Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: Welcome… Alex Rodriguez?!?

As evidenced by the Kim Kardashian sex tape, at least one cast member on Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows a thing or two about how to handle a rod.

This was relevant on Sunday night because former Major League Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, often referred to by the nickname “A. Rod,” made an unexpected cameo on the popular reality series.

Can’t say we saw that coming.

Also the boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, Rodriguez was on hand to help the ladies with their baseball skills in anticipation of a charity game that was held to raise money for the Watts Community Center.

This is an interest in which Kris Jenner has often decided to devote her time and interest.

The big and very poorly-played game pitted the Kardashian family — including Kim, Kourtney, a then-pregnant Khloe, Kris and Kendall — against family pal Tito Jackson and his loved ones.

The Kardashians called themselves the Calabasas Peaches due to the movie A League of Their Own… and they were very much in a league of their own terriblenesss.

“The Jacksons have to go down,” Rodriguez said in an attempt to coach the women up, adding:

“Dear God, let us all play like New York Yankees.”

Kim at bat

(Editor’s Note: The Yankees just lost a playoff game by a score of 16-1 and a series to their hated rival, the Boston Red Sox, so perhaps playing like the most recent version of the Bronx Bombers was not a great idea.)

Editor’s Note 2: A. Rod is a giant tool.)

In the end, the Jacksons thrashed the Kardashians, with Kim going down on strikes faster than she went down on Ray J in the aforementioned sex tape.

“We should just hand over the check now because we suck,” she later said.

Still, the game raised $ 15,000 for a charity that helps underprivileged kids.’

kourt with a glove

“I can’t wait to celebrate all the hard work that was put into the community center,’ said Kris as the family toured the kitchen, sports facilities and computer center at the facility.

Elsewhere, Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian played a pretty dumb prank on Kris by pretending that a talented artist named Art Vandelay had made some paintings.

They then dropped these paintings off at Jenner’s house and watched as she wandered around her house, wondering where to hang them.

So much for her so-called expertise in the world of expensive art, right?!?

Disick and Kardashian were intent on embarrassing their snobby loved one, but soon realized they had maybe gone too far.

“We have to break it to her that we’re completely lying…and basically giving her fraudulent paintings,” Disick noted in a confessional.

evil scott

Over dinner at Nobu that evening, they allowed Kris to schmooze with the fake artist before they dropped the bombshell that she had been had.

“What? No!” Kris yelled upon learning that the paintings had been created by Khloe in her garage.

“You are pieces of sh-t…you had me this time!” Jenner boomed.

Finally, because the writers are truly out of storyline material, Kourtney ordered a DNA test.

“Oh my God I’m Middle Eastern and North African!’ said Kourtney, who was also “4.5 percent French.”

dna results

“I’m so white,” complained Kendall, while Khloe added:

“I’m 41.5 percent Middle Eastern.”

Fascinating, right?

Use the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and catch up on amazing moments such as this that you may want to see again:


The Walking Dead Recap: Another Power Struggle Sets Up Lauren Cohan’s Exit

Building a better community is no easy task, and Rick learned the hard way on Sunday’s episode that he was not going to be able to blend these communities in the way he hoped. 

The episode was all about the revival of the bridge which was obliterated thanks to a storm. Without access, it was difficult to make supply runs, so it had to be fixed. 

While Aaron and Daryl were chatting as the communities rallied to fix the bridge, a fight broke out between Henry and a Savior named Justin. 

Henry was tasked with giving water in exchange for hard labor, and Justin did not want to play by the rules. But Henry proved that there would always be a punishment, so he knocked the man off his feet with a stick. 

As expected, it resulted in a full-on battle between everyone on the bridge. Rick arrived and was unimpressed that these people could not work together to secure the future of the blended community. 

Daryl continued to have doubts and told Rick that the Saviors would actually be an asset to them down the line if they’re already causing trouble. 

Daryl left the scene immediately when Rick defended why they were doing it, and it was down to Carol to let Rick know that he might be dreaming if he thinks any of this is going to work. 

