Kylie Jenner: Was She REALLY Kim Kardashian’s Surrogate?!

As you’ve lkely heard by now, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child this week.

The baby girl was born via surogate, and the identity of the woman who carried Kim’s baby has been kept a secret.

So obviously it was Kylie Jenner.

We kid, of course, but believe it or not, the theory thay Kylie was Kim’s surrogate has gained traction on social media in recent weeks.

At first glance, the story seems ridiculous.

But we have to admit, the lunatic conspiracy theorist inside of us is slightly intrigued.

So let’s put on our tinfoil hats, flush our meds down the toilet, and go full Alex Jones with this thing, shall we?

The rumors began when fans started to wonder why Kylie was being so secretive about her pregnancy.

After all, this is a woman who doesn’t brush her teeth without Snapchatting about it, and now that she has something as interesting as a pregnancy going on, she disappears from social media entirely?

It doesn’t quite add up.

Sources close to the 20-year-old say Kylie is just self-conscious about her changing body.

Others apparently feel that if Kylie went out in public, her fetus might strike a risqué pose for Paper magazine, or snatch a microphone away from Taylor Swift, or otherwise give away its identity as Kim and Kanye’s child.

Whatever the case, the secrecy of Kylie’s prenancy coincided with the effort to keep the identity of Kim’s surrogate under wraps, and folks of a certain mentality (the type who would’ve used the term “grassy knoll” a lot in a previous generation) feel that’s simply too coincidental to be … a coincidence.

On Monday, several media outlets reported that Kylie had gone into labor, and while it those reports were later disproven, Kard clan fans rushed to social media to share the news that the jig was officially up:

“This is so weird.. Just 2 days ago it was reported that Kylie was in labor.. which they later said was ‘false.’ Now Kim & Kanye are welcoming their new baby into the world? So all this time Kylie was really the fucking surrogate?” wrote one twitter user.

“I love that @KylieJenner clearly had @KimKardashian child. Rumors Kylie went into labor a few days ago and now boom kim announcers her child was born Monday through surrogate,” commented another.

“Y’all find it a coincidence that Kylie was rumored to have gone into labor this weekend and then Kim welcomes baby #3 on Monday?” a third tweeted.

Again, we suppose it’s possible that Kylie was Kim’s surrogate … but it’s also possible that Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK.

Many of the surrogate truthers out there are neglecting one important fact:

Kylie has built a career on the strength of her surgically-enhanced physique.

Maybe she would sacrifice all that to carry her sister’s baby, but if she did, she’d be announcing her decision on the cover of People.

These are Kris Jenner’s daughters were talking about here, folks,

They know a thing or two about publicity.


Ami Brown: Did She Ever Really Have Cancer?

Sometimes, a small but vocal minority of viewers and “fans” can’t even take good news without trying to turn it into something that it isn’t.

And that seems to be what’s happening with Alaskan Bush People as they respond to updates on Ami Brown’s cancer battle.

The minute that she doesn’t look like she’s dying, some people have the audacity to question whether Ami ever really had cancer to begin with.

The Alaskan Bush People star and family matriarch Ami Brown has been battling lung cancer. Real, actual lung cancer.

Throughout this fight, even Ami’s own children haven’t been sure if their mom is going to make it.

Obviously, as reality stars with a long and successful career, the Brown family could afford the best kind of care. They even moved to a Beverly Hills mansion so that Ami could be near a hospital and could be comfortable while recovering.

Fans wanted Ami to recover, which is why a photo of Billy Brown ignited controversy when fans noticed that he was still proudly displaying his carton of cigarettes while his wife battles lung cancer.

With the Alaskan Bush People Christmas Special, fans and viewers learned some very good news: that Ami Brown was finished with treatment and her doctor declared that she was doing much better.

The non-fan page Alaskan Bush People Exposed shared this post:

“Ami Update: I’ve been seeing in a lot of other groups and articles that she is 100% cancer free.”

That’s not true. But there is wonderful news.

“I would like to set the record straight. Ami is officially in remission and for now chemo is over.”

That’s a huge — and pleasant — surprise for many fans who weren’t expecting good news.

Alaskan Bush People Exposed continues, writing:

“That doesn’t mean she lied about having cancer or faked having cancer.”

Obviously. It’s not that no one ever lies about this kind of thing, folks. But … clearly, Ami was not.

So, what’s Ami’s status?

“All it simply means is that she is in remission and will be monitored by her doctors very closely.”

Remission is not the same as being magically cured by a Christmas miracle, folks.

“Like most people dealing with cancer it is something that Ami will have to deal with for the rest of her life and to suggest anything else is irresponsible and utter nonsense.”

Ami will have to be vigilant for cancer to once again manifest for the rest of her life. Her chances of having cancer are 40% higher than that of someone who doesn’t have cancer.

