Big Brother Recap: Which Side of the House Has the Power?

The Hive has been one of the most in the dark alliances in Big Brother history. 

Faysal admitted as much at the top of the latest episode and said that it was time for him to make some big decisions as he attempted to keep himself and showmance, Haleigh safe from the block. 

Even when the alliance is given the power, they squander it, or some twist derails it. We picked up with the HOH competition following Rockstar’s eviction. 

Tyler also knew that now the battle lines had been drawn, he needed to win the HOH competition because one of Level Six would very likely be going out the door the following week if not. 

JC knew that he was not winning the competition, so he went for the $ 5000 prize instead of the HOH prize.

It came down to Tyler, Scottie, and Faysal, but Faysal was the one who slid into victory. JC noticed that this was an opportunity to get some manipulating carried out. 

JC has been close with Faysal all season long, but he is yet to be upfront with his friend. It could be argued that JC is not really friends with Faysal. 

Fessy told Haleigh he was going after any of the men in the house because they are having far too much power in the game and not being as loyal to him as he hoped. 

Haleigh worried about putting Scottie up because she saw him as a number for their side of the house. Fessy worried because there was just one vote to save Rockstar, and both Brett and Scottie claimed to be that vote. 

Scottie remained loyal and voted to keep Rockstar, but Brett claiming he was the one who voted to save Rockstar was infinitely more convincing. 

Scottie was the one who, just a few weeks ago, voted Swaggy C out of the house while wearing a t-shirt with the wannabe’s name. 

The disagreement between Fessy and Haleigh also showed us that there was a clear division in the alliance and that Fessy was swayed more towards JC’s line of thinking. 

Scottie continued to put a target on himself by arguing with Kaycee, saying “You’re a b– —t actor.”

JC continued to try and get Scottie on the block by saying to Haleigh that Scottie is in love with her an wants to get Faysal out of the house. 

“Why are we going to risk potentially going for the only other person that we maybe have?” Haleigh said in the Diary Room as she questioned whether his move was going to derail their game further. 

Fessy proved he was stupid by putting Brett up next to Scottie. If he put up two Level Six members, it would have given The Hive a much-needed jolt of life. 

What are your thoughts on the latest nominations?

Should The Hive just self-evict at this point?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS. 


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: Kris Gets Cross

Scott Disick acted like a self-centered jerk with a drinking problem on Keeping Up with the Kardashians this week.

Stunning, right?

We’ll give you a few minutes to pick your jaw up off the floor before we explain why…

Prior to taking a trip to Miami for an event called Art Basel, the irritating father of three gushed to Kris Jenner about his newest business venture: flipping homes.

Kris, actually proud of her quasi son-in-law, bragged on his behalf at one point, actually saing:

“My entire family leans on you for our design advice from time to time.”

Down in Florida, Disick explained his plan was to “look into new art that I can start putting into some of my new houses” and later said he yearns to be a “modern day Martha Stewart.”

Stewart is alive and still doing her thing, but point taken we guess.

Moreover, Kris’ boyfriend (and future husband?) Corey Gamble had even arranged a series of meetings with galleries for Disick.

It all looked to be coming together…

… until we cut to a producer telling Gamble that Disick “was out super late last night and he is dead asleep.”

Back in Los Angeles, an annoyed Corey vented to Jenner that Scott didn’t show up after they had prepared for weeks for the trip.

Corey had flown to Miami just for Scott and didn’t even see him during his time there.

“He did not surface … he had a wild night,” Corey told Kris.

Cue Jenner’s confrontation with the man she had only recently praised for one of the first times ever.

“You invited Corey to Art Basel so you could look at pieces for your home and then you bailed,” Kris said. “If you’re gonna go do Art Basel then go do Art Basel. Don’t do Art Basel and pretend like it’s spring break.”

“I didn’t think it was the worst thing to be able to go away for a few days and chill,” Scott replied.

“But when you f-ck up, you don’t just f-ck up a little bit, you f-ck up,” Kris explained. “Sometimes these little setbacks can cost you dearly.”

In the end, Disick totally understood and apologized.

Just kidding.

“This is crazy,” he confessed to the camera, adding:

“As much as I understand that I need to be responsible, I don’t know when I ever said that I can’t go out. I’m doing my best in life, but I still like to have fun when I can.”

Thankfully for Kris, she had a couple of ways to distract herself this week:

First, she tried to act as Khloe’s nutritionist and personal trainer.

