Transgender Model SLAMS Briana Renee, Estranged Husband as Totally Dysfunctional”

As previously detailed, Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer are getting a divorce.

News of this split comes as a surprise to exactly no one who has been following the private life of the Little Women: LA star and her mate.

But it’s an especially obvious and welcome development to a transgender model named Plastic Martyr.

(Editor’s Note: We somehow doubt this is her real name.)

In response to Renee confirming she is finally leaving Grundhoffer, following many months of contention as a result of the latter’s admitted infidelity, Martyr slammed the estranged couple when asked to comment by Radar Online.

“If this isn’t all done for most publicity – because they are delusional and attention-hungry – then I say bravo,” the 28-year old said.

She then exclaimed triumphantly:

“The most dysfunctional relationship is over!”

Martyr (pictured below) was actually featured on Little Woman: LA after Grundhoffer was caught sexting her

But whatever feelings Renee’s husband apparently had for the model are most definitely NOT reciprocated.

In this same Radar interview, she refers to Grundhoffer as a “cheating son of a bitch” who “fetishized” her with his disgusting messages.

While it may be clear that Renee and Grundhoffer were not meant to be, their divorce is still unfortunate for one very precious reason:

The stars are parents to a 16-month old son.

They each also have a child from previous relationships that they had been raising together, which explains why the two are actually still living in the same house.

While sleeping in separate bedrooms, Briana and Matt are trying to figure out how to best move ahead with their break-up without damaging these children. 

But Martyr doesn’t have any sympathy.

She says Renee “will do anything and step on anyone to get ahead.”

It’s unclear why she has such a harsh opinion of the short Lifetime star, but her connection with Grundhoffer goes back to July of 2016.

During that time, he sent the model naked photos and made sexual advances toward her via Insgtagram.

Shortly afterward, Plastic guest-starred on the reality show and got into a pretty heated argument with Tonya Banks.

It certainly sounds as if Renee and Grundhoffer are making the right decision in going their separate ways, but a friend of the couple doesn’t think the split will last.

This person tells Radar:

“She’ll back with him a week. She can’t stand to be alone.”


Briana Renee to Husband: You Cheated! We’re Over!

This is all she wrote for Briana Renee and her husband.

The Little Women: LA star has reportedly ended her marriage to Matt Grundhoffer because she simply could not get past his cheating ways.

That’s a pretty good reason to file for divorce, isn’t it?

TMZ source say Briana decided to cut the romantic chord due to Grundhoffer’s “constant cheating and flirting,” a lot of which was captured by Lifetime cameras for all to see.

Grundhoffer admitted to his infidelity in the past and the topic was a source of consistent tension between the couple.

Again, for a very understandable reason, wouldn’t you say?

Briana and Matt have a 16-month old son, who the former referenced in an Instagram message that confirmed her split.

“After 3 years, and bringing the most handsome little boy into this world, we have come to the end of our marriage,” the 35-year-old captioned the above photo.

She added:

“We rode til the wheels fell off, and now we can redirect our course as friends focusing on being the best parents.”

Renee and Grundhoffer also have two kids from previous relationships.

As of this writing, they are actually still living together while they try to determine what is best for their family.

But they sleep in separate bedrooms.

In an attempt to fix their relationship, the estranged twosome appeared together on the Little Women couples therapy spin-off Couple Retreat.

Shockingly, though, the televised sessions did not mend what was broken between them.

In an April interview with The Domenick Nati Show, Renee confessed that she and Matt have had a “rocky” marriage over the years.

“Unfortunately we have had major lows, and we try to build back up again and it takes time,” she said at the time, explaining:

“Marriage is always work. I’m not going to sugar coat anything. We have had a rocky [one].”

According to Radar Online, Grundhoffer was caught sexting transgender model Plastix Martyr last year.

He has also admitted to sexting other women when Renee was pregnant.

Ouch. That makes the cheating, whether it was emotional or physical, extra painful.

We wish both halves of this failed romance the best of luck.

We hope each finds happiness in the end.


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Renee Oteri SLAMMED for Posting Naked Child “Porn”

Quick PSA? 

People are disgusting and deplorable, and when a lady can’t share a picture of an adorable baby (baby!) tush, it’s a sad, sad world indeed. 

Renee Oteri, former Bachelor contestant, found herself in the middle of a hornet’s nest of trouble after sharing a photo of her infant son, baby AJ, ying face-down, and not wearing a diaper. 

Read? You couldn’t see anything but his two cute little cheeks.  

Oteri, after facing huge backlash, pulled the photo down and replaced it with a pic where her son’s modesty was preserved. 

She captioned the pic, “So let me vent real quick. Last night, I posted a photo of AJ’s adorable little bum.”

“A baby bum,” Renee continued.

“We have all seen a bum.”

“A cushy, dimply, wrinkly little bum,” she reiterated.

“After reading some disturbing comments referencing ‘child pornography’ and ‘pedophile material,’ I regrettably decided to delete the photo.”

“Super unfortunate, upsetting, and incredibly disappointing,” she blasted.

“I mean, I get it: you cannot please everyone, but child porn? Really? C’mon.”

“If you’ve followed my account for quite some time now, you know photography and creative content is my jam,” Oteri defended.

“I would never, ever post something inappropriate or distasteful, especially of my babies.”

“I hate that most of my photos need a disclaimer, like ‘Car selfie! NOT DRIVING!’ or ‘Best wine ever! PUMPED + DUMPED!'” referencing the the fact that she does, indeed, breastfeed and drink wine. Just not simultaneously.

“Super annoying,” she continued.

“IG trolls will not be welcome here, and comments such as those will not be approved on my page.”

“I choose to share my life with all of you, and I’d like it to be a positive place for people to connect with me, and with each other,” she said.

“Keep the comments light and positive, or simply unfollow,” Oteri concluded. 

What a world we live in when we can’t even gush over adorable little baby bodies.  

What’s next – we can’t share pictures of puppies arses when they’re too young? 

Good grief, what a mess we’ve gotten ourselves, as a society, in lately, right? 

If you don’t like what she shares, go away, and don’t be freaking perverts and PC police about it. 

End of.