Justin Bieber Photoshops His Face Onto Beyonce For Some Reason

Beyonce’s influence cannot be denied, and her must-watch Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella has reminded the world that her performances are jaw-droppingly powerful.

Justin Bieber was so touched by Beyonce’s show that he decided to photoshop his own face onto her body.

The result is … quite something.

The Biebs is raising a few eyebrows on Instagram, and this time, it isn’t with his excessive body tattoos.

In the caption, Justin Bieber writes:

“Y’all need to meet my sister, Rachel Bieber.”

And the photo accompanying it is … quite something.

Take a look:

Justin Bieber Beyonce Photoshop

In case it is not immediately obvious to everyone, that is Justin Bieber’s face photoshopped onto Beyonce’s body.

Replies varied, including the neutral but humorous: “Leopard print suits you biebs.”

Bieber’s friends chimed in with their own comments.

The wonderful and surreal Jaden Smith write: “She’s bad.”

Patrick Schwarzenegger expressed interest in dating Bieber’s fictitious sister, writing: “Bruh set me up! Finally be brothers!”

Diplo, being Diplo, wrote: “I’d slice.”

Beyonce’s “Beychella” performance, as it has come to be known, was intense and captivating.

It was also record-breaking.

For one thing, Beyonce was the first black woman to ever headline Coachella.

Her performance was livestreamed, and so powerful and inspirational that it reached audiences around the globe.

In fact, it was the most viewed livestream in YouTube’s history.

Even Adele rocked out to the Beychella performance.

Others have gone viral with videos of themselves perfectly emulating the movements of Beyonce’s back-up dancers.

When he’s not dreaming of having legs for days, Justin has been enjoying Coachella.

He’s been hanging out with Post Malone and Bella Thorne.

Most notably, he reportedly defended a woman who was being strangled by a man (who apparently believed that she was his ex, which is … not an explanation for his behavior) by allegedly punching the man in the face.

It’s nice to see Justin becoming a defender of the innocent. Maybe he really is making himself better for Selena Gomez. Or at least for himself.

While he does not actually have a black sister with face-specific vitiligo named Rachel, the Biebs does have two half-siblings.

(Basically, his dad started getting laid more after Justin got famous)

And Justin’s dad’s brand new wife is pregnant, so it looks like he has yet another half-sibling on the way.

By the way, Beyonce isn’t done with Coachella.

But her performance on Saturday, April 21 will not be livestreamed by the venue.

It’s likely that there will be recordings made on handheld devices, but that will hardly be the same.

The implication is clear: Coachella wants people to attend, and the idea of seeing Beyonce in person alongside celebrities is difficult to resist.

Last weekend’s show revealed how good the festival can be. This weekend, only festival-goers will get that experience, and everyone else will miss out.

FOMA — the fear of missing out — is real, and people with the money and free time to go to music festivals have it, too.

Still, we wonder if seeing a performance like that over the weekend reminded Justin that he should go on tour again.


Tristan Thompson: The REAL Reason He’s Been Benched by the Cavs!

FACTTristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian will multiple women.

FACT: Tristan Thompson did not play any meaningful minutes for the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first two playoff games since news of this scandal broke.

RUMOR: Fact number-two is a direct result of fact number-one.

You’ve likely read this rumor all over the Internet, haven’t you?

Multiple celebrity gossip websites out there are trying to allege that Cleveland Head Coach Tyronn Lue has determined that either:

1. Thompson has become so much of a distraction, due to his off-the-court behavior, that he would negatively effect the team on the court.

2. Thompson does not deserve to see any playing time as punishment for stepping out on at least two occasions on his baby mama.

But are either of these statements true?

Would LeBron James actually risk a shot at his fourth NBA title because a teammate slept with a few Instagram models?

The truth is that Thompson only averaged 20.2 minutes per game this season, about seven-and-a-half minutes fewer per game than his career average.

He lost his spot in the starting lineup before the opening game even tipped off, as Coach Lue decided to start Kevin Love at center in order to optimize the offensive spacing on the court.

Thompson never seemed to recover from the slight.

He averaged a career-low 5.8 points per game in 2017-2018 and essentially tied for a career low by only averaging 6.6 rebounds per game.

Moreover, Cleveland made-over its roster almost entirely at the February trade deadline, acquiring four new players, including Larry Nance Jr.

Nance is a younger and more athletic version of Thompson, playing basically the same position, but doing so with more energy and with a higher shot-blocking rate.

In other words:

Thompson saw his minutes decline throughout the season, and then saw them take a precipitous drop once Nance Jr. joined the team.

The power forward only played 15 combined minutes in the third-to-last and second-to-last games of the season, prior to racking up nearly 30 minutes in the final regular season contest…

… only to end the game with plus/minus of -24. Against the awful New York Knicks, no less!

Thompson is simply an anachronistic basketball player.

Yes, he signed a five-year, $ 82 million contract as recently as 2015, but the league since then has emphasized three-point shooting and spacing on offense.

