Farrah Abraham Refuses to Be Screwed… by Celebrity Boxing Promoter

For one of the first times in her life, Farrah Abraham refuses to be screwed.

The former Teen Mom OG star, who was fired by MTV back in February due to her prominent amateur pornography career, has spent the last several weeks promoting her upcoming boxing match.

Yes, we’re serious:

Farrah Abraham was going to get inside of a ring and participate in an actuak boxing match.

Her opponent was going to be Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, who is an actual person best known for appearing on VH1 reality shows Flavor of Love and I Love Money.

The brawl was going to go down on November 10 in Atlantic City and at least a few dozen people were likely going to be in attendance.

But they can now make alternate plans.

Because Abraham tells TMZ the fight is off.

Why would Abraham do something she never asked her sex tape co-stars to do, pull out?

According to insiders, the event’s promoter, Damon Feldman, had agreed to foot the hotel, travel and fight bills for basically everyone Farrah has ever met.

Feldman specifically promised Abraham he could cover her over 32 hotel rooms, six plane tickets and around 25 fight tickets.

Why did Farrah need so 32 hotel rooms when she apparently only needed six people flown in for the match? It’s unclear.

But TMZ writes that Feldman backed out of his end of the deal this week…

… and Abraham, who knows a thing or two about back ends, responded by dropping out of the barely-anticipated event.

If the promoter cannot cover these expenses for her and her loved ones, Abraham says she will not fight.

Naturally, there are two sides to this story, however — and Feldman tells the aforementioned website that he nver agreed contractually to any of the flight or hotel fees mentioned above.

Conversely, he says Farrah has agreed on paper to take part in the match, and that she’ll be in major legal trouble if she backs out.

Neither Farrah nor her manager, David Weintraub, have responded to inquiries about this topic.

Nor have they commented on Feldman’s allegation that Abraham started making crazy demands just this week and only claimed she’s pulling out after they weren’t met.

With, like, 37 or 38 people probably a little bit excited for the bout, let’s hope it takes place.

Or not.

We don’t really care one way or the other.

Do you?!?!?!?


Teresa Giudice REFUSES to Let Bravo Film Joe’s Deportation Appeal

As Joe Giudice faces almost certain deportation, Teresa has asked fans to pray for her family as they launch their desperate appeal.

Teresa is still a Real Housewife, and Bravo is offering her a hefty payday if she’ll let their cameras film this tense process.

Curiously, Teresa has said no. Perhaps she is not as icy as people seem to think.

RadarOnline reports that Teresa Giudice passed on a sizable offer to film her family’s trials and tribulations as they appeal Joe’s deportation.

Specifically, Bravo has reportedly offered Teresa $ 500,000 — a cool half million. But Teresa turned it down.

“Teresa refused to film any special scenes,” the insider reveals.

She is balking at this lucrative opportunity “because the attorney told her not to do anything until the final decision is made.”

Her pleas for leniency might not go over well with a judge who learns that she’s exploiting the drama of it all for a payday.

“She’s terrified to do anything to harm Joe,” the source explains.

Joe’s imprisonment has been bad enough on his family, but that at least was understandable.

His upcoming deportation to Italy is exacting a serious toll.

“This situation is so bad for Teresa,” the insider says.

The source adds: “She’s not talking about it at all.”

“She’s afraid that anything she says can be used against Joe,” the insider laments.

Being a public figure can really backfire when it comes to having your day in court.

The report says that Milania recently visited her father in prison, but that Teresa was otherwise occupied at the time.

“Milania has a close relationship with her dad,” the source says. 

The insider says that she had to see him because “she’s been so upset by everything.”

Of course! She’s a preteen and her father is her whole world.

“Joe’s family was shocked that Teresa didn’t go with her daughter,” the source claims.

The insider then takes a harsher tone when discussing Teresa.

“Actions speak louder than words with Teresa,” the source says.

“She tells everyone she is so devastated,” the insider continues.

The source finds it odd that she asks for prayers “but then she doesn’t go visit him and doesn’t even go with Milania.”

That seems unfair, especially considering that we know what Teresa was up to at the time.

That source’s judgmental tone aside, Teresa has four daughters, not just one.

We don’t know who went with Milania (it’s hard to imagine that a 12-year-old waltzed into the prison visiting area on her own).

Teresa was out looking at universities with Gia, who just a few months away from turning 18.

