Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: The Darkness

Covering up a murder is no easy task, and the Coopers found that out the hard way on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 13

We picked up with Alice cleaning up the crime scene, and we learned that Chic was the one who carried out the killing. 

Betty sprung into action and helped her mother with the great clean-up operation. They had to rush the whole thing because Hal was coming over to collect toiletries. 

How convenient. Couldn’t he wait until after they got rid of the body? The hilarious thing about all of the drama was that Hal never thought to use his own set of keys to enter the house. 

Hal knew there was something amiss with his wife and daughter, so he turned to the town harlot, Penelope Blossom, to tell her he thought something was going on. 

Yes, Hal and Penelope are getting between the sheets, and Cheryl is mad. As if her family needs any more embarrassment, right?

But for Penelope, Hal was not just one of her clients. Their relationship had some meaning, but things are going to get crazy when Alice inevitably learns the truth. 

Betty is sworn to secrecy about it for now because she wants to keep Chick safe. Something tells us there will come a day that Betty tells Chic to get out of dodge. 

That kid is trouble, and Betty figured that out when she found out he had been buying drugs from the deceased man. When it rains, it pours, and things were not going well covering up the murder. 

Thankfully, FP helped out and buried the drug dealer in a manner that would destroy every fiber of his being. FP then putting his hand on Alice made it seem like there could be a relationship on the cards for them. 

That would be rather odd when you consider the fact that Betty and Jughead are a thing. That’s not stopped anybody in Riverdale before, so maybe it would fly. 

Elsewhere, Archie continued to get in too deep with Agent Adams. The detective stepped up the heat and told Archie to plant a bug in Hiram’s office because he was not getting the results he needed. 

Then, the detective hounded Fred to find out why he had been employing men on the construction site and paying cash in hand. This was enough to push Archie to reach out to Hiram. 

Hiram claimed that he would get a call in 24 hours and that everything would be fine. Archie was then whisked away to the middle of nowhere to meet “the boss.”

That turned out to be Hermione who revealed that Agent Adams was only there to ensure Archie was loyal to the family, so she officially welcomed the red-headed teen into the most corrupt family in town. 

Finally, Mayor McCoy resigned after a disagreement with the Lodges about when to announce the sale of Southside High. Jughead’s exposé was a catalyst for all of it. 

The lodges are ruling Riverdale, and nobody can stop them at this stage. 

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: Two Murders Rock the Town

Maybe everyone in Riverdale should just stop sinning. 

You would think that all of the drama with the Black Hood would mean everyone in town would stop sinning. 

However, that does not appear to be the case and Riverdale Season 2 Episode 12 concluded with two shocking murders. 

When the episode got underway, Veronica was preparing for being introduced to the family formally, and Hiram invited Archie to a poker game at Pop’s. 

Veronica grew concerned that Archie was getting too close to the family business and tried to warn her boyfriend off of her father. 

But Archie was too busy trying to keep the FBI at bay in order to care about all of it. The officer wanted Archie to wear a wire to the big event, but the teenager shut him down. 

At the poker game, one of the men tried to make fun of the food, and Archie heard him outside conferring with another gangster about taking Hiram out of the equation right after Veronica’s communion. 

Archie managed to tell Hiram in the nick of time, and Hiram put a plan in motion to have him murdered in his hotel room. It worked, but were the Lodges really safe?

The mayor gave the order to have the trailer park struck down that the serpents were living in. Tall Boy tried to blame Jughead and his friends because they were the ones who made the silent protest. 

Penny Peabody returned with a vengeance and said she would help out if Jughead was removed from the team and if she got to remove his serpent tattoo. 

This put Jughead in a difficult situation: Did he find out who the real villain was that stole the head off the Pickens statue, or did he just allow it to happen?

Thankfully, he and Betty put up flyers for information and someone from a junkyard contacted them. The man confirmed Tall Boy was the one who stole the head. 

Jughead confronted him, along with the other serpents who voted to oust him from the group. 

Meanwhile, Betty appeared on webcam in an attempt to find the darkness inside of her. She was then shocked to find a man leaving the home and Chic barely dressed. 

He told Betty he had a new job at Bijou and was very rude to Betty in the process when she quizzed what was going on. 

In the end, a figure appeared at the Cooper residence looking for Chic and the man was murdered a few moments later. Betty returned home to find Alice cleaning up a dead body. 

With all of the sinning going on, the Black Hood is definitely going to be making a return trip!

