Justin Bieber Proposed to Hailey Baldwin to Get REVENGE on Selena Gomez!

Selena Gomez is rumored to be dating her friend’s 18-year-old brother, a guy named Caleb Stevens. She’s known him for years.

While some might assume that this is retaliation for Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin, a report says that it’s the exact opposite.

It’s claimed that Justin proposed to Hailey because he was freaking out about Selena’s new romance. If that’s true … poor Hailey.

RadarOnline reports that Justin’s engagement to Hailey was, at least in part, revenge against Selena Gomez for her new fling with … Caleb Stevens.

So, a quick explainer: Raquelle Stevens is a lovely Instagram star whose primary claim to fame is arguably that she’s friends with Selena Gomez.

That’s a tall order on its own, honestly. A lot of hardcore Selenators follow Raquelle for that alone — and, of course, to catch Selena in her Instagram stories.

Raquelle has a brother, Caleb Stevens. And, according to RadarOnline, he and Selena have been hooking up for nearly a month.

And their sources report that, when Justin discovered this, he did not take it well — and it led directly to his proposal to Hailey Baldwin.

“Justin found out about Caleb in mid-June,” the insider says. “And he confronted Selena about it.”

That sounds almost unimaginably awkward.

“But Selena denied that anything was going on,” the source explains. “Because she didn’t want him to freak out.”

Justin has had a somewhat volatile history, and it makes sense that Selena would be concerned about his well-being even after their breakup.

“Needless to say,” the insider dishes. “After finding out from one of Raquelle’s friends that Selena and Caleb were hooking up, he freaked out and went absolutely ballistic.”

Yikes. That’s not a healthy response. But then, Justin believed that being with Selena was God’s plan.

So it sounds like Justin’s proposal to Hailey was less of an action and more of a reaction.

The insider declares: “Selena’s friends all know that the only reason he got engaged to her was to get back at Selena!”

If this is true, it is wildly unfair to Hailey Baldwin. She deserves the world, not to be some sort of twisted consolation prize.

Though Selena apparently tunes out a lot of entertainment news, she did hear whispers that people think that she’s dating Caleb to get revenge.

She laughs.

The source explains Selena’s attitude: “She thinks it’s hilarious that everyone assumes she is dating Caleb to get back at Justin when it is the other way around.”

Caleb has been spotted on set with Selena. Some suggest that they’re either dating or she just needed a younger male assistant and chose her friend’s brother for a weird summer internship.

“Selena has known Caleb for years,” the insider explains.

Elaborating, the source says: “He is not some random dude that came out of nowhere.”

In other words, this was not some rebound of Selena’s. This is not sounding like a meaningless fling.

“He has been a part of her life for a long time,” the insider concludes. “And this is why Justin was so bothered by it.”

“Justin knows that Caleb actually means something to Selena,” the source says. “And that is what makes him so angry”

We’re sorry that the Biebs allegedly feels that way, but even sorrier if he somehow channeled that anger into making a major life decision — for him and for Hailey.

Hailey is beautiful and sweet and she deserves to be happy. We certainly hope that Justin proposed to her for the right reasons.

But … if this was motivated by revenge or a desire to one-up Selena, that would explain why he popped the question after only a few weeks of dating.

Or, you know, it could be like what Ariana Grande says: “Love is lit.”

For now, it’s not yet officially confirmed that Selena is even dating Caleb. Let’s avoid jumping to too many conclusions.

But let’s remember that Justin is the last person with the right to be mad about Selena’s romantic choices.


Cazzie David Taunts Pete Davidson With Her Sizzling Revenge Body

As we all know, Ariana Grande is engaged to Pete Davidson and is enjoying their relationship and Pete’s impressive dong.

Cazzie David, Pete’s ex — whom he dated for years — knows it, too.

And she’s sending a message loud and clear by flaunting her mind-blowing revenge body in a bikini.

Sporting a red-hot bikini and a hotter body, Cazzie David is flaunting her epic bikini body to full effect.

Cazzie captioned her epic thirst trap: “Idk. Beach?? Summer? ? [red heart emoji]?? W/e”

By the red heart emoji, we assume that she is teasing the possibility of romance or love.

(And “W/e,” by the way, just means whatever)

Once they lifted their jaws off of the ground and were capable of processing complex thoughts again after looking at this gorgeous pic, many people arrived at the same conclusion.

Cazzie David is reminding Pete Davidson of what he’s missing.

See, Cazzie David is the daughter of comedian and Seinfeld creator Larry David.

Cazzie is also a comedian in her own right.

But, though she is perhaps best known for her career and for her father, she is also Pete Davidson’s ex-girlfriend.

In fact, the two of them dated for nearly three years.

And it was a very short time — like, about a month — between Pete and Cazzie’s breakup and Pete and Ariana’s engagement.

Cazzie made a subtle reference to Pete’s relationship with Ariana on instagram, posting a caption that was a clear nod to the news.

In the post in early June, Cazzie wrote: “Been in Africa, what’d I miss ??”

That’s a cute way of acknowledging that you know about something without stirring up any additional drama.

But that, of course, was before the news came out that Pete had proposed to Ariana and Ariana had said yes.

Even if you love Pete and want what’s best for him and admire Ariana and want her to get the happiness that she deserves, you have to admit:

This whole thing is probably a little weird for Cazzie.

Some people have gone on vacations that last longer than the space between Cazzie’s breakup with Pete and Pete’s engagement to Ariana.

That said, we don’t know that her flaunting her body on Instagram is necessarily a ploy to give Pete a walk down memory lane.

Sometimes you’re hot, and you just want to show it.

If anything, Cazzie might be reminding the world that she’s young, hot, and will have no problem finding new love, new experiences, and a new man — if and when she chooses to.

Good for her.

Some are still weighing in on how long Ariana and Pete will actually last.

It’s possible that they could break off their engagement as soon as the honeymoon phase of their relationship is over.

You come down from that hormonal high and you discover that things aren’t working out. That can happen in months or in years. Or in decades.

But we don’t expect to see Cazzie David waiting around, pining after Pete to take her back.

She has her own career and her own life, folks.