Tensions were still high at the Hilltop following Gregory’s well-deserved execution. Tami Rose was not allowed to see her husband Earl for his involvement in the plot to kill Maggie. 

It didn’t stop Tami from trying to get more people on her side to turn against Maggie. The true shocker was that Jesus was not fully on board with Maggie. 

“I don’t know if she hanged Gregory for everyone, for herself or both,” he shared, “but I’m not against a grieving mother seeing her husband.”

Instead of fully turning against his friend, Jesus went to Maggie to find out where her head was truly at. He admitted that she was going way too far by ostracizing Earl and that there would be some pushback. These decisions were ballsy, according to him. 

This gave Maggie some food for thought, and she agreed to let Tami Rose visit her husband. Once his wife was gone, Earl got a visit from Maggie who wanted to know more about him. 

Earl was desperate to know why Gregory was the one who was killed, but Maggie skirted around giving an answer. It turns out; she wants to hold her cards close to her chest. 

“What I did to you was in me,” Earl confessed. “Gregory didn’t make me do anything.”

Okay then. 

Things took a wild turn when thanks to a siren not being sounded, the walkers showed up at the bridge, and the unarmed Saviors were sitting ducks. 

Jed was scared to death, and let go of the rope he was holding … allowing all of the lumber to crash down and trap Aaron’s arm. Rick managed to dispatch of most of the walkers, but there was no saving Aaron’s arm. 

Daryl tried to make sense of what went down and opted to blame Justin. He was supposed to sound a siren to send the walkers away, but he didn’t. 

His defense? 

The walkie-talkie was dead, and Daryl was not buying it. He went all in kept hitting the kid before Carol showed up to tell him to quit the BS. 

Back at the Hilltop, Maggie and Michonne got into it over the recent decisions. 

“We can talk about common laws, but I’m not giving up the right to do what I think is s best for my people,” Maggie said to her friend. 

They continued to bicker, and Maggie relented that she did not regret wiping Gregory out because he was a danger to everyone. 

Meanwhile, Justin continued to prove he was a loser when he lashed out at Rick, trying to throw all the blame on him for what went down. 

“Stitches won’t fix what I do to you,” Rick yelled after telling him to get the eff out of the Sanctuary. 

As for Aaron? He did not blame Rick for losing an arm. Instead, he said that his friend was a beacon of hope. 

“You changed all that, Rick. It’s not the end of the world anymore; it’s the start a whole new one,” he said. 

Rick closed off the hour by visiting his nemesis, Negan. 

“It was a hard day,” Rick said. “People were at each other’s throats… [But] when the day was done, they came together. Not all of ’em. But enough.”

“That’s a real pretty picture you paint there,” Negan responded. “When do I get to see it?”

“You’re gonna die behind these bars,” Rick snapped. 

In all honesty, if the likes of Jesus is worried about Maggie, then there’s a good chance she’s going to be relieved of her duties before long. 

TWD art

That could lead to her running off with her child or worse; she could be killed off. This is The Walking Dead!

What are your thoughts on the episode?

Hit the comments below. 

The Walking Dead continues Sundays on AMC. 


Jersey Shore Recap: Vinny vs. Angelina vs. Common Sense

They… are… back!

Well, they were back.

But. technicality aside, the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returned to Seaside Heights on Thursday night’s new episode of this MTV revival, hunkering back down in their former quarters and, well…

… getting very drunk!

battling vnny

After the group took numerous shots to celebrate their reunion in the Garden State, Snooki spotted a note from Danny. It read:

“Got you some drinks and food. Have a good time. Please don’t trash the house.”

LOL, right? Did he forget to whom he was writing?!?

While getting a family dinner ready, a rather pregnant Deena asked Snooki to make her her “famous grilled cheese.”

No problem. Easy enough.

From there, The Situation insisted on making his favorite Funfetti cake and all seemed perfectly calm when the clique sound down to dine together.

But then Angelina asked if she could make a speech, Vinny jokingly turned her down, a bit of banter ensued — and then things got ugly.

Pivarnick seemingly referred either to her time as a high school classmate’s or Vinny, or to the time the two smushed, when she told the table that she had a “loaded gun” in her “chamber.”