As previously teased, Jenner brought her pregnant daughter a boatload of donuts, much to Khloe’s dismay… and disgust.

“If I want a doughnut or cookies, I’ll eat them. I’m not depriving myself,” Khloe said after turning them down.

“Everything I’m doing is instructed by my doctor and I would love to avoid a c-section if possible, but if my baby turns out to be really big, I’m gonna have to get a c-section.”

Jenner also went to work out with Khloe, who visited her doctor at one point during the episode and was told the pregnancy was goinga along smoothly.

Finally, Kim took a break from cursing off Kourtney to play the role of mortician.

This is the person who puts makeup on dead people prior to their funerals or memorials.

“I’ve been dying, no pun intended, I’ve been dying to know the tricks of the trade and like, what concealer mortician’s use,” Kim claimed to the camera, clearly desperate for a new storyline.

“I know death is such a morbid topic but I’m like obsessed.” added Kim, who, along with makeup artist and KKW Beauty collaborator Mario Dedivanovic, visited an actual mortuary.

She also tried out this potential new job on her mother, who acted like a corpse in one weird scene.

So… does Kim have a new occupation?

Will she go work in a funeral home?


“I know this is way too heavy for me to ever really take on. But, I’ve learned so much being here and I’m really grateful for the experience,” Kim said toward the end of the episode.

“And I’m really glad that Mario came along ‘cause now I know if, when the day comes [that I die], I’ll be in good hands.”

Well, alrighty then!

Click on the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and catch up with all you missed from this week’s Kris-centric installment.


Big Brother Recap: Did Rockstar Get Sent Home?

Rockstar and Kaycee were on the block at the top of Thursday’s episode of Big Brother, and Rockstar was not giving up in her campaign to stay in the game. 

She reeled in Brett and had meetings with him to say that they could be in an alliance and that nobody would know. As deluded as Rockstar is, it made for good TV as she thought Brett had ditched his allies. 

In a sense, Brett was distancing himself from Level Six, so it was helping his game by showing that he could be easily pulled into another alliance. 

Rockstar then turned to Kaycee to say that Angela was the original target and that it would have been better just to keep her up there. 

What Rockstar did next was one of the funniest moments of the entire season. She said that with Angela being an “entitled little b–tch,” it was going to result in Kaycee being sent home at the eviction. 

Kaycee happily took this conversation to Angela and said that it was time to take all of the others out of the house. It’s embarrassing that Rockstar would name call just because she’s so terrible at the game. 

Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee are great at the game and are doing their best to work on lining up their targets for eviction. 

Going into the eviction, Rockstar thought the had Brett, Sam, and Scottie’s votes to stay in the game. Faysal’s vote was redundant because the hacker was always going to take him out of the pool of votes.

Before we got to the live vote, we learned that Haleigh and Faysal’s relationship is going from strength to strength as they shared their first kiss. 

Things took a surprising turn when Faysal broke the HOH bathroom sink, but there’s a clear connection between the two, and they need each other as they head into the final few weeks of the game. 

At the live vote, Kaycee brought up the all-girls alliance in an attempt to prove that Rockstar was just as sketchy as she was implying everyone else was.  

Meanwhile, Rockstar opted to throw the Tyler, Angela, Kaycee trio under the bus, but it sounded like she was jealous of their stance in the game more than anything. 

Rockstar was evicted by a vote of 5-1 and took it very well. Her interview was entertaining because she owned that she was not the best person at the game, and tried to figure out who voted to keep her. 

The next HOH competition kicked off, and it was titled “Glow and Flow.” The houseguests had to slide across the slippery slope to fill up a container with liquid. 

We never got to learn who won, but Faysal appeared to have an advantage early on. It would be great to see him win and save Haleigh. 

What are your thoughts on the latest eviction?

Who should win the game?

Hit the comments!

 Big Brother continues Sunday at 8/7c.


The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 19 Recap: Life is a Cabaret

Have you been questioning the lack of drama on The Real Housewives of New York of late?

If so, then The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 19 was the episode you’ve been waiting for. 

The feud between Dorinda Medley and Luann de Lesseps continued to brew. 

It all started when Dorinda wanted her boyfriend to be her plus one to the event, but Luann said it was too late to make that request. 

While it was frustrating for Dorinda, she realized the true extent of her problem with Luann when she learned that Tinsley Mortimer’s boyfriend, Scott was invited. 

