LaVar Ball I Have Zero Relationship With LeBron


How’s the biggest sports dad on the planet coexisting with the biggest athlete in the universe??

Quietly … ‘cause LaVar Ball tells TMZ Sports he and LeBron James stay outta each other’s way in Los Angeles — and things have gone along just fine.

“I really don’t have a relationship with LeBron,” the big Baller says.

“I like it. He ain’t done nothing bad to me, I ain’t done nothing bad to him. So, as long as we good, we’ll be all right.”

Of course, that’s music to Luke Walton‘s ears … ‘cause when Bron bolted from the Cavs to play with Lonzo and the Lakers — how LaVar would fit in the picture was on everyone’s mind.

Seems LaVar is playing nice for now … although he did issue an ultimatum to L.A.’s coach when we got him at LAX — saying if Luke doesn’t play Zo more than 35 minutes a night, his job is in jeopardy.

“If he keep playing Lonzo a lot — over 35 minutes — he’ll stick around,” Ball says. “Less, he won’t.”

No pressure …

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Javi Marroquin Relationship Timeline: Did He Get Lauren Pregnant While Still Boning Briana?!

The Teen Mom franchise has introduced us to some pretty sleazy baby daddies over the years.

And while Javi Marroquin may never be on par with David Eason or Adam Lind, he seems desperate to prove that he’s capable of truly sinister behavior.

As you may have heard, Javi’s fiancee, Lauren Comeau, welcomed her first child last week.

And the timing of the birth has raised some interesting questions — and a few accusations — regarding Marroquin’s recent romantic past.

Take a look:

1. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
These days, Javi and Lauren are living out a fantasy of domestic bliss with a house in the suburbs and a new baby boy.

2. Playing House?

Playing House?
But is Javi really ready to settle down this time? Or will this be another failed attempt from Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband?

3. Javi the Player

Javi the Player
After all, within weeks of when Lauren got pregnant, Javi had been involved with two of his exes.

4. Overlap?

The question is, was he sleeping with anyone else at the time that he got Lauren pregnant?

5. Bri on the Case

Bri on the Case
Briana, for one, seems certain that Javi was sleeping around on Lauren while she was carrying his child.

6. The Timeline

The Timeline
Bri’s got a compelling case, but we decided to break her claims down to try and determine just how worried Lauren should be about her man’s wandering eye.

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Don McLean, 73, Confirms Relationship with 24-Year-Old Model Paris Dylan

Don McLean’s last marriage lasted for about 29 years and ended with him getting arrested for domestic violence against then-wife Patrisha.

Now, the 73-year-old music legend has moved on with a 24-year-old girlfriend, Paris Dylan.

The couple has made their relationship official by gushing about it on Instagram.

Don McLean is a musician, best known for the album American Pie and particularly for the song of the same name.

Paris Dylan is a Catfish alum who has been featured in Playboy and Maxim.

They’ve made it very clear on social media that they are dating.

“A dream with my love,” Paris captioned one recent photo.

In another, she gushes, calling McLean the “love of my life.”

In October, she wished him: “happy birthday my baby, my beauty, love of my life, my everything.”

The pair of them have done a lot of traveling this year.

The singer and his model girlfriend visited Germany, France, the UK, and Israel.

While in France, Paris visited the city of the same name.

The couple, as you can see in the photo above, posed in front of the Eiffel Tower.

They also visited the Louvre.

It’s unclear when their relationship officially began.

As far back as November of 2016, Paris shared a photo of the two of them, but that’s not the same thing as dating.

It was really in March of 2018 when the two of them seemed to be joined at the hip — almost literally — and posting a steady stream of photos.

That is when the two were “linked,” but officially speaking, they were just pals.

Now that they’ve both been gushing about each other and sharing the same photos on social media, we can comfortably call them a couple.

Paris Dylan is a model who, as we mentioned, has posed for Playboy and Maxim.

