Ryan Edwards: Leaving Rehab Early to Finally Meet His Son?

Last week, we reported on the news that Ryan Edwards had checked into rehab after struggling with an opioid addiction for several years.

Shortly thereafter, the world learned that Edwards' wife, Mackenzie Standifer, had given birth to a son.

Jagger Edwards is the couples' first child together, but sadly, Ryan missed the birth due to his continued treatment.

As painful as the thought of missing his son's first weeks on the planet must have been, it was widely assumed that Edwards would remain in treatment in order to ensure that he receives the kind of help he needs.

Sadly, it doesn't look like that will be the case …

1. Taking the Right Steps

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
While Edwards was aware that he would miss Jagger’s birth by checking into treatment, it seems he was also aware that his situation required immediate action.

2. Joyous News

Mackenzie standifer is pregnant on instagram
Fortunately, Mackenzie delivered the baby with no complications. She was accompanied in the delivery room by her mother.

3. Jen and Larry In the House

Jen and larry photo
Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, were also in the hospital the day the baby was born.

4. Ryan’s Hope

Mackenzie and ryan edwards picture
Insiders say the impending arrival of his son helped motivate Ryan to seek help.

5. Plenty of Reasons

Ryan edwards mug shot new
Of course, the fact that Ryan has been arrested three times in the past 18 months and is very keen on avoiding jail time probably also factored into his decision.

6. Easier Said Than Done

Ryan edwards on teen mom photo
Ryan initially planned to remain in treatment for a minimum of three months, but now it seems his plans have changed …

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Ben Affleck Breaks Silence After Completing Latest Stay in Rehab

In August, Ben Affleck entered rehab for the third time, following an intervention by his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, and a sobriety coach.

He has now completed his inpatient treatment.

Now, he is finally breaking his silence for the first time since beginning his latest stint in rehab.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Ben Affleck penned a serious message for his fans and followers.

“This week,” he begins. “I completed a 40-day stay at a treatment center for alcohol addiction.”

“And,” he continues, he will “remain in outpatient care.”

That is good. Staying in rehab helps with sobering up and getitng support. The real test is when you return to the real world.

“The support I have received from my family, colleagues, and fans means more to me than I can say,” Affleck writes.

“It’s given me the strength and support,” he says, when he needed it most.

He writes about how empowering it is “to speak about my illness with others.”

Sometimes, the best way that you can help yourself is by doing your best to help others.

“Battling any addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle,” he affirms.

If a single stint in rehab could simply cure an addiction, well, the world would be a different place.

“Because of that,” Affleck explains. “No one is never really in or out of treatment.”

Sobriety becomes part of your life on a permanent basis. You can never let down your guard and relax, unfortunately.

“It is a full-time commitment,” he adds.

What matters to him is that he remain motivated and keep his eye on the prize.

“I am fighting for myself and my family,” Affleck writes.

“So many people have reached out on social media and spoken about their own journeys with addiction,” he continues.

Sharing stories of personal struggles, even when those tales include setbacks, and build a powerful sense of commonality and community.

“To those people,” Affleck writes. “I want to say thank you.”

He credits them with lending him emotional support when he was at his most vulnerable.

“Your strength is inspiring and supporting me in ways I didn’t think was possible,” he says.

“It helps,” Affleck admits. “To know I am not alone.”

Addiction is a serious problem for millions of Americans — and for countless millions more. He is far from alone.

“As I’ve had to remind myself, if you have a problem, getting help is a sign of courage,” he continues.

It is important, he notes, that asking for help is perceived as wise and brave, “not weakness or failure.”

He is absolutely right. If society shames people for seeking help, no one can ever receive treatment.

It’s a real relief that Affleck is taking this seriously now that he has completed his stint in rehab

People who struggle with addiciton can sometimes convince themselves that it’s in the past, only to relapse the moment that their lives experience setbacks.

No one wants that for Ben Affleck. Least of all Ben Affleck himself.

By sharing his journey with fans in an open message like this, perhaps he will feel that he has a larger support network this time around.

We hope so.


Ryan Edwards: Will He Miss the Birth of His Son While In Rehab?

As we reported earlier today, Ryan Edwards is headed back to rehab.

If you’ve been following the sad saga of Edwards’ downward spiral, you know that’s undeniably good news.

Edwards has been arrested three times in the past 18 months as a result of his addictions, and his erratic behavior has endangered his loved ones on multiple occasions.

So it’s encouraging to learn that he’s finally getting serious about getting sober.