What kind of dirt was she implying she had on her housemate?

“Well, I don’t have a chamber on you because I don’t think about you ever,” Vinny replied.

“Don’t lie! You think about me day, f-cking afternoon and night,” Angelina clapped back


“These two got beef right here,” said The Situation, while Snooki chimed in as follows:

“I am praying that Angelina and Vinny hook up. There is so much sexual tension.”

And this is when Angelina let her bomb drop, screaming at Vinny:

“You know you used to hit me up back in the day and f-cking try to f-ck me! And say you wanted to take me out on a date and f-cking get to know me!”

Oh. That was it?

Yes. But it was enough to cause everyone to lose it.

d pauly

“This is why I hate having this girl here,” Vinny said.

“If you don’t like me, my question to you is, why’d you bang me then? Even if it was a hate bang, you wouldn’t hate bang a girl you didn’t think was attractive,” she hilariously responded.

Is this how folks flirt in Staten Island, Paul D wondered?

Angelina eventually shot up from the table and started chasing Vinny around the house because he called her a “f-ck.”

The argument only escalated when Sitch handed her a ketchup bottle as ammunition and Jenni gave Vin bottles of salad dressing and mustard.

Oh, yes: FOOD FIGHT!

oh, woww

Both Angelina and Vinny ended up covered in condiments when the latter reached for the fire extinguisher. He positively blasted Angelina with it.

“Yo, Danny is not gonna be happy about this,” Mike said amid the obviously planned chaos.

“No!” Snooki yelled back. “We’re like older now! We’re like 30!”

After an awkward exchange with Danny the following day at the T-shirt store, the group got back to the Shore House and Sitch ate his beloved ake.

However, for some werd reason, Angelina dared herself to stick her bare butt in the delicacy. And then she did just that and then she chased the guys around the house.

And that was basically that.

The writers really need to work on some actual storylines, don’t they?


Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Meredith Has a Date!

Meredith Grey’s love life has been silent ever since her lover, Derek Shepherd lost his life in 2015. 

Despite hints of a relationship forming with a new man Nathan Riggs, the love of his life returned after being presumed dead for several years. 

On Thursday, Meredith returned to the world of dating with some dude named John (Josh Radnor), but did it all work out? 

The moment the Chief of Surgery showed up, there was an awkward moment. That’s to be expected when you’re on a blind date. 

Meredith got new make-up and some new, fashionable clothes for the occasion and she was positively glowing. 

John wasted no time in commenting on her appearance before they got talking about their professional lives. 

The charming man Radnor played was someone who took privacy very seriously. As such, he developed a software that allowed consumers to choose which of their data is shared. 

Meredith was adamant to her friends and family earlier in the installment that the date would last minutes, so she had to rearrange her afternoon appointments when they pair actually hit it off. 

Another awkward moment ensued when the pair realized they were with the wrong date, and the people they were supposed to be with had also hit it off. 

It was great to see Mer out and about and confident as ever, but the little feelings she had for John combusted when he said that single moms were needy and desperate to speed up relationships. 

That’s when Meredith politely ended the date, admitting she had kids and headed back to the hospital. Could John return again to prove he made a mistake? 

In all honesty, he was an ass, and our favorite TV surgeon can do so much better than him. 

Elsewhere, Maggie continued to feel the weight of the secret Teddy asked her to keep, and it spilled over into her case of the week. 

A young mother was rushed into the emergency room, and after some investigating, she learned the woman had taken a heart attack possibly a week before. 

As such, she stood a slim chance of pulling through. Maggie informed the woman’s husband, who was against telling the son about his mother’s grim prognosis. 

It got worse when it was actually time to switch off the machine and say goodbye. The man refused to allow his son into the room. 

DeLuca took the kid to the helipad while the father said goodbye, but the kid bolted out of the hospital. 

All of this proved too much for Maggie, and she blurted out the truth to Meredith about Teddy having a bun in the oven, and how it could ruin Owen and Amelia’s relationship. 

In doing so, she broke Doctor-Patient confidentiality. Will Meredith keep quiet? 