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: Is Archie Going Dark?

The drama is never going to stop in the small town of Riverdale. 

On Riverdale Season 2 Episode 11, it was all about the history of the town and tryouts for basketball. 

When the episode got underway, Archie was practicing for the basketball tryouts, but Agent Adams wanted him to focus his energy on trying to get closer to Hiram Lodge. 

This sent Archie towards trying out for the wrestling team instead, but it was not an easy task. 

Kevin was quick to take Archie down, and Hiram wondered whether the teenager would be best suited to stick to singing. 

He probably should. He’s a great singer, and this complete 180 will not go unnoticed by his friends and even Hiram. 

Archie did not give up that easily and returned for another go around. 

This time, however, Hiram stepped up to the challenge and took Archie down swiftly. 

“I always win,” Hiram said to Archie. 

In the aftermath, Archie wanted to know why Hiram took him down straight after, so he turned to the villain for answers. 

Hiram admitted that it was all down to Fred sleeping with Hermione while he was locked up, but Archie reiterated that he was the one who was there for Veronica when he was in prison. 

The duo continued to bicker, but Veronica stopped them before things took a physical turn. 

Hiram then cornered Archie in Pop’s and told him that Veronica would lose interest and he will be waiting when she does. 

But things took a turn when Archie beat out Chuck on the final day of tryouts but was Hiram baiting Archie all along to rise from the ashes?

When the two met up at Hiram’s study, Archie was quick to point out that he wants to study business instead of music. 

Hiram was shocked but offered to take the kid under his wing. Yeah, this is not going to end well. 

Elsewhere, Chic continued to immerse himself in the Cooper family, and Hal did not want him there. 

Betty noticed straight off the bat that she and her brother have a lot in common, but she was floored that Chic worked as a webcam boy. 

Betty even gave him her old laptop so that he could continue to be employed. It turns out; sex sells in Riverdale. 

The kid opened up to Betty that he has darkness inside of him, and it continued to help Betty realize they were cut from the same cloth. 

Finally, Jughead was trying to get all of the information he needed from the oldest Serpent in town for his oral exam on Pickens Day. 

Jughead got enough information to publish a new article exposing the true horror of the day. 

The town threw a party funded by the Lodges to celebrate the event, but the Serpents showed up with their mouths sealed shut by duct tape. 

Toni revealed all about Pickens stealing the land from his grandfather’s people, but then Hiram changed things up by being nice about all of it. 

But then the town’s statue of Pickens is beheaded. 

Things are getting crazy, you guys!

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: The Blackboard Jungle

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. 

On Riverdale Season 2 Episode 10 the town moved on briskly in the aftermath of the killer reveal that closed December’s midseason finale. 

In an unsurprising turn of events, the drama was far from over, and we picked up with the revelation that Southside High was being closed down. 

The students and faculty were not given much of a reason, but for viewers, well, hanging around with the likes of Hermione and Hiram Lodge, and Mayor McCoy gives us an advanced look into what’s coming. 

The Lodge family promised the equally as corrupt Mayor that they would give her a healthy dose of cash if she closed down the school and allowed them to buy the land in the weeks after. 

Are any of the parents in the little town of Riverdale ever going to be able to be straight up with their kids? 

The closing down of the school meant that some of the Southside Serpents made their way to Riverdale High. Veronica was under the command of her parents to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

But Cheryl, Reggie and a group of other snobby children wanted it known the Serpents were trash, and it set up a big scuffle. 

Cheryl turned to Archie and threatened him with the fact that he kissed Betty in the midseason finale, and this sent Archie into a spiral. 

He was approached by the FBI and asked to help take down Hiram Lodge. Archie wanted to believe Hiram and Hermione were good people, but ultimately, he got involved with the agent. 

The best way to confirm whether anything was wrong was that Nick St. Clair was severely hurt in the aftermath of his visit to the town.

Archie used Cheryl as an excuse to get to Nick after learning that Nick tried to assault Veronica. Cheryl needed money because her mother had a basic job and was having sex with workers. 

This gave Archie the excuse he needed. He made way to meet the villainous youth and threatened him into doubling the check Penelope Blossom ripped up. 

Nick, however, was sketchy about his accident and it gave Archie the confirmation he needed to confirm there was something amiss with the Lodges. 

Archie could not resist using Nick as a human punchbag after he made fun of the situation. 

