‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Says We Keep Missing Warning Signs in School Shootings

Lili Reinhart somewhat brilliantly gave her take on why school shootings keep happening. We got the “Riverdale” star Friday leaving LAX, just hours after the latest school shooting that left 10 dead.  As you know, a student at Santa Fe High…


Riverdale Season 2 Episode 20 Recap: Shadow of a Doubt

The Black Hood continued to try and destroy the town of Riverdale on Season 2 Episode 20, and he got a whole lot closer to doing so. 

When the episode got underway, Archie was campaigning for his father by going door-to-door. However, the real reason for going door-to-door was to gaze into every set of eyes in Riverdale because he thought he knew who it was based on the eyes. 

If you watch Riverdale online, you will know fine well that Archie has been all over the place when it comes to the Black Hood case. With one bad decision after another, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to like the character who is supposed to be the protagonist. 

After a meeting with Hiram, the villain admitted he wanted Archie to start up the Dark Circle again. The true motive was that it would help Hermione’s campaign because the town would look like it was falling apart. 

Moose wasted no time in confirming he and Midge did fight that fateful night of her death, but he was adamant about not killing her. When probed for answers, Moose admitted that Midge was having sex with a Serpent. 

Fangs revealed to Jughead that he was the one sleeping with Midge, but Jughead’s footage hits the internet confirming Fangs was the one sleeping with Midge, and well, the town went bananas. 

Elsewhere, Betty wondered whether Hal could be the Black Hood and confided in Cheryl. The pair started an investigation of their own into it. 

They made their way to his apartment and found the codebook the Black Hood was using to send her messages early in Riverdale Season 2. 

However, things took an explosive turn and Fred and Hermione’s debate when Hermione revealed to the town that Archie was the leader of the Dark Circle, effectively destroying Fred’s cause. 

Then, the Black Hood appeared on the balcony and aimed at the crowds with a gun. Gulp. Everyone survived the ordeal, but Fangs was in jail, so it ruled him out as the killer. 

When it comes time for Fangs to be released from the jail, the Serpents rally around him as angry protesters wait outside to go crazy at him for Midge’s murder. 

Archie noticed Reggie making a run towards them with a gun, and the two boys fought, but the gun still went off, and Fangs fell to the ground. 

Betty then called her father to tell him to meet up with her “where it all started,” and she started laying out the evidence for why he was the killer. 

He didn’t show up, and Cheryl was shocked to answer her door, fully expecting it to be her mother, and finding the Black Hood waiting to greet her. 

Oh yes, Riverdale is good again!

What do you think will become of Cheryl? Could she actually be killed off?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19 Recap: Prisoners

And the Black Hood is back. 

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 19 picked up in the aftermath of Midge’s shocking murder. All of the key characters attended the funeral. 

But Cheryl and the River Vixens joined forces for a somber performance at the event. They sang a song as everyone else started crying. 

At the end of the ceremony, Sheriff Keller attempted to speak to Midge’s mother, but he was met with a slap across the face. 

This prompted Cheryl to say the following: Hand over your effing badge or else!

Well, she never said it quite like that, but you get the picture. Cheryl did not want him in power because she thought he was not doing his job. 

Hermione Lodge subsequently turned to Cheryl to write an op-ed about the sheriff because it would help her run for mayor because of his association with Sierra. 

After Cheryl’s piece went viral, Keller was forced to turn in his badge because it proved the town had little confidence in him. 

The only way he would ever get his job back was if Fred Andrews won, and this sent Kevin on a mission to campaign day and night. 

Meanwhile, Betty and Jughead investigated Chic and learned that he was not the person he claimed to be. 

Chic lived with Charles who was Betty’s brother, and the pair had a fight. But things took a turn, and Charles turned up dead after a violent altercation. 

When Alice learned the truth, she rushed to FP to admit that the child was his and that he was dead. Oh yes, Betty and Jughead shared a sibling!

Betty and Alice confided in Hal who was shocked to the core, but admitted that they needed to do something about Chic. 

While the parents bickered, Betty lead Chic with a gun to the woods. She was greeted by the Black Hood, who wasted no time in giving chase to the teenager. 

So, Betty is still working with the Black Hood to rid the town of the biggest sinners. Alice was happy Chic was dealt with, but Betty realized Hal was out of the house. 

Could he be the Black Hood? 

