Lauryn Shannon: I Already Regret Becoming a Mom

In December, Lauryn Shannon gave birth to her baby, becoming a mother at 17.

Now, a few months later, she’s 18, and opening up about her experience with new motherhood.

As it turns out, she really, really wishes that she’d waited before having a child.

It should comes as no surprise to fans of From Not to Hot or of Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon herself that members of this family can be outspoken … and sometimes blunt.

Well, speaking on Gonzo Podcasts (no relation to the muppet character or the porn style), Lauryn says that she wishes that she had waited before becoming a mother.

Speaking frankly, she reveals something that she would change about her life:

“I would probably change how young I was when I had kids.”

That … makes sense.

Lauryn continues, explaining that she had never intended to become a teenage mother.

“Because my original plan when I decided that I was gonna have kids, like, when I was younger.”

In her youth, the 18-year-old says, she already had an age in mind — an exact number.

“I was like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna wait until I’m 24.”

But she was just 17 when Ella Grace Efird was born. Lauryn now regrets that.

“And I wish maybe sometimes I wish I would’ve been able to do that.”

Alas, you can’t change history.

And, some would say, perhaps you shouldn’t admit that you wish that you could while speaking on a podcast when you’re famous and this can absolutely get back to your daughter when she is older.

Lauryn elaborates, speaking about the difficulties of being a parent.

“It has its struggles because Josh has a full-time job now, and with it just being me here and Alana some of the time and maybe my mom, it is super hard.”

At least she has family to help, but … that can only do so much.

She says that her baby-daddy, Josh, is able to shoulder some of the burden, even though June Shannon doesn’t hesitate to trash the father of her granddaughter.

“But when he gets home, it’s not as complicated because he helps out a lot.”

Ultimately, though, Lauryn doesn’t sound bitter about her current life.

“Honestly, I’m glad I get to grow with my child.”

Lauryn talks about other things on the podcast, too. She answers a question from a nervous fan who wants to know if she and her family still eat like they did on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Obviously, Mama June has dramatically changed her diet as part of her famous makeover that gave her her current insane figure.

But Lauryn says that aside from buttered “sketti,” the over-boiled spaghetti noodles mixed with margarine and sometimes ketchup that the family would eat, their diets haven’t really remained the same.

So it doesn’t sound like Lauryn is going to be feeding her daughter any, um, roadkill or sugared cranberry sauce any time soon.

Honestly, most people had probably assumed as much. The reason for the bizarre foods eaten on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo wasn’t a personal preference, it was born of a desire to feed a family living in extreme poverty.

Some would slam Lauryn for speaking about this. What if Ella grows up and hears this one day?

Others would say that this is an important warning for Ella — as well as for other young women.

Having a child when you’re not even old enough to vote isn’t the same thing as holding a cute baby. There’s a lot more to motherhood than cute little photoshoots of a peacefully sleeping baby.

In a world where Kylie Jenner is showing off the sexy side of young motherhood, it’s important for people to get a dose of reality from their reality stars.


Kim Kardashian: I Regret THIS About My Engagement!

Everybody has regrets in life, and the mega rich aren’t that different.

Their regrets are different — probably having less to do with how they spent money — but even Kim Kardashian thinks about how she could have done things differently in the past to bring about a different future.

Kim says that she has one big regret … and it’s about her engagement to Kanye West. And whatever you might be thinking … this will surprise you.

Kim Kardashian appeared as a guest on makeup artist Patrick Starrr’s YouTube channel.

(Note: yes, those are three Rs. Patrick Starr, the pink starfish from Spongebob Squarepants, has but two Rs in his last name)

Obviously, Kim doesn’t need all many pointers for her makeup — she’s kind of known for her contouring and stuff.

But that’s more or less the point.

She made this guest appearance so that Pat Starrr could use her products on her — her Kim Kardashian West Beauty contouring products.

All on camera, of course.

It’s basically a mutually beneficial commercial.

Kim Kardashian’s done her own makeup tutorials before for this exact same purpose.

But she can widen her audience among people who are serious about makeup (rather than simply her fans) by buddying up with Pat Starrr.

Pat Starrr, in the mean time, gets a nice viewership boost.

And, you know, good for them — though we have to wonder how much more money Kim could possibly want to make at this point.

But they talk in the video, obviously, and Kim speaks up about her biggest Instagram regret.

Kim Kardashian says that one thing that she doesn’t like about her body is her fingernails.

“I hate my hands,” she says.

She notes, in particular, that all of her sisters have longer fingernails than she does.

“One of my biggest photo regrets is like when I got engaged, and I had the shortest nails when I showed my picture.”

As you can see in that photo, her nails were very short.

