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Lonzo Ball Rips Ex-GF For ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Comment … ‘It’s Really Not Funny’

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Lonzo Ball was pissed to be called a “deadbeat dad” by his ex-GF … and when the Lakers star confronted her about the comment — he told her, “It’s really not funny.”

Denise Garcia — Zo’s baby mama — went on social media in October and was asked to “blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad” … and she blinked with both eyes while laughing.

Cameras caught Lonzo confronting Denise over the post on the Ball family’s Facebook reality TV show … when he ripped into her for making the accusation.

“Came to see the deadbeat, huh?” Zo asked … “That was fun for you? You had fun? You’re laughing, but it’s really not funny though.”

Lonzo wasn’t the only one pissed about the comments … LaVar Ball was livid as well, saying, “How do you call somebody a deadbeat when you just had the baby?!”

In fact … the Big Baller was caught on camera talking to his wife about her exercise program when he said, “Are you getting in shape for a reason? So, you can knock the hell outta Denise?!”

For her part … Denise explained to Lonzo the whole thing was meant as a joke — and she apologized to the L.A. star.

“I shouldn’t have done it at all. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

Lonzo added, “Denise wants me to be more present during the weekends with her and Zoey, I see where she’s obviously coming from … I’m trying to make an effort to get there as much as possible.”

Darryl Strawberry Really Hates Marijuana … It’s Destroying Lives!


Darryl Strawberry believes marijuana is DANGEROUS — telling TMZ Sports it should NOT be used as pain management because it’s a gateway drug that can ruin lives. 

… and Strawberry says he’s living proof. 

Of course, the ex-MLB superstar battled addiction himself — he was suspended 3 times for cocaine during his baseball career. 

Now, with so many pro athletes calling for the legalization of marijuana for pain management, Strawberry says it’s the WRONG thing to do. 

“Most people don’t understand marijuana is a drug,” the 56-year-old tells TMZ Sports … “It’s just the beginning. Starting people off when they’re young and then it leads to everything else.”

Strawberry also says America is “spiritually broken” when it comes to the use of prescription medication … blaming pharmaceutical companies for “flooding the gates” with opiates that are killing young people. 

But, the root of the problem, according to Strawberry, is weed. 

“Most young people start off with marijuana … it’s a gateway. I started with marijuana when I was young — 14, 15 years old — and it led me to everything else.”

We asked Darryl if he advocates for any Rx drug for pain management and he told us — “There’s no such thing as pain management for prescription drugs. They’ve gotten totally out of control.”

He added, “Anything that alters your mind will change your mind forever.”

Michelle Obama Thigh-High Shining … Really Shiny, Really High

Michelle Obama stuck to her motto during an event in NYC with Sarah Jessica Parker — when others go low, she’s going high … as in super thigh-high boots and a matching slit in her gown.

SJP was with the former First Lady Wednesday night at the Barclays Center to discuss Michelle’s best-selling memoir, “Becoming.” MO brought her couture A-game … draped in a gorgeous bright yellow dress and a pair of metallic gold knife over-the-knee boots from Balenciaga.

If you’re interested … they retail for $ 3,900. Happy shopping.

As great as Michelle looks here, “Becoming” is sitting just as pretty at #1 at the top of a lot of bestsellers’ lists, including the NYT and Amazon. She’s also No. 1 across the pond, having just become the first woman to sell the U.K.’s best selling Christmas book since J.K. Rowling in ’08.

It feels like a lifetime has passed since Mrs. O delivered her “go high” message at the Democratic National Convention, when Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination. 

Of course, she wasn’t referring to fashion then … but it clearly applies now.

Kanye West It’s Really All Love with Travis … Hits Up Astroworld Show

Kanye West wants to show blood is always thicker than water … so he hit up Travis Scott‘s concert to prove it.

Kanye and Kim were in the crowd at Trav’s Astroworld tour stop at The Forum in L.A. Wednesday night … and Ye looked like he was feeling the music.

This comes just days after Kanye expressed his frustration with Scott — whom he considers family — for allowing Drake to “sneak disses” at him on his hit song, “SICKO MODE.”

As you’ll recall … Kanye went on a twitter tirade last week blasting Drake for threatening him and his family, but during the rant he also called out Travis for allowing Drake to diss him on ‘SICKO.’

Specifically, Kanye took umbrage with Drake’s “checks over stripes” lyrics on Trav’s track … meaning Nike over Adidas. Ye, obviously, is an Adidas man.

Kanye tweeted a day later that he and Travis met up and hashed things out … but many thought there might be some side beef lingering between the 2.

It looks like Kanye’s practicing what he preached, though — family first and always … and all’s well with the Kardashian family rappers.