Rich The Kid Posts Cryptic Instagram Message, Sparks Suicide Concerns

Music fans around the country are suddenly very worried about Rich The Kid.

Early Tuesday morning, the popular rapper deleted all of his Instagram messages and photos, save for one.

This would have been a troubling and confusing enough move on its own, even before followers clicked on his account and spotted the single remaining meme.

It reads:

R.i.P. Rich the Kid 1992-2018.

Ummm… what? Why? Could this have been a cry for help? Or, even worse, a suicide note?

Supporters were left even more concerned upon reading the caption alongside this image, as Rich The Kid wrote simply:

Thank u all my fans & family for everything.


“HE WAS MY FAVORITE ARTIST,” wrote _.papirhch_21, thinking Rich The Kid was now dead.

And this person wasn’t the only follower whose mind went straight to death upon seeing that Rich The Kid went ahead and wished himself eternal peace.

Just three days before his cryptic post, a video made by the rapper, where he blasted his label, 300 Entertainment, went viral.

It gave fans a reason to think he was fed up with at least one aspect of his life.

“Yo, f-ck 300 ENT, ya’ll suck,” he began, prior to going off on a tangent about wanting out of his deal with the label.

“Listen, you gotta let me out of this contract. I don’t want to be with ya’ll no f-cking more. I told ya’ll … giving this money back. I don’t want to be with ya’ll label no more.

“Ya’ll suck, ya’ll is trash. Listen, young, independent artists, do not sign with 300 ENT.

“They’re the worst, worst label, ever… Lame ass sh-t.”

At the end of the day, however, Rich The Kid is alive.

We’re pretty darn sure about that, at least.

Sources have said, as many fans have speculated, that he is simply altering his image. Perhaps even changing his name.

The artist is leaving his music persona behind and that’s what he is mourning in this mysterious Instagram meme.

Tweeted someone in the jnow:



So it sounds like everyone can take a deep breath.

Much like IHOP accomplished when it freaked everyone out about a change to burgers, Rich The Kid has accomplished his goal here:

He has grabbed many headlines and become a viral sensation, all while remaining alive and seemingly well.

Talk about a win-win situation!


Teresa Giudice: My Husband Is Getting Deported & I’m Getting Rich!

Things just keep getting worse for the Giudice clan.

First, Teresa Giudice went to prison and served nearly a full year on tax fraud charges.

After she was released, it was her husband's turn.

Joe Giudice is currently behind bars, as a judge allowed the Giudices to serve their sentences back-to-back for the sake of their kids.

No word yet on when he'll be released, but it's looking more and more like Joe — who is not a US citizen — will never again be a free man on American soil.

And now, it looks as though his wife is getting rich off the situation …

1. Happier Times

Teresa giudice and hubby
The Giudices never seemed like a particularly happy couple, but the past few years have brought them to depths they never could’ve imagined previously.

2. Dark Days

Teresa joe giudice
The Giudices were both found guilty of felony tax fraud and sentenced to prison time in 2013. Teresa served 11 months of her 15-month sentence in 2015. Joe is currently doing 4 years behind bars.

3. Jail For Juicy Joe

Joe giudice on the phone
The lengthy prison sentence might be a nightmare come true for Joe, but believe it or not, his situation may soon deteriorate even further.

4. Booted Back to the Boot

Teresa and joe giudice instagram
Joe was born in Italy and he never bothered to become an American citizen. Now that he’s a convicted felon, he’ll likely be sent back to his home country.

5. High Drama

Teresa giudice kisses husband
On the upside, the Giudices’ sad story has revived interest in the long-running Real Housewives of New Jersey, and everyone is cashing in. Well, everyone except Joe …

6. Crying All the Way to the Bank

Teresa giudice episode still
According to Radar Online, Teresa has accepted a six-figure deal to allow Bravo to film a special centering around Joe’s looming deportation.

View Slideshow

Kylie Jenner Flaunts Post-Baby Curves on Instagram: It’s Good to Be 20 and Rich!

It’s been less than six months since Kylie Jenner welcomed her first child, but to look at the soon-to-be billionaire’s Instagram pics (or bank balance), you would think she spent all that time away from the spotlight working out and stacking funds.

Sure, being a single mom is never easy … but an army personal trainers and a net worth in high nine-figure range probably helps to ease the burden just a bit.

As you can see, Kylie sprang right back to peak physical condition after giving birth to baby Stormi.

We can see how her progress might be inspirational for some folks in need of a fitness goal.

But we can also see how it would be equally depressing for others.

The situation brings to mind the recent debate over whether or not Kylie is a “self-made” billionaire.

The question tore the internet in twain, not unlike the Yanny/Laurel conflict that preceded it, but in the end, no satisfactory conclusion was reached.

Like pretty much everything else on the planet, Kylie’s scenario is complicated and full of nuance.

Yes, she was born into a life of unimaginable privilege and influence, and when it comes to everything from starting a business to getting back in shape, she has a number of advantages that most of us could only dream of.

But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard.

And it certainly doesn’t mean that she deserves no credit or praise for her success.

Kylie was born with a major leg up in the world, it’s true.

But her efforts to improve upon her already lofty position are still impressive.

Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned in all of this.

No matter what your circumstances, the best thing you can aspire to is to try to and improve upon them even slightly, and your only competitor should be your past self.

Or maybe we’ve just devoted entirely too much thought to Kylie Jenner’s 40 bajillionth selfie.

Either way, homegirl is crushing it these days.

Of course, when we were 20, we spent most of our time showing fake IDs to 7-11 clerks, so pretty much anyone her age who’s doing anything productive deserves a shout-out in our eyes.


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