As you can see in every photo in which she appears, she certainly has the qualifications — and we mean that sincerely — for that kind of modeling.

But she is really best known for appearing in a wildly elaborate episode of Catfish.

That particular episode, as you may recall, involved NBA star Chris “Birdman” Andersen.

Now she’s traveling the world with a music legend and, from what she rights on social media, both deeply in love and enjoying each country she visits.

The couple’s age gap spans nearly 50 years.

People can have a cynical view towards relationships that feature massive age gaps.

A lot of the time, there’s a pattern.

Often, there’s a very unbalanced power dynamic that favors the party who is older, wealthier, more famous, and male.

Some may view Paris Dylan as either a lucky groupie, someone being exploited in their search for stability, or even a predator taking advantage of an older man.

We would prefer to reserve judgment until there is any indication that this is something other than a relationship between two people born at very different times.

So far, there are no hints that anyone involved is in any way unhappy. Until that changes, let’s leave well enough alone.

Maybe we can even be happy for them. There’s little enough joy in the nightmarish hellscape of 2018.


Caitlyn Jenner’s Partner, Sophia Hutchins, Wouldn’t Call Relationship Romantic

Caitlyn Jenner and her rumored girlfriend, Sophia Hutchins, apparently have more of a mutual partnership than a true romance … according to Sophia herself. TMZ obtained a clip of Sophia — who is also a transgender woman — doing an…


Kailyn Lowry Details Abusive Relationship With Chris Lopez: He Hurt Me In So Many Ways!

Perhaps no participant in the 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise has been as candid and forthright with viewers as Kailyn Lowry.

On TV, on social media, and in a series of bestselling books, Lowry has laid her life bare and shared all with her legion of loyal fans.

But even Kail has her limits with regard to what sort of private information she can comfortably make public — and it seems she reached her breaking point during her relationship with Chris Lopez.

Lowry became pregnant with her third child while dating Lopez, and for a time, she attempted to keep both the pregnancy and the relationship under wraps.

Obviously, this strategy wasn’t effective for very long, and soon, Kail found that one of the most challenging periods in her life was playing out on a public stage.

Now, Kail is opening about that chapter in her life like never before in her new memoir, Letters of Love:

In an exclusive excerpt obtained by Radar Online, Kail reveals that she and Lopez worked hard to make the relationship work for the sake of their son, Lux:

“We tried to get back together and work things out, but it only lasted about a month,” Lowry writes.

“After that time of being together, we didn’t speak for a period of eight months.”

Lowry goes on to describe a difficult time post-breakup, during which Lopez “hurt [her] in so many ways.”

“I’ve had my bedroom window broken while the baby was asleep with me in the room,” Lowry writes.

“My backdoor had been broken while all of my kids were at home”

According to Kail, all of this happened during the first six weeks of Lux’s life, a time during which Lopez also got into the habit of trashing her on social media:

“I’ve had sh-t said about me told to my children,” she writes.

“I don’t care if the kid is six weeks old or six years old, a dad should not talk about the mother of his child.”

While the relationship between Lowry and Lopez seems to have improved in recent weeks, Kail says there was a time when Chris simply refused to be a father:

“I’ve been left to take care of everything,” she writes.

“I kind of knew this would be a possibility but I guess I just wanted to be proved wrong. Because I can be totally responsible for our child doesn’t mean that I should take care of everything.”

Fortunately, Kail and Chris seem to have worked out a co-parenting relationship that works for both parties.

The pair recently collaborated on Lux’s first birthday party, and they seem to have ceased trash-talking each other on social media.

Thus far, Chris hasn’t commented on Kail’s book, but we’re assuming he won’t be offering up a rave review.

After all, this is the same guy who burned Lowry’s last book.


Laura DeMasie: Jana Duggar’s Alleged Girlfriend FINALLY Addresses Relationship Rumors

If you’re a Duggar fan, then you’re likely aware that Jana Duggar is single.