When people say that life goes on, they mean that Teresa’s first responsibility is as a parent, not as a grieving wife.

She’s looking to Gia’s future.

We are sure that Joe wouldn’t have it any other way.

As for Teresa’s refusal to film, most of us can’t imagine turning down half a million dollars under most circumstances.

But she has to be wondering how she would feel if the judge denies Joe’s appeal and mentions that she had turned it into a media circus.

As we said, being a public figure can backfire.

Courts like to set an example and no prosecutor or judge wants to be accused of going easy on someone just because they’re famous.

From Dance Moms to Jersey Shore, stars of reality shows have learned that they can and will be put behind bars if they break the law.

Teresa and Joe already learned that lesson the hard way.

Now she’s just hoping and praying that being on their best behavior will keep Joe from being torn from his family forever.


Farrah Abraham Refuses Plea Deal on Assault Case: I’M NOT GUILTY!

So hey, remember that time that Farrah Abraham was staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills and then started arguing with other guests at the hotel?

And then when a security guard came to escort her away from those poor guests, she flipped out and assaulted him?

You remember!

According to the security guard and several witnesses, Farrah hit the poor man with her forearm and grabbed his face and shook it.

Then, when police arrived, she told them to “f-ck off” several times, which, you know, isn’t great.

She was taken to jail and stayed there for a good long while until she was released, and a few weeks later, she was officially charged with battery and resisting arrest.

Pretty much from the very moment she was released from jail, she’s been telling anyone and everyone that she’s not guilty.

She’s said that she was set up because she’s famous, that she’s being bullied by everyone who claims she’s guilty … you know, just classic Farrah denial.

But the fact remains that several witnesses, including police officers, saw what actually happened, and they all agree that Farrah broke the law.

So, famous or not, she’s facing jail time.

When she was officially charged, the word was that she could spend a maximum of 18 months in jail for her crimes (the ones she committed that night at the hotel, not the ones she’s committed against humanity over the years).

Also when she was officially charged, her first court date was set for today.

So what happened?!

According to a new report from Radar Online, Farrah was offered a plea deal.

If she agreed to the deal, then the battery charge would be dropped and instead, she’d be charged with trespassing, a misdemeanor.

She wouldn’t go to jail at all, but she’d be on probation for three years, and she’d be required to take 26 anger management classes and do some community service.

As part of the agreement, she’d also stay away from the hotel where this whole nightmare went down.

It sounds like a pretty great deal, right?

You have to imagine that there were cameras at the hotel that perhaps caught some of Farrah’s fit, but even if there wasn’t, police officers probably make pretty convincing witnesses in court.

Besides, Farrah is a single mother. Wouldn’t she want to take this deal if it means avoiding jail time, just so she could be there for her daughter?

If she had the slightest bit of common sense, she’d agree to the plea deal and be done with it.

But, as we all know, she does not have the slightest bit of common sense.

And so when she was offered the deal in court today, she did not take it.

As her attorney explained, Farrah isn’t into the idea of pleading guilty to trespassing because “She was clearly allowed and permitted into the hotel so there is no reason to agree to that.”

But as Farrah herself told the site, “I’m not accepting the offer because I’m not guilty.”

“I have gone through a lot of counseling and therapy,” she claimed. “I am also very mentally stable and I have no aggressive issues.”

“I can literally submit that to my lawyer, show that to the judge and it would still override this fake offer.”

How funny is it that she actually siad “I am very mentally stable and I have no aggressive issues”?

There aren’t any official rules on it or anything, but it seems like people with no aggressive issues wouldn’t cause such a ruckus in a hotel that they’d be escorted out by a security guard.

And non-aggressive people certainly wouldn’t tell police to go f-ck themselves.

As for the “very mentally stable” part, well, there are hours upon hours of Teen Mom footage to prove that wrong, not to mention footage from her other reality shows, plus her social media accounts.

But sure, girl, whatever you say.

Farrah also said “I clearly had a valet and I was not trespassing. I didn’t batter someone.”

“This is just, to me, another form of, again, ‘No celebrity face, there would be no case.'”

Does she honestly think she’s so famous that all these people would make up some story about her assaulting a security guard?

And even if she was, why would that happen? What does anyone stand to benefit from her going to jail over this?

Farrah is due back in court on September 21st, so we’ll have to wait until then to see how everything plays out.