Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Have Matching Face Tattoos: Report

According to a surprising new report, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have something in common aside from undying affection for one another.

They also have matching face tattoos.

For real!


Tattoo artist Keith McCurdy, better known by his nickname “Bang Bang,” tells Page Six that he can confirm the so-called works of art himself…

… because he’s the one who drew them on the singer and his midel wife.

“They each got a tattoo,” McCurdy says. “Justin’s tattoo is on his face, and I haven’t seen any photos of it — so he’s doing a good job of laying low.”

Added Mr. Bang:

“It’s really thin and delicate. And [it’s] also not a traditional couples’ tattoo . . . I don’t want to give away what it is until press gets a hold of it.”

How interesting, right?

That’s one word for it at least.

Bieber is apparently changing his look all over the place these days, considering he recently shaved all the hair off his head as well.

The tattoo artist, who is responsible for many other designs across Bieber’s body, added to the aforementioned outlet that this face tattoo is near Justin’s eyebrow and is comprised of “little words.”

Perhaps it’s an ode or a reference of some kind to Baldwin?

Gotta imagine some paparazzo will get close enough soon to give us all a solid glimpse.

Bieber and Baldwin shocked the world by getting engaged this summer

They then shocked the world once again a few weeks ago by getting married in a courthouse in New York City.

There was some debate at the time over whether or not Hailey and Justin actually tied the knot or merely obtained a marriage license — but Baldwin told a fan last month that it was the former.

She confirmed she is married to Bieber.

We can still expect the famous couple to hold a larger ceremony and reception at some point in the future, however.

For the most part, however, Bieber and Baldwin have remained pretty quiet ever since they got back together.

There are some questions over whether Bieber will even record any music ever again — or if he’ll just dedicate himself to his religion and his relationship.

We suppose time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s all speculate and wonder:

What the heck could this face tattoo be?

And is there any chance at all it looks good?!?


Rob Kardashian is Thin, “Completely Different” Now: Report

Out of sight, out of mind?

For Rob Kardashian, it’s been closer to:

Out of sight, out of mind… out of those XXL jeans and into a basic large.

According to a new Entertainment Tonight report, the former reality star is thriving now that he’s stepped far away from the spotlight.

As you’ve likely noticed, Rob is not appearing on his family’s E! series this season and he’s no longer sharing anything on social media.

And such a private existence is serving the father of one extremely well.

“Getting out of the spotlight was so important for Rob,” this source says, noting that leaving Instagram has also been especially positive for him:

“He needed to completely change his life, things were spiraling out of control for him and his health and relationships were suffering. He needed to refocus.”

This same insider estimates that Rob has lost between 30 and 50 pounds over the past few months.

Because the star suffers from Diabetes, this is more than just an asthetic improvement.

It means his quality of life has improved and his general health is in a far better place than it was during the heyday of his fame.

There were fears in the past that Rob’s awful diet would literally lead to his death, as we detailed just over a year ago how Kardashian’s love of milkshakes had caused his weight to balloon.

Due to his weight gain and inactivity at the time, Rob started to develop insulin resistance, which is a very dangerous condition for someone afflicted with Diabetes.

That was then, however.

“His life is completely different now,” this source explains, adding of where Rob’s head it at these days;

“He’s got his priorities in check. First and foremost he is there for Dream and he knows that to do so he needs to be healthy.”

Indeed, Rob’s daughter with Blac Chyna will soon turn two years old.

She’s a total cutie – and, whatever you want to say about how Rob and Chyna treated each other during their romance, it seems like both parents are very dedicated to their child’s well-being.

This report also says that Rob has been spending a lot of time with both his siblings and their kids as well.

This has been very helpful for Dream.

“All the cousins [Dream and Rob’s sister’s kids] are very close,” the insider tells ET.

Back in 2016, Rob told People Magazine that he once weighed around 300 pounds.

He knew he was in trouble, but he just couldn’t help himself. He buried himself in food any time he felt sad.

Thankfully, those days appear to be behind him and Rob is looking forward to the future and…

… what? Blac Chyna may want to get back together with him?!?!?



Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Fixed Their Relationship In a “Secret Meeting” [Report]

Back in September of 2016, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt following an incident aboard an aircraft that remains shrouded in mystery.

The former couple has experienced their share of ups and downs in the years since, but those who know Pitt and Jolie best say there have been more downs than ups.

