Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 16 Recap: Who Will Save April?

Jackson and Maggie should have probably opened up about their relationship sooner. 

Catherine and Richard learned the shocking truth on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 16, and it resulted in a string of awkward scenes. 

Upon being caught making out in a room, Maggie wanted to run and throw herself down the stairs. She had no idea how to process her feelings, but she did so in hilarious fashion. 

“Good with your vagina,” she said to Catherine as she raced off to find something else to do. The comment was about the surgery Catherine, Richard and Jackson were working on. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will know they were gearing up to work on rebuilding a vagina for an old family friend named Michelle. 

Catherine seemed to want to put all of the drama to the side, but then she started talking about how “family is family,” and it was apparently a dig at Jackson and Maggie potentially being step-siblings. 

Jackson wanted his mother to recognize that they were not siblings and give her blessing, but that was difficult to get through for her. 

Richard, on the other hand, did not want to be involved in the drama and kept it all rather low-key. 

“You have my blessing,” he told Jackson, “but if I hear you hurt Maggie, I’m coming after you.”

Okay then. 

But all of the family drama made its way inside the OR, and Michelle picked up on it in an instant. Would you let a feuding family operate on you?

In the end, they all sorted it out, and Jackson admitted that his mother could take Maggie’s side if the relationship were a big flop. 

Elsewhere, Owen, April, and DeLuca wanted to train the interns about trauma and how they could help deal with it. 

But April was still going off the deep end and lashed out at Levi when he asked the hard and fast rules for saving people. 

“This is real life, Blood Bank! In a harsh and uncaring world, the only rule is, there are no rules,” she replied in the most condescending tone ever.

Later, April had a meltdown over the traumas that had rocked the hospital over the years. Her battle with her faith continues to rage on, and it was heartbreaking to watch. 

Jackson knew there was something off about his baby mama, so he asked for some information about her feelings. 

“When did you decide that I’m not here for you?” he said, but April took that as a romantic moment and tried to kiss with her ex. 

“You can’t fix what you can’t face,” he responded, but this only annoyed April, who told him he was looking after their daughter that night. 

Meanwhile, Arizona took Sofia to work with her because the kid was hurting over having missing Callie. 

Arizona helped a young, pregnant woman, but everyone worried about her son, Noah’s random laughing. Amelia and Alex were shocked to learn that he had an inoperable tumor. 

The solution?

Using lasers to blast the tumor away … much like the situation Kimmie is in. 

What do you think will happen?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16 Recap: Primary Colors

It was everyone for themselves on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16, and it made for one of the show’s most convoluted hours yet. 

When the episode got underway, Andy Cohen appeared as himself to endorse none other than Hermione Lodge as she geared up to run for town mayor. 

It was an odd way to do things for sure, but it was a blatant way to get some other demographics watching the show because, well, ratings still mean a thing for The CW. 

Fred was not ready to let the Lodges win, so he continued his tirade of terror against them. We say that very lightly because it’s Fred. His character is like an older and wiser version of Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210. 

And, no, we’re not talking about The CW’s mediocre reboot here. We’re talking about the 1990s classic that aired on the Fox network. 

But Fred was not the only one who wanted to get one up on the Lodges. Jughead was still not ready to roll over for them because they were planning to demolish Southside High. 

The Serpents chained themselves to the front of the building because they thought that was going to earn them some time to take down the Lodges. 

Archie worried because Jughead was putting himself right in the crosshairs of the villains, but the two former BFFs became sworn enemies because they were on opposing sides. 

Archie’s mother returned to Riverdale and gave Archie a stern talking to because of his pro-Lodge ways. In Mary’s defense, Archie was being rude to his father at every turn because he wanted them to be friends with the Lodges. 

Also, the Lodges were the ones who paid the medical bills, so it seemed out there to cut all ties with them. 

Archie was forced (by Hiram no less!) to take down the students who were chained outside the high school by force. F.P. was on hand to defend his son, but Archie cut the chains with bolt cutters. 