Thompson plays for a team that employs arguably the best driver and best passer in basketball.

Someone who cannot shoot from outside three feet simply clogs the lane for James, who is at his most unstoppable when his squad spreads the floor and gives him many options to whom he can pass.

The game has mostly passed Thompson by.

This may explain why he didn’t care about partying all night in early April with some random side piece, allegedly taking her back to his hotel room very early in the morning to have unprotected sex.

If he’s not gonna see any action between the lines that week, why not stay awake for awhile and see some action between the sheets, right?

With the Cavs playing the Pacers, who start Myles Turner at center, we doubt we’ll see much of Thompson at all this series.

Turner shot over 35% from three-point range this season and would drag Thompson away from the basket, mitigating Tristan’s one supposed skill: rebounding.

And if Thompson isn’t camped out under the basket boxing out opposing players, there’s really no point in having him on the court.

In closing, Tristan Thompson may be riding two to five side pieces these days, but that’s not why he’s riding the pine for Cleveland.

He simply isn’t very good at modern NBA basketball


Catelynn Lowell Reveals the Real Reason She Checked Into Rehab

On Twitter, Catelynn Lowell has been celebrating her sobriety. She says that she’s been sober for months, now.

But on Teen Mom OG, which is filmed earlier, she’s still in the process of explaining to her husband why she needs to go to rehab in the first place.

She lays out those reasons very clearly.

On Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell explained to her husband, Tyler Baltierra, exactly why she had to return to rehab.

“It’s nothing to do with you, Tyler. It’s my inner child s–t. I’m telling you right now, it’s nothing to do with what you do.”

Of course it isn’t his fault, but it’s sad that her childhood is still plaguing her as an adult. That is far too common.

And she cites some specific traumas that continue to haunt her.

“It’s me being a f–king 12-year-old and my dad leaving or me being, like, 8 and my mom drinking all the time and not being there.”

That is just heartbreaking.

“It’s my own s–t. It’s just coming out when things go on in life.”

Catelynn continues, saying:

“That’s how trauma works.”

She’s exactly right.

And she did a better and more succinct job of explaining how trauma in childhood can contribute to things like alcohol abuse as an adult than plenty of experts.

She then went on to assure husband Tyler Baltierra that, of course, her entering rehab did not reflect on him.

“It’s nothing to do with you, you’re awesome. You’re supportive.”

Catelynn Sobriety Tweets 01

After Catelynn Lowell tweeted her support for fellow Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, someone on Twitter nastily chose to characterize the two of them as “drug addicts.”

Catelynn’s response was positively classy, as she wrote:

“We’re not drug addicts but whatever helps you sleep at night.”

She went on to celebrate her enduring sobriety, responding to a much more polite fan’s question by writing:

“Been sober for going on 5 months.”

Catelynn Sobriety Tweets 02

One fan — very politely — asked for clarification, wanting to know if Catelynn was using the term “sober” under the strictest terms or if she meant from all mind-altering substances.

Catelynn clarified that she had even quit using marijuana.

Though marijuana is widely regarded to be safe by the medical community, it can sometimes be used as a “crutch” to avoid processing emotions.

Some find that long-term use can exacerbate whatever issues they were trying to avoid.

Unfortunately, sometimes people find that they have to face their problems instead of self-medicating for them.

Catelynn found that she’d seen an improvement once she’d cut off all substances that let her distance herself from her own thoughts.

Can we just acknowledge for a moment that it is deeply refreshing to hear someone explain trauma and its long-term effects and the role that it plays in addiction?

Most people are accustomed to hearing that spelled out in wildly clinical terms. 

We have to wonder how many viewers sat there are listened to Catelynn talk and faced sudden realizations about what had led to their own behaviors.

Watch Teen Mom online if you want to continue to keep up with Catelynn’s struggle.


Catelynn Lowell Leaves Rehab Early AGAIN For Shocking Reason!

On Monday, Catelynn Lowell left rehab after several weeks of treatment.

She took to Instagram to reveal to fans that she had returned home to her husband and daughter.

Interestingly, she posted her progress update on the same night that she could be seen checking in for an earlier rehab stint on an episode of Teen Mom OG.

The confluence of events sparked a discussion amongst fans on social media, with many wondering just how many times Catelynn has been to rehab.

The answer, it seems, is three.

And as many viewers pointed out this week, she appears to have left treatment ahead of schedule each time.

Now, some fans are concerned that Catelynn isn’t taking her treatment seriously enough.

A source confirmed to Radar Online today that Cate ended her latest stint earlier than expected – and for a very surprising reason. 

“Cate got permission to go home a few days early,” an insider close to Lowell told Radar.

“She wants to be home for a while before getting ready for the reunion.”

The source adds:

“She wants to be able to catch up with her co-stars Maci [Bookout] and Amber [Portwood]. She also wants to get her wardrobe prepped.”

The reunion the insider is referring to is the Teen Mom OG reunion special, which is scheduled to film in New York next month.

Catelynn has always taken her professional duties seriously, but fans are understandably shocked to learn she left rehab early because of the show.