While all of that insanity was playing out, Nick St. Clair was back in Riverdale and kidnapped Archie. He asked for $ 1 million for Archie’s safe return. 

Hiram refused to pay it because he said that people would come for Veronica if they knew he was paying out for someone who was not blood. 

Veronica agreed to have sex with Nick and live stream it to Archie. But Archie escaped from the captors and made his way to the hotel. 

He found Nick out cold. Veronica drugged him and got $ 1 million for a ransom of her own from Nick’s parents. 

This shocked Hiram and Hermione because it made them realize their daughter was all grown up and ready to take on the world. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 18 Recap: A Night to Remember

Riverdale is the latest show to jump on the musical episode craze, but Riverdale Season 2 Episode 18 also advanced the plot in a big way. 

When the episode got underway, the cast of Carrie: The Musical performed their first number, and it gave us our first glimpse at the cast for the musical spectacular. 

Barchie fans got some good news because the pair were paired up to take on the roles of Tommy and Sue, Veronica got to play Chris, and Cheryl even got to play Carrie. 

Cheryl’s performance of “Carrie” proved the naysayers wrong because it was actually filled with a lot of great moments. 

But the biggest shocker was a sandbag falling from the ceiling and missing her by a few inches. Yes, this was definitely going to be a night to remember. 

Then, the Black Hood apparently sent Kevin a horrifying letter demanding that Carrie was recast, but it was put down to some jealousy from the other cast members. 

Things between Josie and Cheryl were not good, and that was a result of Josie learning that Cheryl was trying to stalk her. 

They managed to put the past behind them when Cheryl was honest about her struggles, and it made Josie realize there was something wrong with her former friend and vowed to help her. 

Kevin was growing worried that a serial killer was in their midst, and asked Cheryl to give up her role after another letter threatening that death was on the horizon for someone. 

Cheryl did not want to give up her role, but good old Penelope stuck the knife in to her daughter by refusing to approve for her to take part. 

Midge was drafted in at the last moment to replace Cheryl, but the latter was not giving up without a fight and returned home to confront her mother. 

Cheryl demanded to be emancipated from her mother, but we never got much of an answer from her before we returned to the school. 

People showed up for opening night to find Midge dead before the show kicked off with a note from the Black Hood confirming his return. 

Elsewhere, the political drama in town continued to spiral out of control, and Hiram decided to take advantage of his relationship with Archie. 

In essence, he wanted to come between the father and son, but Archie was wiser than Hiram gave him credit for. 

Archie returned the car from Hiram and warned him not to pull a stunt like that again, before buying a fixer-upper car that he and Fred could work on. 

Oh yes, Archie can speak for himself, you guys!

What did you think of the episode?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17 Recap: The Noose Tightens

Secrets do not stay buried in Riverdale. 

Betty, Chic, and Alice learned that the hard way on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 17 when the car Dwayne was using showed up in the swamp, and well, it made things rather difficult for them. 

As you may recall if you watch Riverdale online, FP and Jughead helped them cover the whole thing up. Desperate for some help, Chic turned to a woman named Darla. 

But Darla only wanted money and did not care about how the Coopers got it. So, Betty was sent to the bank to collect $ 10,000 under the assumption that the villain would leave. 

However, Betty returned home to find the man she pepper sprayed several weeks ago, and they seemed intent on staying to cause some trouble for the Coopers. 

But Jughead and the Serpents had other ideas. They burst into the house and threatened them with violence if they did not take the money and make their way back to wherever the hell they came from. 

This gave Alice the nudge she needed to apologize for everything she said and did to the Serpents over the years. She admitted she was once a Serpent and that she would wear that with pride from that moment forward.

In a truly shocking twist, she admitted that it was time for Chic to leave the Cooper residence because he has brought trouble to the family twice now. 

Elsewhere, Toni enlisted the help of Veronica and Josie to try and find Cheryl because she knew there was something off about what happened to her. 

At Thistle House, Mama Blossom revealed that Cheryl was away to be “fixed” because she had an infatuation with Josie. Josie then learned that Cheryl was the one who sent the pig’s heart to her and she checked out of the operation. 

Nana Blossom then called the school to speak with Toni and revealed that Cheryl was closer than they thought and that she was with “the Sister.”