Jughead admitted that he felt like people would be watching the video and recognizing who the real villains are in the town. 

Fred dropped the revelation that he was running for Mayor, but the political agenda did not stop there. 

At the school, Jughead was running for student body president, and that put him at odds with Veronica who was doing the same as means to preach that the Lodges are good people. 

But Ethel Muggs was determined to take Veronica down. Even Josie wanted to give Veronica’s family a nice does of reality in revenge for what they did to her mother. 

So, they created a poster with all the lies Veronica, and the Lodges had told to everyone, and it was circulated in a big way. 

Aside from all of the political developments, Cheryl realized her mother and uncle were out to kill her when they poisoned her grandmother and let her fall down the stairs. 

As Cheryl tried to figure it all out, she found herself being hauled off to an asylum. But this was not just any asylum, it was one that doled out some conversion therapy. 

Okay, what did you think of the latest round of twists?

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The Voice Recap: Adam Levine Steals Another Singer

Is it just us or has the addition of Kelly Clarkson given The Voice a new lease on life? All shows go through testing times at one point or another. 

The last few seasons of The Voice have just been there, with little in the way of exciting performers that make lasting impressions. 

But there’s something about the addition of Kelly that’s making the feedback considerably more constructive and beneficial to the performers. 

Could it be down to the fact that she came from American Idol and knew what it was like to be on the other side of the stage?


It is hilarious that ABC tried to poach her for American Idol, which, by the way, has actually been a fun revival. 

Let’s break down the next three battles that took place on Tuesday night’s episode of this NBC juggernaut. 

Team Kelly: Jorge Eduardo vs. Amber Sauer –  “Starving”

Kelly paired these two because she felt like they showed the most passion for their singing, and that would make for the fairest battle of the entire series. 

Some coaches pair two polar opposites together, and it comes across as unfair. Maybe that’s why the process is still very flawed after all these years. 

Jorge decided to surprise Kelly by adding a new section into the hit song, and it was needed. It set him above Amber, but if he hadn’t added that part, it would have been too difficult to call who was going to win. 

Amber still sang like a pro, but she never managed to upstage Jorge, and that’s why she never got to stay on the team. The biggest shocker was that there was no steal. 

Winner: Jorge

Team Adam: Reid Umstattd vs. Davison – “Love On the Brain”

This pair went with the Rihanna hit, and it was a solid, but unspectacular performance. The good thing was that it was fair to put them together. 

Because neither of them was better than the other, it made it difficult for Adam to pick which of them to advance to the next stage of the competition. 


Team Alicia: Kelsea Johnson vs. Jordyn Simone –  “Don’t Let Go”

This one was a real head-scratcher. Both performances were poised to be the best of the night, but they both had their fair share of flaws. 

They both shouted their way through the performance, and it made it difficult to tell who was singing. It was a disappointing performance. 

Winner: Kelsea Johnson

Steal: Jordyn Simone to Team Adam

Despite Adam struggling to find some decent performers at the auditions, he has been building up a solid team through the steals.

What did you think of the episode?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 14 Recap: Heaven Knows

Well, that was disappointing. 

If you thought The Real Housewives Season 8 Episode 14 was going to pick up with the aftermath of the big feud that found Erika lashing out at Teddi, you were sadly mistaken. 

The action picked up one week later, and well, the show is back to battling a severe lack of storylines, and that’s becoming problematic. 

Teddi is still proving that she can take accountability for her actions. That’s what you would accept of an accountability coach, right?

Well, maybe she’s putting on a show for the cameras. We can’t be sure, but she called her arch nemesis, Dorit Kemsley to apologize for opening her mouth about all the comments Dorit and PK uttered about Lisa Rinna. 

Despite what some may think, why is Teddi really apologizing? It may seem a little silly to do it months later, but Dorit and PK still made those comments. 

Rinna may be on better footing with them now, but they still said those things and Teddi wanted to let her friend know about them. 

“In the moment, I thought about myself, and I didn’t think about the repercussions,” Teddi said as though she was expecting a torrent of abuse in response. 

