Kate Gosselin to Star in New Dating Show (You Can Guess the Title, Right?)

Kate Gosselin rose to fame by starring in a reality show that focused on the significant number of children who emanated from her vagina.

Now, according to a report we did not see coming, the mother of eight will star in a reality show that focuses on various men hoping to find their way into her vagina.

If you know what we mean!

What we mean is this:

Kate Gosselin is about to anchor a brand new series on TLC.

The program will be titled Kate Plus Date (because of course it will) and it will chronicle Gosselin’s attempt to find a man that actually wants to be her boyfriend.

“I’m nervous, I’m excited, and I’m forcing myself to do this,” Gosselin told People Magazine of the upcoming docuseries.

Gosselin, of course, became somewhat of a household name after appearing opposite then-husband Jon on Jon & Kate Plus 8, because the parents had one set of twins and one set of sextuplets.

The couple then got divorced after a decade of marriage and TLC aired a few seasons of Kate Plus 8.

Incredibly, twins Mady and Cara are both 17 years old now and will soon go off to college, leaving Gosselin at home with 13-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Leah.

(Collin is enrolled in a program away from home to help him reach his full potential, the details of which Jon and Kate prefer to keep to themselves.)

“As we’re talking about Mady and Cara going off to college which is becoming more and more of a reality, it’s gonna happen, it almost became like a worry for them, too, like ‘Mommy, you’re gonna be all alone soon,’ ” claims Gosselin, who adds:

“It was very apparent, now that they’re older and talking about dating and how they’re all gonna get married someday … it became apparent: they want someone for me.

“They want me to have somebody in my life.”

This may be true.

It doesn’t explain why Gosselin has to go in front of the camera once again, however.

We’re pretty sure she could go swipe right or left on Tinder right now and fulfill the wishes of her kids.

Kate, who some say is broke and could likely use the salary a new show will provide, admits that her life is “complicated,” but that won’t stop her from jumping into the dating pool with both feet.

“I want someone with a set career, who is confident,” she explains.

“A grown-up with their own life, their own agenda, who knows who they are. If someone travels for work, that would be great, because I’m used to being on my own and being self-sufficient.”

Kate Plus Date will premiere some time this fall on TLC.

It doesn’t sound as though it will touch upon her issues with Jon, but rather on the man who may become the next Jon. (Poor guy.)

And Gosselin knows of one qualification he must possess:

He absolutely must love dogs.

“That is such a deal-breaker,” says Gosselin. “People disappoint you, but your dogs never will.”


Jacob Roloff: Look at My Book! It’s Here! It’s Right Here!

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock has many reasons to be on top of the world right about now.

Both personally and professionally.

First, of course, the reality stars turned an exciting rumor into a romantic reality back in December when they got engaged.

And while such a moment may never be topped on one level, each half of this relationship has gone ahead and taken a major step on another level in the many weeks since.

Isabel, for instance, had her artwork accepted into a show in Oregon, sharing many photos from the exhibit on Instagram and prompting Jacob to gush over his fiancee.

“I always say this, but she is just rocking it,” the Little People, Big World star wrote as a caption to the photo above this week, adding:

“That painting behind us is the second or third that she ever made, and one of my favorites. It’s hard to choose now though, since she has painted over TWENTY FIVE new ones in the last month alone.”

Impressive indeed.

But Jacob has a reason to brag as well.

Back in September, Roloff teased a new project.

He told fans that he was in the process of writing a second book, explaining that it would be a follow-up to the series of essays he titled “Verbing” and which he previously sold on Etsy for $ 5.

Jacob even included an excerpt from his follow-up, “Out to See,” making it clear at the time that the memoir would be another introspection into what makes him tick.

“I allowed myself to be in such a frustrated state of mind for a long time, until hitting a wall of reason knowing that there must be another way,” writes Roloff in this second book, likely referring to the period when he quit Little People, Big World and distanced himself from his family.