Many feel that Lowell should take an indefinite hiatus in order to focus on her mental health, but it doesn’t seem like that’s in the cards.

Producers claim to have her best interests at heart, but it’s not hard to see why the latest update about Catelynn has generated so much concern.

On the bright side, the insider says Lowell is thrilled to be reunited with her daughter earlier than expected.

“She’s happy to see Nova,” the insider said. “Nova was ecstatic to see her.”

Watch Teen Mom OG online to relive the rocky road that brought Catelynn to where she is today.


Kylie Jenner Reveals REAL Reason Behind Baby Name

Let's be honest: Stormi Webster is a terrible name.

It's not cute, there's no shorthand version of it and it makes most people think of this porn star.

So… why did Kylie Jenner select Stormi as the first name of her first child?

Nearly a month after she was born, we think we have the answer.

Scroll down for a look at what Kylie has revealed about a name that is unique and does possess a theme and which can, as you're about to learn, be used to marketing purposes…

1. This is Stormi

Kylie jenner and baby stormi
To date, it’s the only photo Kylie has shared of her child with Travis Scott… and it’s a pretty cute one. Welcome to the world, young lady!

2. My Bad, Everyone

Kj statement
Kylie released this statement after sharing the news of Stormi’s birth. It explained why she went social media silent for most of her pregnancy and it was met with a positive response.

3. But the Name Was Not

Yuck to stormi
Stormi? Stormi?!? STORMI?!?!? The Internet still cannot comprehend why Kylie would choose such a name.

4. More Like $ tormi!

Glitter eyes
Kylie came out in late February 2018 and unveiled new products from her cosmetics line, all, she explained, inspired by little Stormi. Shocking, right? There’s a marketing and capitalism theme to the name selection.

5. Explains Jenner:

Kylie jenner post birth
“I worked on this pretty much my entire pregnancy. Right after we chose Stormi’s name, her name really inspired me. I spent a lot of time on this collection and put a lot of detail into it.”

6. Eye of the Storm

Eye of the storm
As you can see, this is a pressed powder palette… that is named after Kylie’s daughter, just like every new item in this collection. It’s almost as though this was the plan all along.

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Amy Roloff Throwback Photo Prompts Matt Roloff Backlash… For Some Reason

Amy Roloff has shared a new/very old and cute photo of her and her twin boys.

And it has resulted in some major Matt Roloff backlash for no discernible reason whatsoever.

Allow us to explain…

On Wednesday, Amy shared a totally adorable and sort of shocking throwback picture of herself and her twins, Zach and Jeremy.

(Yep, their twins, even though the former was born with dwarfism – just like his parents – and the latter was not. Interesting, huh?)

In the sweet image, it appears as if Amy just got at least one of her sons out of the bath and is drying him off… while the other is on the floor, attempting to crawl.

It was obviously snapped decades ago.

“Yep! All my kids are my life then as they are now,” wrote the Little People, Big World matriarch at a caption, adding:

“These twin boys were a hoot and now look at them. Jeremy and Zachary I’m so proud of you and love you forever and always.”

Take a look at the sentimental snapshot here:

Some Instagram users took a look at this image and simply commented on how it’s very precious and pretty hilarious.

“One helluva mommy Amy it had to have been a challenge to take care of 4 children, love you,” wrote someone named Betty Tucker, for instance.

A few others, however, used this photo as a reason to GO OFF on Matt Roloff. For some strange reason.

Just consider this response:

hating on mattr

And this one:

matt sux

Why is Matt Roloff a “bad person” simply because Amy gave us a glimpse at her life as a mother many, many years ago?

We have absolutely no idea.

The prevailing notion, as best as we can guess, is that TLC viewers are angry about Matt’s divorce from Amy, even though it seemed perfectly amicable at the time.

They finalized their legal split in May of 2016, several months after making a joint announcement that reads as follows:

After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce.

We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising four wonderful children who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful business.

Neither reality star asked for spousal support and both continue to be main cast members in Little People, Big World.

It truly seems like an amicable break-up.

HOWEVER, Matt has been dating Caryn Chandler for over a year now – and she formerly worked as a manager at the family farm.

Amy supporters are therefore bitter and angry that Matt would begin a romance with someone who knows Amy fairly well.

And it’s true that this appears to have created a bit of tension between the former spouses, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Heck, Amy herself is in a very serious relationship with Chris Marek (below); she certainly isn’t missing Matt at all these days.

She’s never said a bad word about Matt in public and vice versa.

Might this be an imaginary feud?

Might some fans be a little too invested in a romance that fell apart years ago?

Might it actually be a tad bit sexist to slam Matt in the ways some people did above, the implication being that Amy is some poor, weak, scorned woman… as opposed to a perfectly strong and steady individual who has moved on from her marriage and holds no resentment?

Just a few questions to ponder.

We see no reason to stir up any controversy between Amy and Matt when none seems to exist.

Can’t the former just share a sweet throwback photo of her sons without it inciting a Matt-hating riot?