With this show, anything is possible. Dorit tried to crack a smile, but you could tell that chip on her shoulder was weighing her down. 

Dorit loves to keep a feud going, and that’s why we know this one is still at the beginning of its run. Teddi quickly admitted to the audience that she was not expecting an apology from Erika. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online, you will already know that Erika has built up a reputation as the resident Ice Queen of Beverly Hills. 

It’s hard to imagine Erika putting the past behind her because, well, she’s Erika Girardi. 

In any case, Erika was too busy trying to break the mold and prove that she’s a force to be reckoned with. This was all thanks to the Girl Cult festival. 

And, no, it’s not a group of women running around Beverly Hills dressed up and killing everyone in sight. It’s a more motivational affair about female empowerment. 

Erika was gearing up to make a speech at the event, and it seemed a little bizarre when you consider what really happened between her and Teddi. 

Teddi could breathe a huge sigh of relief because Erika did not attend the lunch date Lisa Rinna set up to introduce everyone to her mother. 

But Teddi’s ally, Lisa Vanderpump had some issues of her own. Her dear dog, Pink Dog, passed away and she could not console herself. 

Rinna’s mother, Lois was a real hoot. She had a no-nonsense attitude and made it clear that she was just like her daughter. 

At 89-years-old, Lois was ready to chat about everything anything with the housewives, and she was definitely more interesting than her daughter. 

The big closing event found the group attending a séance at Kyle’s house, and well, things went awry pretty quickly. 

Rebecca, the medium, was not as sensational as some of the other mediums we’ve witnessed in the franchise, and that was rather refreshing. 

The ladies went outside, and Erika invited them all to Berlin, and it looked like things between her and Teddi were on the up. 

“I think Erika and I are moving forward in an effort of convenience to our other friends,” says Teddi of the whole situation. 

But what if the husbands said no to their wives leaving town again?

“I will call your husbands, and possibly give them all bl– jobs,” Erika said with a grin. 

Okay then. 

What did you think of all the latest drama?

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The Voice Recap: The Battle Rounds Kick Off!

The Battle Rounds are a go!

On Monday’s episode of The Voice, it was time for the lucky people who made it through the blind auditions to be benchmarked against each other. 

In true The Voice fashion, some of the pairings were random and felt very one-sided. 

But let’s break down the six battles of the night. 

Team Alicia: Sharane Calister vs. Jamai – “Mercy”

Sharan proved in her audition that she was a force to be reckoned with, and she did not disappoint during her battle with Jamal. 

Her vocals were solid, and she definitely had the upper hand on Jamal throughout. For Jamal, it became clear that charm can only help you skate by for so long. 

Winner: Sharane

Team Kelly: Brynn Cartelli vs. Dylan Hartigan –  “…Ready for It?”

This battle was close as hell. Brynn and Dylan had very different auditions, so there was no way to tell pre-performance which one of them would win. 

The battle was high-octane and filled with moments that were memorable. That’s why it was good one was saved, while another got a reprieve. 

Winner: Brynn

Steal: Dylan to Team Blake 

Team Blake: Kyla Jade  vs. JessLee – “One Last Time”

Giving both of these women an Ariana Grande song to tackle was a downright bizarre move that made us wonder whether Blake even cared about their progression.

Kyla struggled to make it her own, and she was clearly still acting like a backup dancer. JessLee sounded much better, so it was mind-boggling that Kyla advanced. 

Winner: Kyla Jade

Team Adam: Rayshun LaMarr vs. Tish Haynes Keys – “Sweet Thing”

If you asked us before the performance, we would have said that Tish would have emerged from the battle as a winner. 

But Rayshun appeared on the stage, and his voice had definitely improved somewhat from his previous performance. 

It was a tight race to the finish line, and we had no idea who was going to emerge as the winner. 

