Harvey Weinstein & TWC Sued by N.Y. Attorney General for Civil Rights Violations

Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company are being sued by the New York Attorney General for alleged civil rights violations in the workplace. New York’s AG, Eric Schneiderman, just filed suit against Harvey, his brother, Bob Weinstein, and the…


Harvey Weinstein & TWC Sued by N.Y. Attorney General for Civil Rights Violations

Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company are being sued by the New York Attorney General for alleged civil rights violations in the workplace. New York’s AG, Eric Schneiderman, just filed suit against Harvey, his brother, Bob Weinstein, and the…


Chelsea Houska Moves to Strip Adam Lind of Visitation Rights Following Latest Arrest

Last week, Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind was arrested for violating a restraining order obtained by an ex.

It was the latest in a long line of brushes with the law for Chelsea Houska’s troubled ex, who was remained in police custody for several days after being denied bail.

Lind is a free man for the time being, but his legal troubles have only just begun.

The troubled 28-year-old is due back in court several times in the weeks to come.

Two of his exes now have restraining orders against him, and Lind may be on the verge of losing the right to even visit his two daughters.

The mother of his youngest daughter has already taken steps to have his parental rights suspended after Lind tested positive for methamphetamines just prior to a scheduled visit.

And now, it appears that Chelsea is taking similar action to ensure that her daughter, Aubree, is protected from the increasingly unstable Lind.

Chelsea and Adam are set to square off in court on January 8, and it looks as though Houska is preparing by gradually paring down Lind’s visitation rights.

“She wants to cut back on Aubree going to Adam’s parents’ house,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“She wants more a of a regular grandparent visitation, not a visitation like the other parent, where she has to go every other weekend. Maybe just once a month.”

It seems Chelsea is conflicted, as she wants Aubree to maintain her close relationship with Lind’s parents, while limiting the girl’s exposure to Lind.

“She does not want the grandparents out of Aubree’s life,” the insider confirms.

And it seems Chelsea’s motives in limiting Aubree’s visits go beyond her concerns about Lind.

“She doesn’t see the point in Aubree going to his parents’ every other weekend,” the source says.

“Aubree is getting older. The older a kid gets, the more friends and activities take up their weekends.”

Sounds reasonable enough.

The problem is, Adam isn’t reasonable in the slightest, and you can bet he won’t stand idly by and let Chelsea alter their arrangement.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more reminders on just how awful Lind really is.


Duggar Family: Did One Member Just Come Out in Favor of LGBT Rights?!

Being in the Duggar fertility cult means following a host of deeply fundamentalist beliefs espoused by Jim Bob Duggar, setting men back by decades and women back by a couple of centuries at least.

But the best-laid plans of domineering patriarchs don’t always work out, and it seems almost inevitable that some of the Duggars will break free of their family’s oppression and form their own ideas.

Well one members of the Duggar family is shocking fans — and appears to be warming to the idea of LGBT rights.

Derick Dillard isn’t a Duggar in name or by birth, but he’s undeniably part of the Duggar clan.

As far as that group goes, Derick can come across as almost likable — despite having cut his hair — though his likability may just come from being compared to the likes of Josh Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar.

It’s easy for anyone to look good in that context, you know? But he seems to be an okay guy.

Derick and Jill have been dedicated to their missionary work — which was controversial even among people who think that missionary work is an acceptable thing to do.

Derick and Jill also dedicated parents and generally part of a very conservative subculture.

Which is why this apparent deviatin on Derick’s part sent shockwaves through fans of Counting On.

Richard Grenell, a long-serving spokesman for the United States at the UN, tweeted.

“No one should be fired for being gay. And no one should be fired for being a Christian. We should be able to work through these issues.”

He’s absolutely right, of course.

Don’t get us wrong, because Grenell tweets a lot of absolute nonsense (honestly he tweeted praise about Trump making a “fast and bold move” on foreign policy and it’s like reading something from a parallel universe where Trump isn’t an evil living trashcan fire).

But “No one should be fired for being gay. And no one should be fired for being a Christian,” is a pair of statements with which most people should be able to agree.

Of course, one of those is a real thing that happens all of the time with zero legal reprocussions in many states. The other is so rare that it’s weird that he’d bring it up.

(It’s kind of like hearing a news report about a series of car thefts and tweeting: “Those monsters shouldn’t steal people’s cars! Also, graverobbing is awful.” Maybe he was just trying to appeal to his followers who might hesitate about his first sentence)

One person who liked that tweet, which acknowledged gay rights (admittedly just about the bare minimum in terms of anti-discrimination, but still), was Derick Dillard.

To say that some people were surprised was an understatement.

While it’s not unusual for Ben Seewald to clash with Jim Bob Duggar over theology, you don’t usually think of Derick as being a “radical” by Duggar standards.

And yes, for these folks, acknowledging even basic human rights for LGBT folks is considered radical.

So “liking” that tweet might be a big deal.

(And yes, likes and favorites are publicly visible on almost every social media platform)

Some fans still don’t think that Derick is necessarily deviating from fundamentalist beliefs or supporting LGBT rights.

There were three sentences in that tweet, and Derick may have been focusing on the second.

“And no one should be fired for being a Christian.”

That’s not exactly an epidemic, and anti-discrimination laws tend to include religion already, but we have to remember that for some conservative Christians and especially for fundamentalists, there’s an emphasis on “persecution” and the need to believe that they’re oppressed.

(For the record, there are absolutely places where Christians are oppressed, but in the US they are 70% of the population and hold majorities in every branch of government at every level, and their God is literally mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance)

So there’s a chance that Derick was not only glossing over the first sentence, but expressing his religiously conservative beliefs.

