Tamera Mowry Shares Her Grief After Laying to Rest Slain Niece

Last week, Alaina Housley, niece of Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley, was murdered in a mass shooting.

Now, the bright teenager has been laid to rest.

Temera shared a heartbreaking quote about grief to mark the occassion.

Reports on the 12 innocent lives lost in the Thousand Oaks shooting were consumed by stories of the raging wildfire that is tearing through Southern California.

But Tamera can’t think of anything but her niece, her grief, and her family.

“Today we lay you to rest sweet angel,” Tamera writes on Instagram.

“I’ll miss you forever,” she continues. “And your sweet smile.”

“Until we meet again,” Tamera adds.

She follows those words in her caption with an emoji of two linked hearts.

Tamera Mowry Shares Post About Grief

Her caption is beside an image of a very relevant quote.

“Grief never ends… but it changes,” the quote begins.

“It’s a passage, not a place to stay,” the quote continues.

The quote notes: “Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith.”

“It is,” the quote concludes. “The price of love.”

That is heartbreaking but very accurate.

Tamera gave context for the quote that she shared.

“This quote was sent to me by my friend David,” she says.

She didn’t tag him, which is a tasteful way to give him credit without getting him mobbed by fans.

“When I am having a challenging day,” Tamera shares. “I cling to it.”

She has had a lot of challenging days in the past week.

Her entire family has.

Tamera confirmed that she did not have sex until she was 29 and then, wracked by guilt due to her religious beliefs, remained celibate until marriage.

She has come under fire for her marriage to Adam Housley.

Some took aim at their interracial marriage — because yes, this world is still full of hatefulness and racism.

Others took aim because of Housley’s role at Fox News, a conservative outlet that gives a platform to outspoken white supremacists like Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson.

It should be noted that Housley departed from his role at Fox News in protest over the network’s pivot from actual journalism to Trump hype.

And at any rate, any criticisms that one might have of Tamera or her husband can wait.

They are in mourning.

Alaina Housley was a freshman at Pepperdine University.

It was college night at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California.

What should have been a night to party, mix, and mingle turned into a massacre.

Tamera and Adam have expressed their sorrow, not only for their own loss, but for the other 11 innocents who were gunned down.

And for their families, and for the numerous individuals who were injured.

One of the victims who did not survive had, just a year earlier, survived the Las Vegas shooting.

To Alaina’s loved ones who survive her, the reality of her tragic death is still sinking in.

Some of them may feel betrayed that the world immediately moved on from the story of the massacre.

As we mentioned, multiple blazes following serious drought in Southern California have raged through.

Entire towns have been destroyed. Dozens are dead. Hundreds are missing or unaccounted for.

2018 has visited many horrors upon us all, but seems to be doubling down on the people of Southern California as the year draws to a close.

Rest in peace, Alaina. We hope that her family is able to cope with this unthinkable loss.


Kim Kardashian Often Finds Kanye Annoying AF Just Like the Rest of Us

Outside of a certain cotton candy-haired McDonald’s and bigotry enthusiast, it’s hard to think of a more divisive public figure than Kanye West.

Even his fans often find themselves rolling their eyes at Yeezy as he waxes philosophical about everything from his sneaker collection to the “dragon energy” he shares with Donald Trump.

Kanye’s rants range from amusing to appalling (It’s gonna be a long time before he lives down those “slavery was a choice” comments.), but generally, even his most baffling remarks are tolerable, as we only have to deal with the man in small doses.

The same can’t be said for Kim Kardashian.

The Wests might not spend as much time together as your average married couple, but Kim still has a whole lot of Yeezy in her life.

And when Kanye flies off the handle or simply makes a big announcement without consulting her first — such as when he announced last week that he’s moving to Chicago — Kim is often forced into damage control mode.

Not surprisingly, it seems she’s beginning to grow tired of cleaning up her husband’s messes.

“Kanye has always been like this. He has a million things on his mind that he wants to accomplish and create,” a source close to the couple tells People magazine.

“Though one can see it as being very passionate, it can still be overwhelming for Kim.”

Yes, as much as she’s relished offering up her private life for public consumption over the years, even Kim draws the line at sharing future plans with TMZ before they can be discussed as a family.

“She doesn’t necessarily love when people now keep asking her if she is moving to Chicago and she has to explain to everyone what’s going on,” says the insider.