Indeed, Cheryl was in an asylum for conversion therapy, and Veronica and Toni broke in through a tunnel thanks to the help of Kevin. They managed to save Cheryl. 

Toni and Cheryl indulged in the biggest of smooches when they were reunited, but it looks like Cheryl is out for blood. 

Then there was Hiram who was shocked to learn that Papa Poutine’s friends were in town and wanted a significant stake in the prison deal. 

When Hiram declined, the other villains used violence as a tactic and Archie chased after the attacker to find it was the man who was posing as the secret agent. 

Archie rounded up his friends, and they helped get rid of the two men by blowing up their car and threatening them. 

In return, Hiram gifted Archie with a car that looked like it was ripped from Grease. Oh, yes. Riverdale sure loves references to the past. 

What did you think of the latest installment? 

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16 Recap: Primary Colors

It was everyone for themselves on Riverdale Season 2 Episode 16, and it made for one of the show’s most convoluted hours yet. 

When the episode got underway, Andy Cohen appeared as himself to endorse none other than Hermione Lodge as she geared up to run for town mayor. 

It was an odd way to do things for sure, but it was a blatant way to get some other demographics watching the show because, well, ratings still mean a thing for The CW. 

Fred was not ready to let the Lodges win, so he continued his tirade of terror against them. We say that very lightly because it’s Fred. His character is like an older and wiser version of Dylan from Beverly Hills, 90210. 

And, no, we’re not talking about The CW’s mediocre reboot here. We’re talking about the 1990s classic that aired on the Fox network. 

But Fred was not the only one who wanted to get one up on the Lodges. Jughead was still not ready to roll over for them because they were planning to demolish Southside High. 

The Serpents chained themselves to the front of the building because they thought that was going to earn them some time to take down the Lodges. 

Archie worried because Jughead was putting himself right in the crosshairs of the villains, but the two former BFFs became sworn enemies because they were on opposing sides. 

Archie’s mother returned to Riverdale and gave Archie a stern talking to because of his pro-Lodge ways. In Mary’s defense, Archie was being rude to his father at every turn because he wanted them to be friends with the Lodges. 

Also, the Lodges were the ones who paid the medical bills, so it seemed out there to cut all ties with them. 

Archie was forced (by Hiram no less!) to take down the students who were chained outside the high school by force. F.P. was on hand to defend his son, but Archie cut the chains with bolt cutters. 

Jughead admitted that he felt like people would be watching the video and recognizing who the real villains are in the town. 

Fred dropped the revelation that he was running for Mayor, but the political agenda did not stop there. 

At the school, Jughead was running for student body president, and that put him at odds with Veronica who was doing the same as means to preach that the Lodges are good people. 

But Ethel Muggs was determined to take Veronica down. Even Josie wanted to give Veronica’s family a nice does of reality in revenge for what they did to her mother. 

So, they created a poster with all the lies Veronica, and the Lodges had told to everyone, and it was circulated in a big way. 

Aside from all of the political developments, Cheryl realized her mother and uncle were out to kill her when they poisoned her grandmother and let her fall down the stairs. 

As Cheryl tried to figure it all out, she found herself being hauled off to an asylum. But this was not just any asylum, it was one that doled out some conversion therapy. 

Okay, what did you think of the latest round of twists?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 15 Recap: There Will Be Blood

Riverdale entered into full soap territory on Wednesday night, and we loved every minute of it. 

When Riverdale Season 2 Episode 15 got underway, the Lodges continued to try and tighten their grip on the town. 

As such, they wanted to find out more about Fred, and steer him in the direction of the Mayor’s office. Yes, Sierra’s seat was still warm, but the Lodges recognized that they needed another ally. 

Fred revealed to Archie that he had aspirations of becoming Mayor of the town since he was a youngster, and that struck a chord with his son. 

Archie’s concern was that his father was going to be doing the bidding for the Lodges and he would be fully immersed in the darkness that is consuming the town. 

Archie then lashed out at Veronica because she came up with a whole hose of different campaign swag. The kid knew that Veronica was trying to send Fred inside so that he could be controlled by her family. 

While this was going down, Jughead continued his plan to expose the Lodges because, well, they were buying up everything in Riverdale. 

He joined forces with his father, who knew there was something else going to happen to the town and that they needed to save it. 

Enter Smithers, who had had been relegated from his fine perch at the apartment building to working in the local bus stop. 