They’re shiny enough that she was definitely wearing some sort of polish.

They don’t get that degree of luster just from buffing, believe us.

“And I was like, ‘Ugh, it would have looked so much better with long nails.’”

First of all, all eyes were on that ring, Kim.

Nobody was like “whoa weird photo Kim shared of her scandalously short nails … gee that’s a big ring … oh wow congrats!”

(For best results, imagine that hypothetical line in a ’90s surfer dude accent)

Second of all, though … she’s right.

Longer nails do look good.

Not, like, the nails that look ultra fake or start to curve like claws (and tend to be fake).

Those can be great with Halloween costumes.

They make your fingers look longer and feel longer and you feel like your every gesture and action is a little more imperious in a way that’s hard to explain.

But even slightly longer nails can have that effect.

The fact of the matter is that, if Kim Kardashian’s biggest regret — even her biggest regret specific to Instagram — has to do with the length of her fingernails, then she’s lived an enviable life.

We already knew that.

After all of Kanye’s antics and worrisome behavior and his effect on her career, we’d think that she’d have other regrets when it comes to her engagement.

Though we can understand why she wouldn’t voice those while getting her face contoured.


Rachel Lindsay: I Admit it, I Regret My Choice!

The first and most important news out of The Bachelorette: Men Tell All was, of course, that Dean Unglert is a clear favorite and would be perfect as the next Bachelor.

We already knew that, because we have sense.

Rachel Lindsay, looking back on Men Tell All and the entire season of The Bachelorette, is admitting that she regrets one decision — and would do it differently if she could.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Rachel Lindsay says that if she could go back and change one thing, she would have kicked one of the suitors to the curb way, way sooner:

“If I’m just honest, I’m going to be 100 percent honest, I’m just going to say one word: Lee.”

That would be Lee Garrett, folks.

You know, the one who got slammed for racism.

“I would have sent him home sooner.”

We should hope so.

You might think that the first black lead on The Bachelorette (shameful that it took so many seasons, by the way) wouldn’t be an inviting bride for, you know, racists.

But racism and reality television are both much, much more complicated than that.

First of all, not everyone goes on reality dating shows to find the love of their life.

They can’t all win, and they go into the show knowing this.

Getting to appear on another show in the Bachelor Nation or even just getting more social media followers an exposure is an amazing opportunity.

So long as they make a good impression.

Lee Garrett did not seem like a good guy — we’re not sure what he was hoping for, unless he thought that The Bachelor was going to cast him to court Trump fans or something.

As far as the idea of a racist guy trying to win the heart of a black woman goes, well, racism doesn’t make people blind.

Having black friends doesn’t mean that someone isn’t racist.

Having a black girlfriend or wife doesn’t mean that someone isn’t racist.

(And yes, that gets extra screwed up when children enter the mix and one of their parents has all of these prejudices that apply to them, too)

So … it’s sadly no surprise that Lee Garrett was competing for Rachel Lindsay’s hand.

If you remember from our The Bachelorette: Men Tell All recap, Rachel Lindsay was part of calling out Lee Garrett for racism.

During the special, Lee Garrett  tried to defend his actions, which really didn’t help.

During The Bachelorette, he kept getting into heated conflicts with other suitors.

Those other suitors tended to have something in common with each other — they were black.

Fans noticed.

Just about everybody noticed.

Lee’s excuse that he was “uncomfortable” and trying to “joke” to excuse his behavior … didn’t go over well.

Lee wasn’t only controversial for his actions on The Bachelorette — he also got into trouble for his antics on social media before he even went on the show.

Specifically, Lee Garrett’s racist tweets landed him in hot water with fans and on Men Tell All.

(Dude, even if you’re going to tweet super offensive stuff for whatever reason, maybe go delete them before you become famous)

They weren’t even old tweets that someone dug up — they were from within the last year.

There’s just no excuse.

Considering what those of you following The Bachelorette Spoilers already know, there are plenty of fans who think that Rachel Lindsay made a bigger mistake than letting Lee Garrett hang around.

Not everyone, to be clear.

But more than a few.

Actually, you don’t even need spoilers to know that sending Dean Unglert home before narrowing her suitors down to three was positively foolish.

But Lee Garrett had to go, as much because he and she clearly wouldn’t work out as to demonstrate to viewers how unacceptable he was.

But, you know, hindsight is always clearer.

And Rachel Lindsay didn’t know as much about Lee Garrett at the beginning of the series as she does now.

In many ways, if there were viewers who saw some of themselves in Lee Garrett and his excuses, maybe his example served as a wake-up call to them about their own choices and behaviors.

Still, we wonder if, in a year or so, Rachel Lindsay won’t have a larger regret about this season.