Kylie Jenner: Low-Rated Reality Show Renewed Due to Billionaire Status?

There are perks to being a billionaire that go well beyond having more money than you could ever spend in three lifetimes.

For evidence of this, look no further than Elon Musk, who’s basically transforming into a cartoonish supervillain before our eyes, yet still has millions of fanboys hoping he’ll launch another car into space for fun.

Fortunately, as far as we can tell, Kylie Jenner doesn’t have anything so nefarious as global domination on her agenda.

But that might just be because she hasn’t officially joined the ultra-exclusive Billionaires Club … yet.

As you may have heard Kylie covers the new issue of Forbes, and the magazine reports that at the rate her cosmetics brand is currently growing, the youngest Jenner sister will be worth a cool billion next year at the ripe old age of 21.

That would make her the youngest “self-made” billionaire in history.

(A lot of folks have taken issue with Forbes failure to address the fact that Kylie had a lot of help reaching that milestone, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

Currently, Kylie’s makeup brand is worth about $ 800 billion and she’s raked in about $ 100 million from other ventures.

Needless to say, everything’s coming up Kylie these days, and her astonishing financial interests have revived interest in Kylie’s life and career.

Kylie disappeared from social media while she was pregnant with daughter Stormi but now she’s back and bigger than ever.

And for obvious reasons, everyone wants to be in the Kylie Jenner business nowadays.

You may have forgotten about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff entitled Life of Kylie that debuted on E! last year.

We say because pretty no one watched the thing.

The ratings for Kylie’s reality show were astonishingly low, and it was widely assumed that the series had been quietly canceled.

But in the wake of Kylie’s astonishing personal and professional success, E! has reportedly decided to give the series a second chance.

“The footage for the second season of Life of Kylie is all pretty much shot. It will follow her life after the birth of her daughter Stormi,” a source tells Radar Online.

“Fans are really interested in seeing Kylie as a mom to Stormi, and they are also really interested in seeing how she made such a massive fortune in such a short period of time.”

Yes, it seems that the public perception of Kylie has changed dramatically in recent weeks, and her reputation has enjoyed a major rebound.

“She is now a role model to so many women out there who think they cannot raise a baby and have a successful career,” says the insider.

The salary from starring and executive producing a second season might help Kylie to reach her new goal:

Apparently, she wants to reach the billion-dollar mark before her 21st birthday next month.

“Cameras will absolutely be filming for her celebration,” the source revealed.

“Right now, Kylie is just determined to hit the billion-dollar mark in one month and she isn’t letting anything stand in her way.”

Fans have jokingly set up GoFundMe pages in order to raise $ 100 million for Kylie, but we’re thinking hitting the mark in the next few weeks is a major long shot.

Even so, we can’t think of a more worthy cause, so you should absolutely go to one of those pages and donate your entire life’s savings to Kylie.


Aaron Armstrong, Boyfriend of Sophie Gradon, Found Dead 3 Weeks After Reality Star Dies

Tragedy has once again struck the world of reality television.

Aaron Armstrong, the boyfriend of late Love Island cast member Sophie Gradon, was found dead this week at a property on Furnace Road in Bebside, Blyth.

According to the BBC, Armstrong passed away on Tuesday, mere hours after sharing an emotional social media post about Gradon.

“just wish I could cuddle you all day miss you so much,” read Armstrong’s caption to the following Instagram image.

“Sophie not a minute goes by with out your gorgeous smile being a picture in my mind everyday we spent together was so amazing I need them days back.

“I love you princess.”

Based on this message, and based on no third party being involved, per a Northumbria Police spokesperson, many believe that Armstrong took his own life.

aaron insta

No cause of death has been confirmed, however.

It’s important to note that suicide is a mere speculation right now.

After Gradon’s funeral five days ago, Armstrong posted a picture of the order of service with a caption that read:

“I love you with all my heart my beautiful angel I’m absolutely heartbroken I can’t stop crying.”

Gradon, 32, a former Miss Great Britain, was found dead at her family house on June 20.

She was well known in Great Britain for her 2016 appearance on Love Island, a program that features several single people dropped onto an island and tasked with finding love.

Many associated with the series reacted to this stunning and sad news as follows:

gradon ttribures

Similarly, in regard to Armstrong, former Love Island star Katie Salmon penned a tribute on Twitter:

“Aaron. I hope you have reunited with your love sophie. And I truly hope you fly high together. Thinking of his family and friends.”

And Rykard Jenkins added:

“So sad to now hear about Aaron’s passing. May you both rest in paradise.”

The day after Sophie died, meanwhile, Armstrong posted the following selfie on Facebook and wrote along with it:

“I will never forget that smile I love you so so much baby your my world forever ever and always.”

missing gradon

On July 3, he shared his final Facebook post.