Upon his return home, Veronica found out via Nick that Archie stopped by. Archie admitted that he had an ulterior motive, but Cheryl walked in and said it was her who dished the goodies. 

Archie then opened up to Veronica about the kiss, and in perhaps one of the show’s most mature scenes yet, Veronica forgave him for his sin. 

But Archie was even more curious about what happened to Nick and felt like it confirmed his suspicions about the Lodges. 

Back at the school, the new students warmed to Veronica, Kevin, and Betty, but someone painted a snake in the hallway, and the Serpents were told to shed their skin. 

The school ultimately dressed the kids in Riverdale High clothing and Jughead was forced to join at the last second. 

Elsewhere, Betty was shocked when Polly was back in the house taking belongings, and that her sister had her children and left them at the farm. 

Polly departed, and Betty told her parents about all of it. They were mad and disappointed. 

Betty and Alice then went to meet Chic, the kid who Alice gave up all those years ago. He did not want to speak to them, but Betty returned later found him being beaten up. 

The kid moved in with the Coopers, but he snuck into Betty’s room, and it looked like Psycho Derek from One Tree Hill had moved to Riverdale. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Riverdale Shocker: The Black Hood Revealed!

Riverdale wrapped up the central plot of the sophomore run of the show on the show’s fall finale. 

When Riverdale Season 2 Episode 9 got underway, Betty and Archie were roped into trying to find Mr Svenson when it became apparent the killer was going to murder him.

The Black Hood gave Betty the former janitor’s finger, so she and Archie started gathering all the details to find a way to save the janitor. 

They wound up at the asylum Polly escaped from on Riverdale Season 1. The woman’s answers were limited, but she noted that Nana Blossom was in on it from the start. 

The original killer was buried alive as opposed to straight-up murdered. Nana Blossom was slight with the details but noted that Papa Cooper was in on all of the drama and was present when the man was buried alive. 

This made Betty recall a picture she had of her family standing over the just-buried grave. When she found the picture, it confirmed where Archie and she should be looking: Pitchens Park. 

They raced over to the park to save the janitor and called Keller on the way. When they dug the grave, however, they found it to be empty, and the killer emerged from the shadows. 

He forced Betty to bury Archie alive. While she was doing so, the sirens were heard in the distance, and the killer got ready to run off, but Betty gave him a good old whack with the shovel. 

She and Archie then chased the man, and he tried to jump into the Sweetwater River, but Keller successfully shot (and killed!) him. Keller then took the mask off to reveal… 

Mr Svenson!

What was terrible about the twist was that Archie has been going on for weeks now about looking into the killer’s eyes, so it was a bit nonsensical. 

During the mission, however, Betty and Jughead shared a kiss, and it was awful. It’s time for this show to ditch the relationship drama or it runs the risk of losing a lot of viewers. 

While all of this was going down, Jughead exacted some sweet revenge on Penny Peabody. He and the Serpents kidnapped her, took her to Greendale and told her to do business there. 

Jughead then cut her Serpent tattoo off of her arm before warning her to stay away from town. FP was mad, but he had to put it aside because his son was trying to help him out. 

Then there was Veronica who found out that her family owned the diner and that they had been lying to her all along. She got them back by spending $ 86,000 on Fred’s medical bills. 

Her parents then revealed all about their mission to take over Riverdale and let all of the drama go. Veronica officially joined her family’s dark side, before meeting Archie and rekindling their romance. 

What did you think of the killer reveal? 

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: House of the Devil

If you thought Riverdale was going to spread some holiday cheer, then you were very wrong. 

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 8 found the group dividing to try and sort their personal issues out while keeping up to speed on the killer’s latest move. 

Archie and Veronica vs. The L Word

Archie and Veronica’s relationship was going from strength-to-strength, and they were having sex in places that could get them in a lot of trouble. 

The scariest of which was on a rug in front of a fire in Veronica’s living room, but what made it so scary? Hiram, of course. Archie was scared that his girlfriend’s villainous father was going to catch them in the act, and well, I’m sure you can fill in the blanks. 


Archie plucked up the courage to reveal that he loves Veronica, but she did not usher the words back, and things got awkward between them real quick. 

They parted ways but were thrown back together when Betty and Jughead told them they needed to take over the investigation for a little because they had some other matters to attend to. 

With some digging, it became common knowledge that the Riverdale Reaper murdered a family in the house the Black Hood led Betty to a few weeks ago. 

They found out it was the old sheriff who worked the case, and when they contacted his daughter, she referred to the house as “the Devil’s House.”