Winner: Rayshun

Steal: Tish to Team Kelly

Team Alicia: Christiana Danielle vs. Shana Halligan –  “Use Somebody”

There was really no competition here. Christiana’s vocal range was something Shana could only dream of hitting. 

There would have been outrage if Shana secured the win. 


Team Kelly: D.R. King vs. Jackie Foster –  “Sign of the Times”

Things took a wild turn when D.R. King went to battle with Jackie Foster. This was the best battle in quite some time. 

D.R. came out smelling of roses while Jackie was solid, but not strong enough to win this round. 

Winner: D.R. King

Steal: Jackie to Team Adam

Okay, what did you think of the latest round of battles?

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Counting On Recap: A Bundle of Joy (Get It?!)

Monday night on an emotional Counting On Season 6 Episode 4, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth brought new life into the world.

You could say it was a bundle of … Joy.

Like her sisters, Joy originally planned a home birth, but labored for 20 hours (!) before her midwife recommended she go to the hospital.

On February 23, Joy underwent an emergency C-section and gave birth to baby Gideon Martyn Forsyth. She and the baby are healthy!

There were moments in which family members were concerned and anxious, however, as the delivery did not go as smoothly as hoped.

At one point, a worn-out Joy was seen being wheeled into surgery, telling the cameras, “Love you guys. Thank you for your prayers.”

We’re just glad she’s alright.

Joy explained earlier in the episode that she wanted to try to give birth at home, because it’s where she feels most … well, at home.

“I decided to have a home birth just ’cause I’d know that it’s more comfortable being at home,” she said. “I really wanted to just try it.”

Before that, we saw Austin and Joy reveal their pregnancy to their family, along with their decision not to learn the sex of their baby.

Austin did want to know, but Joy did not.

Ultimately, she won out. In any event, “today we have some big news to share with both of our families,” Austin told producers.

“We’ve gotta hit hard and fast so that way word doesn’t spread,” Austin said, and it’s true, the celebrity gossip media can be relentless.

They decided to tell their loved ones in small groups.

“Normally family members call a family meeting and tell everyone all at once, but I wanted to make it more special,” Joy said.

The expectant parents first told Austin’s mother and father, then hers; Michelle Duggar was understandably over the moon.

“Very exciting news,” she said. “Joy and Austin are expecting our 10th grandbaby! You brought us to double digits, guys!”

Quite the feat by any measure.

While Joy labored, literally, to get the job done, she eventually welcomed a HUGE baby boy and announced his arrival on Instagram:

“We are so blessed by the arrival of our son, Gideon Martyn Forsyth! He was born on 02/23/18 @ 3:39pm, weighing 10lbs. 3oz.” 

Yes … 10 pounds. Goodness.

Joy and Austin Forsyth, as fans likely know by now, tied the knot last May, almost exactly nine months before Gideon’s birth.

They don’t waste any time, do they?


Teen Mom OG Recap: Keep on Chugging

Last night on Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 15, Catelynn Lowell looked refreshed in rehab when Tyler and Nova paid her a visit.

That was welcome news, but would it last?

This installment of the MTV reality hit marked the troubled star’s first “family week” visit while in treatment for mental health issues.

Tyler Baltierra was was feeling overwhelmed, not just by Cate’s struggles but with his business and his father’s own rehab admittance.

This was about Catelyn, though, and Tyler joined her in treatment to focus on her therapy and recovery, along with Lowell’s parents.

Cate’s mom and dad felt like her miscarriage was a “trigger” for her breakdown, and they certainly weren’t alone in that assessment.

According to her husband, it was worse than they know.

“All I know is that I think the miscarriage was probably one of the most traumatic things she’s ever dealt with,” Tyler said.

Our continued thoughts and prayers are with Catelynn.

Meanwhile, Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon brought her daughter Leah to Florida during her school vacation.

There, Amber’s brother Shawn met Andrew for the first time, putting him through the wringer about his motivations.

These days, you do have to wonder what anyone who gets with a Teen Mom star that quickly has up his sleeve …

They talked about the fact that no, Glennon’s not just in this for money and fame, and they also discussed a future wedding.