As for Owen and Amelia, they had their work cut out for them with Betty. She returned home under the influence of drugs and called Amelia a “hag” for like two minutes. 

The teenager denied taking any drugs, or even alcohol, prompting Amelia to drag her to the hospital for a drugs test. 

Betty flipped out when she heard about it, but Owen managed to get her to own up to smoking marijuana. 

After some assistance from Owen’s mother, Amelia doled out a month-long punishment for Betty. 

Then there was Alex. He was still struggling to find his bearings as the Interim Chief. He and Dahlia treated a college kid who had a pulmonary bleb that could burst after his breathing was getting worse. 

The kid didn’t have the insurance to cover the operation and was willing to live with it. His mother was already working three jobs, and he didn’t want to worry her. 

Karev didn’t take no for an answer, so he slashed the kid’s leg, so he had to go into emergency surgery. The kid’s insurance covered emergency medical care. 

Dahlia ratted Karev out to Webber, and Alex was put on blast for his actions. But Alex told Webber about a time his sister was sick, and he hot-wired a car to take her to the hospital. 

The reason?

The cost to call an ambulance would have destroyed their family. 

What did you think of the episode?

Hit the comments below. 

Grey’s Anatomy continues Thursdays on ABC.


Riverdale Recap: Was Archie Found Guilty?!

The CW’s wildly popular Riverdale returned for Season 3 Wednesday night, and it was filled with more twists than ever. 

Archie was well and truly in the deep end thanks to being arrested for the murder of Cassidy. As you know if you watch Riverdale online, Archie was framed for the murder for cutting off Hiram Lodge. 

Poor Archie spent the whole summer in the courthouse as the murder trial got underway. He had Sierra McCoy on one side and his mother, Mary, on the other. 

The prosecutor, Ms. Wright held no prisoners with her harsh words as she tried to paint the red-headed teen as a villain, but Mary was adamant there was no evidence to suggest Archie was the killer. 

While that would make one think he would be set free, Sierra put his chances of walking free at 50-50. Yes, the justice system is screwed up. 

Archie used Labor Day weekend, which could be his final time being free, to de-stress and spend time with those who mattered to him the most. 

As such Varchie and Bughead made their way to a part of the Sweetwater River that actually allowed them to swim. Jughead made it clear that Archie could just skip town because, well, he would be free. 

But Archie recognized that he needed to switch things up because he could have gone as far as killing someone. 

Just when it appeared that Archie could be set free, he was offered a plea deal that would find him spending two years in juvie for manslaughter. 

Before anyone could process the offer, Archie grabbed it as though it was a free milkshake from Pop’s. As Archie was led away, everyone was blindsided, but Hiram was smiling from ear-to-ear because he always gets what he wants. 

Elsewhere, Betty was still trying to make sense of what was going on at the stupid farm her mother and sister found to be oh so brilliant. 

Betty wondered what the eff was going on when her family would not shut up about it. But things got downright creepy when she woke up in the dead of night to find Polly’s babies being held over a fire in a cult-like ceremony. 

What followed was the babies being let go and flying above the fire. Betty went out cold before she or the viewers could think about it. 

Betty was mad earlier in the hour about her drug supply being cut off. Could this be a hallucination, or something more sinister?

Meanwhile, Jughead was still finding himself in a lot of trouble while fighting the Ghoulies. The villains took his dog captive, and the Serpents made their way to Sunnyside to get it back. 

Thanks to some flawless archery skills from Cheryl, the dog was saved, but Penny went one step further and said she would wipe out the North Side. 

It’s game time!

Jughead’s worries were far from over, however. Dilton Doyle was going on about the mysterious Gargoyle King. He later went missing, and Jughead went on a mission (alone!) to save him. 

What he found was two teenagers stipped down and unconscious next to the shrine. It was creepy as hell. 

What the eff is going on in Riverdale?!

Riverdale continues Wednesdays on The CW!


American Horror Story Recap: Who Returned from the Dead?

The battle to become the new Supreme continued on Wednesdays American Horror Story, and it resulted in a fan-favorite character returning from the dead, a big death, and the return to the Murder House we’ve been waiting for. 

