Demi Lovato Flaunts MASSIVE Cleavage on Instagram, Internet Rejoices

At some point in the past year or so, Demi Lovato became one of the hottest celebrities on the planet.

It’s not as if this development happened entirely out of nowhere–Demi was always attractive, but while no one was paying attention, she somehow attained previously unimaginable levels of smoke show-ness:

Maybe it happened when Demi got sober.

Maybe what we’re seeing is the positive benefits of removing Wilmer Valderrama from one’s life.

(Fact: Mila Kunis is the only member of the cast of That ’70’s Show that it’s okay to be attracted to.)

Whatever Demi’s doing, it’s working.

Demi Lovato swimsuit pics are nothing new, but it’s not hard to see why this is one of her most popular to date.

Despite going live less than 24 hours ago, Demi’s bathing suit selfie is already creeping up on 3.5 million likes.

Those are “break the internet” numbers.

As a general rule, anything that’s posted online that doesn’t involve kittens will attract haters and trolls.

So it’s possible that Demi has set some kind of record by posting such a popular pic without drawing any real criticism.

We suppose there might be some trash talk in the comments section somewhere, but it’s been buried by marriage proposals and declarations of undying love.

“I love you so deeply, I would die for you,” wrote one fan.


You get the idea.

Sadly, the image wasn’t accompanied by any info about how we might all be more like Demi.

“In [heart emoji] with this bathing suit…” Lovato captioned the pic.

That’s not gonna help us get rid of our post-holiday guts, Demi!

Fortunately, we know a little bit about how the 25-year-old singer stays in such incredible shape.

Demi’s battled eating disorders and addictions in the past, but these days she’s militantly devoted to maintaining her physical and mental health.

Demi was recently awarded a blue belt in  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and she’s reportedly dating a mixed-martial artist.

So yes, she looks incredible, but more importantly, she can kick ass.

We’re beginning to understand all those marriage proposals on her IG page.


Michelle Obama Natural Hair Picture Revealed, Internet Rejoices

Michelle Obama is all natural. 

The First Lady of the United States was spotted showing off her naturally curly hair, and the picture almost broke the internet. 

While reality TV stars are taking naked selfies like they’re going out of fashion, Obama opted to show off her hair in a polka dot bandana. 

The picture first surfaced on Twitter with the caption, “This is the picture I have been waiting on for like 3 years. COME ON NATURAL.”

The post was subsequently retweeted 33,000 times, while 95,000 people hit the heart sign to confirm they were in love with it. 

It’s not clear when/where the picture was taken, but it does confirm that Obama likes the natural look for her hair. 

A lot of people questioned the integrity of the image because there was no apparent source for it, while others were elated at getting to see Obama with her hair in curls.

“Michelle wearing her natural hair makes me smile inside,” one tweeter wrote, while another added, “Lets acknowledge how beautiful Michelle Obama look[s] with natural hair.”

One person even questioned whether Michelle was required to have her hair styled because she was in the White House. 

“So wait, don’t tell me there’s a rule about natural hair in the White House?”

Ever since Donald Trump succeeded Barack Obama as President of the United States, Michelle has had less prominence in the media. 

It is understood that she and Barack went on a vacation to salute Barack’s eight-year tenure in the White House. 

Might the picture be from that vacation?

We’ll probably never know, but we can speculate!

What do you think about this? Sound off below!


Kendall Jenner Dances in Lingerie, Internet Rejoices

While her sisters seem content to hold only the vaguest of job titles (media personality, brand ambassador, etc.), Kendall Jenner is making a name for herself as a model.

Okay, so it's not thought- or labor-intensive career field, but at least she's doing something that doesn't involve just living her life in front of a camera crew.

There were some bumps along the way, and in the early days of Kendall's modeling career, we heard reports about the other ladies not taking her seriously.

We were shocked, but mainly by the news that models occasionally take each other seriously.

Anyway, these days, things are going much more smoothly.

Kendall's modeled for Victoria's Secret and a number of other A-list brands, and she's dancing around in her underwear like someone who's been at it for half a century.

But, ya know, without looking like someone who's been dancing in her underwear for half a century.