Portwood noted that she’s been engaged four times before (!) and that they hadn’t really discussed a timeline yet this time.

Amber said no when asked if she’d get a prenup. Interesting. 

In Tennessee, Maci Bookout came home from her trip to Nicaragua, where she was filming Discovery’s Naked and Afraid.

According to Farrah Abraham, this isn’t much different than the outside pursuits that got her fired. Keep telling yourself that.

Finally, Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie Standifer decided she was going back to school … and that she wanted another kid.

Yikes. Are you sure you’re ready for that? Is he?

Mackenzie told a friend that Ryan Edwards’ relationship with his son, Bentley, is not as bad as it’s portrayed in the media.

Standifer says he’s never been an absent father, though if you watch Teen Mom OG online, he sure looks the part at times.

Here’s hoping that if and when these two do decide to become parents, that they’re 100 percent invested. Maybe even 110.


The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 Recap: The Key

Negan is not ready to give up without getting some more blood on his hands. 

That much became clearer than ever on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 when the villain decided it was time to frighten everyone at the Hilltop. 

Negan and Simon plotted to cause some tension amongst the team, but Dwight was eager to travel on his own. 

The reason?

Because he was a full-blown Hilltopper at this stage. It was only a matter of time before everyone found out, but he wanted to be with the others when it all came out. 

At the Hilltop, Rick met up with Daryl in the aftermath of recent events. Daryl was apologetic because he felt that he was partly to blame for driving the truck to the Sanctuary. 

Maggie watched the meeting from afar and wondered whether Rick was too far gone now that Carl has been taken from him. 

Things took a strange turn when crates showed up in the distance, and a mysterious note asked for them to be filled with food. 

Maggie, Rosita, Michonne, and Enid shockingly decided to help the unnamed person out. 

Meanwhile, Rick noticed Negan making his way towards the Hilltop, so he rammed his car into Negan’s one. 

Rick chased the villain, and they engaged in a fight to the death, but Negan fell over a ledge and Rick threatened that it was time for him to die. 

Negan then offered Rick a deal: Join an alliance, and Negan would only take 25 percent of their belongings, and they could all live in unity. 

That’s when Rick admitted that it would never happen … not after what Simon did to the Scavengers. 

As always, Negan escaped, and Rick was left to fend off a group of walkers. 

At the rendezvous point, Maggie, Enid, and Michonne met up with a woman named Georgie. When guns were drawn, Georgie essentially admired the Hilltop community. 

Maggie realized something was amiss and ordered the women to be taken to the Hilltop. A war of words ensued, but ultimately, the women were set free. 

Simon and Dwight returned to the Saviors and admitted that they only found blood and they do not know if Negan is dead or alive. 

This created a whole lot of unrest amongst the team, but Simon reiterated that they were all Negan and that was not going to be changing. 

In another part of town, Negan woke up to find Jadis waving a gun at him, and she’s ready to get revenge on the villains. 

What did you think of this wild installment?

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 16 Recap: Driving Miss Kim

Remember that time NeNe Leakes wished that a heckler at her comedy show would get raped by her Uber driver?

Well, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 16 was all about that ill-fated comedy show from NeNe, and boy, it was crazy. 

The good thing about getting to see the aftermath play out on screen is that Nene could not have been any more apologetic. 

She knew what she did was wrong, and you could tell she felt horrible for the comments. As you may recall, she released a tearful social media video after the comments. 

Still, many questioned whether her tenure as a housewive would be coming to an end as a result of her big mouth. 

“I’m so quick to fight back. I have to learn to not fight back,” she said to Marlo Hampton and Cynthia Bailey.,

“I feel so bad,” she said as she burst into tears. 

“I would never wish harm or abuse upon another woman,” NeNe added. “I wish I could have said something different in that moment.”

We’re sure you do, NeNe, but it does not get away from the fact that your comments were downright disgusting. 

While NeNe was ready to move on with her life, she was not ready to put her feud with Kim Zolciak to bed. 

