Kim Kardashian: Still Traumatized By Robbery 1 Year Later

It’s been almost one year since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in a Paris hotel.

At the time of the harrowing ordeal, the world’s most famous reality star was in the city for what she’s described as her favorite annual event, Paris Fashion Week.

With PFW 2017 fast approaching, many are wondering if Kim will make a return appearance, despite the living nightmare she endured last year.

Not surprisingly, it seems the mother of two has been reluctant to reach a decision on the matter.

“Kim will most likely not be returning to Paris for a very, very long time,” a source tells Radar Online, adding that Kim is “still dealing with the trauma” of the night she was robbed.

According to descriptions from Kim and other witnesses, the victims were not only robbed, but terrorized by masked assailants wielding assault rifles.

Kim was reportedly bound and placed in a bathtub, and she says there was a point at which she was certain she would never see her children again.

Though Kim’s robbers have been arrested, it’s not hard to see why she may choose to steer clear of the city and the event that served as the backdrops for the most traumatic incident of her life.

Kim kept a low profile for several weeks after the incident (The robbers were reportedly tipped off by information she shared on social media, and she’s been careful about what she shares ever since.), but she’s also been vocal about the importance of moving on with her life.

So while Kim might understandably decide to stay home this year, there remains a chance that she’ll make a courageous and triumphant return to Paris Fashion Week.

Her famously fashion-obsessed sisters have already booked their flights, and insiders say Kim is on the fence about whether or not she’ll join them.

“Several of her family members have made plans to fly to Paris this weekend, but nothing is set in stone yet,” says one insider.

No doubt it’s a difficult decision.

Obviously, Kim wouldn’t be judged harshly if she decided not to forego this year’s festivities.

After all, the psychic scars of an incident like the one she endured can last a lifetime.

But you can be certain that if Mrs. Kardashian-West does decide to return to her favorite city, she’ll receive a hero’s welcome.