While they’ve mostly refrained from talking about their situation publicly, it’s common knowledge that Brad and Angelina’s divorce has been a messy one, with both parties taking action make life more difficult for the other.

For most of the past two years, Pitt and Jolie were not even on speaking terms, communicating instead through attorneys and professional mediators.

So the news that Brad and Angelina arranged a secret meeting in order to settle their differences has come as quite a shock to fans:

“Brad and Angelina actually set up a secret meeting at her house,” a source tells E! News.

“It’s the first time they have truly gotten together to make things work since their group therapy with the children. Brad and Angie’s meeting was a success.

“They are going to stay with the plan set forth through the courts.” 

The insider adds that it was Jolie who made the decision to attempt a detente with Brad:

“Angelina decided it was time to try to make things work and Brad was relieved and very ready for the offer,” the source continues.

“Brad has been dedicated to making peace throughout the process and now it finally seems like they are at a point where they can create a calmer situation for the kids.”

The timing of the truce is rather odd, as just last month, Jolie filed court documents accusing Brad of failure to pay “meaningful child support.”

The source claims that since that filing, Angelina reached the realization that in deciding to go nuclear against Brad, she was causing collateral damage to her children.

“Angelina created a very difficult situation for Brad and the children and she has finally realized her behavior backfired,” the insider claims.

“Angelina loves her kids very much and it seems like she felt threatened she might lose time with them and, in turn, she went on the attack. Unfortunately, everyone in the family has suffered,” the tipster continues.

“She started to see a change in the kids’ behavior because they missed their dad,” the source adds.

“The kids’ reaction to the divorce actually helped Angie try a different tact.”

While it’s unfortunate that it took Pitt and Jolie years to reach a mutually amicable co-parenting relationship, we applaud them for their efforts.

And much more importantly, we’re sure their kids will thank them.


Kanye West & Kim Kardashian “On the Brink of Divorce,” Halting Plans For Fourth Child [Report]

For weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are planning to welcome a fourth child.

Sources claim the iconic couple has one embryo remaining and they’ve been hoping to welcome another child via surrogate sometime in the next year.

Unfortunately, it seems those plans may now be on hold indefinitely due to what sources describe as growing tension in Kim and Kanye’s marriage. 

“Kim and Kanye have been on the brink of divorce numerous times, but Kim only has one embryo, a boy, left and she’s not letting it go to waste,” an insider tells In Touch Weekly.

“Having another baby has become an obsession for Kim,” the source adds.

“It’s all she thinks about day and night. If she had to choose between the two, she’d go for the baby over her husband.” 

Unfortunately, it seems Kim may have to pull the trigger on that decision very soon, as Kanye reportedly has no interest in coming up with another eccentric baby name:

“He doesn’t want another child at this point,” the insider claims.

“He loves his kids, but he’s grown distant from Kim,” 

Sources say that Kim does not suspect that there’s another woman in Kanye’s life, but does feel as though she’s been “dumped” in favor of her husband’s many passions, including his music and fashion line.

“She’s tired of having to deal with his insane ego and playing his style muse,” the source said. “She considers Kanye her baby-maker at this point.” 

Yes, it seems Kanye has been reduced to sperm-donor status in Kim’s eyes.

And the insider claims she’s not terribly torn up about demoting her egomaniacal husband.

“Kim just wants another baby. Motherhood is the best thing that’s happened to her,” the source explains.

“It’s almost like she’s looking forward to being a single mom.”

Well, with the amount of time Kanye spends recording 5-track “albums” in Wyoming and serving as creative director for the Pornhub Awards, Kim certainly has plenty of experience being on her own.

As for Kanye, we’re sure he’ll be fine.

Dude has plenty of passion projects and voices inside his head to keep him company.

Just kidding, Yeezy!


Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton: Pissing Off the Royals With Their Petty-Ass Feud [Report]

While fans of the British Royal Family believe that Meghan Markle is hiding a baby bump, rumor says that there’s something else in the family on the verge of spilling into the public sphere.

Meghan and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, are reportedly feuding again.

And it’s gotten so bad that their husbands are said to be planning an intervention. Yikes.

InTouch reports that Kate and Meghan are engaged in an envy-fueled feud.

And apparently this alleged feuding has grown so severe that Prince Harry and Prince William are plotting to do something about it before it escalates.