“I retreated just a little bit further into seclusion with books, and cultivation of intellect and mind,” he writes. “These too, I have learned, are just tools.”

Let no one ever say Jacob Roloff is not a profound individual.

And he’s also now an excited one… because copies of his book are out!

“Spring has SPRUNG, I’m goin #OutToSee,” wrote Roloff as a caption to this image.

He added as a tease:

“Just received my first two proof copies of Out To See and it is VERY exciting. I’m going to be making the final adjustments in the next couple of weeks so I can have it ready by May 1st and in your hands by May 2nd!

“It’ll be available on Amazon’s marketplace everywhere (or perhaps with a week’s delay for AUS and UK).”

That’s fantastic news.

It coincides with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff announcing that they’re releasing a book as well.

We had been upset that there was such a long hiatus between new episodes of Little People, Big World — but if the family members used this break to write memoirs, we take it all back.

Now we’re just psyched to read them!

For the record, however, TLC has now confirmed that a new season of this fun reality show kicks off on April 3.

We’ll be directly in front of our television screens that evening, that’s for sure.

Will you be joining us?!?


Kendall Jenner Likely Regrets Chris Brown Alliance Right About Now

In a recent interview, Kendall Jenner expressed regret over that controversial Pepsi commercial from April of last year.

But at least no Pepsi can has ever been accused of beating up its girlfriend.

The same, of course, cannot be said for Chris Brown.

And this explains why so many Kendall Jenner fans are aghast at the model’s decision to make a cameo in Brown’s latest music video.

As previously reported, Jenner appears in the video for “Freaky Friday,” a collaboration between this violent artist and a rapper named Lil Dicky.

At one point in the footage, Dicky takes the form of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, crooning:

Holy sh-t, I got a vagina, I’m gonna learn. I’m gonna understand the inner workings of a woman!

(This is seriously profound and lyrical stuff, folks.)

Jenner hasn’t explained her motivation for this appearance, but Brown pleaded guilty to physically assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.

He has also had a tumultuous relationship with his ex Karrueche Tran, who had a restraining order taken out against him in 2017 and who has also accused him of attacking her.

Why would Kendall possibly associate herself with the singer?

We have no idea.

And we aren’t the only ones demanding an answer while questioning Jenner’s decision-making process here.

“Please tell me you’re not supporting chris brown,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the 22-year-old’s Tweet about her cameo, while another fan added simply:

“Girl please don’t support an abuser.”

why kj?

Along with Jenner, meanwhile, Ed Sheeran also appears in this same music video.

He’s one of the most successful solo artists out there and most definitely did not need any sort of professional bump from Brown.

So… what the heck were you thinking, Ed?!?

“@edsheeran is on a song with Chris Brown. And in my opinion that currently makes him a dick,” one Internet user wrote.

And another chimed in as follows: “I will not be getting involved with that song. I thought he had better judgement.”

Followers really don’t seem sure how to respond to Sheeran’s cameo.

This is someone whose biggest controversy to date was… we don’t even know. Briefly guest-starring on Game of Thrones last season, we guess?

“I’m kinda upset Ed Sheeran’s on a Chris Brown song cause I hate supporting that a–hole abuser but I love supporting Ed,” Tweeted a confused fan.

ed disgust

Last week, Brown’s beating of Rihanna returned to the news after Snapchat actually posted an advertisement that mocked his assault conviction.

The message asked users whether they’d rather “slap Rihanna” or “punch Chris Brown.”

Really, this is a thing that happened.

A spokesperson for the social media app apologized in a statement shortly after the ad went viral, saying the “advert was reviewed and approved in error, as it violates our advertising guidelines.”

Rihanna also said something directly to the company at the time:

“I’m just trying to figure out what the point was with this mess! I’d love to call it ignorance, but I know you ain’t that dumb!

“You let us down! Shame on you. Throw the whole app-oligy away.”

In conclusion: Chris Brown sucks and Kendall Jenner has a lot of explaining to do.