Picking up right where last week’s installment closed off, Cordelia was unconscious following Queenie and Madison returning from the dead. 

Hey, it’s not every day someone can do the thing the Supreme could not, but before Cordelia returned to the land of the living, she had a vivid dream of the apocalypse. 

Miss Robichaux’s Academy was a pile of rubble, the winter fog was everywhere, and there were people feasting on Cordelia’s intestines. 

It turns out; there’s not a lot of protein going around during the end of the world. The biggest shocker was a white-faced man laughing about the destruction he caused. 

When Cordelia woke up, she agreed to administer the Seven Wonders for Michael, much to the chagrin of Myrtle. The women have had the power for so long that Myrtle felt like it would be a travesty to give it up. 

Once back home, Cordelia admitted that her power was fading, and by being dismissive of Michael, she was going to make the dark future become a reality. 

John Henry, who has been jealous of Michael since he learned of his power, worried that there was something more going on here. 

That’s why he decided to make his way to New Orleans to hash out his concerns with the witches, but Miriam was hot on his tail, and sliced him up, before setting him on fire. 

As expected, Michael passed the Seven Wonders without so much as breaking a sweat. But Cordelia decided to switch things up by asking Michael to do something she could not do:

Bring Misty back from the dead. Michael brought her back, and the Stevie Nicks fanatic wasted no time in telling Cordelia the villain was talking to evil in hell, and that there’s something dark about him. 

Cordelia wanted Misty to work with the coven to help save the world, but Misty had been gone too long and didn’t know how to use her magic. 

That’s when the White Witch (Nicks) appeared and started singing at Misty about rising up to be the person everyone already knows she is. 

With Cordelia’s coven now intact, she should be able to fight Michael. As you may recall, if you watch American Horror Story online, Cordelia was adamant about winning the war in the present. 

Misty failed at bringing herself back from the dead during her test of the Seven Wonders, but technically she’s returned from the dead. 

That, in theory, could mean that she’s passed the test after all. There was no confirmation of it, but there’s no getting away from it. 

As for Madison, she was sent on a mission to the Murder House to round up all the information she could about the spawn of Satan that was going by the name Michael Langdon. 

Behold went along for the ride. Yes, that’s his name. Despite advocating for Michael to complete the Seven Wonders, he was concerned about his abilities. 

We got a blink, and you’ll miss it glimpse of the Murder House. 

This is going to be fun!

What did you think of the latest installment?

Hit the comments. 

American Horror Story continues Wednesdays on FX. 


The Voice Recap: Who Made It to the Battle Rounds?

The Blind Auditions reached their sixth night on Tuesday. 

Yes, it felt like groundhog day, but at least there were some decent acts, we guess. 

With the Battles creeping up, most of the below competitors will probably not survive them. 

Caeland Garner (Team Blake) – “Dancing in the Moonlight”

Remember Red Marlow? Well, his friend, Caeland appeared at the Blind Auditions, and immediately struck a chord with the coaches. 

The 31-year-old went with a Toploader cover, and it got Blake happy enough to take him as one his own competitors. 

“Your voice is so unique,” the coach said. “I’m mesmerized by your sound.”

Lela (Team Jennifer) – “Havana”

This 15-year-old Miami native was open about wanting to harness the sounds of both Shakira and Beyonce. While we’re not sure she sounded anything like either of those famous artists, there was something there to like. 

However, there’s no telling whether she will survive the Battle Rounds, or if she will be able to adapt quickly.

Cody Ray Raymond (Team Kelly) – “Born Under a Bad Sign”

Cody turned in a surprising audition. He seemed like he had a distinct sound before he even started singing, but he switched it up with an extraordinary rendition of this hit song. 

Kelly heard the voice and immediately turned her chair because there was something to work with here. He had charisma, the vocals, and a great stage presence.  

Abby Cates (Team Kelly) – “Scars to Your Beautiful”

On paper, Abby seemed like she would be a great performer, but her voice burned out by the second verse of her number, and that’s a bad sign. 

If that’s the shape of things to come for this youngster, then there’s little chance she will make it very far.