When they went to the house, we got to see flashbacks of the killer offing a family of four. Veronica’s attention to detail made the pair realize there were actually five people in the family. 

After some more digging, they unmask the school janitor as the other kid. While Veronica went to town with insults at him, Archie knew he was not the killer because of his eye color. 

Archie cornered Veronica about her not saying she loved him, and the pair apparently parted ways. This show!

A Trip the Other Side of the Tracks

Jughead learned the shocking news that his father was getting out of prison. He realized this was obviously down to Penny Peabody and the drug run he did for her. 

FP was determined to get his life back on track and ditch the serpents forever. He started by getting a job at the diner. Was he really on the straight and narrow?

Betty and Jughead seemed to think so, so they prepared a party in the Southside of town so that he could say goodbye to his old life. 

The party kicked off, and Alice came along for the ride to see some of her old pals. She wasted no time in ordering up some shots and mingling with the people she trashes on a daily basis. 

Archie and Veronica performed an awkward duet which resulted in the pair exiting stage left before their number was up. 

So, Betty swooped in and saved the day by stripping down and dancing around a pole. Apparently, there’s a female initiation to be a serpent, and it involved pole dancing. 

Alice was mortified and even more so when Betty said she was not leaving with her. Alice departed, clearly irate, but what could she do?

Her daughter was getting closer to the dark side. 

You Made Me Do This

Just when all seemed right in the world, FP reverted to his old ways and announced he was not leaving after all and started drinking again. 

The reason? FP got wind of Penny’s deal with Jug and let FP take his son’s place, so there was no way he could live free from the villains. 

FP pushed Jughead away, and the kid was upset. He wanted his father back and to be out of jail for the foreseeable future.

Jughead lashed out at Betty and dumped her because he knew she was going to get herself hurt and that everything was very dangerous in town. 

Wait, Could Barchie Actually Happen?

After splitting up with their other significant others, a half-naked Archie looked over at Betty’s window and she appeared. She hesitated, but looked gazingly at Archie’s abs. 

Can two broken hearts make one loving one?

That will be the big question as we delve further into the depths of despair with these characters. 

What did you think of the action?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Tales from the Darkside

Riverdale is one of the most visually stunning shows around and Riverdale Season 2 Episode 7 amped that up to another level by changing up the way the story was told. 

It resulted in one of the most engaging episodes of this sophomore sensation yet and set the wheels in motion for a killer midseason finale.

The Black Hood killer said that he had cleansed the town and if there were no more sinners, he would stop his reign of terror. 

Let’s run down what happened for all of the characters 

Jughead Pays Back a Debt

Remember when Penny Peabody said that Jughead would have to return the favor to her for helping his father? Well, she gave him a call to do a job for her, and it involved transporting drugs from Riverdale to Greendale. 

The villainous lawyer revealed that the Ghoulies roughed up FP in prison because of the person who made the phone call. If you watch Riverdale online, you will know that Archie was the one who called the cops. 

Jughead brought Archie in on the plan because he was instrumental in his father getting attacked. Archie borrowed Fred’s truck, and the two boys picked up the “pancake mix” and kicked off their mission. 

The scary thing was that the crate with all the drugs was huge and it was evident what they were doing from the get-go. All seemed to be going well … until the tire on the truck gave way. 

With no spare, they wondered who they could call for assistance, and they both agreed that bringing Betty and Veronica into it would be a bad idea. Here’s the thing that sucks with Archie: He did not worry about getting V to retrieve a gun from the school for him. 

The kid is filled with bad decisions to the point that it’s difficult to look at him as the main character. He’s like the dull side character who wants to be front and center. 

Before they could call Kevin, a creepy old man appeared in a truck that may or may not have had a dead body in the back. He said he had room for one of them and took Jughead’s final $ 18. 

Archie was left to wait for AAA to come and fix the tire while Jughead got into the truck with the creepy man, and it was evident he had made a mistake. The man told Jug about someone called the Reaper who got rid of all the villains in the past. 

Jughead could not help but take a look under the tarp and found a dead animal. The man then forced Jug to go to the diner with him, and then the deluded old being tried to take off with the crate, saying that the town deserved all the bad stuff coming to it. 

Archie appeared in the nick of time, and the boys completed their journey to Greendale. But the drug dealers made it clear it would be the first of many deliveries from Jug. 

Penny threatened Jughead with footage of him and Archie, saying that it was time she got revenge on his father for not keeping a promise to her from back in the day. 