Jana’s marital status is a big deal among Duggar obsessives, as most of the women in her family are well on their way to spawning a legion of flannel-clad fundies by the time they turn 28.

There are many theories as to why Jana might still be single.

And of course, very few of them take into account such eminently logical explanations as “she hasn’t met the right guy,” or “she might just prefer being single.”

Instead, every few weeks a new theory emerges to explain why Jana insists on bucking the family trend, and most of them involve some scandalous secret that the Duggars are supposedly going to great lengths to keep buried.

The latest has to do with Jana’s longtime friend Laura DeMasie.

Given the amount of time these two spend together and the fact that they’ve both defied expectations by remaining single, we suppose it was only a matter of time before fans began speculating that Jana and Laura are dating.

And if it were true, it would be a deeply satisfying narrative:

Two women in a male-dominated frontier finding solace in one another’s arms, like some sort of reality-TV version of a Willa Cather novel.

But of course, the Duggars are not deriving as much pleasure from the Jana-Laura love story as the rest of us.

Asked point-blank on Twitter this week if Jana and Laura are romantically involved, the ever-outspoken Derick Dillard replied simply, “uh no.”

Apparently, that wasn’t blunt enough for one fan, who replied:

“Derick you should have put just ‘no’ the ‘uh’ implies you don’t know lol, so this is not confirmation for the masses.” 

That led Laura to speak out on the matter herself:

“How about this then: no,” she replied.

Jeez, you would’ve thought someone accused her of something truly scandalous, like preferring Applebee’s to Chili’s.

Jana still hasn’t spoken out on the matter, but that’s at least partially due to the fact that partially due to the fact that as an unmarried Duggar woman, she’s not allowed to use social media.

So for now at least, we guess the Jana-Laura love story is dead and buried.

Fortunately, Duggar fans will always have their fan fiction.


Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Fixed Their Relationship In a “Secret Meeting” [Report]

Back in September of 2016, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt following an incident aboard an aircraft that remains shrouded in mystery.

The former couple has experienced their share of ups and downs in the years since, but those who know Pitt and Jolie best say there have been more downs than ups.

While they’ve mostly refrained from talking about their situation publicly, it’s common knowledge that Brad and Angelina’s divorce has been a messy one, with both parties taking action make life more difficult for the other.

For most of the past two years, Pitt and Jolie were not even on speaking terms, communicating instead through attorneys and professional mediators.

So the news that Brad and Angelina arranged a secret meeting in order to settle their differences has come as quite a shock to fans:

“Brad and Angelina actually set up a secret meeting at her house,” a source tells E! News.

“It’s the first time they have truly gotten together to make things work since their group therapy with the children. Brad and Angie’s meeting was a success.

“They are going to stay with the plan set forth through the courts.” 

The insider adds that it was Jolie who made the decision to attempt a detente with Brad:

“Angelina decided it was time to try to make things work and Brad was relieved and very ready for the offer,” the source continues.

“Brad has been dedicated to making peace throughout the process and now it finally seems like they are at a point where they can create a calmer situation for the kids.”

The timing of the truce is rather odd, as just last month, Jolie filed court documents accusing Brad of failure to pay “meaningful child support.”

The source claims that since that filing, Angelina reached the realization that in deciding to go nuclear against Brad, she was causing collateral damage to her children.

“Angelina created a very difficult situation for Brad and the children and she has finally realized her behavior backfired,” the insider claims.

“Angelina loves her kids very much and it seems like she felt threatened she might lose time with them and, in turn, she went on the attack. Unfortunately, everyone in the family has suffered,” the tipster continues.

“She started to see a change in the kids’ behavior because they missed their dad,” the source adds.

“The kids’ reaction to the divorce actually helped Angie try a different tact.”

While it’s unfortunate that it took Pitt and Jolie years to reach a mutually amicable co-parenting relationship, we applaud them for their efforts.

And much more importantly, we’re sure their kids will thank them.