“It can be exhausting”

Fortunately, as F. Scott Fitzgerald famously remarked, the rich are different from you and me.

And thus, Kim and Kanye have the luxury of spending large quantities of time in different states.

“When it comes to their living situation, Kim and Kanye have had a long distance marriage in the past,” the source adds.

“She isn’t concerned about this.

“She spent a lot of time in L.A. while Kanye was in Jackson Hole for his album. Chicago will be the same — Kim and the kids will join Kanye when they can and then Kim will be in L.A. when she needs to.”

This has been “being fabulously wealthy makes literally everything easier and better,” exhibit 900 bajillion.


Lyric McHenry Laid to Rest, Mourned by Magic Johnson

About three weeks after she was found dead in the most shocking and disturbing of manners, Lyric McHenry has been laid to rest.

Details on the funeral have not been made public, but basketball legend Magic Johnson is actually the one who confirmed that a service took place on Wednesday.

Johnson was close to the late 26-year old because she was very good friends with his son, EJ.

McHenry, in fact, was known to television viewers because she made multiple appearances on the first and only season of EJNYC, a spinoff of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills that aired in 2016.

It centered on the life of EJ Johnson and his circle of acquaintances; Lyric and her sister were prominent members of this latter group.

On August 14, however, McHenry’s body was discovered in the Bronx.

She was only wearing underwear and a pajamas top — and a small bag of cocaine was found on her person.

Friends and family members issued statements of sadness and confusion shortly afterward, all stunned by this development.

It was also originally reported that McHenry was 20 weeks pregnant at the time of her death, something no one close to her appears to have been aware of.

In the wake of her funeral, this is what Magic Johnson Tweeted:

Yesterday was a difficult day as we laid to rest Lyric McHenry, a daughter to Cookie and I and best friend to EJ.

We’ve known Lyric since she was a baby and shared many lifelong memories with her and her family. We were blessed to witness her become a caring and brilliant young lady.

Her talent was special and her potential limitless.

She will be sorely missed. May she rest in peace.

magic message

The Hall of Famer’s son has only said a very little bit about losing his best friend.

Back on August 27, EJ said simply via Instagram:

“I’m going to make this clear to everyone.

“There will be no mourning post because I’m not going to reduce a 25 year friendship to one Instagram post. Please respect my privacy and my process.”

McHenry graduated from Stanford University and interned with Barack Obama’s campaign many years ago.

Some of her loved ones have even wondered whether she was murdered because they simply can’t comprehend her having died from a drug overdose.

They still have so many questions regarding just what transpired the night/morning of McHenry’s passing.

“Lyric’s warmth, compassion and energy will be missed by many and the family would appreciate that all speculation surrounding the circumstances of death cease until the real facts are determined during the current investigation by the NYPD and the City of New York,” her family said the day after she died.

Considering the circumstances surrounding her death, they also fought back against chatter that McHenry was living some sort of shameful or sordid existence:

“Lyric who just turned 26 last week on August 6, was a brilliant, creative and lovely young woman who shared a deep passion for writing, film and a long-standing commitment to social justice.

“She was a Christian who grew up in Los Angeles and attended the Center for Early Education and graduated from the Marlborough School in Los Angeles.

“Lyric graduated from Stanford University in 2014 where she studied in Paris, France for a year and spoke fluent French.”

May she rest in peace.


Kim Kardashian Shades Taylor Swift, Blac Chyna & The Rest of Her Enemies List

On the surface, it may not seem like Kim Kardashian and Richard Nixon have a whole lot in common, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll realize they’re more similar than they appear.

Both will be forever associated with scandalous tapes; both have complicated relationships with their mothers; and both understand the importance of a comprehensive enemies list.

Us peasant people might have one or two enemies – perhaps one Starbucks barista who always spells your name wrong, and another who always glares at you for walking across his freshly mopped floor – but the rich and powerful often have more foes than they can easily keep track of.

And that’s where the value of a well-organized enemies list comes into play.

Kim recently became a mother of three, and she says she’s in the best shape of her life these days.

She’s leveling up in every way possible for 2018, and apparently, that includes taking her pettiness to new heights.

And what does that mean for her carefully-cultivated catalog of adversaries?

Kim Kardashian Valentines

Why, it means they get roasted with blue Valentines, of course.

Kim has a new fragrance out, and she’s promoting it by delivering samples encased in chocolate hearts to some of her celebrity associates … even the ones she doesn’t like.