This is going to be interesting!

Josie vs. The Secret Admirer

We picked up with Josie in the school in the dead of night. She was practicing without her band members. This was because Cheryl took her under her wing and said that she knew someone who could help her, but she would need to be a solo act. 

Josie did not want the others to find out, so she kept it quiet. Her mother was mad that she was staying out later and revealed she wanted her home earlier because the killer was threatening both of them. 

Josie had a secret admirer at the school, and the person kept putting things in her locker. It all came to a head when a Pig’s heart was delivered to her along with a drawing of the singer with the message “If I can’t have you, nobody can.” 

Cheryl and Josie immediately blamed Reggie, and he was sent to Weatherbee’s office, but Keller later told Mayor McCoy that there was no evidence to suggest it was him. 

We then got to witness Cheryl drawing a picture the same way as the drawing of Josie. Are we to assume Cheryl is orchestrating this to make friends with the pussycat?

If so, she needs help.

Betty and Veronica Track a Suspect

Betty was ready to track the killer, but she could not shake the feeling that Sheriff Keller was part of the whole thing. Kevin had opened up about Keller going out in the dead of night and not returning until the wee hours. 

Veronica tried to get Kevin back to being great again and did some digging when she had a sleepover with him. Keller was working out in the middle of the night, and they had an awkward chat. 

Keller let Betty see all of his files on the killer, but she crossed the line by hitting up his office and breaking into the evidence. Keller realized Betty wanted to find out the truth and something tells me he knows the department is struggling. 

Later, Betty and Veronica followed the cop and found him having sex with Mayor McCoy in a seedy motel. So, he’s not the killer; he’s just boning the Mayor!

Sinners Continue Sinning

The big finish found the killer calling the diner to let everyone know that the town is still sinning and that he will continue killing everyone. So, there’s no end in sight. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: The Black Hood Claims Another Victim

The residents of Riverdale should probably think about the past and reflect on whether they have done anything that could put them on the outs with the Black Hood. 

Betty continued to work with the villain on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 6, and it became apparent that the killing is far from over. 

When the episode got underway, Betty rushed to Nick’s hotel room and expected to find a grisly sight. Instead, she found him being arrested by Sheriff Keller for alleged assault. 

The killer informed Betty that Nick was not on his hit-list because his sins were nothing compared to the crimes of people in the town.

The killer told Betty it was time to take down the dealer of jingle-jangle, the drug that every teen in the town seemed to be hooked on. 

While most had heard tales of the Sugarman, the person who apparently crafted the drug and released it to the masses, she did not know where to look. 

She turned to Cheryl because her father had a huge association with the drug dealers of the town before his death. When Cheryl tried to find out the truth from her mother, she was stopped in her tracks. 

Cheryl recalled an old story that her mother used to tell her to scare her when Clifford was meeting with the elusive drug dealer, but Penelope shut her daughter down, saying that she was a liar. 

Then, Penelope met up with the Lodges and learned that Cheryl was almost assaulted by Nick. Penelope claimed she wanted it to be kept quiet, and on a more sickening note, said that nothing really happened to her daughter. 

Is this mother the worst one on all of TV? It sure seems that way. Cheryl then bumped into the man who tried to rape her, and he said that her mother accepted hush money in exchange for Cheryl keeping quiet. 

This sent Cheryl on the warpath as she returned home and took the check her mother had from the St. Clair family until her mother opened up about who the elusive drug dealer was. 

Veronica decided she did not want Nick to do anything to anyone else, so she confided in her father and mother that he tried to attack her. This was met with words of wisdom from her parents, who said that they would not accept a dime from the family. 

Later, it was revealed that the family was run off the road and that Nick will be in the hospital for several months. Yes, the Lodges definitely orchestrated the whole thing, and it was well deserved.

Meanwhile, Archie told Jughead the Southside High was going to be raided by Mayor McCoy, and they each agreed to get rid of the Ghoulies to restore normalcy around the town. 

Jug and Archie got into a car race with the Ghoulies, but Archie set the Ghoulies up, and they were arrested. This meant that they were going to jail, but Jug was not impressed because it was a short-term solution. 

The big twist at the close of the hour was that the seemingly nice teacher from Southside High was the drug maker and he was murdered in prison by the Black Hood. 

Oh, and we can’t forget Betty realizing that she’s in control of the whole situation after telling her friends about what happened. 