NeNe felt like Kim and Brielle were “racist trash.” 

Kim was not about to let NeNe play the race card, so she turned to Sheree Whitfield about all of it, and Sheree was Team Kim. 

“NeNe has gone way below the belt,” Sheree said.

“I’m so mad. She has spent so many years trying to sabotage my name,” Kim said of her one-time best friend. 

The true extent of the fight hit home with NeNe, and she defended calling Brielle racist by telling Gregg and Brentt that it had racial undertones. 

Now, Brielle never flat-out said anything (that we know about!) to NeNe, so it seems like NeNe is trying to change the narrative to take the heat off herself for the things she said. 

“It was mean. it was disgusting. Do I believe Kim is racist? Some things she has said makes me say ‘hmmm…’ ” NeNe said.

The Bravo editing team was on point with the scenes that came after. They were all scenes from the past that found Nene questioning whether Kim is racist. 

All told, this feud is far from over, and we still have a lot of big moments to watch playing out on-screen. 

Will the pair ever be able to patch things up?

We have no idea, but this is all getting a little bit ridiculous. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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Sister Wives Season 9 Episode 10 Recap: Did Meri Go Too Far?

If you watch Sister Wives online, you will already know that Meri Brown has been somewhat isolated from the rest of her family.

On Sister Wives 9 Episode 10, Meri learned that she was left out of the birth of Maddie’s child and that all of the other sister wives were present. 

The child was born at home, and Meri felt like she was purposefully left out because of everything that happened in the past. 

Was it a miscommunication? Was it intentional? Meri was determined to find out … even if that meant putting herself further at odds with the rest of her family. 

For Janelle, it seemed like a slight issue, and one she did not want to have hanging over the family like everything else. 

The family went to their usual group therapy session, and, well, it was clear there was some animosity with everyone because of what happened. 

“I’m trying to be rational, I’m really trying to let logic and calm thinking reign right now,” Janelle told the cameras.”But maybe because it’s involving Madison, but my mama bear…is uncaged.”

“This is my daughter, she’s giving birth,” she continued. “This is not about us, this is about her and the birth and protecting that experience for her. I’m kind of like, this is so idiotic that we’re dealing with this over a birth.”

Things went from bad to worse when the two women had a war of words about the situation at hand. The other wives reiterated that they had moved on from the past, while Meri seemed intent on dragging things out for dear life. 

“I just feel like I’m kind of over this,” Meri said before saying that Janelle is never there for her anymore.

“It was a miscommunication at the beginning, but now I feel like…you’re not there.” 

“The bottom line is we did not purposely keep Meri away from the birth,” Janelle added as a defense. “In fact, the whole time I was thinking where is Meri.”

Be that as it may, but if Janelle was really thinking about Meri, she would have made sure she was there. Pregnancies can be stressful times, but Meri was left in the dark. 

Meri could be compared to a hurricane. Her emotions are always all over the shop, so it makes sense that the family would want to keep her away from a birth. 

She has a knack for making things about her, and it looks like she’s doing the same this time around. 

But Christine was the one who doled out the harsh truth that she would not have allowed Meri near the bedroom if she was in charge of the whole thing.  

“You bring a lot with you when you come in a room, and you bring a lot of baggage when you come in the room,” she told Meri. “And I don’t know what to do with that.”

That was that, and the issue was far from resolved, but Meri made it clear she did not blame Maddie for all of the drama. 

“I’m not critical of Madison at all,” she said.

“Madison did nothing wrong. Madison brought a new life into the world, and I have absolutely no issues with Madison or any of that.”

“All I feel toward her is love, and all she’s ever done is welcome me and accept me as grandma to this baby.”

She continued: “The hurt that I felt had to do with sister wives and Kody, because there are four of them who could have said, ‘Hey, wait a second, an important piece is missing.'”

This is likely going to be the argument that pushes Meredith away from the family for good, but at least she has her bed and breakfast to keep her busy. 

What did you think of all the latest drama?

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