silenced and that a true friend would not do that to her. The troubling thing is that friendship is a two-way street and both women need to work together to keep it that way. 

In any case, the ladies were forced to put their beef aside to indulge in a shopping trip, but there was a surprising guest there. 

Ramona had invited Missy Pool along, as well as Luann. Missy was the one who was apparently getting hot and heavy with Tom in the Regency hotel. 

Ramona is not a very good friend if she invited both women to be in the presence of one another. There’s going to be some awkward moments. 

“Ramona should know better. It’s just not cool,” said Carole Radziwill in a confessional. 

“Why I shouldn’t invite her because of Luann?” Ramona later said in her defense.

“You know it’s a big party; it’s 60 people. I wouldn’t invite her if it were just six or 10 girls, it’s 60 people. She doesn’t see him anymore!”

“Come on, really?” Luann admitted to viewers.

“Am I surprised that every time Ramona has a party she invites Missy? No, because she has no respect for me.”

“Who knows, it’s a women’s shopping event. Tom could be coming out from the dressing room before I know it!”

Surprisingly, the meeting was not as awkward as one would think and they complimented each other. 

“I never had a problem with Missy … I think the man was the problem!” Luann admitted. 

“I never had a problem with you,” said Missy with a smile. “The man was the big problem. You just got to make the most of it.”

Okay then. 

What did you think of all the latest developments?

Hit the comments. 

The Real Housewives of New York continues Wednesdays on Bravo. 


Erika Girardi: Quitting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Please, No!

On the heels of last week’s shade-filled reunion, many fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are concerned about cast shakeups.

Someone tweeted a rumor that Erika Girardi might be leaving the series — of her own volition!

This could be devastating to her fans.

This heartbreaking rumor was broadcast on Twitter.

“Hearing that @erikajayne has quit #RHOBH and that a statement will be published after this season airs.”

Even the tweeter acknowledges that this dire prediction is not confirmed.

“Could just be a rumor.”

But she thinks that it’s the real deal.

Here is the tweet itself:

Erika Girardi rumor

The tweet continues, this time with less rumor and more opinion.

“However after this season plus Reunion Part 1, I would not be surprised if this [were] true.”

Clearly, not everyone would be sorry to see Erika go.

“And I can’t say I would care either, bye girl!”


It’s understandable that people might believe that this is a sensible time for Erika to leave.

After all, Erika seemed to be a little “checked out” during recent The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes. Including the reunion.

Normally not one to half-ass anything, particularly in defense of herself or of others, she’s limited responses to lines like “I am so confused.”

What’s the most heated that Erika has been on the show lately? The confrontation over “fake amnesia?”

Additionally, look at Erika’s career.

She’s still popular, and her recent memoir made the New York Times Bestseller’s list.

There’s a wisdom in quitting while you’re ahead.

What’s more, Reality Blurb says that their source close to production says that Erika has been threatening to quit.

But … threats aren’t the same as follow-through.

At time same time … Erika might make a mistake if she leaves.

For example, not every Real Housewife gets to become a meme that’s used by people who don’t even know that it’s from a Real Housewives show.

The above gif has been widely used for years across social media platforms. Meme status is something to treasure.

Additionally, though Erika was famous before she ever became a Real Housewife, she might expect for her visibility to fall if she leaves the show.

Just as people might point to her recent book sales making this a great time to leave, it could also be a reminder that being a Real Housewife has its advantages.

If you want to sell something, being on a show makes that a lot easier.

Just saying.

The best evidence that Erika probably isn’t leaving the franchise doesn’t come from speculation about the timing or whatnot.

Recently, Erika was seen doing promo work with Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss.

It would be very strange to be taking promo photos with fellow Real Housewives (especially from a different series) if you’re not, you know, staying with the show.

It sounds to us like Erika threatened to quit, which created rumors that she’s leaving the show, but ultimately stuck with it.

But that’s just our guess, based upon these reports. You never know.