Will she live to tell the tale again?

We have no idea. 


Riverdale Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: When a Stranger Calls

Betty found herself in quite the pickle on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 5, and that was all thanks to the killer taking her under his wing. 

Who would have thought that Betty Cooper would be front and center in this captivating thriller? The killer previously announced his intention to rid the town of the criminals. 

When the episode got underway, the killer told Betty to publish an article about her mother if she wanted to keep Polly safe. The article was all about Alice getting arrested back in the day for hanging around with the serpents. 

Betty was initially hesitant but published the article after it emerged that her mother thought she and Jughead were making everything up. 

The town learned that Alice was not the first-class citizen she was trying to make herself out to be, and she was not impressed. Betty played it cool, and her mother believed it was a revenge plan. 

Dark Betty continued to come out when the killer told her to cut Veronica out of her life, or he would be killing her. 

Betty did so and epically. Veronica’s ex-boyfriend, Nick St. Claire was in town too with his parents to help a deal between the Lodges and his family go through. 

Betty called Veronica trash and said that she was no longer a friend because she was taking drugs with Nick and it was proving who she really was. 

A heartbroken Betty left the party, and Nick tried to have sex with Veronica, but she shut him down with a slap. 

Betty’s final thing on her list was to call things off with Jughead. That was actually pretty easy when it emerged that Jughead was going full Serpent and pressing on with his initiation. 

This all came after the Serpents decided to send a bomb to the Cooper family newspaper. Archie took great pride in telling Jughead Betty was done with him because he was hanging around with the Serpents. 

The only thing this did was send Jug straight into Toni’s arms, and the pair seemingly had sex. Is this the end of Bughead?!

Betty found herself in a house on the edge of town with the killer telling her she was also the black hood killer. 

Betty made a swift getaway and returned to help Cheryl when it emerged that Nick drugged her and attempted to rape her. Veronica and the Pussycats saved her and beat the crap out of Nick. 

Betty said that there was no point in getting revenge because it was all done with. Then, the killer called her and said he knew she told Archie the truth. 

The killer made the sobbing teen pick the next person to die, or her sister and mother were next to be killed. She picked…

Nick St. Claire!

What did you think of all the action?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Riverdale is getting darker every single week. 

On Riverdale Season 2 Episode 4, the town continued to fear the Black Hood, who was still haunting the residents of the town. 

The killer sent a letter to Betty Cooper saying that her speech at the school was the thing that made him begin to purify the town of some of its biggest offenders. 

Along with the letter, he left a coded note that he said only she could decipher. She confided in her mother but kept the part about the letter out of the conversation. 

Betty, Kevin, Jughead, and Toni then joined forces to figure out what the letter meant. Somewhere along the way, Betty essentially said the Serpents were to blame for everything. 

Toni then countered that Jughead was hanging around with them in school and that she should probably consider that before throwing accusations around. 

Toni and Kevin left, and Betty woke up the next morning to countless calls from her mother for not letting her know where she was staying. Alice had previously said that she was worried sick every time Betty did not answer the phone to her. 

While all of this was going down, Archie was feeling the wrath of just about everyone for the Red Circle video. The football team had been disbanded until the red-head decided it was time to pull the plug on the group. 

After telling Veronica her father was the one who pushed him to take action, Veronica got on board with the cause. Archie went out at night and started painting red circles around town. 

He found himself in a scary situation when a Serpent pulled a knife out on him, but Archie started waving the gun around, and the boys disappeared. 

Archie was shocked in school when Keller showed up and said a shopkeeper had called the cops on him. His locker was checked, but the gun was nowhere in sight. 

Archie was suspended from school and asked Veronica to retrieve the gun for him. She said she threw it away, and that he was to calm down with all of the crazy drama. 

Reggie and the rest of the football team showed up, but things got scary when a group of serpents appeared and said that there would be a fight. Veronica told them not to use weapons, or she would call Keller in. 

At the fight, one of the serpents stabbed Dilton in the leg, and Veronica shot the gun to break up the fight. She and Archie then threw the gun into the river. 

Mayor McCoy called a town meeting and imposed a curfew on the town, but Betty and Jughead showed up to say the killer was going to strike. The killer somehow knew she was a fan of Nancy Drew and the book helped her decode the message. 

Betty got everyone out of the hall by setting off the fire alarm, thus, ruining the killer’s plan. The episode concluded with the killer calling her. Who the heck is it?!

What did you think of all the action? 

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