He didn’t give Jughead much, but it was a start. Jughead visited one of FP’s former cronies in the prison, and the man confirmed Hiram was working on something. 

The Lodges got wind of it and realized they had to come clean to Fred and Archie. The biggest revelation yet involved Fred finding out a prison was being built in Riverdale. 

That would bring the town to its knees, and it was enough to send Fred out of the Lodge home in a huff. Archie stayed behind and decided to join Hiram and sealed the deal with blood. 

This cannot be good! 

The funny thing about all of it was that the school refused to run Jughead’s story so that the Lodges could have kept quiet about the whole thing. 

But Hermione became a full-fledged villain and managed to win the election, so she was the new Mayor of the town. 


Elsewhere, Cheryl prepared to take Toni with her to her father’s will reading, and things took a shocking turn when someone who looked exactly like her deceased father walked in. 

Alas, it was revealed to be her father’s twin brother Claudius. Everyone in the town with Blossom blood had the opportunity to share the big payday. 

This scared Chick because of Polly and Betty urging him to get tested. In the end, he refused, and Betty stole his tooth floss and got him tested. 

It sure seemed as though he was not their sibling, but the truth will be saved for another day. 

What did you think of the episode?

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 14 Recap: The Hills Have Eyes

Haven’t the Riverdale kids ever heard of slasher movies?

On Riverdale Season 2 Episode 14, Archie, Betty and Jughead accompanied Veronica along to the Lodge lodge, and we think it’s fair to say they got more than they bargained for. 

Veronica was talking about the place like she was on some sort of real estate TV series, and it was obvious things were going to go off the rails when the youngest member of the Lodge family confirmed to Jughead the lucrative home was in an exclusive community without anything to distinguish the houses. 

The trip got off to an awkward start when a scorned Cheryl called Jughead to let him know about that kiss Archie and Betty shared earlier on Riverdale Season 2. While Jughead was mad because he opened up about his relationship with Toni, he agreed to move on from it with Betty. 

But then things took another explosive turn when the foursome got drunk on Veronica’s Jalapeno Margaritas. Jughead was getting progressively drunker and got mad about the kiss again. 

That’s when Queen Veronica stepped up to the challenge and locked lips with Jughead. Betty and Archie watched on from the sidelines, knowing full well that they had created a monster. 

This encounter helped Jughead and Betty relight the fire in their love life, and Betty found herself channeling Dark Betty to seduce her man. Archie and Betty were shocked when they could hear the sounds coming from the room. 

But Archie was mad … even though he did not want to admit it. He took his frustration out on some wood the next morning, swinging an ax while Veronica watched on from the sidelines. Then, she followed Archie into the woods and found him conferring with Hiram’s right-hand man. 

He was sent to watch over the teens because Hiram was worried there was pushback because of the murder of Papa Poutine. Veronica was livid and sent the man home. 

She and Betty decided to leave the house for a few to get away from the men, and that’s when they bumped into a cute sales assistant named Cassidy. Veronica swooned the moment she walked into the store. 

Back at the lodge, Betty yelled at Veronica in the aftermath of learning that Hiram was buying The Register in an attempt to control the narrative in Riverdale. This came a few scenes after Hiram bought Sunnyside Trailer Park. 

Archie sided with Veronica as Jughead and Betty hurled the insults their way. They were interrupted by a home invasion from the three masked men at the store.  Veronica managed to send a message to her father, and the phone started ringing. 

That was enough for the three men to run off into the woods, but the black hoods struck a chord with Archie, and he ran after them. Hiram’s goon helped him with one of them, but Archie was sent home. 

A gunshot rang out in the woods, and Archie knew the teenager was dead. He returned to the lodge. 

Meanwhile, in Riverdale … 

  • Cheryl revealed to Toni that she was once in love with a girl named Heather, but Penelope shut it down and called her “deviant.” Is it just us, or is Penelope the root of all Cheryl’s problems?
  • Chick threatened Alice and Betty’s life when he learned that Jughead knew about the murder in the Cooper household. 
  • Kevin and Josie learned the truth about their parents having steamy motel hookups and managed to come to an understanding by the close of the episode. 
  • Kevin served as the third wheel on Midge and Moose’s date, and things got awkward when Midge wondered how they met. 

Okay, Riverdale Fans. 

What did you think of the episode?

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