Mrs. Kardashian-West posted a Snapchat video detailing her plan, and as you can, see the recipients in blue comprise a special class:

“I’m going to send them to my lovers, to my haters, to everyone that I think of, because it’s Valentine’s Day, after all,” Kim said in the clip.

So it looks like we now have the definitive list of Kim’s haters:

There’s Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, Bette Midler, and Chloe Grace Moretz – who have all called out Kim’s nudes over the years.

There’s Blac Chyna and Taylor Swift (no big surprises there).

There’s Naya Rivera, Wendy Williams, and Pink, all of whom have mom-shamed Kim at one point or another (or at least they have in Kim’s eyes).

And there are some surprises in the mix, as well.

(Since when do Kim and Sarah Michelle Gellar have beef?)!

In all fairness, this might be Kim’s way of extending an olive branch – but we prefer to think of it as gloriously subtle shade.

Yes, the first non-Tide Pod-related trend of 2018 is officially here, so send a blue Valentine to your haters today!


Hugh Hefner: Laid to Rest by Loved Ones, Closest Friends

Last week, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died. He was 91.

He was an intensely controversial man, but he had no shortage of admirers.

Which is why the details of his funeral may surprise you. …

You’d expect a celebrity funeral to be, at the very least, the size of a normal funeral.

That would mean dozens to hundreds of attendees. 

Some celebrities have larger funerals for their many different costars and business associates to attend.

Obviously, Hugh Hefner made no shortage of business contacts during his long life and lengthy career.

On top of that, he lived a larger-than-life existence. He was known for wearing his signature red robe. He 

So it’s a little surprising to hear that his funeral was uncharacteristically low-key.

TMZ reports that Hugh Hefner’s funeral was on Saturday, at noon, in L.A.’s Westwood Village Memorial Park.

Hef’s four children, his wife Crystal Harris (who inherits none of his fortune), and some key Playboy staffers were in attendance. That was it.

It was a small, private ceremony. Nice, but downplayed.

Hef’s body was interred beside Marilyn Monroe’s, in a plot that he bought very deliberately in 1992 for $ 75,000.

And we have to talk about the fact that his body is resting beside Marilyn Monroe’s, even if it necessitates speaking ill of the dead.

Because … in no way is this not creepy.

When Hef launched Playboy, he obtained old photographs of Marilyn Monroe from before she was rich and famous.

As a teen, she had taken photos to obtain some much-needed cash. Hef bought the photos and the rights to distribute them and used them for his new business.

Marilyn, at the time, was terrified that it would ruin her career. 

Many people have called out that Hef’s desire to be laid to rest beside her is creepy to the max and even a sort of violation.

(Even though, you know, they’re not alive anymore … the creepiness of it all still lingers)

That’s hardly the only thing about Hugh Hefner’s history that makes people uncomfortable.

As revealed by Holly Madison, not everything was necessarily as it seemed within the Playboy Mansion itself.

Reportedly, Hugh Hefner offered drugs to his girlfriends to make them more open to sex.

He also allegedly fostered a competitive environment in which the women competed with each other for his favor.

Furthermore, Holly says that Hugh would routinely reduce his girlfriends to tears, talking down to them, which sounds like emotional abuse and a pretty standard tactic used by people who want to keep others dependent on their praise and affection.

Kendra Wilkinson praises Hef’s name to this day and refutes Holly Madison’s version of their time at the mansion.

But it’s not uncommon at all for two people in what seems like the same position (that’s not a sex joke) to have very, very different experiences.

Other criticisms of Hugh Hefner include that he historically presented himself as a supporter of women’s rights, gay rights, and rights for people of color while all the time building a business that profited from images of blonde white women that catered to men.

He would neither be the first nor the last figure to receive acclaim for being progressive while seeming to do more to use and profit from women than actually help them.

(Joss Whedon, anyone?)

Of course, those who have compared Hugh Hefner to the likes of Woody Allen or Bill Cosby … need to chill the f–k out and are definitely in need of a reality check.


Hugh Hefner Laid to Rest in Private Ceremony with Kids, Crystal and Playboy Staffers

Hugh Hefner went to his final resting place Saturday, but only a select few of his closest friends and family were on hand for the ceremony … TMZ has learned. Our Playboy sources tell us … Hef’s 4 children, his wife Crystal Harris and some key…