It was also in honor of Gradon and this is what it said:

So I get into bed and all I can smell is Sophie on her side of the bed put my arm under the pillow and find this please everyone share this she wanted me to act on this what her video and u will understand how much it hurts people…

I’m going to do everything I can to keep this going and stop it brake my heart I love you so much Sophie I will keep fighting for you.

May Armstrong rest in peace.


Kourtney Kardashian: Is She Leaving Reality TV?!?

The tears are about to fly on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The venom is about to be unleashed.

And Kourtney Kardashian is about to walk away?

Possibly, as teased in the preview above for Season 15 of this never-ending reality series.

Previously, we witnessed Kourtney and Kim Kardashian going at it, hurling shade back and forth while exchanging some rather harsh words.

It was both jarring and disturbing, seeing as these siblings typically get along well and how Kourtney, of all sisters, is typically the most reserved and laid back.

But that will apparently not be the case once this program returns with new episodes later this summer.

The 30-second teaser featured here vows to bring “the real stories behind the headlines” we’ve been reading for months — and includes a montage of intense moments from Kourtney.

We've never really seen her like this before, at least not when Scott Disick isn't nearby being all terrible.

“I’m not going to be around people that bring me down a daily basis!” Kourtney tearfully screams in at one point at her sisters, on the verge of truly losing it.

In a second scene, Kourtney storms out of the house after Kim Kardashian announces to those left behind, “she doesn’t want to be a Kardashian anymore.”

What might she mean by this statement?

Could Kourtney's time as a cast member be coming to an end?

Disick, tragically, also makes an appearance, laying the guilt in pretty thick and saying that Kourtney “just fires these missiles at me” all the time.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 15 will also feature Khloe’s journey to motherhood, but we've been reading plenty about that.

This is the first we've heard of Kourtney maybe leaving the show… and we can't help but wonder why.

She never has fully embraced the spotlight, we guess. She's not all about drawing attention at every possible opportunity, which is not something we can say abou ther siblings.

Will this threat become a reality?

Check out the preview above for more!

Kourtney kardashian is she leaving reality tv

Sophie Gradon, British Reality Star, Dies at 32

Sophie Gradon, a reality star who appeared on the British dating show Love Island, was found dead at a residence in Medburn, Ponteland this past Wednesday.

She was 32 years old.

“At about 8:27 p.m. yesterday (20 June) police attended a property in Medburn, Ponteland, where sadly a 32-year-old woman was found deceased,” Northumbria Police told BBC News in a statement Thursday, adding:

“There are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. A report will now be prepared for the coroner.”

Gradon’s cause of death is unknown at the moment.

The late Love Island contest’s boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong, also paid touching tribute to Sophie on Facebook, writing the following:

“I will never forget that smile I love you so so much baby your my world forever ever and always.”

Armstrong included the following selfie with Gradon along with this heartwrenching caption:

tribute to sophie

Love Island is hosted by Caroline Flack and it plops single people down in a luxurious paradise, with the hope that they will find romance with each other there.

Throughout the series, Flack delivers challenges, twists and surprise announcements to the stars, each meant to test the relationships between those “stranded” on this island.

To remain on the program, contestants must couple up and win the hearts of the public, as viewers ultimately decide who stays on Love Island and who goes.

Flack, meanwhile, responded to Gradon’s passing on Twitter:

“So very sad . Such a beautiful soul …. such a beautiful smile …thoughts and love with friends and family @sophiegradon.”

And the series itself had this to say:

“The whole ITV2 and Love Island team are profoundly saddened to hear the news about Sophie, and our deepest sympathies and thoughts go to her family and friends.”

gradon ttribures

Gradon, who had over 400,000 Instagram followers, appeared on Love Island in 2016.

So did Alex Bowen, who said on social media that Sophia was “a beautiful person with a beautiful soul,” while Kady McDermott, another 2016 participant, said she was “absolutely heartbroken” over this news.

The 32-year old, it’s worth noting, was also crowned Miss Newcastle and Miss Great Britain in 2009.

The organizers of the latter beauty pageant said on Twitter they were “sending all our love” to Gradon’s family. And we are doing the same.

Meanwhile, an on-screen tribute was featured prior to Thursday’s episode of the show:

in memory of

Other reality television stars have also mourning Gradon online, with Mario Falcone from The Only Way is Essex saying he was left “speechless” by the news.

We send our condolences to Gradon’s friends, family members and loved ones.

May she rest in peace.