Sometimes, people who’ve “beaten” cancer find that just a few months or years later, cancer returns. Sometimes, it’s worse the second time around.

As we already told you, Alaskan Bush People Exposed shared that Ami had a “setback” following the filming of the Christmas special:

“Shortly after Thanksgiving she suffered a brief setback and was very ill. She is doing better now and back on the mend.”

That may have simply been an illness, as the ravages of both chemo and cancer can leave someone susceptible to everyday ailments.

Of course, some people still have questions. One comment replying to Alaskan Bush People Exposed’s clarifying post reads:

“You have to go 5 years to be officially ‘cancer free’. As of right now she is in remission.”

This commenter finds all of this suspicious.

“I just don’t see how someone that is stage 4 was able to be cancer free so fast. Remember stage 4 means the cancer metastasized to other parts of the body.”

And then he writes:

“The 5 year survival rate is less then 10%. I’m glad she is doing well but it doesn’t add up.”

One, perhaps Ami Brown was lucky and beat the odds.

Two, perhaps Amy Brown is a reality star who can afford the best care.

Three, and we hate to mention this, but his “concerns” about the 5 years survival rate may be addressed if Ami Brown doesn’t make it to 2023.

Beating cancer doesn’t mean that she’ll live to be 80. Or 70. And maybe not even 60.

(Ami will turn 55 in August of this year)


Leah Messer: Is She Really Engaged?!

Leah Messer’s love life has long been a subject of fascination amongst Teen Mom 2 fans.

Every male that makes an appearance on her social media pages is viewed as a potential suitor, and every time Leah denies a rumor, it’s taken as a sign that she’s on the verge of getting hitched.

So when Leah’s co-star, Kailyn Lowry, shared an article with the headline “Leah Messer Celebrates an Exciting Engagement!” fans naturally leapt to conclusions.

Leah’s social media pages exploeded with congratulatory messages from TM2 viewers.

And naturally, there were also quite a few questions about the identity of Leah’s fiancé, as it was widely believed that she was single.

There had been rumors about Leah dating Brian Gravely, but the mother of three insisted he was just a friend.

Fans have long been convinced that Leah and Jeremy Calvert are secretly back together, but Messer swears that’s not the case either.

So why is Kailyn reporting engagement news when Leah appears to be single?

Well, it turns out the engagement Leah is celebrating is not her own.

Leah’s younger brother, Isaac Messer, got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Emily Burt during a family dinner on December 18.

Bold move proposing in front of the entire fam, but it seems like it worked out in Isaac’s case.

No word on why Leah waited almost a month before sharing the news with fans, but she made the big reveal over the weekend with a pic from the occasion.

“My hair was a little bit of a mess after the twins birthday party, but I’m so happy for my brother and his NOW fiancée!! CONGRATS guys,” Leah captioned the above photo.

As for those reports that she’s back with Calvert, Leah addressed them in a tweet to a fan who really wants to see that reunion happen.

“We’re terrible for each other…but great friends,” she tweeted.

We’d like to offer our sincere congtatulations to Leah’s brother and his new fiancee.

And also to Leah for being self-aware enough to know when someone is no good for her.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the many ups and downs of Leah’s frequently-messy love life.


Kailyn Lowry & Becky Hayter: Are They REALLY Dating?!

Kailyn Lowry’s love life is a subject of constant speculation from Teen Mom 2 fans.

We admit that it can be tough to keep track of Kailyn’s romantic relationships in the year since she split from Javi Marroquin, but here’s our best shot at a definitive rundown:

Kailyn dated Chris Lopez for a few weeks, and she wound up having his child.

Lopez proceeded to pull a punk move and basically abandoned Kail and the baby, later having a change of heart and deciding that he would like to play a role in his son’s life.

(Fortunately, Kail is reportedly sticking to her guns and contesting Lopez’s custody rights.)

After that Lowry hooked up with Dionisio Cephas, and based on their social media interactions, it seems the situation almost developed into a full-blown relationship, but never quite got there.

After the awesomely-named Cephas, Kailyn entered a relationship with Dominique Potter, a longtime friend-turned-love interest.

Things got serious in a hurry, and Potter even moved to Delaware in order to be closer to Kail.

Unfortunately, the cooled off as quickly as it heated up, and it was revealed last month that Kailyn and Dominique have broken up.

Throughout all of these ups and downs, one figure remained a constant in Kail’s corner–her longtime friend and outspoken social media supporter Becky Hayter. 

Now that Lowry is single, a new round of rumors that Kailyn and Becky are dating have begun to make their way across the social media landscape.

This is nothing new, and about once a month, TM2 fans become convinced that Lowry and Hayter are more than friends.

The big difference this time is that Hayter is addressing the reports herself.

“You all need to get more creative with these DM’s,” she recently tweeted.