Tinsley was quick to tell Dorinda about it and it made her question why Luann was being so off with her. In true Dorinda fashion, she got drunker as the night went on and hurled insults Luann’s way. 

Sonja Morgan, whose dress flew off during the performance, chatted with Bethenny Frankel about Dorinda’s drinking. 

“She needs to go away like Luann did,” Sonja said, and Bethenny agreed that it would be the best course of action. 

“If you’re drinking and you’re getting angry and it’s affecting your relationships, rehab could be great,” Sonja said.

“Luann said it was fabulous. She enjoyed it. I’m not judging anyone. What do they say about glass houses? I can’t say a word. I’m just saying she might like it.”

Bethenny wanted to speak to Carole because of all the animosity between them of late, and they had a genuine conversation. 

But then Hurricane Ramona Singer showed up and tried to switch things up. 

“I have something I’d like to speak to you about — and [Carole] could be here or not be here — so give me a time frame,” Ramona said to Bethenny.

“You’ll have to call my secretary, and I’ll give you an appointment,” Bethenny replied with the biggest grin of the season. 

Ramona subsequently dragged Bethenny because she skipped the launch of her skincare line. 

“I hear you. Okay? Good. I understand that you’re disappointed, and I got it,” Bethenny said.”Noted. I don’t feel the need to give you an explanation.”

It was a lot of back and forth, and Bethenny later said in a confessional that Ramona’s businesses never seem to stand the test of time because she “didn’t take it seriously.”

While that argument was over, Bethenny went on to stir the pot to find out why Dorinda’s boyfriend was not invited. 

Bethenny was taken aback when she learned that it was all down to Dorinda’s comments about her sobriety. 

“Thank you so much for having me, and thank you so much for inviting Scott last minute,” Dorinda barked after learning the truth. 

The other housewives watched from the sidelines, expecting a huge fight, but Dorinda was done. She got up and left the party, leaving everyone wondering what might have been. 

We then got a title card confirming that the two ladies are still not talking, so there’s that. The sad thing is we won’t get to see them go at it during the reunion because Luann had to skip it due to rehab. 

What are your thoughts on the latest episode?

Hit the comments below!

The Real Housewives of New York continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 


Big Brother Recap: Did the Veto Save Angela or Rockstar?

Scheming is all part of the game in the Big Brother house, but Rockstar has no idea what that means. 

For someone who thinks she knows the game, Wednesday’s episode of the CBS reality hit proved otherwise. 

Rockstar was mad that she was being thrown up on the block as the perpetual pawn almost every week, and while it sucks, she seems to forget that this is a game. 

In a bizarre scene, she went as far as calling Haycee out, saying there were six other people in the house to choose from. 

But Kaycee maintained that she was not the one to hack the game and that Rockstar should go check with the others in the house before throwing accusations. 

It got heated, but Rockstar stood firm, presumably because she wanted the house to think she was a big player. She has won zero competitions, and we’re halfway through the summer, so there’s no question about whether she’s terrible at the game. 

While The Hive continued to lick their wounds and wonder why they were so bad at holding the power, Tyler was hard at work trying to keep Level Six intact. 

That meant he had to try and get to the cause of Sam’s paranoia. He pulled her into the storage room, and they got talking. 

He managed to make progress by telling Sam that anyone would be happy to be in her position because she’s in the top ten and made it to the jury house. 

The conversation took a bizarre turn when Sam said she had a gut feeling that Tyler was lying to her all along. Tyler countered by saying that he told her about his power because he couldn’t bottle it up any longer. 

Tyler is smart and knew he had to build trust with this ally if he wanted her to continue voting with Level Six.

The most shocking part of the episode was the veto competition. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal competed in the OTEV. 

With Kaycee and Angela out first, it was Tyler against the other three to win the competition. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost for Tyler, Rockstar accidentally helped him by confirming the answer. 

Tyler rushed back down the slope to find the correct one and got back up before Haleigh kicked out of the competition. 

Tyler won the competition, and Rockstar kept trying to remind him that she was the one who helped him win, and that should count for something. 

But Tyler’s decision was made. He wanted Angela off the block because he felt that the house would have more chance of flipping to evict her. 

Before Tyler made the decision, he revealed that Haleigh was coming for him and if she had it her way, he would be gone. 

For that reason, he saved Angela, and Haleigh nominated Kaycee in her place. It was unsurprising, but the level of control Tyler and his allies have on the game is crazy. 