Jacob Roloff Labels Reality TV “Ridiculous,” Details Split from His Family

Note to Little People, Big World viewers:

If you’ve been holding your breath for the last few months, waiting for news that Jacob Roloff is set to return to his family’s reality show, then you may go ahead and exhale.

Because the news has been confirmed and Jacob is on his way back to this TLC series?


Because he likely never will be and there’s no point in risking suffocation at this point.

We’re nearing the two-year anniversary of Roloff stunning fans by announcing his resignation from Little People, Big World.

He did so in July of 2016 by saying he was sick of “storylines [being] drawn up” about him and his relatives, hinting strongly that the program was scripted.

Jacob went on to cite “ridiculous talking points” that producers asked cast members to mention, while labeling his loved ones as “characters” in this misleading drama.

With these statements, Roloff left the world of reality television and has spent the past several months traveling around the Pacific Northwest with his fiancee and two dogs.

Over time, however, Jacob slowly made up with his family and has now opened up about his time in front of the camera.

This is what Jacob writes in his new book, “Out to See,” in regard why he left the show:

Among so many things, I simply did not want this ridiculous reality TV to use up so much of my time, lest it leave too deep an imprint on my ability to influence the world otherwise.

I did not want this imposition to become my identity, and so I rebelled in the manner that I did, and eventually exited the show.

Let no one ever accuse Jacob Roloff of not being a profound individual.


Jacob also touched on his series departure last May, while expounding last June about the ways he’s grown up since making this decision.

“I remember at that time, I was causing strife,” Roloff said last summer about the previous summer, adding:

“I said inflammatory things. Even as I said those things, I would admit that in about a year, I’d probably regret some of this.”

Jacob went on to admit that he “rebelled” as a teenager and “left the show and left the religion I was brought up with, and I left it in a pretty flamboyant way.”

But now? 

Now he loves to spend time with his niece and nephew and parents and there are no hard feelings between any of them.

Still, we read excerpts from his memoir and can’t fathom he ever shows up on front of a camera again.

“The entire concept of reality TV is strange because, as a viewer, you are subscribing to a particular illusion – that you are witnessing and being let in on the secrets of the subjects’ lives,” he writes.

“In reality you are being shown a shallow character and only what someone else approves of, in relation to narrative and talking points.”

Wait… WHAT?!?

Jacob is saying that what we see on reality television is not exactly true reality? We’re stunned!

Concludes Jacob in this passage:

“This was my meaning in saying the ‘Roloff Characters’ in the past; not that the real people are characters or deliberately acting; but whichever Roloff you think you know is… sculpted specifically to entice and convince you to keep this channel on.”

Welp, now we’ve heard everything.

There’s no way this applies to Keeping Up with the Kardashians at least.

That show depicts each of those sisters precisely as they really are, with no editing and no scripts involved at all.


John David Duggar: First In His Family to Quit Reality TV?!

In recent weeks, there’s been much talk of the small-scale rebellion taking place within the Duggar family.

Fans seem to be convinced that it all started when Jinger Duggar began wearing pants in direct defiance of her family’s famously strict dress code.

According to this narrative, other Duggar kids then followed in Jinger’s footsteps, including newly-engaged Josiah Duggar, who – according to a source close to the family – is widely expected to be “the next [Duggar] to bust out.”

But this version of events overlooks the original Duggar rebel, the one who’s been rejecting elements of his father’s lifestyle so quietly and for so long that he his insurgence went mostly unnoticed.

We’re talking, of course, about the Silent Duggar himself, John David Duggar.

Even if you’ve been watching the family’s reality shows from day one, you may not know much about JDD.

And what you do know has probably been filtered through the Duggar PR machine:

John David is Michelle and Jim Bob’s second-oldest son, the twin brother of fan favorite Jana Duggar.

From a professional standpoint, he’s the most active of all the Duggars, working as a pilot, firefighter and sheriff’s deputy in his free time.

And it seems it’s the duties of that last post that have brought John David into conflict with his domineering dad.

As we reported earlier, Jim Bob’s efforts to control the town he lives in by purchasing both large tracts of land and politicians reportedly don’t sit well with John David, who’s sworn to uphold law and order.

Add to that the widespread reports that John David is disgusted by Jim Bob’s greed, and it’s not hard to see why so many are convinced the 28-year-old has already begun distancing himself from his family’s social media empire.

Interestingly, in a recent interview, John David has confirmed that he will appear in the new season of Counting On, which premieres this summer.

But he would not comment on his future on the show beyond that.

Instead, when asked about his future, he mostly focused on faith and family:

“Future plans would be to, I think, one day, you know, the Lord will bring the right one along, and I’ll start a family and hopefully be able to invest in their lives and raise up a generation that will be great people for this society,” John David remarked.

