Jenelle Evans Almost Got SHOT During Road Rage Incident! (Report)

Earlier this week, reports about a Jenelle Evans road rage incident that nearly led to led to tragedy left Teen Mom 2 fans stunned.

Witnesses say Evans brandished a weapon and threatened to kill the other driver, all while her eldest son, Jace, was in the car with her.

Thankfully, no one was injured, but the incident is likely to carry major legal ramifications for Jenelle, and it looks as though it'll at least result in the controversial reality star being fired from the series that made her famous.

Now, new details have emerged which confirm that Evans was the aggressor – and that she nearly paid the ultimate price.

1. Jenelle Being Jenelle

Jenelle pointing fingers
Last week, Jenelle was involved in a near-fatal encounter that reportedly began when another driver cut her off. Evans claims the motorist “intentionally” slammed on his brakes in front of her, hoping to cause an accident.

2. A New Level of Insanity

Jenelle evans sunglasses son jace
With her 8-year old son in the car, Jenelle pursued the other driver, eventually chasing him down a dirt road and onto his own property.

3. Flirting With Disaster

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
Now, the other driver is speaking out for the first time and revealing that Jenelle risked not only her life but the life of her son when she drove straight into an ambush situation.

4. Jenelle on the Warpath

Jenelle evans promotes weight loss tea
“She drove down my dirt road, way down in the woods to my house,” the driver tells Radar Online. “I didn’t know who was inside the car at the time. It could have been a carload of guys…the windows were tinted.”

5. It’s a Trap!

Jenelle eason gun photo
We knew from the start that the Jenelle situation got out of hand in a hurry, but what we didn’t know is that Jenelle came frighteningly close to being involved in a violent shootout.

6. Weapons All Around

Jenelle evans gun photo
“We didn’t know and we had to treat it for the worst possible situation,” claims the other driver. “My son was outside waiting in an azalea bush, he was armed, my wife was pulling in, she was armed, my cousin was out there and they were armed.”

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Jenelle Evans Pulls Gun During Shocking Road Rage Incident!

When Jenelle Evans started getting into guns, many assumed it was only a matter of time before an incident like this took place.

But even Jenelle's harshest critics didn't think it would happen this quickly.

Radar Online is reporting today that Evans pulled a gun on another driver during an altercation in her native North Carolina.

Her eldest son, 8-year-old Kaiser, was in the car at the time of the incident.

The incident takes place just weeks after Jenelle joined the NRA and began ranting about her newfound love of firearms on social media.

Here's what we know so far:

1. The Incident

Jenelle eason gun photo
According to a police report, Jenelle called 911 on April 26 and stated that her son was injured when another driver “purposely slammed on the brakes” in front of her. However, she left out several key pieces of information…

2. A Pre-Emptive Call

Jenelle evans sunglasses son jace
It seems that Jenelle called police knowing that it would be her word against the accounts of several witnesses following a frightening incident that might ensure she never regains custody of Jace.

3. What Really Happened

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
According to a report from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center CFS, another driver claims that Jenelle “hit his truck, ran over his mailbox and pulled a gun on him.”

4. That Famous Temper

Jenelle evans promotes weight loss tea
According to witnesses, Jenelle became irate while driving behind the man and proceeded to follow him to his house, where she threatened him physically.

5. One Crazy Lady

Jenelle evans pic
“A crazy lady followed him to his house, she is fixing to get shot,” one onlooker told the police. Anyone who’s ever seen Teen Mom 2 knows that’s an apt description.

6. Flipping Out Is What She Does

Jenelle evans cracked out
“She was driving blocking traffic, he tried to pass her on the inside like everyone else and she flipped out,” the witness adds.

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Brian Lancaster Dies; Former Road Rules Star Was 43

Brian Lancaster, a reality star best known for having been a cast member on Season 7 of Road Rules, was found dead in his Pennsylvania home last Thursday.

He was 43 years old.

According to TMZ insiders, Lancaster had a history arrhythmia (that is, irregular heartbeats) and his family believes he passed away from heart failure.

Lancaster competed on Road Rules: Latin America back he was 23.

This season of the widely-viewed adventure reality series found Lancaster competing in missions across Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States.