Rockstar will likely be evicted Thursday during her best friend’s HOH, and that’s going to cause a whole lot of problems. 

What are your thoughts on the latest twists and turns?

Hit the comments below. 


Married at First Sight Recap: Mother, May I Stay Married to Her?

Tristan Thompson brought out the big gun this week on Married at First Sight.

(Once again, we must note: Not that Tristan Thompson, not the basketball player who cheated on Khloe Kardashian left, right and every which way possible during her pregnancy.)

Instead, weeks after new wife Mia Bally got stopped by security at an airport due to a history of stalking, the other Tristan Thompson asked his mother,. Kathy, to speak to his shady better half.

Mia actually spent two days in jail as a result of the aforementioned incident, leading Kathy to say the following to her daughter-in-law:

“I mean, this is kind of difficult. I was a prison guard and I prayed for you because I know what they do to pretty girls.”

Fair point. Fair concern.

But what about Mia’s marriage to her son?

Does Kathy still approve?

After looking into Bally’s eyes and listening to her side of the story, Kathy came around and gave Mia her blessing.

“I felt at ease that she was sincere and she was telling the truth,” Tristan’s mom said, focusing on how quickly the reality stars had said they were in love with each other.

Yes, love.

“Tristan doesn’t throw that word around casually at all,” she said. “It’s kind of quick for me.”

Elsewhere on this week’s episode…

Dave and Amber introduced each other to their friends… and it didn’t exactly go well.

First, Amber asked her pal Zachia and her husband over for dinner, with Dave taking exception to how Zachia liked to bust her man’s balls.

Was it good-natured? Maybe.

But she wouldn’t even let him have a drink and continually made comments to let everyone know that she the one in control in the relationship.

“Dave has to know Amber and I are forever,” Zachia said. “They may actually get annoyed that I’m going to be here all the time.”

married dude

Dave wasn’t down with this.

He said Amber’s friends “wouldn’t fit in well” with his group of friends, but this was of no concern to Amber… because she didn’t even want to meet Dave’s friends!

“I have my own friends already so I don’t feel like I need other friends,” she said to her husband, who was clearly taken aback.

In the end, though, this was much drama over nothing because the couple did chill with Dave’s pals a bit and they were nothing but nice and supportive of Amber.

Finally, we arrive at the tale of Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd.

And it’s a kind of boring one because these two just get along so darn well!

“I’ve been married for two weeks and it feels easy,” Bobby said, while Danielle added she can’t find anything she doesn’t like about Bobby.

Like, nothing. At all.

“Anytime Danielle says anything positive about me, it makes my heart skip,” Bobby said.

And that was it. 

No issues here over groups of friends or over one side getting taken into custody for totally creeping on a former lover.

Good for them!


The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Episode 5 Recap: Orange County Hold ‘Em

Shannon Beador has been through the mill of late. 

On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 Episode 5, she opened up to both viewers and Kelly Dodd about what it was like to end her 17-year marriage to David. 

“I want to have a partner … [but] I don’t know if I’m ready,” she said as she contemplated the future. 

Beador went on to confirm that she’s still struggling with her body. 

“I think that part of the reason why I can’t imagine myself with somebody or dating somebody is because I’m not comfortable in my body,” she told fellow Housewife Kelly Dodd, tearing up.

“If I were to take my clothes off, I don’t want to see it, so I don’t want somebody else to see it.”

“I know I’m a good catch, but it’s hard for me to say,” she added.

“I was just told for all these years that I’m selfish and I’m worthless, and I’m fat. I know I’m not, but when you hear it for so long…”

As for Dodd, she was facing similar battles because she recently got divorced, and that’s likely why these two women are so close now. 

“I’ve heard all of those things for so long too, Shannon,” she said to her friend. 

“There’s not days I don’t cry or [feel] depressed. I’m lonely. I don’t have anybody having my back. It’s sad. I want somebody that’s there for me.”

“It looks like I go out and have a good time with guys, but the reality is, I just got out of a 13-year marriage, and I am not used to being alone,” Dodd said in a confessional. 

“Kelly and I have gone through hell and back,” Beador said.

“Who would have thought that I’d be sitting, having a nice conversation. And her supporting me, shows you how you can evolve.”

“The best and right thing is happening for the both of us,” she said.