The comment has fueled speculation that John David is courting, which may have influenced his decision to be the first in his family to willingly leave the world of television behind.

Whatever the case, we wouldn’t be surprised if John David is actually the first to “bust out.”

Watch Counting On online for more on reality TV’s most controversial family.


Duggar Family at War With Gay Cousin Over New Reality Show

The Duggars, as you’re likely aware, are a deeply conservative lot.

The core group of 21 who make up the Duggar clan that was first immortalized on 19 Kids and Counting have contended with friends and relatives who don’t share their fundamentalist beliefs, and they’ve typically been quick to “deal with” these associates.

Michelle Duggar’s lesbian sister, for example, has been cut off from the rest of the family and has never even met most of her nieces and nephews.

They similarly exiled rebellious cousin Amy Duggar, who’s dared to commit such affronts as kissing her fiancé before marriage and wearing an actual swimsuit to go swimming, rather than a modesty-preserving barrel with suspenders.

Now, the Duggars are facing yet another enemy in their midst.

And this one is hoping to beat Jim Bob and company at their own game.

As we reported earlier, John Andrew Studdard is an openly gay cousin of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children.

Unlike so many of the Duggars’ relatives, he seems to have no fear of his wealthy and powerful aunt and uncle.

Studdard has spoken out against Derick Dillard’s homophobic remarks, and now it appears he’s hoping to enter the Duggars’ arena with a reality show of his own.

And not surprisingly, the Duggars are very much hoping that doesn’t happen.

“The producers were hoping to do a show with his immediate family, but all of his immediate family declined,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“They think it’s tacky that John Andrew spoke out about Derick’s beliefs and have warned him if he speaks out publicly again he will be cut off financially.”

But those who know Studdard best say that his main goal is not to simply trash his famous relatives:

“He wants to show his life with his friends and the volunteer work he’s passionate about,” the insider said. 

“He wants to build a platform to spread awareness for causes. He wants to build an empire bigger than his distant cousins.”

Surprisingly, it seems Studdard actually feels compassion for his famous cousins – and he wishes they would follow his lead by showing more empathy toward others:

“He doesn’t think they’re bad people,” the insider says.

“He spoke out against Derick because he wanted him to be considerate of others. His comments were very harsh. He doesn’t know him well enough to say he’s a bad person. He was so kind at his wedding to Jill.”

Studdard may have a hard time landing a deal for a show where he presents a counter-argument to his relatives’ worldview, but here’s hoping he finds a way to get his message out there.

It would certainly help to shake things up in Tontitown.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most famous family.


Mark Vanderpump: New Details Emerge on Death of Reality Star’s Brother

We have an update to the very sad story we posted yesterday about Lisa Vanderpump’s brother, Mark.

As detailed on this website and on other outlets across the Internet, the long-time Bravo star lost her brother back on April 30, with various sources confirming Mark Vanderpump died of a drug overdose.

He was only 59 years old.

Many questions remain unanswered when it comes to this tragic development, such:

  • Whether or not Mark deliberately took too many pills.
  • Whether they actually were pills (or some other drug).
  • Or whether this was an accidental death.

In time, we presume most of these questions will be answered.

For now, however, we can at least turn to Radar Online for an update on what happened to the British DJ.

Contrary to initial reports about his passing, an insider tells Radar that Mark was NOT found dead in his Gloucestershire home.

Instead, he was discovered while unconscious and taken to a nearby hospital.

This is where he passed away.

“He died in a Swindon Hospital and was transferred here on the 1st of May,” a UK official tells Radar.

The official confirmed the Coroner’s Office in Gloucestershire will be carrying out an investigation in the near future, one that will involve an autopsy to confirm an exact cause of death.

We’ll be sure to update readers with the results once they’re made public.

This may not happen any time soon, however.

Mark’s inquest was opened on May 10; and the coroner has scheduled a final court hearing to discuss the findings for cause of death for October 9, 2018.

Until then, we’ll continue to send our condolences to the entire Vanderpump family.

In light of this horrible incident, the veteran Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member has released the following statement:

This has come as a shock to us all. My brother and I had connected the day before this tragedy and I was completely unprepared for this.

He was my only sibling and I am shocked and saddened by his passing. I am trying to be supportive to his two young sons that he has left behind, and help them get through this tragedy.

We appreciate your consideration in this private and extremely difficult family time.

Mark and Lisa had a close relationship.

They often went on vacation together and the former often dined at his sister’s famous restaurants.

Lisa has thus far remained very quiet on social media and in public in the weeks since her brother was found dead.

We don’t know when she’ll speak out again, but we can’t imagine the pain she must be in and we hope she takes as much time as she needs to heal properly before doing so.