On its website, the DellaVecchia, Reilly, Smith & Boyd Funeral Home in West Chester, Pennsylvania shared an obituary for Lancaster.

It described him as a “jack of many trades, including advertising account manager, telecommunications project manager, special education teacher, bartender, and reality TV star.”

His relatives tell TMZ the death was not drug or alcohol related.

Police will likely investigate but, as far as his loved ones know, there were no foreign substances found inside Brian’s home.


Out of respect for Lancaster (pictured below in the latest photo we can find of him), we’re going to simply excerpt other portions of his obituary:

In his formal education, Brian graduated from University of Colorado Boulder with a B.A. in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising and graduated from Eastern University with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education.

He would tell you though that his real education came from examining life endeavoring to become “well sharp” in order to chop through life’s challenges.

Although not actually Jamaican himself, Brian was long entranced by their culture and proudly sported excellent dreadlocks.

A spiritual explorer, dreamy stargazer, inquisitive world traveler and barstool philosopher who enjoyed a good mind meld, Brian exceled at being a human being rather than a human doing. 

Constant in his soul and spirit, he would share possessions, thoughts and every part of his essence with anyone who came into his orbit.

Brian, who was also known as Chilly Willy, Lanc, Dawg and Briana, never knew a stranger and was a connoisseur and collector of an eclectic assortment of friends ranging from 18-97.

He was a consummate hugger, professional cuddler, iconoclast and master bullshitter who was extremely accident prone.

Ever the authority shirker he was well-known for crossing lines and pushing the envelope.

lancaster at 43

As you can tell by these passages, Lancaster was a unique individual.

He is survived by his fiancee Sarah J. Bell and his parents Dennis and Carol Lancaster and he will be greatly missed.

A private service was held in memory of Lancaster on Wednesday for his friends and family members.

The obituary also notes that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in Lancaster’s name may be made to the Brandywine Valley SPCA, a no-kill shelter in Chester and Delaware County, where Lancaster adopted his faithful companion, Reagan.

Pretty admirable.


This, sadly, is not the first tragedy to hit the Road Rules cast over the past several months.

If you recall, Danny Dias died in June of 2017 at the even younger age of 33.

Toward the end of Lancaster’s obituary, meanwhile, it reads:

Because he couldn’t be sent to space or have his head cryogenically frozen he will have to settle with living on forever as ashes in the earth, just the way he wanted.


May he rest in peace.


Selena Gomez: On the Road to Recovery With Help From Justin Bieber

Last week, we learned that Selena Gomez had completed a stint in rehab.

It’s unclear exactly what prompted the singer to seek help, but she was reportedly in treatment for two weeks.

The move coincides with Selena’s reconcilation with Justin Bieber, and many fans assumed her mental state had deteriorated as a result of the relationship.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, however, as those who know the couple best claim that Justin has been a much-needed source of support and stability in recent weeks.

According to Page Six, Selena and Justin were spotted walking together in Laguna Beach, California over the weekend.

Their romantic stroll came just days after they were photographed enjoying an evening out together at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

While it may have seemed to be nothing more than a quiet night out to onlookers, the date actually had considerable significance for Selena:

“It was [one of] her first nights out in public since rehab. They were seated away from all the action outside by the pool for privacy,” a source tells Page Six.

“They seemed very sweet together, cozying up and canoodling. He was being very tender and attentive . . . a sweet, supportive boyfriend.”

So there you have it.

It seems hell has frozen over and Justin Bieber has turned a new leaf.

As you’ll likely, Justin was the worst boyfriend imaginable for much of his tumultuous relationship for Selena, but it sounds like he’s currently making up for lost time.

Last we heard, Selena’s family still hates Bieber, and it’ll likely be quite some time before he’s able to change their minds.

It’s one thing to convince your ex that you’re a changed man, but it’s quite another to convince her mother that things will be different this time.

But hey, if the rumors are true, and Justin and Selena are really in it for the long haul then he’ll have plenty of time to win over the Gomez clan.

And if he can’t … well, there are worse things than being hated by your in-laws.

In fact, that’s the subject of more than 90 percent of the world’s worst standup comedy.

We looked it up.