Funsho (Team Adam) – “Finesse”

It’s always difficult to chase the dream, but Funsho quit his job to carve out a career in music in L.A., and he’s been struggling ever since. 

The good thing was that his voice was robust, and could probably move some mountains. The song choice will be critical from here on out for this one. 

What are your thoughts on the latest acts?

Hit the comments below. 

The Voice continues Monday on NBC.


The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: The Shade Queen

Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County was light on the nice, and heavy on the mean. 

It picked up in the immediate aftermath of Shannon Beador’s QVC debut, and she was on a high. 

She invited all of the ladies over to her house for a celebratory dinner. 

Gina Kirschenheiter was in attendance, and as you know if you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, she has butted heads with some of the ladies over her looming divorce. 

The 34-year-old admitted that she was scared at the thought of “being a grown-up” when the divorce gets finalized. 

“I’ve never been alone…I’m scared,” cried Gina as she continued to speak to the ladies about it. 

Gina immediately took issue with the fact that Shannon did not ask her how things were. 

“Just ask me how my f***ing day was,” Gina yelled as she cried.

“‘I’m glad I’m out of this one,” complained Shannon as Gina continued to sob.

“I am noticing a pattern in Shannon’s behavior, of her really not caring about me at all…Shannon does have this way of just looking through you,” said Gina.

“It shouldn’t take this much time for her to acknowledge my existence, it shouldn’t take this much time for her to not be an a**hole,” she continued.

But Shannon was quick to tell Kelly Dodd the real reason why she did not care for Gina. 

“She’s 20 years younger than me… and she stirred the pot a few times with me,” Shannon said to her friend. 

It makes sense that Shannon would want to keep the new additions away from her because she wants to maintain some sort of storyline to have her contract picked up for another year. 

If these new women have a more significant presence, she runs the risk of being demoted to the dreaded “friend” status. 

What’s more, the new housewives come at a lower price tag because they haven’t been part of the show for as long. 

Elsewhere, Emily questioned whether it would be a wise decision to attempt to have another baby with one of the embryos she had left from her fertility treatments. 

Emily was open about her almost dying after suffering six miscarriages on a recent episode of the Bravo hit, so it’s fully understandable that her husband would be apprehensive about trying to conceive again. 

“I don’t think it’s right that you keep pushing me in that direction,” Shane said, but Emily wasn’t ready to back down.

“But I’ve always wanted more than one girl,” she said.

Emily was told that carrying another child could kill her following what happened the last time, so it’s a difficult situation for anyone to be in. 

It remains to be seen whether Shane will change his stance on the matter, but we’re inclined to believe he won’t. 

What are your thoughts on all the latest action?

Hit the comments below. 

RHOC continues Mondays on Bravo. 


The Voice Recap: Who Landed a Four-Chair Turn?

The Blind Auditions were dragged out even further on Monday’s episode of The Voice. 

But there was one silver lining:

The first duo in years made it to the Blind Auditions, but how did the couple fare?

OneUp (Team Kelly) – “Could It Be I’m Falling in Love”

Adam and Jerome got close to each other while shooting a music video, and decided it was time to form a duo. 

The issue, however, is that their vocals did not mesh well together. They would have been wiser to audition as solo acts. 

Kelly probably only took them on because it was so different to have a duo in the game. If they can dial back the confidence, they might be able to adapt. 

Natalie Brady (Team Adam) – “Barracuda”  

This 33-year-old Nashville singer showed up on the stage and immediately made it her own. With solid vocals and a great stage presence, she could be one to watch. 

The surprising thing was that she only got two chair turns, but she could be a success story with Adam’s help. 

Mike Parker (Team Jennifer) – “So Sick”

Mike was quick to point out that he lost all of his scholarships because his grades were not up to scratch. 

He turned to a career in construction, but he could probably carve out a career in music. His audition was solid, and we’re sure he will be a great addition to Team Jennifer. 

Erika Zade (Team Kelly) –  “New Rules”

Erika is the 20-year-old daughter of a rocker from Miami. She with Dua Lipa’s hit single for her audition, and let’s just say it was not what we expected. 