“At least send something funny like a joke or meme. The heart eyes and the “Are you and Kail dating” get old.”

Shortly thereafter, Lowry responded:

“Obviously we are,” which was enough to get fans who don’t understand sarcasm all worked up.

So we guess that’s the final word on the matter.

Kailyn and Becky are not interested in one another romantically, and it seems they never will be. The end.

Just kidding, we’ll see you back here next week for the next round of “Kail and Becky are totes hooking up” reports.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the many ups and downs of Kailyn’s love life.


Cardi B Sex Tape: Does It Really Exist?!?

For millions of men around the Internet who did not get what they wanted for Christmas, Cardi B took to social media on Tuesday and seemed to make up for whatever they were lacking.

In other, far more clear words:

The singer appeared to be having intercourse with fiance Offset during an Instagram live session.

How else were followers to interpret what they were seeing?

In the racy footage, the 25-year old “Bodak Yellow” rapper appeared with the Migos member and very much looked like she was stark naked.

Offset stood behind Cardi B and thrusted his pelvis region at her, as if his penis was entering her vagina in a position commonly referred to as “Doggy Style.”

“I don’t got no more in me left. You gotta give a whole hour,” Cardi B can be heard telling her man.

The strong implication here?

The couple had just had sex and she needed a break before they did so again.

Sorry, gentlemen. This is not a photo of actual Cardi B banging.

So… jackpot, right?

A Cardi B sex tape to end the year?!?

Not exactly, despite the nearly visible drool one could see emanating from many accounts on Twitter.

A rep for Cardi told TMZ that the stars weren’t actually engaging in sexual activity; they were just joking around, basically playing a joke on anyone gullible enough to fall for their sexy shenanigans.

The singer later wrote on her Instagram Story;

“I was fully clothes on live, I was not f–kin on live! Yaaa can’t be that slow.”

The seemingly scandalous video surfaced just two days after Offset was accused of cheating on Cardi B, to whom he proposed on stage during a Power 99 FM concert in Philadelphia on October 27.

On Sunday, the website Fameolous published a video of a man who looked like Offset … in a hotel room … with a nude woman who was definitely NOT Cardi.

The clip was recorded in September and allegedly obtained after someone hacked into Offset’s iCloud account.

This fake sex tape was Cardi and Offset’s way of getting back at the culprit and of letting the world know everything was great between them.

Tweeted Cardi B in response to the attempt at blackmailing her:

People keep posting the nude videos of me like if i wasn’t a stripper before. You know there’s videos of me stripping with my titties & ass out on YouTube already right?

anyways i know i know i got a nice body right.

She does.

And a pretty great sense of humor.


Ami Brown: Was Her Cancer Really Cured in a Christmas Miracle?!

Remember when we told you about this year’s Alaskan Bush People Christmas Special? Well it happened and, despite the fears of many fans and members of the Brown family itself, Ami Brown was able to participate.

In doing so, we got a very hopeful update on Ami Brown’s battle with cancer. For one thing, she was done with that round of chemotherapy.

But was the good news — or “Christmas miracle,” as it’s been touted by some — really what it seemed?

We’re not going to ask anyone to test their belief in miracles. That’s a matter of personal religious convictions (not every faith believes in miracles, and not every person of a miracle-friendly faith believes in them).

Instead, we’re just going to question whether the beautiful story of Ami making a recovery, as told on the Christmas Special, was misleading.

In other words: is she actually cured at all?

Ami’s doctor said this:

“There’s every single reason to be hopeful and absolutely optimistic.”

This was, of course, after Ami Brown’s second round of chemotherapy. Hope and optimism can’t fight cancer alone, but studies have demonstrated that they can have a powerful effect on someone’s odds of surviving cancer.

The doctor also said: “You were pretty sick. You got through it!”

Now, reality shows are often edited, and editing can lead to very misleading statements.

Was the doctor talking about Ami’s serious and possibly terminal lung cancer in the past tense?

Or was the doctor talking about Ami’s adverse reactions to chemotherapy?

Billy Brown also spoke about Ami’s health, announcing:

“Her lungs are clear!”

Sure … but does he mean clear of fluid, like a person might get if they are sick? Or does he mean clear of cancer, which would be positively miraculous after only two rounds of chemotherapy?

“She’s still weak and has a cough and all that, but if you look at her eyes it’s the best part because Ami’s back inside there and she wasn’t for a while.”

When he says that she “has a cough,” that sounds like a very delicate way of referring to lung cancer.

Chemo can cause people to zone out. Have you ever known someone on chemo? They nap a lot. They seldom eat and they have no energy.

Billy sure sounds optimistic.

“We’ve been in California for so long, and up until recently we haven’t been able to look out and see if there’s a road going out of here or not. But now it’s a good beginning!”

Ami’s reply is a little vague:

“Life is a gift.”