“The boys are discussing whether to stage an intervention,” their inside source claims.

That would be a drastic step, but the insider says that it may be necessary “in order to get Meghan and Kate to make up.”

If that’s what they do, we sure hope that it works.

It’s reported that things got so bad that the Queen herself wants the situation resolved.

“She said something had to be done,” the source says of Queen Elizabeth.

Apparently the Queen has had enough, and “she wants to resolve the issue once and for all.”

In part, it sounds like this may be about public relations as much as it is about family unity.

The insider shares that “the last thing the queen wants is a full-blown crisis at the palace.”

Supposedly, this imminent crisis is because of Kate’s position as the mother of three heirs to the throne.

“Meghan can’t help but be jealous,” the source claims.

The insider then goes above and beyond, saying that “she’s lying if she says she isn’t.”

Thta’s a very bold claim. Especially since, surely, Meghan knew all along that Kate’s marriage to William made her a bigger deal within the family.

“She knows that one day Kate will be reaping all the rewards of that title,” the source says.

There is more to this alleged feud than Meghan’s reported resentments, however. It sounds like Kate has some gripes as well.

“Meghan learned everything she knows from Kate,” the insider says.

“But since the wedding, Kate feels like Meghan has barely made any effort with her,” the source says.

“And,” the insider continues, Meghan “is more interested in impressing the queen.”

Well … wouldn’t most people put a little more effort into their new grandmother-in-law … especially when she’s the literal Queen?

The report goes on to say that Meghan isn’t deliberately snubbing Kate.

“To be fair,” the source says. “Meghan has been busy.”

She’s a newlywed, she’s adjusting to her new life. Also, her awful family seems to be determined to ruin her life.

“But Kate feels like she’s put a lot of effort into their friendship and hasn’t gotten much in return,” the insider explains.

That sounds like a somewhat fair complaint.

We have to say that we have our doubts about all of this. Meghan and Kate are grown women, not soap opera characters.

Hopefully, they are satisfied with their own lives and don’t feel the need to tear down others (or each other) in order to feel good about themselves.

Meghan’s half-siblings may be vicious, but there’s no reason to believe that Meghan herself is.

Maybe Meghan and Kate aren’t the best of friends, but they don’t need to be joined at the hip for them to not be at each other’s throats.

We hope, anyway.

Meghan has enough drama from her blood relatives.


Nicki Minaj Not Filing Police Report Against Cardi B After Shoe-Throwing Attack

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Demi Lovato: Leaving LA to Escape “Druggie Friends” [Report]

These days, Demi Lovato is still in rehab after suffering an overdose that nearly claimed her life back in July.

Sources close to the singer say she’s fully devoted herself to the hard work of recovery, dividing her time between an in-patient treatment facility in Arizona and a Chicago psychiatric hospital where she consults with the experts who helped her get sober the first time.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to put one’s life on hold for a month or more in order to attend to one’s health — especially when you’re the head of a multimillion-dollar media empire.

And so, while she attempts to get to the root of her relapse and battle the demons that stand between her and a long, healthy life Demi also has to deal with the headaches of the outside world.

And of course, she must do all of this while formulating a plan for re-entry into everyday life that will allow her to put into practice the lessons she learned in treatment.

That next step was complicated this week by news that Demi is losing control of certain aspects of her life while in rehab.

Several media outlets reported that Lovato’s bodyguards have taken up residence in her $ 9.4 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Sources claimed the employees have multiple women living in the house with them and have become a nuisance to neighbors.

Now, according to Radar Online, Lovato and her team have reached the decision to sell the house, partially due to the bodyguard situation, and partially because doing so will allow the pop icon to make a clean break with her past.

“They do not want her druggie friends knowing where she lives anymore,” one insider tells Radar.

“They know that the house will be a trigger for her when she gets out, too”

Insiders say that although Demi has a profound sentimental attachment to the home, she’ll be happy to be rid of it, as it’s been a frequent source of aggravation over the years.

In addition to the wild parties that took place there, the property itself has caused a fair bit of drama.

Last year, Demi was forced to evacuate the home after mudslides put it in danger of falling off a cliff.

Sounds like if the sale goes through as planned, Demi will have one less major headache to cope with when she finally leaves treatment, a step she’ll reportedly take sometime before the end of 2018.