Her latest choreographed semi-nudity comes to us courtesy of La Perla, a brand that's getting some serious mileage out of its partnership with Kenny J.

Not only is she wearing their lingerie in a new series of print ads, they also did one of those behind-the-scenes videos for Instagram.

The idea is for the models to pretend they don't know they're being filmed, so that people think they would be having that much fun in overpriced underwear even if they weren't being paid for it.

It's a very high-concept project, but there's semi-nudity involved, so we're cool with it:

Kendall jenner dances in lingerie internet rejoices

Ariel Winter Flaunts Boobs in See-Through Top, Instagram Rejoices

If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram, then you’re probably not baffled by the fact that a teenage sitcom actress has an astonishing 3 million followers.

There are a few simple reasons for this.

Chief among them is the fact that Ariel has giant boobs and and seems to enjoy putting them on display.

Boobs, as you may know, are the one thing (two things?) the Internet loves more than cats and the Cash Me Ousside Girl, so Ariel really hit the SEO lottery at birth.

Fortunately for her fans, she’s well aware of this and takes full advantage of her good fortune on a regular basis.

The photo above is a still from a GIF that Ariel posted over the weekend, and we’re pretty sure it holds the power holds the power to make you forget about everything from your Trump-induced malaise to that dumb Oscar envelope mix-up that everyone can’t stop talking about.

At least for about 2.5 seconds, anyway:

Not surprisingly, the post generated a good deal of praise and more than a few marriage proposals.

“Damn you are fine!” commented one user.

“She is America’s prettiest lady,” wrote a fan, who we’re assuming conducted exhaustive research on the subject.

There was the occasional hater in the mix, but that’s pretty much the case with all things on the Internet, always.

Ariel’s only 19, but she’s been in the business for nearly a decade.

We’re sure she’s learned how to brush the dirt off her shoulders with panache.

To our minf exciting news here is that Ariel is harnessing the power of the animated .GIF, which is a platform that’s brought cleavage selfies to new heights of creative expression.

With .GIFs, boobs come to life like framed photos in Hogwarts.

But despite our unfortunate choice of simile, we’d like to take this opportunity to discourage Ariel from posting more sexy Harry Potter cosplay pics.

We’re usually in favor of cleavage in all its forms, but it’s weird enough that a woman who rose to fame playing a geeky middle-schooler on Modern Family is now rivaling Kate Upton for the title of Internet’s Favorite Boobs.

Throw Harry Potter in the mix on top of it, and it’s all just too confusing.

We might have start sending Ariel our therapy bills.


Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart, Twitter Rejoices

Milo Yiannopoulos is a douchebag of the highest degree. Just a terrible, terrible person.

After building a career on being reprehensible and bigoted and disgusting, it turns out that endorsing pedophilia was what ultimately crossed the line for his supporters.

"In the homosexual world particularly," Milo said in a recently resurfaced video, "some of those relationships between younger boys and older men — the sort of 'coming of age' relationships — those relationships in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable, sort of rock, where they can't speak to their parents."

In the same video, he also said "I'm grateful for Father Michael. I wouldn't give nearly such good head if it wasn't for him."

He's been seeing the fallout from those statement for the past few days, and now the backlash has gotten so bad that he's resigned from his position as senior editor at Breitbart.

In his statement, he explained that "I would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues' important reporting."

But whatever his reasoning, the point is that his career is falling apart.

And Twitter could not be more excited.

1. Milo’s Statement

Milos statement
Milo did a press conference to discuss his resignation, but here’s the gist of it.

2. "This Decision is Mine Alone"

This decision is mine alone
You keep telling yourself what you need to, Milo.

3. Get a Haircut

Get a haircut
Solid advice, really.

4. The Dream

The dream
Hey, here’s hoping he fades away. Recent evidence proves we’re not that lucky though.

5. Not the White House!

Not the white house
It is a current trend for the lowest of the low to get employed there, huh?

6. Sorry, Breitbart Still Sucks

Sorry breitbart still sucks
Milo’s not THAT powerful.

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Justin Bieber Returns To Instagram, Internet Rejoices at Shirtless Pics

Justin Bieber was not lying when he told fans that he would not hesitate to shut down his Instagram account. 

