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Anthony Joshua ‘Big Baby’ Won’t Want Rematch … After I Beat His Ass!


Anthony Joshua says Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller shouldn’t worry about that “bitch ass rematch clause” in their fight contract … because after AJ beats him down, Miller won’t want to do it again anyway! 

The UK boxing superstar was in a GREAT mood in NYC on Wednesday — despite getting pushed around by Miller during their press conference on Tuesday. 

When asked if Miller crossed a line when he put his hands on Joshua, the heavyweight champ told Adam Glyn it’s “just playground stuff” … and Miller will get his beating on June 1. 

“I don’t take that stuff too seriously,” Joshua said. 

As for the rematch clause, Miller told TMZ Sports … Joshua required him to put it in the contract just in case Miller knocks him out. Miller told us he’s already preparing to beat Joshua twice.

But, Joshua says he ain’t scared — and it’s “Big Baby” who should be worried. 

“To be honest, after I finish him, I don’t think he’ll want a rematch anyway … so I’m not gonna focus on that.”

The two square off at Madison Square Garden on June 1 — can’t wait!!!

Boxer Anthony Joshua Has a ‘Bitch Ass Rematch Clause’ … Says Jarrell Miller


Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller says Anthony Joshua forced a “bitch ass rematch clause” into their fight contract … telling TMZ Sports, he’s already preparing to knock the dude out TWICE!!!

We spoke with “Big Baby” after his clash with Joshua in NYC on Tuesday — where Miller straight SHOVED Joshua while promoting their June 1 championship fight at Madison Square Garden. 

Miller knows he’s the underdog in the fight … but says the critics can “kiss my ass” — telling us he’s 100% confident he’ll hand Joshua his first L when they throw down. 

There’s a lot of trash talk in this clip too — Miller says a bunch of AJ’s wins (from early in his career) were “given to him” by corrupt refs who would stop fights early to ensure a Joshua victory. 

In other words, Miller says AJ’s perfect 22-0 record is a sham — and he’s looking to expose Joshua in a big way. 

Miller has an impressive resume too — he’s 23-0-1 — and famously knocked out TWO DUDES IN 6 WEEKS in 2018. 

He KO’d Tomasz Adamek in the 2nd round of their Oct. 6 fight — and then took down Bogdan Dinu on Nov. 17. 

Brian Ortega I’m Gettin’ My Broken Nose Fixed … Rematch w/ Holloway Next?!?


Brian Ortega says he’s ALMOST back to 100% after breaking his nose and thumb at UFC 231 … which begs the question — is a rematch with Max Holloway on the horizon?!

TMZ Sports spoke with T-City — who just got back from some R&R in Mexico — about his plans following his loss to Holloway last month … and he says he’ll be good to go in 2 months.

Ortega says he’s got a number of options to pursue when he gets back into the Octagon … and says he’s even exploring moving up to lightweight.

We had to ask if Ortega’s dying to get his revenge on Holloway after his TKO loss in the 4th round … and he says it’s not his top priority … but doesn’t slam the door on a rematch down the road.

Khabib Nurmagomedov Conor Doesn’t Deserve Rematch ‘He Don’t Do Nothing!’

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Khabib Nurmagomedov has a message for Conor McGregor — Want a rematch? Get in line. 

The UFC superstar touched down in Australia with his crew on Wednesday where he was swarmed by local media and fans. 

Khabib was super cool with everyone — taking selfies and talking with people — but the headline here is the trash-talk directed at McGregor. 

One of the reporters asked if Conor should get the rematch — to which Khabib smirked and said, “Rematch for what?!”

The reporter brought up all the talking Conor did before their fight at UFC 229 back in October — Khabib again shot back with an insult.

“Before last fight he talked too. But, when we go inside the cage, he don’t do nothing.”

Of course, Khabib mauled Conor before McGregor tapped out in the 4th round

Despite Khabib’s position, UFC boss Dana White told TMZ Sports he IS working on the rematch and it should go down in 2019 … if everything goes according to plan.

The two had been trading barbs on social media recently — with Khabib posting a video clip showing him strangling McGregor with the caption, “You will live with this shame all your life #tapmachine.”

Logan Paul KSI ‘Broke Contract’ for Rematch … Let’s Fight Already!


Logan Paul says KSI is pulling some shady crap when it comes to their rematch — saying the YouTube star is breaking their contract by refusing to fight in February. 

Remember, the two squared off back in August but fought to a draw in a crazy 6-round slugfest at Manchester Arena in the U.K. 

The two had signed a contract requiring a rematch — but the two sides can’t seem to agree on a date. 

On Wednesday, KSI posted a video pointing the finger at Logan’s camp — saying Team Paul was supposed to take the lead with planning since it’s supposed to happen in the U.S. … but he’s failing.

KSI claims Logan wants the fight to go down on the West Coast — but says it doesn’t make sense because time zone issues would make it difficult for U.K. fans to watch the fight live. 

KSI is demanding an East Coast location and says he wants the fight pushed to November so they can properly train and promote the event. 

But, when we saw Logan at Warwick in Hollywood on Wednesday night … he told a different story. 

“He already broke the contract. It was supposed to happen in February. He already broke that sh*t.”

Logan continued … “He needs time to prepare. I’m okay. I tried to do it in December but he wouldn’t do it.”

Both guys clearly want to fight — but they need to figure out a date and venue stat. 

Dana White Conor And Khabib … Rematch Should Happen In 2019


The Conor McGregorKhabib rematch WILL go down in 2019 — so says Dana White … who tells TMZ Sports it’ll happen as long as everything goes according to plan.

The UFC honcho popped by the TMZ offices last week … and told us there are still some hurdles to clear — but he thinks Khabib-Conor II will get set sometime in the next 12 months.

“As long as everything goes right, this fight should happen.”

Of course, Khabib and Conor are still facing suspensions for their roles in the brawl that broke out at UFC 229 … and guys like Tony Ferguson and even Max Holloway could get shots at Khabib before Conor does.

But, Dana says if everything lines up the way he thinks it will … the rematch will happen.

Khabib dominated Conor at UFC 229 on Oct 6 — forcing the Irishman to tap out in the 4th round. 

After the fight, Conor gave a round-by-round breakdown explaining why he lost the fight — but gave credit to Khabib and vowed to return “with my confidence high.”

“If it is not the rematch right away, no problem,” Conor said back in October … “I will face the next in line. It’s all me always, anyway. See you soon, my fighting fans, I love you all.”

Jon Jones Wants Conor vs. Khabib Rematch … ‘That was a Great Fight’


Jon Jones wants to see Conor McGregor get another crack at Khabib — telling TMZ Sports he LOVED the first fight … and really hopes Dana White locks ’em both in for a rematch. 

“I would love to see that again,” Jones said after the UFC 232 press conference … “That was a great fight.”

Of course, Khabib dominated Conor during the Oct. 6 bout at UFC 229 … ultimately submitting the Irishman in the 4th round. 

But, Jones believes one fight shouldn’t define an athlete — and he’s confident McGregor still has the skills to compete with the best in the world. 

“Wins and losses happen when you’re fighting at the level that guys like Conor and I are fighting at … it happens and it’s a big part of the game but its not a race.”

“As a martial artist, one fight never defines an athlete. It’s a journey. It’s about how you finish the race.”

Despite his excitement, Jon says he thinks Conor should probably fight someone else before rushing back after Khabib … but ultimately, they’re on a collision course.