Jen Harley Mug Shot, Details of CRAZY Ronnie Magro Assault Released

Jen Harley was arrested on Sunday for the alleged assault of Ronnie Magro-Ortiz, generally prompting two responses from the public:

  1. These two REALLY do not belong together.
  2. How the heck could anyone assault the blob of muscles that is Ronnie Magro-Ortiz?!?

In response to the first statement above, we say: no d’uh.

In response to the second, we now have some new information to share.

According to Las Vegas Police Department sources who spoke to The Blast, Jen and Ronnie were on their way home from a barbecue on Sunday afternoon when they got into an argument.

Soon enough, Jen started hitting Ronnie in the face as she drove and he sat in the passenger’s seat.

Then, the car ran over something in the road and blew a tire.

As Ronnie attempted to exit the vehicle, Harley revved the engine and took off, dragging Ronnie behind him and giving him severe road rash.

So that would be how one assaults a man the size of Ronnie: you use an object that’s even larger than he is.

There are a few conflicting reports about exactly what went down between these estranged stars, however.

The Blast, for example, quotes a source who says “a call came into police from a caller who indicated that there was a suspicious vehicle with two flat tires on the side of the road and a bleeding man standing outside who was trying to pull the female out of the vehicle.”

Trying to pull a female out of the vehicle?!?

We hadn’t heard anything about that before.

All we know is that Jen was the person who got arrested for domestic battery, not Ronnie; which is not to say he was totally innocent.

We can’t say for certain what led to this fight or precisely how physical each side got with the other.

But we can verify this disturbing fact: the occasional couple’s two-month old daughter, Ariana, was in the car at the time of the fracas. Yikes.

Harley and Ronnie welcomed their only child into the world on April 2.

Just a few weeks later, they went back and forth over social media in an especially ugly spat, one that centered around both being accused of infidelity and Ronnie slamming Jen – THE MOTHER OF HIS NEWBORN! – as a “cum dumpster.”

Shortly after this public tiff, footage surfaced of Ronnie threatening Harley.

With his words, yes.

But seemingly getting close to doing so with his fists, as you can see down below here:

Earlier this month, cops were also called after Harley and Magro-Ortiz got into a heated argument at Planet Hollywood while Ortiz-Magro was shooting season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Somehow, despite all this drama, the two have attempted to remain a couple.

We guess this is sort of admirable, assuming they were doing so for the sake of their toddler.

But we’re way past admirable now. There’s nothing to commend anyone for when he or she is simply putting a tiny human being in the middle of vicious and violent fights.

“It’s better they are apart, and they are slowly realizing that,” a source has told People Magazine. “It will be better for their daughter in the end.”

We could not agree more.

A second insider told this same publication that Jen and Ronnie are “toxic,” adding:

“When things are good, they’re good, but when they’re bad, they’re really bad. When you put two alphas in a room together, they’re going to clash.”

For the record, by the way, Harley has been released on $ 3,000 bail.