Adam Lind: Did He Sign Over His Parental Rights for Aubree?

Adam Lind is … well, he's not a good person, for a whole lot of reasons.

He has several problems, and don't worry, we'll do a quick review on them, but as a result of all of these issues, he recently gave up his rights to his youngest child.

It's sad in many, many ways.

But what about Aubree?

1. Ugh

Adam lind and daughter aubree
OK, so Adam is doing so hot these days.

2. Well …

Adam lind muscles
He’s always been a jerk … remember when Chelsea had just given birth to Aubree and he texted her to call her a “fat stretch mark bitch”?

3. So Awful

Adam lind image
He also wrote “tell me where and when to sign the rights over for that mistake,” which is particularly heartbreaking, considering what just happened with his parental rights.

4. Hold Up

Hold up
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, all right?

5. Bad Boy

Adam lind pic
Adam’s been getting arrested for years now because he’s always had trouble with following the law and being a considerate person.

6. Why Though?

Adam lind shows off his body
For a while, his arrests were mostly based on his complete inability to follow the rules of the road — rules like “don’t drive drunk” and “don’t drive without a license.”

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Adam Lind Signs Over His Parental Rights, Is Really Just the Worst

OK, so Adam Lind is a truly awful person with zero redeeming qualities.

We all know this, and we’ve known it for a very, very long time.

It would take forever to list all the ways he is the worst, but let’s at least go through a rundown of his greatest hits, all right?

The world was unfortuantely introduced to him because he impregnated Chelsea Houska, who had her own episode of 16 and Pregnant and then went on to be one of the mothers featured in Teen Mom 2.

They shared an adorable daughter, Aubree, but it was clear from the beginning that he was not exactly the world’s best dad.

Or a dad at all, really.

He wasn’t around too much after Aubree was born, or ever, as far as we saw.

He and Chelsea broke up, then got back together, and so on and so forth.

He was really cruel to her and obviously wasn’t too interested in their kid, but still, she kept taking him back pretty much until she met Cole DeBoer, an actual good person and now, her husband.

At some point in that mess, he also began seeing Taylor Halbur, and he had a baby with her, too — a precious little girl they named Paislee.

Adam wasn’t around for her, either, and it’s since become clear why.

As it turns out, he has a pretty big problem with addiction and domestic violence.

He’s been arrested plenty of times for DUIs and driving without a license, that sort of thing, but last year, he failed a court-ordered drug test.

Because of meth.

Yep, Adam was doing lots and lots of meth, and although he’s not on Teen Mom 2 anymore and hasn’t been for a while, we really don’t have any reason to believe he ever stopped.

He was also arrested more than once last year on domestic violence charges — his most recent ex, Stasia Huber stated in court documents that he broke her arm when he was high, then locked her in the house and destroyed her phone.

In other court documents for another case, Taylor claimed that he once killed two of her puppies, and that on another ocasion, he knocked her to the ground when she was holding Paislee.

So meth, breaking girlfriend’s arms, killing girlfriend’s puppies … how can it get any worse?

Oh, just you wait!

In one of Adam’s earliest appearances on MTV, he sent a text to Chelsea, who had just given birth to Aubree, to call her a “fat stretch mark bitch.”

He also wrote “tell me where and when to sign the rights over for that mistake,” and by “that mistake,” he meant their baby.

Now, all these years later, he actually did sign his rights over.

Not for Aubree, but for his other daughter, Paislee.

Yesterday, Taylor took Adam to court to get things done, as reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

It was hardly the first time Taylor took Adam to court — they’ve been many times to deal with custody arrangements, child support, visitation — but it was the last.

According to the report, Adam was asked several questions by the judge before everything was made official, and he was required to state that he knew his decision was permanent, and that from here on out, he’d have no rights to Paislee.

He did, and just like that, he signed away his rights to his youngest child.

As a bit of a happy ending to all of this, South Dakota state law requires that when parental rights are terminated, the rights get transferred to someone else, or to some authorized agency.

That was no big deal though, because Taylor’s husband adopted Paislee!

He’s been in Paislee’s life for a long time, and it seems like he’s been her dad during all that time anyway, it’s just official now.

Paislee Gets Adopted

Unfortunately, this doesn’t affect anything with Aubree.

If Chelsea wants Adam to terminate his parental rights to her, too, then she’ll have to get her own court date.

But in the past, she’s often followed Taylor’s lead — Taylor got a visitation center involved for Adam long before Chelsea did, for example — and they do speak with each other.

We have a feeling that if she wanted to do this, too, then Cole would happily adopt Aubree.

Honestly, it’s probably only a matter of time until that happens.

Can Adam get any lower than this?


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4. Yikes

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6. Bad Move, Jenelle

Jenelle evans and a green screen
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