Reality Steve: Threatened with Lawsuit For Spoiling The Bachelor!

The 22nd (!) season of ABC’s The Bachelor officially starts on January 1, and as always, The Bachelor spoilers are already here. 

That’s nothing new. What is new is that the reporter most famously responsible for the dissemination of spoilers is in hot water.

Late last month, Reality Steve revealed the mother of all Bachelor spoilers – who wins Arie Luyendyk’s final rose on the coming season.

Again, this is nothing out of the ordinary … except that the production company behind the hit show is now suing Reality Steve.

The longtime blogger/Bachelor spoiler soothsayer himself revealed that he got a cease and desist letter from NZK Productions.

Steve, who goes by Stephen Carbone in real life, said he received the threat one day after teasing upcoming spoilers online.

“Making a list and checking it twice,” he tweeted. “Just making sure I have the ending correct before posting it. It’s coming….”

Remarkably, he went through with it, posting spoilers anyway despite being admittedly somewhat rattled. Why take the risk?

Carbone says the production company is overstepping its legal bounds, and besides, what he does is delightfully insignificant.

“For years,” he explains, all he’s really done is “spoil and make fun of a silly reality show which itself is very easy to make fun of.”

That, as Steve puts it, “isn’t CIA level shit. This isn’t insider trading. What I do is on such a small scale in even just the TV world.”

“It’s not really a blip on the radar. If this were the only show on television, yes, it’d probably be a big deal. But it’s not.”

More significantly, though, he says he has rights as a journalist, and that the company is “being completely unreasonable.”

“[They are] bullying me essentially into giving up my sources, and are trying to prevent me from continuing my livelihood.”

“They are infringing on my First Amendment Rights as a reporter,” he goes on, “because they don’t like that I’m spoiling their show.”

Interestingly, this is not the first time Steve has been under legal fire from The Bachelor’s production company for the content of his site.

Just as he is now, he stood his ground before.

He was sued in 2012 by show producers, eventually settling out of court by agreeing not to obtain his material through certain means.

Reality Steve agreed “that for at least five years,” he would “not solicit any information about the show from cast or crew members.”

The culmination of that five-year period may play a role in the producers’ renewed legal salvo against him, but he remains undeterred.

On an episode of his podcast, Steve said that ABC was not involved here and has never threatened him with any legal action, explaining:

“ABC has never been after me.” 

In any event, “I refuse to be intimidated by their tactics in this situation,” he tells fans, “and I will proceed with this season as planned.”

Fight the power.


Jacob Roloff: 13 Little Known Facts About the Reality Star

The cast of Little People, Big World is mostly an open book.

Nearly every member of the Roloff family posts frequently on social media and holds little back.

But Jacob Roloff is no longer a Little People, Big World cast member. He quit the show in a viral huff last summer.

This makes the youngest Roloff son a bit of a mystery, but not for much longer!

We're here to shed some light on the reluctant reality star. Scroll down for more…

1. Why Did He Quit?

Jacob roloff at coffee
Roloff made no secret in July of 2016, writing on Instagram that he was “”laughing at how hard the producers have to try to get us to follow the talking points, and at how ridiculous the talking points are.” He called out storylines for being scripted and added that his loved ones were mere “Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself.”

2. What’s He Been Doing Since?

Isabel rock jacob roloff
Basically driving around the Pacific Northwest, camping out, enjoying a laid back life with his girlfriend and his two dogs.

3. How Many Instagram Followers Does He Have?

How many instagram followers does he have
Over 177,000, which is far from shabby!

4. Who’s His Girlfriend?

Jacob roloff on instagram
Her name is Isabel Garreton and she has been with Jacob since 2015.

5. He Has a Painful Past

Jacob roloff dog
Roloff was seriously injured in 2006 when a trebuchet prematurely triggered. The injury was detailed on a Little People, Big World episode in 2007.

6. He Starred on a Little People, Big World Spinoff

Jacob roloff and his dog
It’s true! Jacob was a series regular on Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm in 2012. The show lasted for one season.

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Josh Duggar: Fans Slam “Pedophile” Reality Star on Facebook!

Last week, we reported on the news that Josh and Anna Duggar have welcomed their fifth child, a boy named Mason.

The news that a healthy baby has entered the world is typically met with universal congratulatory sentiments, and certainly no one wishes any harm upon the mother or child.

But feelings toward the father are a bit more complex …

As you’re probably aware, Josh molested five young women, four of whom were his sisters, while he was still in his teens.

His family has built a wildly lucrative media empire by projecting an image of wholesomeness and unflappable piety, so naturally, the Duggars have done everything in their power to put Josh’s sex scandal behind them.

Incredibly, following the cancelation of their reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars were given a second shot television at stardom on the same network.

But while the narrative pitched by the Duggars and TLC is one of redemption, many former fans have not been so quick to forgive Josh’s horrendous transgressions.

Part of the problem, of course, is that Josh was never punished for his crimes, as his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, helped him to avoid prosecution.

That means there’s been no real effort toward rehabilitation.

And that in turn means that the possibility of Josh repeating his past behaviors remains disturbingly high.

As a result of this troubling scenario, fans have flooded the Duggars’ official Facebook page with comments condemning Josh and urging his family to vigilantly protect the children who are under his care:

“I pray that God blesses everyone but it should be illegal for an admitted child molester to procreate and create children,” wrote one follower.

“Josh admitted to molesting 4 different sisters so it did not happen just once; it happened multiple times. Any woman that would have children with an admitted child molester and pedophile I would have to recommend an intensive psychological examination.”

Another detractor addresses the fact that Josh went to rehab for sex addiction after it was revealed that he used an Ashley Madison account to try and cheat on Anna. 

A mother of four, the commenter points out that a few months in an un-accredited, faith-based rehabilitation facility of his own choosing is hardly a guarantee that Josh won’t subject his children to the same abuse suffered by his sisters.

“People say Josh went to rehab and I will be honest here,” the follower wrote. “I have 4 children. If my son molested his siblings I don’t care what therapy he received I would never trust him again.”

She added:

“My kids mental and physical well-being comes first. Once you decide to be a child molester and pedophile I never want to see you again. I was molested as a child so I know the severe damage it does.”

Since Josh was never charged with a crime, there’s no action that concerned parties can take from a legal perspective.

The best any of us can do is hope that Josh’s family will heed the call to keep a close watch on Josh’s wife and children and report anything even remotely suspicious to the proper authorities.

Perhaps there’s some comfort to be taken in the fact that the Duggars live their lives under a constant microscope, and the world knows to be on the lookout when it comes to Josh.

Watch Counting On online for a closer look at reality TV’s most controversial family.