But the road to recovery is never an easy one, and according to a new report from Radar Online, Edwards will be making a major sacrifice early on in his sobriety journey.

Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child.

(Ryan and Mackenzie each have one child from previous relationships.)

Unfortunately, Edwards will be in treatment for the foreseeable future, and one insider tells Radar that Mackenzie is less than one week away from. giving birth.

“Mackenzie is expected to be induced on October 8,” says the source.

“She is naming her son Jagger Ryan Edwards.”

The insider goes on to confirm that Mackenzie has no expectation that Ryan will be present when her son enters the world:

“I believe her mom and her aunt will be in the delivery room with her,” the source adds.

Not only will Ryan miss the birth of his child, it may be several months before he even meets little Jagger.

“[Ryan] isn’t supposed to be out [of rehab] until February or March,” a different insider claims.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear if Ryan and Mackenzie are still a couple.

One source claims that even before Ryan checked into rehab, he and Mackenzie were no longer living together.

“Mackenzie moved out of the lake house they were living in,” the insider says.

“[She] is now living with her parents.”

Despite that development, Mackenzie recently claimed that she and Ryan are still going strong:

“I’m so sorry but I will continue to stand up for what I believe in no matter how chopped, edited, and jumbled it may be,” Standifer wrote in an Instagram post.

“I have stuck by my husband through some of the darkest times imaginable,” she added.

“Have mistakes been made? Hell yes,” Standifer continued.

“Have they been accounted for, dealt with and resolved, yep.”

So it sounds like, for the time being at least, Mackenzie is planning to ride this thing out.

We wish her and Ryan all the best through the difficult time ahead.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Ryan Edwards: Off to Rehab for a Long, Long Time

Ryan Edwards’ arrest record has been cause for alarm, and so has his substance abuse. Plus, you know, that time he threatened to murder Taylor McKinney.

But though we don’t get to say this often, folks, but we have actual good news about Ryan.

He is in rehab — and it looks like he’s in for the long haul.

RadarOnline reports that Ryan Edwards is in rehab.

This isn’t his first time — he went last year, after nodding off en route to his own wedding.

His first time in rehab was apparently in 2012.

But according to RadarOnline‘s source, “[Ryan] isn’t supposed to be out [of rehab] until February or March.”

That means that he may be in for a 6-month stint … and may miss the birth of his son.

“Mackenzie moved out of the lake house they were living in,” the insider shared. “And is now living with her parents.”

RadarOnline also reached out to Larry Edwards, Ryan’s father, for confirmation.

The tabloid did not receive confirmation — or a denial.

When asked about rehab, Larry said: “You know I can’t comment on that.”

When asked about whether Ryan will miss the birth of his son, Larry said: “You know I can’t say.”

The Tennessee court system was also unable to confirm or deny whether Ryan’s rehab stint was voluntary or court-ordered.

As the good folks over at The Ashley have noted, Mackenzie has taken to social media and publicly doubled down on supporting her troubled husband.

Mackenzie wrote: “I’m so sorry but I will continue to stand up for what I believe in no matter how chopped, edited, and jumbled it may be.”

“I have stuck by my husband through some of the darkest times imaginable,” she affirms.

“Have mistakes been made? Hell yes,” she admits. “Have they been accounted for, dealt with and resolved, yep.”

“Why do I post pictures of my husband and myself?” she asks. “Because we do love each other. And that is real life.”

“If you want to fault me for standing by my husband and sticking to my vows,” she says. “Then don’t follow me.”

Ryan Edwards’ criminal history is troubling enough.

But his latest incident is much more alarming than your more garden-variety heroin possession.

After Taylor McKinney made a relatively mild jab at Ryan and Mackenzie, subtweeting that they were unable to function as adults, Ryan lost it.

He reportedly contacted Taylor and threatened to show up and murder him.

That did not go well for Ryan. Not with the legal system, and not with fans.

His behavior has appeared to worsen with time rather than improve.

That is why fans were encouraging Mackenzie to move on without Ryan.

That, of course, and the fact that many don’t see Ryan as a good father. Even Maci Bookout thinks Ryan is a danger to Bentley.

We of course hope that Ryan can turn things around in terms of his behavior during this lengthy rehab stay that RadarOnline is reporting.

(It is, of course, not quite confirmed — but we hope that it’s true)

He needs to get better for himself, but also for everyone around him.


Matt Brown: Forced Into Rehab After Family Intervention

As we reported last week, Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown entered rehab.