“I’m just grateful we’ve reached the point in our relationship where we totally understand each other. You have such a big heart, and I’m really grateful that we’re at this place.”

“I’m grateful to you too. I mean, who knew?” said a shocked Kelly. 

While that particular friendship was flourishing, there was still beef between Vicki and Kelly. If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know that Kelly was mad Vicki and her boyfriend was going on double dates with her ex-husband.

Tamra and Shannon tried to play the peacemakers at Emily’s party, but it was clear the rift was growing between them. 

Poor Emily didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she invited them over to the party. The odd thing about Emily is that she doesn’t seem like a real housewife. 

It’s almost like the producers thought throwing her in would shake things up and add a new dynamic. Instead, her scenes are really difficult to get through. 

As for Tamra, she was still trying to find the balance between looking after her husband, Eddie, and keeping all of the women from ripping each other apart. 

Eddie’s still not better, and the doctor is determined to give him a drug that will essentially stop his heart and then he will be shocked back to life. 

It’s a horrifying reality and one that anyone would be terrified of it. The most surprising aspect is that he’s allowing it all to be filmed in front of the cameras. 

Maybe this is more about raising awareness than being a storyline for a Bravo reality series. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 has been somewhat subdued. There have been many arguments, but they all seem to center on the same thing, and that’s problematic. 

We need the OG of the OC to bring the drama back!

What are your thoughts on the new episode?

The Real Housewives of Orange County continues Mondays on Bravo. 


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Becca is Back!!!

The Colton and Tia Show continued on ABC on Monday night.

By which we mean Bachelor in Paradise, of course, but early installments of Season 5 have focused heavily on television’s most famous virgin and the woman he briefly dated a long time ago.

Early on this week, Chris, Nick and Jordan confronted Colton Underwood after he came back from his date with Tia.

Was he really open to a renewed romance with his quasi ex?

Yes, Colton told the fellas, but he was also still exploring other bikini-clad options while he pondered this possibility. Underwood just wanted to “figure things out,” he said for the 972nd time.

Colton also noted that he couldn’t simply turn his feelings for Tia back on after being in love with Becca Kufrin and pursuing her for two months.

See, these are the challenges that face the men who go straight from The Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise. It isn’t easy, folks.

Fast forward a short bit and Tia got irritated with Colton when she realized he was flirting with Angela, concerned he was just keeping her on the side for whenever he felt giving her attention.

Afraid she’d end up like Dean and Kristina, Tia stood up for herself to Underwood.

Playing all innocent and trying to be honest, Colton told Tia he intended to talk to other women…  but he didn’t know what he wanted.

(This is sort of the entire point of the series, right?)

However, Tia wanted for Colton to be jealous of her smooch with Chris — and when he didn’t really seem to care, she said she had enough.

She refused to stay in the situation because she knew she deserved something wonderful, something Colton was not providing.

So… did Colton survive the night?

He didn’t get Tia’s rose and he struggled with Angela, but then Bibiana swooped in and saved the hunky football player.

The next day, Becca paid the women a visit.

She was on hand to offer them advice, but her presence caused Colton to break down in tears, forced to relive the heartbreak that resulted from her elimination of him a few months prior.

Seeing Becca brought back all these difficult memories, as the episode concluded with Kufrin making her way over to the man she sent packing on The Bachelorette.

Elsewhere this week…

– Kenny took Krystal on a wrestling date, despite the fact that she’d swapped spin with Kevin the evening before.

– Kenny then got in the ring and showed off some impressive moves, and the two later connected over their experiences on two-on-one dates.

– Back at the beach, Kevin grew tired of having concerns over his relationship with Krystal. He therefore decided to pursue other women.

– He and Astrid hit it off in an unexpected matter and before we knew it… they were kissing and holding hands!

– David warned Annaliese about Jordan, which made her anxious, yet her nerves were calmed a bit when Jordan arranged a romantic dinner on the beach for the two of them.

– They made out and she gave him her rose later in response.

– John and Kendall also kissed this week, but the latter actually gave Joe her rose, while Angela handed hers to John.

– Finally, Nick failed to win Chelsea over and our beloved Wills went home roseless.

Can ABC just go ahead and make him The Bachelor already?!?


Big Brother Recap: Who Did The Hacker Nominate?

The Big Brother house was rocked by the hacker twist last week, but did it have the same effect Sunday night? 

When the latest episode kicked off, Sam Bledsoe was storming around the house, complaining that people were making fun of her behind her back. 