She put her own unique spin on it, but was there anything beyond that audition that she could accomplish? We have no idea.

Jarred Matthew (Team Adam) –  “Tired of Being Alone”

Jarred went with an Al Green classic, and his vocals hit astronomical heights. He had a lot of confidence, not as much as OneUp, and that’s a good thing. 

Out of all the performers Monday night, he is the most likely to make it further into the competition. He has the look of a superstar, so that’s a positive.

It will all come down to whether his chances are ruined by horrid song choices. 

Kayley Hill (Team Blake) – “Gold Dust Woman”

Anybody who can tackle a Fleetwood Mac number should automatically get a four-chair turn. There, we said it. 

Kayley was another solid performance, but she was a casualty of the short auditions. Maybe the producers wanted to save her best for the Batlle Rounds. 

Kirk Jay (Team Blake) – “God Bless the Broken Road”

This 22-year-old country singer turned in a striking performance that got the coveted four-chair turn. 

He was confident and knew what was expected of him, and he set out to prove to everyone that he should be kept in the game. 

In the end, he went to Team Blake, and that’s a good thing. 

What are your thoughts on the latest performances? 

The Voice continues Tuesday on NBC.


The Walking Dead Recap: Who Died?

The Walking Dead returned to AMC with a lot of surprises for longtime fans of the series. 

There was a time jump, two deaths, a proposal, blindsides and a whole lot of zombie action. 

The episode kicked off with a cute scene between Judith, Rick, and Michonne, showing that Alexandria really did manage to weather the storm. 

It was rising up thanks to the leadership in Rick, but there was a new mission for him and his allies to work on:

They embarked on a trip to Washington D.C. to garner supplies, but these weren’t the usual supplies these zombie slayers usually pick up. 

These ones would allow them to create transport that would not really on gas. Instead, they would rely on horses and a whole lot of manpower. 

That’s why the gang made their way to the Museum of Natural History because that was the best place to get some equipment to make carriages for the horses. 

TWD art

What followed was a tense scene as the group worked in tandem to get a carriage down a set of stairs and across a large room without making a noise. 

There were walkers right below them, and what made it even scarier was that it was a glass floor separating them. 

In a somewhat predictable chain of events, the ceiling gave way, and Ezekiel fell down. Thankfully there was a bit of rope that kept him dangling just long enough for his pals to save him. 

The first death of the hour came when the group was on the way back with the supplies. Walkers appeared from every direction. 

Ken did not want to see the horse die, so he quickly tried to slice the shackles to save it, but he gave up his own life in the process. 

One of the walkers feasted on his arm, and that was the end of him. His mother and father blamed Maggie for taking their son out to find supplies. 

Gregory was on hand to turn them against Maggie because that’s what the loser does. He always pops up to cause some drama. 

He successfully managed to get the boy’s father to try and murder Maggie as she was doing a midnight patrol around the Hilltop. 

Maggie was saved in the nick of time and went straight for Gregory’s place. The villain laughed at the very notion of trying to kill here before attempting to stab her on the spot. 

Maggie overpowered him and decided to call a town meeting. That involved bringing Rick over from Alexandria. 

Rick pleaded with Maggie to offer some assistance to the Saviors, but she was against it. If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will recall that she wanted Negan dead, but Rick saved him. 

Maggie offered a deal to Rick:

She will offer food and resources to the Saviors, but they will be the ones to build the bridge and provide most of the labor. 

Maggie then said that she was supposed to be in control of everything and that Rick was still grating on her nerves. 

She had a point, and Rick was genuinely blindsided by it. 

Maggie then executed Gregory, saying that everyone knows there are rules and she will inflict them on people if she so desires. 

Elsewhere, Daryl was freaking out when someone started writing “We are still Negan” on the walls of the Sanctuary. 

He confronted Rick about not wanting to work there anymore, but Rick said that someone else would have to take his place. 

Carol overheard the conversation and agreed to take over from her friend, so he had a break to get it together. 

We also learned that Carol and Ezekiel’s relationship was going from strength to strength. Ezekial even tried to propose marriage to Carol. 

She declined, and we’re left to wonder why. 

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