Bieber closed the account down back in August after fans persisted to send hurtful comments to Sofia Richie. Yes, Sofia was just one of the girls Justin dated in 2016.

As seems to be the norm with Bieber’s relationships, they just don’t stand the test of time. That’s probably down to just how busy the young singing sensation is. 

Thankfully, Justin made his return to Instagram on Friday and threw in some shirtless pictures to make it up to the fans who missed his updates for those months he was MIA. 

“SOO MUCH CONTENT,” Bieber captioned as he showed off his toned body and many tattoos. 

Does this mean he’s about to use his Instagram to start marketing horrible products to people?

Quite possibly. Stars have a knack for that and it’s pretty desperate. 

However, the shirtless pictures were not his first post back on the social media site.

That honor went to the T-Mobile Super Bowl ad that found the star doing a variety of dances as he urged people to send videos of them dancing. 

“Let me see your #unlimitedmoves,” the 22-year-old captioned to his 77 million followers. 

How long will Justin be able to stay on Insta this time?

Will he wind up in another relationship and shut it down?

The comments to Sofia were horrible over the summer. No one wanted to see Bieber happy, so they lashed out. 

Even Selena Gomez joined in the fun and it kicked off another feud between the pair. 

With Justin complaining that people need to leave Sofia alone, Selena seemed to think Justin should not even be drawing attention to all the drama. 

As you probably expected, Justin flipped out and claimed that Selena only used him for fame. 

What do you think about this?

Sound off below!


Justin Bieber Gets Destroyed By NHL Player; Internet Rejoices

Believe it or not, Justin Bieber is actually a pretty skilled hockey player.

The Biebs says he laces up the skates every chance he gets, and he’s displayed his talents in the past by posting videos of impressive plays to social media accounts.

But there’s a difference between schooling your friends in a pick-up game and actually taking the ice against guys who play for a living – a lesson Justin learned the hard way during this week’s NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout:

That’s 6’6″ 220-pound former NHL defenseman Chris Pronger clearly enjoying the hell out of laying out a brutal body check on Bieber.

As you can see, Justin didn’t find the experience quite as enjoyable.

“I was giving him a little back massage in the corner,” Pronger said of the hit, which has been celebrated far and wide on social media.

Pronger actually went pretty light on Bieber, but the singer clearly didn’t appreciate the punishment.

Not surprisingly, the epic photo has made Pronger something of an Internet folk hero.

Pronger successfully pinned one of the celebrity world’s most notorious douche nozzles to the boards, even the head of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety got in on the act with a joke tweet that many believed to be legit:

“The Department of Player Safety will have a hearing tomorrow morning with Chris Pronger for his Check from Behind on @justinbieber,” Damian Echevarrietta tweeted.

Fortunately, he was kidding, and there’s no chance of Pronger being disciplined for his heroic deed.

To make the story even better, there’s an inspirational element to Bieber having his face smushed into the glass for our entertainment.

Pronger hasn’t played since 2011 due to severe post-concussion syndrome.

Though he’s not officially retired, he’s not expected to return to hockey.

The 42-year-old former MVP has said in in interviews that there was a time when he was unable to skate, and that he believed he would never be able to play hockey with his kids.

So for many fans, just seeing the man back on the ice was a treat.

The fact that he flattened Bieber was just the icing on the cake.

The sweet, sweet icing on the cake…


Mitt Romney Dines with Donald Trump, Twitter Rejoices

In late November of 2016, Mitt Romney met with Donald Trump in New York City to discuss his possible role as Secretary of State.

The two dined together at a restaurant in Trump Tower.

And the Internet reacted to one particularly awkward photo with memes, jokes and commentary galore. 

See what we mean below…

1. How Did I Get Here?

How did i get here
And how do I now get OUT of here?

2. One of Us

One of us
Romney has trouble relating to the average American while running for President in 2012. But he totally gets us now.

3. Waiter?

Man. If only they had shared a $ 5 shake.

4. Smile, Mitt. Just Try to Smile.

Smile mitt just try to smile
Nope, sorry. Can’t do it.

5. This is Scary

This is scary
But not any scarier than Trump’s Twitter account.

6. HIM, Really?!?

Him really
What does he have that I didn’t have?

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