Chris Hardwick Removed from Nerdist Site After Sexual Abuse Allegations Surface

Chris Hardwick’s been scrubbed from the Nerdist website he founded after accusations of emotional and sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, seem to clearly implicate him. Legendary Entertainment removed all references to Hardwick on the…


Philadelphia Eagles Fan Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed FREAKS OUT Over Super Bowl

Well, the another Super Bowl is upon us, and because we're still living on the darkest timeline, that means the Lombardi Trophy will almost certainly be heading back to New England, and another ring will soon be on Vladimir Putin's finger.

But don't tell that to Rutgers University student Haley Parks.

Haley is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan who recently had her wisdom teeth removed.

Those two facts may seem unrelated, but when Haley emerged from anesthesia, the Birds and the big game were the first things on her mind.

We know, we know – you've seen plenty of wisdom teeth videos, and the trend of parents filming their blathering, drugged up children and then putting the results on YouTube is getting old.

But this one is special.

Not only is it freaking hilarious, but Haley has some interesting predictions about Super Bowl LII.

On top of that, Haley has a message for all you fairweather fans out there:

“You now what I hate? I hate fans that are fans now that weren’t fans,” she says to her mother, who's somehow not doubled over with laughter.

“If they were 0 and 16 I would still be their friend!”

And people say Eagles fans are a stain on the NFL!

Okay, so maybe most of them are, but you can bet everyone west of Massachusetts will be pulling for the Birds on Sunday!

Win this one for Haley, boys!

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