Bird did confessional segments during the Alaskan Bush People Christmas Special.

She gave it in front of a backdrop meant to resemble a simple cabin, even though we all know that they’re living in L.A. and Bird even acknowledged their location:

“It still feels unreal that we’re celebrating for Christmas and doing our tree in like, a desert.”

(Fun fact: the use of actual Christmas trees is not commonplace in L.A. because it’s a desert)

Bird and the rest of her family used that element of surprise to their advantage, to Ami’s delight.

“She won’t be expecting Christmas at all.”

Well, to be fair, nobody expects Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Billy Brown seems eager to point to the bright side of things.

“It’s been a hard road,” he says. “But to know that it’s been worth it and to know that it’s better than it was, no matter what it may be, makes it all feel very good.”

The non-fan page, Alaskan Bush People Exposed, had their own commentary about the Alaskan Bush People Christmas Special.

“Last night’s show was filmed before Thanksgiving and Ami was doing fairly well after finishing chemo.”

That much, we knew. (Though it may have been less-than-obvious to your average viewer that this was filmed so far in advance)

“Shortly after Thanksgiving she suffered a brief setback and was very ill.”

That is crushing news, but Alaskan Bush People Exposed has been pretty reliable about this sort of information, so we’re inclined to believe it.

“She is doing better now and back on the mend. They are still in Los Angeles, and she is recuperating.”

That, at least, is good news. But not all of the news is good.

“There has been no miracle cure and unfortunately this will be a long battle for her.”

We figured as much, because that’s how cancer works. Even the page administrator feels sorry for Ami.

(The page may not like Alaskan Bush People, but they’re not cheering for anybody to have cancer)

“She has lost a lot of her hair, wears a hat most of the time and very frail.”

Some of that was apparent, even in the special.

“Hopefully, after the holidays she will get strong enough to start filming the upcoming season.”

Remember, folks, even Rain Brown doesn’t know if her mom will survive.

If it sounds like somebody’s cancer went away like magic, you’re hearing optimism and editing.

We all hope that Ami pulls through — even people who can’t stand the show are hoping that.

But we need to remember that, best case scenario, Ami has a long, long road to recovery.


Faith Stowers: Is She REALLY Pregnant With Jax Taylor’s Baby?!

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules these past couple weeks, you know that the show has somehow packed a season’s worth of drama into just two episodes.

Here’s a brief recap for those who have fallen out of the loop:

Jax Taylor got busted cheating on Brittany Cartwright, and in a thoroughly out-of-character display integrity, he actually admitted to his infidelity.

(But only after staunchly denying it for two days and gaslighting poor Brittany to the point that she was about ready to claw his eyes out.)

Jax and Brittany had makeup sex shortly thereafter, but it seems they’re far from out of the woods.

Indeed, their relationship has problems that not even Jax’s awesome Taco Bell sweater can solve.

One of the major issues that was still in doubt at the end of last night’s episode is the question of whether or not Jax’s cheating partner, Faith Stowers, is pregnant with his baby.

Fortunately, Jax and Brittany (who are somehow not broken up) can breathe a sigh of relief, as it seems Stowers was never actually knocked up.

She is, however, dying of thirst.

“After Faith had sex with Jax she got her period, but she wasn’t going to tell producers that at all,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“She just wanted to say she was pregnant for more story time.”

Yes, just like anyone who’s had sex with James Kennedy in the past two years, Faith was in it solely for the chance at fame and fortune.

“Faith wanted a contract,” the insider continues.

Vanderpump Rules pays a couple hundred bucks an episode unless you have a big story line. She slept with him to secure her storyline.”

The source adds that both Faith and Jax came out of the situation looking like horrendous human beings, saying:

“[Faith] did it for time on the show, but she knew she wasn’t pregnant.They’re both awful.”

Yes, it seems Vanderpump has reached that point in the long-running reality show timeline where its cast members are officially too famous for their own good.

What started out as a show about a hard-partying waitstaff has morphed into a series in which young young-ish, famous-ish Hollywood types launch various business ventures and happily allow themselves to be exploited by thirsty fans.

Fortunately, while that phenomenon has ruined past reality juggernauts (we’re looking at you, Jersey Shore!), Vanderpump remains entertaining as hell.

These people were desperate for fame and fortune from the first episode, so what we’re witnessing feels like the completion of a story arc.

Couple quick suggestions for producers:

1. Stassi’s ex-boyfriend seems like a douche. We know they’re broken up in real life, but now that you’ve decided to sell us the “James is not actually pure evil” storyline, maybe try bringing Patrick back next year as a villain?

2. Keep Tom Schwartz hammered all the time, because that’s just comic relief of the highest order.

For those of you who have fallen behind, we strongly recommend you follow the link to watch Vanderpump Rules online.

This is really shaping up to be a hell of a season.