She turned to the new HOH, Haleigh who was happy to tell her Angela was reminding her that Sam put her on the block and the reasons for it. 

While Haleigh teased in a diary room session that she was putting Angela up, the comment had an adverse effect on Sam. 

Sam started yelling that she was done with the game and that everyone in the house was psychos. She then threatened violence. 

Poor Haleigh had no idea what to do, but she handled the delicate situation like a champ. As for Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela, well, they admitted they were done with Sam. 

Sam threw a vote at Bayliegh on Thursday and was being off with Tyler aka the closest person to her. We quickly learned that Tyler told her about his power ahead of the eviction and she was so mad about it she claimed that he was lying. 

Yes, it sure seems like the ship has sailed on their friendship, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Tyler and his allies managed to get her out of the house. 

As we headed into the nominations ceremony, Tyler flat out asked Hayleigh to put him on the block after the veto, and she laughed about it in the Diary Room. 

She thought Tyler was blowing up his own game. In reality, he was making sure he still had his cloud power app to use for later in the week. 

Haleigh nominated Angela and Kaycee for eviction, and there was immediate unrest in the house because the hacker competition was just around the corner. 

The winner of the competition had the ability to change a nomination, pick a veto player and cancel one eviction vote. 

Kaycee realized there was a fire under her butt and secured a win. This made Angela, Brett, and Tyler very happy because it meant they only needed to win veto to keep Level Six safe for the week. 

Haleigh worried because it meant her nominations could be rendered useless and one of her allies could go home under her HOH reign. 

Her fears were seemingly confirmed when Rockstar replaced Kaycee on the block. We might as well call her Blockstar at this stage. 

At least, that’s what Sam was calling her immediately after he nomination. Rockstar, however, complained in the Diary Room that nobody is here to play the game if they keep throwing her up. 

It was a hilarious moment, but also made us question whether Rockstar knew what she was doing. She’s won nothing and been nothing more than a vote for much of the season. 

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Sound off below!


Shahs of Sunset Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: It’s My Party and I’ll Make You Cry If I Want To

If you watch Shahs of Sunset online,  you know that Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedagh is not a Shah to be messed with. 

On Shahs of Sunset Season 7 Episode 2, she was blindsided that her friend Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid had iced her out of her wedding. 

In a stunning move, MJ confirmed that the only one of her close friends who was going to be part of the wedding was MJ, with the rest of the help coming in the form of the people who help her work out and do her makeup. 

“Her glam squad is her bridal team,” GG complained. 

GG and Adam fumed when they realized that they had been left out and made their way to the bar to throw shade at both MJ and Reza. 

What made it worse was that Reza and MJ then shocked their friend by confirming that Shalom’s ex-wife was also in attendance at the event. 

That was enough for GG to flee the party. 

“Take me the f**k out of here,” she yelled at Shervin. 

“I don’t want to be around these people anymore. Why would they do that?,” GG fumed while in the smoking area of the party. 

Reza then told MJ that GG was annoyed about the way things went down, and we learned that they were both mad about the way GG acted on the ski trip. 

Earlier in the episode, GG ruined the surprise before everyone left the ski resort. 

“So how does Tommy feel about the maid-of-honor who had his d*** inside you?,” GG blurted out upon hearing the news.

“Do you want to be in the bridal party? You can’t be happy for me?” MJ asked her friend. 

“I have no intention of enabling friends who act like a**holes. If you do something shady, then don’t cry when something happens to you,” MJ continued. 

While GG may be against weddings for now because of her failed marriage to Shalom, MJ was unimpressed at the way her friend was acting. 

“I feel bad for GG for not being happy for us,” MJ complained in a confessional. 

Reza tried to break the ice by apologizing to GG for ambushing her. 

“I wanted to apologize, so this doesn’t become a thing,” Reza said.

“It’s a thing already,” GG responded. 

Meanwhile, MJ was trying to get in shape so that she could get married and have a baby with Tommy. 

However, she worried that her father being ill could affect her potential pregnancy. The good thing about the wedding and the freezing of the embryos is that Vida finally feels happy for her daughter. 

This could have been brought on by Doctor Ghadir, who said that MJ needed positivity in her life. 

“I would like for you to be positive with her because I can’t wait to give all of you good news,” he told Vida.

What are your thoughts on all the latest developments?

Hit the comments below. 

Shahs of Sunset continues Thursdays on Bravo.