While it was a brave choice to take that step to address his drinking, it was not necessarily his choice. Not his first one, anyway.

Apparently, Matt’s family confronted him with an intervention.

36-year-old Matt Brown has entered a 90-day inpatient stint at rehab.

RadarOnline reports that Matt Brown’s family staged an intervention in order to nudge him along.

“Matt’s decision to enter treatment came after a family intervention,” their inside source reveals.

Sometimes, it takes a little bit of difficult confrontation from loved ones to admit that you have a problem.

In Matt’s case, it reportedly also required an ultimatum.

Apparently, when the Browns spoke to Matt about his drinking, they presented him with a choice.

“Matt was told he could either go and get help,” the insider says.

“Or,” the source continues. “He could face losing his contract with the show.”

He would lose that paycheck, the insider explains, “as well as the support of  his family.”

That might look like a choice on paper, but in real life, that’s no choice at all.

That intervention may have been something that Matt feared for a while.

According to the source, Matt “was desperately attempting to hide his drinking.”

That suggests that he knew that it was a problem, but did not want his loved ones to make a big deal about it or to worry.

They found out about it anyway, the insider says.

That is no real surprise. He was around family, and, well, people are seldom as good at hiding their drinking as people think.

Alaskan Bush People - Matt Brown Hammers

Matt may be in rehab, but he isn’t cut off from the outside world.

“He has spoken to his brothers,” the insider reveals.

“And,” the source continues, Matt has “told them that he is doing okay.”

Just a few days into a rehab stint, okay is actually pretty good.

“He is very tired and worn down,” the insider shares. “But he will be alright.”

Struggles with drinking and addiction are often heartbreaking.

In many cases, they can be a form of self-medicating.

With Matt Brown, it is no exception.

This drinking was brought about by his mother’s health battle.

Ami Brown’s cancer battle took its toll on her, but also on her entire family.

Matt has been in rehab before, in 2016.

At the time, he and his family had become aware of a “downward spiral.”

Addiction — and the behaviors to which is leads — can be very complicated and difficult to defeat.

When your life receives a new stressor — such as Ami’s lung cancer and a move to another state — it can create a huge setback.

In Matt’s case, that meant a relapse.

Alaskan Bush People - Matt Brown Limps

Alaskan Bush People just had its Season 8 finale — so soon after its premiere.

Just before the finale episode, we saw Matt get injured in what Gabe called a worst-case scenario for their family.

That was … a little dramatic. We hope that Matt’s knee has recovered, though.

Right now, we hope that rehab proves effective.

Matt is not the only member of his family who struggles with mental health.


Matt Brown, Alaskan Bush People Star, Checks Into Rehab

Matt Brown has taken the first step in his hopeful path to recovery.

The Alaskan Bush People star has admitted he needs help.

Speaking to People Magazine, the Discovery Channel personality says he is checking into rehab for the second time in order to receive assistance for a dependency on alcohol.

“I struggle with substance abuse, and after a year of ups and downs, I decided to return to treatment,” the oldest Brown son tells the publication in this week’s issue.

He adds:

“I’m really grateful for everyone’s support and hope to have my life back on track soon.”

The reality star first entered a treatment facility of this nature in the spring of 2016.

What made him realize that he had to try again and that he had to turn his life around?

“I could see myself spiraling,” Brown explains, acknowledging that he had been spending more and more time drinking over the previous year.

“I was more withdrawn. I was slower. Things didn’t excite me the way they used to.”

On a recent episode of Alaskan Bush People, Matt got injured while helping to build the family’s new residence.

Overall, meanwhile, the Browns have been through a whole lot over the past two years; most notably, of course, the loved ones have been dealing with matriarch Ami’s very serious lung cancer diagnosis.

It was believeed for awhile that Ami would not survive the Stage 4 illness, but she remains a major part of the series and of the family.

Due to her need for medical care, however, the Browns have left Alaska and settled in rural Washington.

Now, they’ll be without Matt for an unspecified period of time.

(It’s unclear at the moment just where Matt will receive treatment and for how long he will be there.)

“It’s hard not having one of my babies here with us,” says Ami, who is now cancer-free, yet has been informed she should undergo tests every three months for the rest of her life.

“He was so strong for me, and I want to be strong for him,” she adds to People.

bush folks

“We miss him terribly, but we’d rather lose him from home for a little while than lose him forever,” dad Billy says.

“We just want him to do what he needs to do to get better.”


We send Matt our very best wishes.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sunday at 9/8c on Discovery.