Still, plenty of conservatives — including Richard Grenell, the man who wrote that tweet — are warming to the idea that gay people exist and might even be treated like people.

Derick Dillard is relatively young and has traveled beyond the isolation of Arkansas.

It’s probably easy for the LGBT community to seem frightening to people who don’t watch television or ever meet people who don’t share their exact same views.

Maybe Derick has seen enough of the world to know better.

One way or the other, it would be nice to see him address the subject of that tweet.


Teen Vogue SLAMMED by Women’s Rights Org for Publishing Anal Sex Guide?!

Teen Vogue has been coming out with a lot of really great material lately, acting as a top-notch resource for its teenage readers. And, quite frankly, their sharp political posts over the past year have been enjoyable for all ages.

They post about all sorts of things, including celebrities and fashion. But they also post about health, relationships, sex, and life — and their recent anal sex guide is earning the magazine a lot of praise … and a lot of controversy.

Some critics are claiming that “women’s rights organizations” are slamming the guide … but a closer look reveals that things aren’t quite what they seem.

This article, a simple beginner’s guide to anal sex, seeks to help their readers — teens.

(But frankly, some adults could use this, too)

The author had noticed that most internet resources on anal sex were for sexually experienced couples looking to improve what they were already doing.

That doesn’t help a young couple so much.

Pornography, which is of course not realistic, makes for an even worse guide.

All in all, in a world where so many “sex ed” programs are still forbidden to so much as mention condoms, let alone discuss how sex acts might actually be safely carried out.

So the Teen Vogue anal sex guide, by Gigi Engel, covers a lot of important topics.

The key points of the article are:

-start slow

-lube is extremely important (we’ve seen anal without lube referred to as like going down a dry waterslide)

-tips for avoiding fecal matter (though some traces may still be present)

-ways that the act can be enjoyable for both partners

But there were complaints.

Of course there were.

Brace yourselves — we’ve got a lot of stupid to break down for you.

One of the first complaints comes from transphobes.

Okay, maybe we’re being unfair.

Maybe a few people are genuinely confused by inclusive language.

So, the article refers to “prostate-owners” and “vagina-owners.”


Well, a trans guy without a prostate is still a guy.

A trans woman with a prostate is still a woman.

Not to mention the countless people who don’t fit into the gender binary.

It’s just a way of using inclusive language and not being rude.

(After all, that “dreaded” PC culture that certain pundits like to complain about is literally just … not being rude)

Kind of like saying “with your dominant hand” in, like, knitting instructions or whatever instead of “your right hand.”

Because not everybody’s right-handed.

Speaking of how this article is LGBT-related, though.

This guide is of course extra relevant to many (though certainly not all) gay and bi couples.

But let’s not pretend for one moment that anal sex isn’t a popular choice with heterosexual, cisgender couples.

Internet access, a marginal increase in sexual liberation, and the ease of ordering supplies discretely over the internet has made sexual activities like anal intercourse much, much more common.

Generally speaking, most couples like to try new things together, especially sexual activities that they might both enjoy.

So, remember how we mentioned that people were claiming that “women’s rights organizations” were blasting the article?

It turns out that there’s no, like, Grand Council of Women that meets in a space station that orbits Venus and hands out certificates of authority to groups that advocate for women’s rights.

Any group can claim to be “women’s rights advocates.”

The Taliban could make that claim.

One socially conservative article by The Christian Post, for example, cites an organization called the “National Center of Sexual Exploitation.”

Now, you see that name and you think that maybe they work to break down sex trafficking or rescue underage girls or end child marriages or something, right?

We looked them up.

They are in fact an organization that mostly concentrates on hating porn and anything that might have to do with sexuality in mainstream culture.

They want to “combat obscenity” and enforce Judeo-Christian values upon society.

So … they don’t behead anybody, but in terms of their goals … that Taliban analogy maybe wasn’t so far off.

As for critical articles like that Christian Post one … you get eyestrain reading them.

(Because they use words like “sodomize” … and we just rolled our eyes super hard at that)

Then there’s the complaint that this post is male-centric.

(Which is, as we mentioned, super rude to trans people, though at least not as awful as James Woods’ transphobic tweet)

But let’s say that the faux women’s rights groups and the pearl-clutching social conservatives were being inclusive and meant penis-centric.

They’re still wrong.

Not only does the guide address how a recipient of anal sex who has a prostate will experience pleasure …


… The article also talks about how very close the wall of the rectum is with the vaginal wall, which is why many people with vaginas find anal sex very pleasant.

So, the post addresses different genitals and how they might be impacted.

Anyone who thinks that anal sex is solely for the penetrator’s pleasure is either grossly misinformed or doing it wrong.


And let’s see … what other nonsense did people spew …

Then there’s the complaint that Teen Vogue is somehow hypnotizing young people into having anal sex by … making sure that they can do it safely.

It’s always interesting to see the people who think that knowledge of how to do things that are perfectly fine is somehow “dangerous.”

(It reminds us of how Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix doesn’t want any students actually practicing spells)

(Actually, that bit has always seemed analogous to conservative views on sex ed)

Teenagers have sex. Not all of them, and not all of them before college.

But a large enough proportion that they absolutely need to be informed.

Besides, having knowledge doesn’t coerce people into doing anything that they didn’t already want to do.

Having knowledge will help them do things more safely, however.

But we all know that, in the end, most of these critics are just upset that we don’t live in The Handmaid’s Tale and that people can make their own sexual choices.

Maybe they should loosen up?

We hear that Teen Vogue has some suggestions on how to do that.